The white button-down shirt.

Meet the white button-down shirt. You will love it, because if there's a moment that involve Sirius and Remus and nakedness, or halfnakedness, the shirt was there. Oh yes, this is one lucky shirt—don't we just wish we were it!

AN: warning: not in correct order, sorry if that's complicating for you. So sometimes it might seem like they follow each other, but they don't. Not even the first two. Also: I always imagine Remus' house to be in the forest somewhere, a cosy wooden shack. So, don't mind that either.


"Remmi," Remus looked up from his book. He was quite sure he'd heard a voice—though everyone was dead asleep. The bedcovers of the bed opposite to his moved, and the voice returned. "Remmi? I know you're still up."

"Hmm?" Remus returned his attention to the pages in front of him, and the bed creaked—Sirius was getting up.

He heard the light shuffle of Sirius' feet, and then he saw the boy's shadow moving over to Remus' bed. Sirius paused, leaning against the bedpost while he scratched the back of his leg with his foot, and watched Remus read. Said brunette stopped doing so as soon as he realised Sirius was watching him, and he looked up once more. The raven was only wearing a white button-down, that barely reached the curve of his ass. He tiredly rubbed his eyes with the sleeve, and smiled at Remus.

"I'm cold Remmi," he muttered, and Remus quirked an eyebrow sceptically. Of course he was. He wasn't even wearing undergarments. "Let me sleep with you Babe."

"You just want sex." Remus grunted, and put his book aside.

"Aw, that's not true," Sirius whined and Remus shushed him, before he woke the others. He draped back the blankets and allowed Sirius to crawl in next to him. "I won't bug you for sex, I swear. Just let me snuggle."

The brunette gave a zealous sigh, and let Sirius crawl close against his body—he really was rather cold. Remus put a hand on the small of the raven's back, and Sirius purred in agreement, as he flitted his hand down slightly, touching the revealed skin of his soft bum. After some minutes Remus took his wand and deluminated it, falling asleep with a rather comfortable weight leaning on his chest.


It was already past midnight when Sirius woke up—the spot next to him was disturbingly empty. He immediately freaked out, scared Remus had left him all alone and naked in the dark night. James muttered something in the bed next to him, and he whimpered softly. Oh yes, he was naked and alone and Remus was...—the light in the bathroom was on. He gave a small frown, and started looking around for his clothes. His white shirt was gone, so instead he took one of the boxers that was stuffed between the mattress at the foot of the bed, and got up slowly. It was a rather warm summer night, and he could see the sweat on poor Jamy's forehead as he passed. He sniggered when he saw Peter, all entangled in the sheets.

He opened the bathroom door and was immediately greeted by the sight of Remus' lovely, half-naked bum, staring right at him—apparently his boyfriend had taken Sirius' white button-down, in his hurry to get over to the bathroom. His whole body shook and then there was the unmistakable splutter of something landing in the toilet—was he...?

"Baby, what's wrong?" Sirius flopped down next to Remus' shivering being, and rubbed nice even circles on his clothed back—the boy shook his head, then bend over and cleared the contents of his stomach once more.

Sirius whipped some of the chestnut hair from Remus' face, and noted he was really hot—well, of course he was hot, but now he felt rather feverishly. He waited patiently for Remus to finish and flush, before he unrolled some of the toilet-paper and cleaned Remus' mouth, dumping the paper back in the toilet. Remus' cheeks were stained with tears, and he knew how horrible the boy most feel—an unsettled stomach and throwing up were the worst illness, really.

He carefully pulled the brunette's shivering back against his chest, and pulled his legs over one of his own, cradling him softly. His thumb rubbed small spheres on Remus' soft thigh as he kissed his head.

"What happened Baby? Did you eat something wrong, or do you have the flue?" he whispered softly, but Remus just continued to shake, whipping the tears from his eyes.

He entwined their hands, and kissed the salty cheeks, allowing Remus to close his eyes for a second—then they suddenly widened again and he crawled over to the toiletpot, coughing and spluttering in protest. Sirius bit his lip, and sat down next to him—keeping his hand firmly in his own. Remus whimpered when he threw up again, and Sirius started rubbing circles once more. His hands went under Remus' shirt, rubbing his spine. The brunette started crying again, and between coughs he muttered something of just wanting to be away—and Sirius understood. He always wanted to be dead when he was sick like this.

Remus shivered and shook for another solid fifteen minutes, until he took some more toilet-paper, and leaned back to sit on his heels. He gave Sirius a rather miserable look, dumping the paper—he looked adorable, but Sirius knew he'd disagree. Remus hated to be complemented when he felt so vulnerable—because it always made him feel as if people were being just nice because they pitied him.

"It's okay Baby, I'm here," Sirius stroked his soft thighs, pulling him back into his lap, and Remus thankfully wrapped his arms around Sirius' neck. "Let's get you back to bed."

He easily lifted the brunette in his arms, and headed out of the bathroom, dimming the lights on his way. He made his way to the bed, and carefully lay Remus down. The boy yawned, outstretching slightly and the shirt crawled up to show more of his lovely skin. Sirius magiced up a bucket and put some toilet-paper next to the bed, just in case Remus might get sick again. Then he sat down too, hugging the boy close to his chest.

