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Title: The Adventures of Izzy Krueger

Genre: Horror/Family – Rated: T

Pairing: Erin/Freddy

Full Summary: Erin just wants her daughter to have a normal life but Izzy finds she isn't like the other children. And her life is far from normal.

Chapter One

"Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep, if I die before I wake, I pray the lord my soul to take".

The sun shined down onto the long green grass. Her eyes watched the clouds. She lay on her back, letting her fingers feel the cool grass beneath her. Izzy watched as birds flew over head. Izzy Krueger was five years old. She had dark brown hair, tied into pig tails. She wore a white long sleeved shirt and pink overalls.

"Izzy?" a voice called to her.

Izzy picked her self up and sat on her knees. Her dad was standing on the back porch. He smiled at her.

"Lunch is ready", He replied softly.

Izzy grinned and got to her feet. She followed him inside the house. Her dad was very handsome in her opinion or least that's what her mom always said. He was tall with light brown hair, grayish blue eyes. He wore a red and green sweater and brown pants.

"Up you go", He replied lifting her up into her booster seat at the kitchen table.

"Bologna and mayo, again?" Izzy asked.

"Sorry sweetie, mommy needs to get more turkey and cheese", He replied smiling and going over to the counter.

Izzy shrugged and picked up her sandwich. She didn't mind bologna and mayo but it got pretty boring after a while.

"Where is mommy?" Izzy asked after a few seconds.

"Mommy and Aunt Maggie are out running errands. She'll be back in a little while", He said.

Freddy Krueger would have liked nothing better to do than to chop his own hand off. But he had promised to Erin, on his own bladed glove, that he would play dad. He sighed and sat down at the table with his daughter. She noticed he was humming.

"What is that song you're humming?" Izzy asked.

"Just something that got stuck in my head", Freddy replied.

Izzy tilted her head to the side and took a bite of her sandwich. Her dad was looking through the paper, with much interest. Izzy watched him, she was so curious. He stayed home, read the paper obsesently and was never around after she went to bed. Her mother had told her that daddy worked late at night and needed to sleep during the day.

Erin and Maggie came home an hour or so later. Freddy came down stairs, he had put Izzy down for a nap.

"She wanted to wait for you to get home but I knew you'd get mad if she missed her nap", Freddy replied.

Erin and Freddy kissed. Maggie walked passed them and into the kitchen.

"So when are you two going to tell her that her father isn't Dr. Seuss?" Maggie asked.

"Oh please, talk a little louder why don't you", Freddy said sarcastically.

Erin was used to their father/daughter argumentative behavior. She just smiled and put the other groceries on the kitchen counter. Freddy walked up behind Erin, he put his arms around her.

"If you two don't stop, there are going to be more Krueger spawn running around here", Maggie said.

Freddy just glared at her. Erin leaned against his shoulder, trying to grab his attention so a fight wouldn't break out.

"Alright, I have to get back to work. But thanks for lunch", Maggie replied hugging Erin.

"Your welcome", Erin said.

After Maggie left, Erin started putting away the groceries. Freddy leaned against the kitchen counter.

"How was Izzy?" Erin asked.

"She was fine. God, I can't wait for tonight", Freddy said.

Erin stopped putting away things and turned to him.

"You're not really that comfortable with her are you? I shouldn't have made you promise and I told Maggie about what we're doing and she thinks I'm crazy. So, you're a psychopathic child murderer who is strapped down to a child you didn't want in the first place and a woman who you didn't mean to fall in love with in the first place. So, I don't really know what to do", Erin cried.

She left the groceries on the counter and ran upstairs. Freddy sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He followed her upstairs. Izzy came out of her room.

"Why is mommy upset?" Izzy asked.

"Because daddy said some things mommy didn't like", Freddy replied.

Izzy gestured for him to come closer. Freddy rolled his eyes but humored her by doing so. He followed her into her room (which had been Erin's room five years previously).

Freddy knelt down at his daughter's level.

"Are you going to leave us? Because I wake up at night and you're never here. And Aunt Maggie is here a lot because mommy gets upset. I think you should tell mommy that you're sorry", Izzy replied.

She may be five years old but she was smart. Freddy thought for a minute or so.

"Thanks for the advice kiddo", Freddy said smiling.

"Your welcome", Izzy exclaimed.

She started playing with some of her toys. Freddy left her room and went to his and Erin's bedroom. The door was open. Erin was just laying with her back to him. Freddy decided to let her cool down and went back downstairs. He put away the grocheries. Erin came down stairs a while later.

"I'm sorry", Erin replied.

Freddy walked up to her, he put his hands to her face. He lightly kissed her. Izzy came downstairs. She stood in the kitchen doorway.

"I guess daddy's sorry but he kissed you like that when he accidentally lit the stove on fire and burnt dinner", Izzy commented.

Freddy and Erin broke apart and looked at her. They had to laugh. Izzy shrugged and went into the living room.

"I guess I was upset earlier because not having the glove on and looking like my former self. Erin, meet me half way", Freddy begged quietly.

"I understand. I'll put her to bed. You can go downstairs after dinner, do what you need to. I'll meet you half way. You can make your hands burnt. Wear one of the gloves without the blades. I'll take her with me tomorrow, I'll take her to the park. You can have the house to yourself. But meet me half way, please", Erin replied.

Freddy smiled and the two kissed. Izzy had turned on the television and had tuned them out. She was five, she didn't really care what they were doing. That night as her mother was putting her to bed, Izzy turned to her.

"Daddy always reads me a bedtime story. Where is he?" Izzy asked.

"Daddy is going to try to fix the stove down stairs, so we'll be nice and warm", Erin replied smiling.

"Do you know who the boogeyman is?" Izzy asked.

"No, who is he?" Erin asked.

"He's this man. He's sort of strange. I think he and daddy buy the same clothes", Izzy replied.

"How would you like to go to the park?" Erin asked.

"Sounds fun", Izzy exclaimed.

After reading her a story, tucking her in and kissing her goodnight, Erin went downstairs and down into the basement. Freddy was standing by shelf. He turned around and just smiled. He was burned again. His hat was on his head.

"What did I do now?" He asked.

"Did you go into her dreams?" Erin asked.

Freddy made a slight snort noise.

"Did I? Isn't that what I do for a living?" He asked.

"Freddy, she's going to put two and two together. What if Maggie tells her?" Erin cried.

"What if I just slipped a little?" Freddy asked.

"If you said anything to her, anything. I'm going to-", Erin was cut off by footsteps.

Izzy was at the top of the stairs, "It's alright mommy. I already know", Izzy said.


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