Episode 1: Destiny's Play

(Disclaimer: Written by ZK Chromedragozoid and Ten-Faced Paladin. The characters don't belong to us.)

The immediate area looked to be desolate and barren. The only kind of vegetation around was the scraggly trees and some moss that grew on them. The sky was murky and foreboding, offering no comfort. The most terrifying thing in the scenery was the almost obscene amount of tombstones that were littering the grounds. Of course, that meant little to the young man who was walking through this scenery in a school uniform.

The young man was 16 and wearing the standard academy clothing. However, he also had on a thick coat, scarf, medical mask, safety goggles and a snowcap. All this just made him look like a person with an ailment rather than a student. Still this was a new place for the young man so he hoped he could make a fresh start, but old habits were hard to get rid of.

"Watch out!" he heard and he turned to see a girl coming towards him on a bicycle. He was frozen in fear and unable to move out of the way.


"Itai…" the girl groaned and then she found herself lying on top of the young man. Shaking the stars out of her head, she managed to get back up onto her knees. Looking to see who she hit, she saw the young man who looked like he might b suffering from a cold. "Gomen." The young man remained silent. "Is something wrong?" The young man immediately went to his bag in search of something. He rummaged around in the bag before he pulled out a notebook and then flipped through the pages. He showed a page to her which had the words. "It's OK," written on it. The young man dared not to look at her. She was just so beautiful. She had lovely pink hair and green eyes and he looked plain and unusual to her. Pretty much everyone he met thought he was weird.

Suddenly, he felt her hands on his face and he blushed at the contact. 'What is she doing?'

"You smell nice," she said huskily. He wanted to tell her to stop but the medical mask was in the way and he was too stunned to flip through his notebook for an appropriate response. She slowly pulled off his scarf and leaned in to…

Bite him!

He jerked and flailed a bit and she removed herself from him. Amazingly, he didn't make a sound. "Gomen. I was just so hungry. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself." She stood up and said, "My name is Moka Akashiya. What's your name?" Moka watched as he tried to flip through his notebook. She kneeled down and asked, "Are you sick?" He refused to look her in the eye. "Maybe a bit of fresh air would help." She reached over to him again and he wondered if this girl had any idea about what personal space meant. He couldn't stop her either as she insisted, despite the feeble struggles that he made. She pulled off his safety goggles and medical mask before finally removing the snowcap. Now it was her turn to blush. "Wow, you're cute," she said bluntly.

The young man before her had short brown hair and matching eyes. He was a bit on the pale side and looked nervous. Still, she was right that he was cute. He began to panic when he realized he had no more protection but Moka calmed him down. "It's okay! Nothing will hurt you here. May I know your name?"

"Wataru…" he finally said once he calmed down. "Wataru…Kurenai…"

"Hello, Wataru-kun," Moka smiled.

After both got back up to their feet, Wataru and Moka began walking towards their destination again. Nervously looking at the beautiful girl beside him, Wataru noticed that she was wearing a uniform similar to his, save for the fact it was meant for girls.

Ano…" she spoke shyly.

"Yes?" Moka smiled. She thought that Wataru being so shy was just too adorable. Still, she waited for him to make his question.

"Are you…going to Yokai Academy too?" he asked slowly.

"Yes!" Moka smiled. "Are you a new student there too?"

Wataru nodded. He still kept his eyes trained on anything besides Moka's face. He would just start blushing if he did.

"That's great!" Moka cheered. "Do you want to be friends? I really don't know anyone here and it's a little intimidating to be by myself."

"I…ah….um…ano," Wataru sputtered. This girl really knew how to drop a bombshell on a poor guy like him. He struggled for the right words, used to using his notebooks for such things. "Um…I…would like that."

"Yay!" Moka cheered as she hugged Wataru's arm. The young man blushed like a tomato at the closeness and the feeling of her chest against his arm. "Thank you, Wataru-kun! I'm so relieved! But…"

"Eh?" wondered Wataru. Moka seemed to be so down all of a sudden. Being depressed didn't really suit her face.