"I'm sorry Sirri." Remus muttered, looking up at him with wide eyes.

"You got nothing to be sorry for Baby," Sirius ran his hand under the white shirt again, touching his back and revelling in the feel of that soft skin. "I'll take you to the infirmary first thing in the morning—you should try and get some sleep."

He lay the both of them down, and kissed his forehead—his hands never left the brunette's back.


It was a hot summer-morning; Remus was rather afraid his wooden shack in the forest would burn down because of the blistering sun. He continued stirring the eggs, lazily scratching the back of his legs with his foot—he knew he had a mosquito bite somewhere. He felt a bit naked, but didn't really care. There wasn't anyone in the house that would complain about his current state of almost-nudity—quite the contrary, actually.

He heard a creak of the wooden floor behind him, and a low grunt. Then there was a pause, and suddenly someone was standing behind him—he could feel the presence, even though said someone wasn't touching him. He turned his head, and realised Sirius was staring at his ass—he was wearing the man's white shirt, even though it didn't count as proper clothing—and he knew some of the skin at his behind was showing. Suddenly he felt thumbs rub against his ass, and hands settle on his lower back—he was rather startled, but couldn't help the groan escaping from his lips.

"Mmm, Moony, you look so nice," Remus wanted to protest, but Sirius slipped his hand between the brunette's cheeks, and he moaned instead. "Let's go back to the bedroom Baby," Sirius whispered huskily, pulling Remus' body against his own, hands still on his ass—Remus noted the older man too, was naked. "I want you."

They left the eggs to burn.


Sirius wasn't always that fond of the house. Sure, he lived there. But his mother was always giving him a hard time, and his brother loved him but didn't show it often. It was insane, really. The only nice summer—the only time he really liked it, was when he had company. When he had his friends with him there. They always brightened him up.

It had been a nice Christmas—he didn't usually spend Christmas at his house, but this had been a special occasion. He loved his mother—and he knew she loved him too, deep down—and now, it wasn't everyday your oldest son asked you if he was allowed to bring his girlfriend home. Of course, Cygnus had strategically ignored that fact that there wasn't a mention of girlfriend—the letter had said date, and well, she couldn't deny Sirius that. She didn't very much like his friends, even if it was just out of principle—the Potter boy was friendly enough. But if her son was dating, and willing to introduce the lovely girl to the family, she would allow it. Mark how it wasn't a girl, and well, you get one pissed off mother.

Sirius knew she'd get over it. But it had seemed wise for them to lock themselves up in Sirius' bedroom for a while—just in case. So they'd been there for hours straight already, but it still felt good.

Sirius outstretched his hands, to warm them in front of the fire, when he heard the creak of his bed. He could hear how the wood moved below the soft footsteps of his lover, and smiled inwardly. He wasn't per say cold, wearing his white t-shirt—but if his lover was prepared to warm him up, he certainly wouldn't object. Not a second later he was wrapped in a comfortable hug, and he felt Remus' half-naked body shy closer to his own from behind.

"Why aren't you sleeping Love?" Remus asked softly, propping up his knees next to Sirius', as he entwined their hands.

"I'm not tired anymore." He settled their hands on Remus' upper legs—they radiated heat, just like the rest of his warm body, as he pressed his chest tighter against Sirius' back.

"Mmm," Remus flattered his head more comfortable against the other's figure. "I'm gonna use your shoulder as a pillow now."

Sirius chuckled softly, rubbing small circles on the brunette's leg.

"Would you rather we go back to bed Baby?" He asked softly, feeling the boy's cheek settle against his neck.

"No, this's good, unless you want to..." Remus gave a cute yawn and a small purr—Sirius chuckled again, his thumb continuing the circle-rubbing. "Siri..." his voice sounded strained as he talked into the white fabric of Sirius' shirt. "Your mum... she'll be okay?"

"Of course she'll be okay," he felt Remus deftly nod into his skin, and paused his movements—then he settled his hands on the boy's knees, and smiled, even though Remus couldn't see. "She'll be fine."

Even if that was a lie.


"Stop looking at it like that," Remus grunted, eyeing Sirius over the side of his book. "You're making me feel really self-conscious."

It was a pretty warm night, so Remus had pushed the blankets back to the end of the bed. He had been reading in perfect quiet, with only his sweats on, when Sirius had come out of the bathroom, placed himself at the foot-end, and had continued staring at his stomach. Yeah, Remus knew by now. He was getting fat. And the raven man, being only in his white button-down shirt, and being the insensitive sod that he was, was making him very aware of that fact.

"You have our baby in there," Sirius sighed wistfully, his eyes running over the brunette's broadened hips and slightly round stomach. "You're so beautiful, Moony,"

"Yeah sure." Remus rolled his eyes, putting his book to the side.

"So perfect," Sirius purred—completely ignoring the sarcasm in Remus' voice—and crawled over to his husband, settling close to him, with his head against Remus' scarred hip. He rubbed his palms against Remus' sides, his thumb caressing his inflated belly. "Absolutely beautiful."

"Siri..." their eyes locked, and Sirius kissed the pale tummy softly, right above the man's bellybutton.

"I love you too Moony."

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