Pairing: Rufus/Vincent
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine, they are © Square Enix
AN: This is a project I am doing in preparation for NanoWrimo, and I aim to write a story of 7000-10000 words in a week.
Thanks to: Alyssya, for introducing me to this pairing. I borrowed a couple of the ideas from our rp, as I was struggling to find another way of bringing these two characters together.

The young president shuffled the papers on his desk, smirking a little in satisfaction as he placed more files into the "completed" pile. The regeneration of Midgar was slowly taking shape, and Reno's recent suggestion of monitoring the street children by tagging them had proved a huge success. The children had been more than happy to comply, with no protests, as long as they got food and their allowance of five Gil. There was only one more meeting for today, and it was something he had been looking forwards to for a long time.

The other man should get here soon. While he waited he double checked his notes. Everything was perfect. He was just beginning to relax when his secretary alerted him to the fact that his guest had arrived. He shuffled the papers on his desks, setting out the relevant files and photographs so that the visitor would be able to view them.
"Send him in."

He continued looking at the notes as the door opened, glancing up only when he heard the other man cough awkwardly. That was good. He had made a small show of power, and though the purpose of this meeting was to solve old enmities, he couldn't let all the power lie with the other man. His ice blue eyes met the other's startling red ones.

"Vincent Valentine" He murmured, indicating the seat opposite him and nodding as the other man sat. His mouth was open slightly as he stared at the other's stunning beauty, lips twisting into a secretive smirk as he saw the other's face grow red with indignation at the photographs spread out before them. Of course, he could understand the other's distress. He wouldn't want to have been called into another's office and presented with such files of himself. He sat in silence for a minute, listening to the awkward breathing of the other as he tried to calm down.

He spoke when the other seemed to have got his feelings back under control, unable to keep the taunting tone from his voice. It was all going so well. He had only just started, and already here was Vincent, flustered and confused before he had even spoken.

"I guess you are wondering why you are here?" He asked, flicking through one of the files and stopping on a page full of photographs from Vincent's autopsy.

Vincent practically snarled, biting down on his lip and nodding. He refused to let his distress show. It wasn't fair. Rufus had no right to be messing with his head in this way. The metal fingers in his gauntlet clenched together, making small dents into the golden metal.

Rufus paused, a slight twinge of guilt in his chest. He hadn't meant to upset the other man; he had just been teasing him, but Vincent clearly didn't find it funny. He spoke again, more calmly, trying to reassure him, without being difficult.

"I wanted to… express Shinra's regret about what happened to you." He gestured quickly over the files, nodding as Vincent flicked through it, his eyes widening slightly as he was reminded of some of the things that happened, and saw how detailed the notes about his hell had been. He glared up at Rufus. He hadn't even said sorry, just made some foolish comment about regretting what had happened.

"And that makes it all better?" He asked; sarcasm and anger dripping from his voice. It wasn't enough. He slammed the notes closed, standing and heading towards the door.

Rufus gasped as the power he had worked so hard to achieve just fell away. He felt all the strength crumbling down; and he tried to cling onto his plan.

"Vincent!" The other paused and he took a moment to calm himself and continue. "Vincent, I called you here for a reason. Not just to apologize… I want to help solve the problem."

Vincent frowned slightly, confusion written on his brow. He had no idea how Rufus of all people would be able to help, or more to the point why he would want to. That was the question on which he seized, as it was one he felt he could have some control over. That and he didn't want to have to build his hopes up only to have his dreams slashed by the other's sick sense of humor.
"Why would you help me?" This question shocked the other man. Rufus wasn't used to having to explain his motives to anyone, least of all someone to whom he was offering a slight kindness. The president's pride stopped him from answering that question, and instead he moved onto a different topic, shaping the conversation in the way he wanted it to go.

"I can remove the demons. Though it won't make you age completely normally, it will shorten your lifespan, and mean that should you choose to attempt to end your life" a glance down at the notes, another reminder he was in control "again, you would succeed. I will also destroy the notes, and get you new identification papers, enabling you to live a basically normal life." His gaze fixed on the other's face. He looked so hopeful and frightened and confused. Perfect.

Vincent looked up, trembling. This man was offering him everything. He wasn't going to trust him. They had been enemies, and Rufus didn't owe him anything. The only thing he had done to aid him was rescue two of his Turks, and he had not done that for Rufus's benefit.
"What do you want in return?"

Rufus laughed, leaning back in his chair. Vincent clearly knew him far too well. There were a lot of things he wanted in return, but he wanted those willingly, and demanding Vincent gave me what he wanted in exchange for the files seemed to defeat the object of what he wanted to gain.

"I want you to become my bodyguard."

Vincent paused, staring at him in confusion. It would give him a chance at living a normal life, but he would risk betraying and losing his friends, and would have to cooperate with the enemy. He heard a noise in his brain, Chaos's voice whispering through his mind.

"You'll never be free." Vincent bit his lip and nodded. He'd guard Rufus to have these demons taken away. Anything to keep his sanity.