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Pairing: Rufus/Vincent

A week passed. Rufus learnt to rely on Vincent more and more, depending on his help with every difficulty. Vincent had proved himself to be both a highly skilled body guard and a good advisor. He'd learnt to trust him; he'd talk through the problems and learn to understand his difficulties from another perspective. It made life so much easier. But as his life was getting easier, he realized that Vincent's life was getting harder. He had lost contact with all of his friends, and he was being forced to work here to end his prolonged life.

It was when he saw Vincent flicking through his notes, hand lingering over the photograph of that woman, that he realized he had no choice but to change the deal.
"Vincent?" The man had jumped away, embarrassed at being caught. There was a light blush over his face, guilt covering him. He shouldn't be here, he wasn't meant to be looking at his notes.

"Rufus…" he murmured, looking down in shame.
"I've come to a decision. Look at me." Vincent raised his head, awkward and concerned. "I've decided that this isn't fair. It's not right, and I can't keep doing this. Listen to me Vincent, I'm offering you freedom. I'll remove the demons, and destroy your files, organize new papers for you. You won't need to stay here." He paused, walking over to the filing cabinet, removing Vincent's contract and tearing it into two in front of his eyes. "There, you're free."

Vincent stared at it in shock, watching at the scraps of paper fluttered to the ground. It was over. He'd get to live a normal, problem free life. He smiled as the paper hit the floor, considering the new life that awaited him.
"You will need to come in for me to remove each demon." Rufus's voice was calm, with a tinge of something else. Maybe regret, maybe even hurt. But he made himself promise Vincent the freedom that he knew in his heart the other man desperately needed. "Other than that, you are no longer in my employ." He smiled up at the other man calmly, heart racing and on the verge of tears. He had to let Vincent go.

Vincent stared up in wonder, slowly nodding. He was going to have a human life, no more demons. The clamor in his head sounded louder than ever as they realized that he would soon escape, but he managed to ignore it. He thought of the lifestream, which would slowly consume his friends. He could join them there. Endless possibilities of normality hung in front of his eyes. He could live normally.
"Thank you…" He whispered, voice breaking. He was being given a fresh chance. He looked up, staring at Rufus. He didn't seem happy. He looked as though he was filled with regret, as though he was making a choice that he really didn't want to make.

"Rufus…"He paused, trying to reason through why he was making this offer. It was stupid, but he wanted to say it. "I don't mind staying here." He had made a lot of friends, and being part of Shinra, part of the Turk's again, just felt right. He would happily work for Rufus, choosing to do so entirely freely. The president's eyes lit up at the offer and he smiled, clinging to the proffered words.

"Alright. You shall remain." There, no arguments, no thanks. Well, there was thanks, in his soul and on his face, but he wouldn't speak it aloud. He smiled, deleting the notes and offering Vincent a pile of his own notes. "This is the details of how we will remove the demons. The process will begin next week."

Vincent smiled, leafing through the pages. No more demons. He would have a new life. Rufus smiled as well. Vincent had chosen to stay. He would delete these files, remove the demons, and keep the saved back-up of the notes in case Vincent tried to leave. They would be together now. Until they both died.

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