"I guess you know I'm a vampire already," Moka admitted. "Do you…like vampires?"

"Ummm," Wataru gulped. "I've never…met a vampire before. But…I like you."

Moka blinked at the shy admission before she smiled brightly. She then hugged Wataru's arm even tighter, making the young man blush even brighter. Wataru just had to ponder what other crazy things were going to happen at Yokai Academy.

Wataru had lost Moka during the entrance ceremony, but he got over it. Finding his classroom was very easy. He had quickly discovered that people weren't as quick to poke fun at him if he didn't look like a terminal illness patient. Still, no one really went out of their way to talk to him. That was fine by the shy young man. He was used to having no one to talk to. Entering his classroom, he picked out a desk that was out of the way so no one would seek him out for anything.

As more and more students filed in, an older woman wearing bright clothes and glasses entered the room with a wave. She was a pretty woman with short blonde hair and what looked like cat ears on her head. Waving lazily behind her, a yellow-furred tail was connected to her. Wataru had to admit that she was very cute, even if it wasn't out loud.

"Welcome, everyone, to Yokai Academy!" she cheered, bringing equal cheers from the students on the classroom. "I'll be your homeroom teacher, Miss Shizuka Nekonome!"

Wataru remained quiet through the cheering. He had to admit that it was nice that the school seemed like such a nice place. The scenery could use a little bit of work, but the people didn't seem to be too bad.

"Now, as I'm sure you're all aware," Ms. Nekonome continued, drawing a pointer. "This school is a school for monsters!"

That was nothing new to Wataru. He had entered the school fully expecting this. He had been warned about it when the school was offered to him as an option. His guardians had also warned him about the nature of most monsters and how they preyed on humans. If Wataru wanted to go to Yokai Academy, he would have to keep his human ancestry hidden. It wasn't as if he hated his father, but a lot of people would discriminate against him because of his human blood.

"So, like it or not, humans run the world!" Ms. Nekonome continued. "That means we monsters have to learn to co-exist with them. That is the mission of this school! Peaceful co-existence with the humans!"

"That brings us to rule number one!" the catty teacher continued. "You will retain your human appearance at all times!"

Wataru felt a wave of relief at that announcement. Even though he wasn't completely human, he wasn't Fangire enough to have a form of his own. He could only give off Fangire tribal markings when his emotions ran high and that was rare since he was so shy. Now he didn't have to worry about students forcing him to show his true form. Maybe he might be able to fit into school after all.

"Does everyone understand this?" Ms. Nekonome asked seriously. "This is our first key of survival among the humans. To practice the art of disguise, please do not revela your true nature, even to your fellow students."

"But can't we just eat all the humans ma'am?" asked one of the students. He had long brown hair that reached his neck and some piercings on his face. "I could start with all the cute girls."

Wataru was surprised when he heard this. This sounded like something a Fangire would say. He slowly turned his head to see who'd spoken. He looked at the student who was smirking while licking his lips. It reminded him way too much of some of the Fangires he had met before he came to Yokai Academy.

"That's just silly!" Ms. Nekonome sighed. "You don't have to worry about humans here though. All the faculty and fellow students are monsters just like you. This school exists behind a special barrier so no humans have ever seen it. Well, seen it and lived."

Wataru shivered at that. He was lucky he had some Fangire blood in him or else he might be in some serious trouble. As it was, just having human blood might cause some ripples among the staff and students.

A sudden sliding sound that went with the opening of the door suddenly sounded off. It cut off the rather grim conversation

"I'm sorry!" a familiar voice to Wataru apologized. "I got lost in the halls after the welcoming ceremony…and…sorry I'm late!"

"That's okay," Ms. Nekonome smiled reassuringly. "Just take an empty seat anywhere."

Stepping into the classroom, Wataru immediately recognized the beautiful Moka Akashiya. He blushed again while all the male students in the room began to gape at her beauty. The way she walked down the aisles of desks made her look almost like a model walking down the strip. She certainly had the face and figure for such an occupation if she wanted one.

"W-who is that?" one boy gasped.

