The End.

When the pain stopped I was glad, I had no recollection of how long it had gone on for. But I didn't care it had stopped, that's all that mattered.

It was dark; I could see nothing, hear nothing only my breathing but even that was distant, far away and quiet. I felt something move around me; hold me, drawing me closer. Then I felt it, a hard body come into contact with mine, it wasn't ice cold, but it wasn't a normal body warm, it was a comfortable warmth that felt inviting.

"Bella?" I heard a voice call out of the darkness, it felt familiar; I know this voice from somewhere… but where. "Bella can you hear me?"

"Am I dead?" I asked the voice.

"No." It said.

"Well technically you are." Came a second voice, I could hear the smile in it, it was obviously happy.

"Emmett." Said a female voice, amongst the murmurs in the back ground.

"Emmett?" I asked, He was my brother, what was he doing here?

"Bella love, open your eyes." The first voice said softly again in my ear.

Forcing my eye lids open I was greeted with light, then a face. The face I wanted to see… Edward.

"How am I still here, I thought he killed me." I asked as I threw my arms around his neck. Soft chuckles came from behind me but I didn't pay them any attention.

"He did, Bella… he bit you."

That's right I remember now, the pain in my neck the argument on weather to change me, the argument of the treaty. The hand threw my stomach; Conrad's hand threw my stomach as he bit me.

Pulling away I looked down, I was covered by the bed sheet but I wasn't dressed beneath it. Pulling it away from my body carefully I looked down the gap. There on my pale flesh was a sliver mark scratching across my flat stomach. The jagged out line of a circle where he thrust his hand right threw my back and out. I stared at it. It was ugly, the sight of it mage my stomach turn.

I tore my eyes away from the sight of my skin and looked around, the room was empty.

"They left to give us some time to talk." Edward said pulling my attention back to him.

"Is it the same on my back?" I had to know.


I closed my eyes, I wanted to cry, but no matter how hard I tried to get the tears to fall they didn't, I was hideous, he would no longer want me.

"Bella you're beautiful, everything about you is beautiful, even the scars are… I love you, I will never stop loving you no matter how you look." He pulled my face you to look at his.

"Am I like you?" part of me was dreading the answer but another was hoping, wishing I was.

"Yes." He said, he looked at me with sad eyes.

"What's wrong?" I placed a hand on his cheek, stroking the smooth marble skin with my own hard fingers.

"I will never hear your heart again, or see the blush on your cheeks." His eyes remained sad.

"No but we get the rest of forever together." I stated.

"We do…" a small smile crossed his lips and I couldn't help it I pulled him down to me and pressed mine to his, I could kiss him as hard as I liked with out the fear of pushing him to far now, I could be close to him now forever… with out holding back. The kiss was slow and deep, I could feel his hands move from my waist and under the sheet that covered me, I didn't freeze or still. His fingers touched the new scar on my stomach and back and laid his palms over them, "I love you Miss Swan," he whispered against my lips. "Marry me?"

I stilled then. My eyes shot open and I pulled away from him, "Are you being serious?" I gasped.

"Yes… Isabella Marie Swan, will you marry me?" he asked looking me straight in my eyes, his golden orbs freckled with the emerald green from his human life, they held my heart, they had every control over me.

I loved him.

"Yes." I breathed. His lips were back on mine, but this time they were hard and fast, the passion he was sending me into felt amazing. I was whole.

He pulled away and smiled at me, "Lets go hunting, then we have to ring your father and tell him something.

"Wait… did… did Paul really die?" I whispered.

Edwards face sank, "Yes, he did. He was trying to protect Seth and got hit through the heart, he didn't feel any pain Bella." I could see the sorrow in his eyes and face, even if they were enemies, it was clear that the death of one of the wolves had hit the Cullen's hard, they had worked together to save and protect me and one of them had been killed.

I could hear the howls in the distance and I closed my eyes in respect, they were calling out, saying their final good bye.

"Bella, it's been three days, you need to hunt… we will arrange a meeting with them, we need to thank Sam for fighting for you, both that day and against the Elders, we thought the treaty had been broken but non of us bit you so it couldn't have been… he fought to let you live." Edward said pulling me closer to him.

"I want to say thank you to them, and my sympathies…. I will never forget what they all did for me." I said into his neck.

"None of us will love." Pulling away he looked down at my face and smiled lovingly at me. "Now why don't you get dressed and we can go eat."

"One more thing" I asked I bit my lip as I looked at him, I knew I couldn't blush but if I could I would be bright red, "Did you see me…. Naked?" my voice was so low I hoped he heard it.

He looked at me and one hand left my stomach and brushed my cheek, the hand on my back pulled me closer to him, "Don't be embarrassed love, I helped Carlisle stitch you, so yes, but we will be married soon."

I looked away from him, how could I not be embarrassed. "Lets go hunting." I said pulling away from him with the sheet wrapping it around me so he didn't see me again. "Can I borrow some cloths?" I grinned, turning to look at him letting him know I wasn't angry.

"What's mine is yours love." Giving me the crooked smile I loved.


Sorry if it wasn't the ending you wanted but I had thought of so many endings and this one was the one that jumped at me, so I followed my gut and chose it, but please let me know if u had different ideas, I am planning on going back and adding more and improving it when I get the chance. Thank you all for reading and being so nice to me.