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Author's Notes:

After a little less than three years, I've finally decided to work on all my unfinished multi-chapter fics. Eyes of Silver is on top of my list, being my first ever fic. But, to avoid a great shift in tone or writing style, I have decided to rewrite and revise the prologue and first three chapters before continuing. Thanks for the support.


By: Ryuuen


          "So… This is it?"

          A young girl, half-past sixteen, whispered haltingly, as a summer breeze blew by caressing her auburn tresses. It was unnecessary, a superfluous question, for she already knew its answer. And yet, a part of her wished that, somehow, it would be different. That he would answer differently.

          Her companion, a boy of almost the same age with brown hair, wine colored eyes and a sorrowful expression, approached her and whispered in turn. "Hai."

          An awkward silence followed, filled with words unspoken, feelings hidden, regrets, memories… Their eyes met for a moment which seemed an eternity to both until emeralds painfully tore away and the spell was broken.

          "I guess this is when we say goodbye, then?" She finally managed, trying her best to smile but failing, unshed tears drowning the sparkle of her eyes.

          "I'm afraid it is, Sakura-chan," came the carefully-worded reply.

          He tried to be strong. She tried to face the inevitable reality which she had both denied and expected.

          "I-I'll miss you."

          Sakura looked up. "I'll miss you too, Syao-chan. I'll write to you everyday, I promise. Just… Just promise me you'll write back and tell me about your…" She faltered ever so slightly at the word. "Your wedding."

          He said nothing, simply looked at her with an unreadable expression, so she continued. "Give my regards to Meilin-san. I-I wish the two of you happiness."

          "Sakura-chan…" Syaoran began, just to find out that, for the first time in five years, he was lost for words in the presence of this delicate flower – his cherry blossom. It seemed just like yesterday that he professed his love to her in the aftermath of the final battle, when she had finally changed all Clow Cards into Sakura Cards. She has never failed to fascinate him ever since he met her and had realized he had fallen in love with her. And for five years, they shared a love so passionate and pure and true – a love that defied definition. They remained faithful to each other, basking in an ethereal bliss that they knew even the gods may have envied. They did.

          "Does it have to end this way?" Another superfluous question.


          Last call for passengers of Flight No. 107 leaving for Hong Kong; please assemble at the boarding area immediately. Repeating the announcement... Last call...

          "You should be going now," she found herself saying. "You mustn't keep your fiancé waiting." And then she smiled and he stepped forward, watching the stray strands of honey and silk flutter across a pale face. At any other time, in any other place, under any other circumstance, he would have allowed himself to reach out and tuck the wayward locks behind her ear and wipe away the tears he was surprised to find falling. But now…

          There was so much he had wanted to tell her and yet they were given so little time. He wanted to apologize, to say that he didn't mean to hurt her, but to what end? Could that erase the fact that he was getting married in a month's time? Could that take away the pain of never seeing each other again? He stepped back.

          "Hai, that I mustn't," and he surprised even himself by the coldness of his tone. "Sayonara, Kinomoto-san."

          Detached. Emotionless. Kinomoto-san… More tears fell and her heart broke all over again.


          And then a whisper, "Remember that I'll always love you." With that, he ran off and quickly got lost in the crowd clogging up the escalators. Those were the last words she ever heard from him. That was the last she saw of the beautiful, headstrong youth who was her first love. Her first heartbreak.

          "I will, Syao-chan. I will."

          And, for the first time in a long time, Kinomoto Sakura, Mistress of the Sakura Cards, broke down crying for the one who became the center of her life, her world, who became her strength and held her heart for the past five years.

          Little did she know that behind familiar brown eyes, a pair of silvery-violet orbs was watching her as she mourned.