"The silky hair, the beautiful eyes," added another.

"That can't be a disguise," a third gasped. "She's too…too,"

"BEAUTIFUL!" the general male populous of the room cheered.

Moka seemed to be a little surprised at how the entire classroom seemed to be reacting to her entry. It didn't even occur to her that she was rally that beautiful. Still, she continued down the aisle toward an empty desk. As she got closer, she noticed a familiar head of hair.

"Hmm?" she blinked. Leaning close, she managed to peek at the blushing face of the boy who owned the head of hair. "Wataru-kun?"

"H-hai, Moka-san?" Wataru mumbled shyly.

"It IS you, Wataru-kun!" Moka cheered happily. Lunging forward, she wrapped her arms around the young man, making him blush an atomic red. "We're in the same classroom! Isn't it great?"

Wataru was too busy blushing to really answer. Even if he did, he didn't have much of a breath to do it. Moka was squeezing him too tightly. As the reunion was going on, the other students in the room were making their own comments.

"Huh? Who is that guy?"

"How does he rate a hug from her?"

"How does a weirdo like that know her?"

Obviously the males in the room weren't happy at how Moka was being so friendly with Wataru. Saizou was also giving Moka a lecherous look as well. He'd just found his target. The guy was of no consequence and would be collateral damage anyway.

When class had ended, Moka had immediately wanted to explore Yokai Academy. Not having much else to do, and being too shy to turn Moka down, Wataru had become her exploring buddy. Most of the time had been the poor boy getting dragged around by the excitable vampire.

"Wow," she smiled. "The main halls are so clean! Neat!"

"Um…y-yeah," Wataru mumbled.

While Moka was taking in all the sights in the school with sparkling eyes and happy smile, Wataru had noticed the people around them. Males were all stopping and staring at Moka as she went past them. It was obvious that they were lusting after her from the way they stared at her.


"What a babe!"

"I've gotta date her!"

"Who's the guy with her?"

"Who cares?"

"If he gets in my way, he's dinner!"

Wataru shivered as he heard the subtle threats against him. He really didn't want this to be his high school life. Being friends with Moka was good since she was really nice. Still, being ostracized because of who he was friends with wasn't something he wanted to go through. He had enough of that going through elementary school.

"How do you like Yokai Academy so far, Wataru-kun?" Moka asked as they stopped by a vending machine. She got herself a can of tomato juice while he got some nice and cold ice tea.

"Oh? I-It's been great," he said shyly. He really couldn't lie to her but he could tell her that much.

"That's good," Moka smiled. "I think we're both going to have a lot of fun here. Don't you think so?"

"Um…hai!" Wataru nodded.

Smiling, Wataru and Moka headed out to explore even more of the school. Wataru was amazed at how much energy Moka had. If he was alone, he would have gone back home long before now. When he thought if it, the Arms Monsters would probably be wondering where he was back at Castle Doran. He rarely stayed out after school, despite what Ramon tried to do to convince him otherwise.

Walking along the school hallways again, Moka and Wataru were subjugated to the lustful/hateful stares of the males in the general vicinity. Moka was again oblivious to the looks, but Wataru was all too aware of who they were aimed at. Turning a corner, the pair of new friends were suddenly cut off by a taller student, one who Wataru could remember had a taste for humans.

"Hey, babe," Saizou said as he leaned against the wall with his arms crossed and looking at Moka. "Moka Akashiya, right? Man, looks like I'm not the only one who thinks you're cute."

"Um, thanks," Moka nodded. "Who are you?"

"Ah, the name's Saizou," the boy introduced with a grin. "I'm one of your classmates."

"Oh…um," Moka nodded. "Good to meet you…I suppose."

"I'm sure. By the way," Saizou grinned before he reached out and suddenly grabbed Wataru by the lapel of his jacket. Moka gasped in shock while Wataru struggled with the other teen's strength. "Why is a girl like you hanging out with a complete wimp like this?"

Before Moka could try and ask Saizou to let her friend go, the taller boy suddenly began to cringe in pain. Looking over at his hand, he saw that Wataru was gripping his wrist and digging his fingers into the soft part of his flesh. Looking in annoyance at the shorter boy, he saw his appearance had changed slightly. Weird stained glass markings had appeared on his face and he was frowning. This was Wataru's other side, known as Kurenai.

"You'd do well to let me down," Kurenai frowned, putting more pressure on Saizou's wrist.

"Che!" Saizou snorted as he released Kurenai who landed on his feet.

"Anyway," Saizou frowned as he gritted his teeth. He leaned in close to Moka, who could practically feel the leer in his eyes. "What do you say we ditch this loser and find some real nice spots in this school?"

"Um…" Moka stepped back, not liking the way Saizou was looking at her when Kurenai stepped in.

"I suggest you leave," Kurenai commanded. Saizou sneered.

Saizou drew his fist and then punched a nearby wall, making a crater in it. The walls of Yokai Academy were thick so there was only so much Saizou could do in his human form. "Say that again, wimp?"

Kurenai smirked, further enraging Saizou. He then went over and punched another wall. This also made a crater which was shaped unusually like a bat. Kurenai snapped his fingers and the wall crumbled. Before anybody could react, he grabbed Moka's hand and led her quickly away.

Finally coming to a stop in a smaller hall where they were alone, Kurenai released Moka's hand and leaned on a wall. Taking a breath, the markings faded from his face. Now Wataru was back in control. He hated it when he got that way. He usually made a spectacle of something. The Arms Monsters said he acted a little like his father Otoya that way.

"Whew!" Moka sighed in relief. "That was amazing. Wataru-kun! I would never have thought you would be so strong!"

"Umm… arigato," Wataru nodded. "I don't like doing it, but I didn't like how he was treating you."

"But we're both okay thanks to you," Moka smiled. "Thank you!"

"Umm," Wataru blushed brightly. He was happy for the compliment, but his usual shyness was still there.

Wataru and Moka had finally exited the school and were heading up to the dorms. Wataru lived off campus, but Moka still wanted to explore. Again, his shy nature was preventing him from saying no. At the moment, they were walking up another path that was littered with creepy trees, tombstones, and old bones. To help pass the time, Moka began asking Wataru about himself.

"Wataru-kun, before you came to Yokai Academy, did you go to school in the human world?" Moka asked. Since Wataru acted more like a human than a monster, she assumed he had lived in the human world at some point.

"Yes, I did," he told her. It'd been a little lonely for him back then too.

"Human schools are the worst, aren't they?" Moka asked Wataru. "I used to go to school in the human world up until now but the other students thought I was weird so I never made any friends."

Wataru knew what that was like. He was both weird and shy so nobody approached him to be friends and his talents with a violin further ostracized himself from them since they thought he was stuck up. He really wanted to be friends but he wasn't assertive enough. His life in school had been lonely as well. "So was mine." He agreed. He did have at least one friend before. A girl named Shizuka. He wondered how she was right now.

"That's why I hate humans!" Moka confessed. Wataru's world came crashing around him as he paled. "Wataru-kun?"

"Moka-san, do you really hate humans?" Wataru asked carefully.

"What's wrong?" she asked. "You look pale, Wataru-kun." She reached out to him but he backed away, averting his eyes.

"No matter what I'll never belong anywhere. I can never really fit in," he said.

"Wataru-kun? What are you talking about?" Now Moka was worried.

"Moka-san, what if I told you I was half human?" he said to her. She gasped.

"But you can't be! I mean-" her words got caught in her throat. She'd said she hated humans.

"My father was human," Wataru said. "I guess it was too much to ask for you to actually be friends with a half human freak like me. Goodbye, Moka-san." He then ran off, leaving the only friend he had in the entire school.

"Wataru-kun!" Moka cried out.

Wataru was walking aimlessly with his hands in his pockets. He knew it was just a matter of time before he had to leave. He was neither a monster nor human. Maybe it would be better if he just left. His only friend in the school said she hated humans so what were the chances for someone like him who was half human?

"Wataru," a voice spoke and a figure resembling a cartoonish mechanical bat flapped down towards the boy. It was mainly black and gold. Its head and face made up its body with pointed ears, clawed feet, wings and red eyes. Its fangs were also sharp. This was Kivat-bat the 3rd. "Are you really thinking of leaving?"

"I don't know, Kivat," sighed Wataru. "Am I doomed to be friendless?"

"Ah, no one is doomed to such a fate," Kivat answered. "Only the truly wretched are destined for such things. You are one of the farthest from that."

"But she hates me now!" Wataru sighed. "She hates humans so she's going to hate me because of my father."

"I heard that part," Kivat nodded. "But she's only had bad experiences with humans. Can you blame her?"

"Well…" Wataru mumbled. His tiny friend had a good point about that.

"Of course you can't," Kivat continued. "Besides, you didn't even give her a chance to explain. You just ran off."

"I didn't want to hear her say the words," Wataru sighed sadly.

"Are you sure she would say them?" asked Kivat. He fluttered over to rest on Wataru's shoulder before patting him on the back with his wing. "Trust me on this, Wataru. I know women and Moka-chan is a very kind soul. If you two talk things out then I'm sure your friendship will be as strong as ever!"

"You think so?" Wataru smiled.

"Have I ever been wrong?" Kivat grinned.

"Well…" Wataru pondered as he recalled some incidents in the past.

"Oi!" Kivat huffed.

Moka was walking sadly in the forest, alone once again. She'd just driven off her only friend in the entire school because she said she hated humans. She never even suspected that he was even half human but his blood did have an interesting flavor.

She shook her head. She needed to find him and apologize. She heard rustling behind and spun around expectantly, "Wataru-kun!"

"Sorry, babe," Saizou grinned ferally. "It's just you and me now, alone."

Wataru walked through the forest back towards the school. After talking with Kivat, he decided it was time to face Moka. Maybe he could give Moka a chance to explain herself and…

Suddenly, he heard a shrill scream.

Wataru's eyes snapped wide open. "Moka-san!"

Saizou had assumed his true form, an orc, and he looked hungry in more ways than one. He was a hulking creature with thick veins and bumps running over his skin. His teeth were razor sharp and his tongue was longer than before. In all, he looked like the real definition of a monster. "Don't worry babe," said Saizou sleazily. "You'll enjoy it." A rock hit his head and he turned, annoyed, to look at who'd thrown it. It was that freaky kid again.

"Get away from Moka-san!" Wataru demanded.

"Scram, kid!" Saizou shouted at Wataru.

"Wataru-kun!" Moka exclaimed.

"You're trying to hurt Moka-san," said Wataru angrily. His eyes took on a different light now. "I can't forgive you."

"Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it?" sneered Saizou.

"KIVAT!" shouted Wataru.

Suddenly, a gold and black mechanical bat floated down and flapped around Wataru's head. "OK, Wataru! Kivatte ikuze!" Wataru caught Kivat in his hand and pressed him against his free hand. "Bite!" announced Kivat as he bit down on Wataru's hand, allowing stained glass tribal marking to appear on the young man's skin. Moka watched curiously as did Saizou.

Ghostly chains magically appeared around Wataru's waist and wrapped around it before melting and becoming a blood red belt. The belt had slots holding ornate whistles on the sides, 6 in total. Wataru then thrust Kivat forward, shouting, "Henshin!" before attaching Kivat to a perch in the front of the belt, leaving him hanging upside down. Wataru strode forward and was instantly covered in quicksilver that morphed and then shattered to reveal his new form.

He was clad in a full black bodysuit. The torso armor looked like a silver vest with a high collar and a blood red chestplate that mimicked muscles. His shoulder armor resembled folded bat wings that were held to the armor by thin chains. He wore red armored gloves and his wrists sported silver bracelets. His right leg was covered with a silver iron boot that reached his knee and was wrapped tightly with chains, as if to hold something back. The left leg was unarmored save for a silver bracelet around the ankle. His head was covered with a black helmet with the visor shaped like a pair of yellow bat wings edged in red. In-between the top points of the wings was a red ornament resembling a bat's head. The mouth guard was silver and framed by black fangs.

Wataru had transformed into Kiva.

Saizou was taken by surprise by the sudden change and Kiva tackled into him. They both tumbled along the ground as Moka watched. "Wataru-kun!" she cried and she ran to follow the fight.

While Saizou was powerful in his true form, Kiva wasn't exactly a pushover either. He was able to dodge all of Saizou's punches before retaliating with punches of his own that forced Saizou backwards. He then used a snap kick to hit Saizou between the legs before grabbing the orc's hair and pulling his head down into his knee. Saizou was sent reeling.

"Wataru-kun!" Moka cried when she arrived and Kiva was momentarily distracted. Saizou took advantage of this and slashed at Kiva across the chest, sending sparks flying. Kiva cried out in pain and was sent flying by a brutal haymaker that sent him skidding along the ground and into a tree. He crashed violently and Moka kneeled next to him to check him for injuries but it was hard to tell with that armor of his.

"Wataru-kun? Are you alright?" she asked.

"Moka-san…" Kiva groaned. "Go, get out of here…"

"No!" she cried. "I'm not leaving you! Even if you are half human, you're still my friend! I could never hate you!"

"And you're my friend too," said Kiva. "That's why I can't let you get hurt."

"Aw, how sweet," said Saizou mockingly. "Looks like I have to kill you both. What a waste though. I wanted to have one go at Moka before I had to kill her."

Kiva's rage grew and he reached up for something for support when his hand grabbed onto Moka's rosario. With an accidental tug, he pulled it off her.

"Huh?" Kiva blinked as he stared dumbly at the silver cross in his hand. He only had time to hear Moka gasp before her entire body was enveloped in light.

While he couldn't see what was happening to Moka very well, he could sure sense it. That well of power she had within her that Kiva had felt was being restricted was now breaking loose. The inhuman power was moving like a river through her entire body. As his eyes began to get accustomed to the light, he saw that the sheer amount of power was making Moka's physical appearance change as well.

Her pink hair was turning silver right before his eyes. Her skin seemed to become paler as the power continued to flow. The nails on her fingers became slightly pointed, looking like they could cut things. Her fangs became more pronounced while her eyes turned crimson and slitted.

Kiva could only stare at Moka after her transformation. She looked radically different, almost like a different person. She looked…more sensual, than before. She exuded a kind of sexuality that would make men drop to their knees, but Kiva could feel the danger which was underneath it. This girl was dangerous!

"Impossible! Those crimson eyes, that silver hair and the incredible demonic aura!" shouted Kivat. "Wataru, she's an S-Class monster! A true vampire!"

Kiva blinked at the words describing his friend. He knew she was a vampire, but to hear that she was so powerful? That was something new to him. Getting up, he saw Moka-sama opening her eyes and taking in the armored form of Kiva.

"Impressive," she smiled. "I did not expect to find one such as you here."

Kiva remained silent before he turned to look at Saizou. The orc was shocked at seeing the new Moka, but his courage was returning. He was clenching his fists as he readied himself to execute another attack. Seeing this, Kiva stepped forward and took a fighting stance. Chuckling softly, Moka-sama stepped beside her armored friend.

"Chivalry noted, but I am not some china glass statue," she smirked. "I can take this low class nobody myself."

"Oi!" Kivat shouted as he fluttered off Kiva's belt and next to Moka-sama's face. "We called this fight first! He's ours!"

"I am not the type to sit back and wait," Moka-sama retorted. "I will not stop you from assisting, but you both had better keep up."

"Heh!" Kivat snorted as he returned to his perch. "You will be the one who will struggle to keep up with us!"

"We shall see," Moka-sama smirked.

Saizou swung his fist at Moka who caught it in her hand. Saizou's eyes widened in surprise as she turned on her heels and threw him over her shoulder and through several trees.

"Wow," said Kiva in awe.

Moka-sama proclaimed, "You dare to lay your hand on me?"

"I don't give a damn if you're a fucking vampire, bitch! I'll kill you!" Saizou roared.

Kiva grew enraged at what Saizou called Moka. Reaching to the right side of his belt, he pulled out a transparent whistle with red bat wings incorporated into the design. Moka watched curiously and with deep interest as Kiva placed the Wake Up Fuestle into Kivat's mouth. Kivat flew off his perch and around Kiva, blowing into the instrument with a call of, "WAKE UP!"

The sky turned pitch black as a crescent moon rose high in the air. Moka-sama could sense Kiva's power rising so she decided that it was time to finish this fight. Saizou dashed straight for them, ready to gut them.

"Know your place!" shouted Moka-sama as she leapt into the air, followed by Kiva. Kivat flew around the armored right boot and shattered the chains, freeing the demonic red bat wings from its confines and revealing the red layer underneath and the three glowing green gems along Kiva's leg.

The two then dropped down on Saizou and smashed him with their kicks. Saizou was sent flying far away, screaming. Both Kiva and Moka-sama landed on their feet as Moka-sama turned to regard Kiva. The broken chains from his boot flew at him and binded the red wings of his boot tightly. With the immediate crisis dealt with, Kiva was able to look at his transformed friend. She was even more beautiful now than when she was wearing her rosario. Where the other Moka was gentle and cute, Moka-sama was dangerous and sensual. Moka-sama picked up the rosario that lay on the ground and stood up to Kiva. Her presence was intimidating to say the least but Kiva didn't find himself afraid. Likewise, Kiva's armor may have been the stuff of nightmares but Moka-sama did not feel anything remotely connected to fear.

"You're an interesting one, Wataru Kurenai," said Moka-sama. "Or, do you go by a different name in this form?"

"It's Kiva," Kiva said to her.

"Kiva?" Where had she heard that name before? "What are you exactly? I know you're half human but what is the other half?"

"It's personal." Kiva answered simply.

"Hmm, very well," Moka-sama nodded. "Just be sure to watch over my other side while I sleep. I can't be out here all the time."

With a single motion, the rosario was attached back onto the chain Moka-sama wore. In a flash of light, Moka's power was brought back into her body. Her eyes drooped shut as they returned to their original shade. Her hair likewise returned to its pink shade. Stumbling forward, Kiva caught her in his arms. As he managed to her steady, Kivat removed himself and released the armor. His body turned silver before returning back to normal with the ghostly chains vanishing into his body.

"Moka-san?" he called. "Wake up, Moka-san." Moka's eyes fluttered open. "Thank goodness you're-"

"WATARU-KUN!" Moka cried out loudly as she hugged him tight, surprising him. "I'm so sorry about what I said! I really am!"

"I'm sorry for running off before I heard you out," replied Wataru, returning the hug. Kivat watched with a smile.

She then asked Wataru, "Wataru-kun, who are you really?"

Wataru exchanged looks with Kivat. She'd seen his armored form. If she wanted answers, now would be the time.

There was a loud roar and Moka clutched onto Wataru as she looked up to see a gigantic monster. The thing was a huge purple and grey dragon whose body was in the shape of a castle that was at least three or four stories tall. Its neck and head were connected in the middle of one side of the wide castle with its tail on the opposite end which had a small tower on its tip. Each of the dragon's short legs were at the out corners of the castle with golden manacle around each of its ankles and a length of chain connecting long enough to allow the great beast to walk on land without restraint. Huge purple bat-like wings protruded out the sides allowing it to stay airborne in its nightly flight. The castle was very impressive itself, with four windows on each side that were as tall as the castle was. There was a guard tower at each corner and between the ones in the front, just above the head, was a clock tower.

The draconic castle landed before the two, crushing several trees under its immense weight. This was like nothing Moka had ever seen. Wataru let go of Moka and went towards the giant dragon. She followed him gingerly from behind. She asked, "Wataru-kun, what is this?"

"Moka-san, I told you I lived off campus and not in the dorms," he informed her. "This is why. Welcome to my home, Castle Doran."

"This is where you live!" she gaped. A living castle! Just who was Wataru Kurenai really?