I do not own anything connected with Brokeback Mountain - they belong to Annie Proulx, and I do not make any profit from my borrrowing the characters. It is purely for my, and hopefully your, enjoyment.


Jack Twist looked around and sighed contentedly. The sky was as blue and clear as his eyes, and the air still and expectant; the only sound being the occasional chirrup from a cricket, and call from a distant bird. He threw another log onto the fire and cast a glance up the mountain, smiling to himself. 'Not long now,' he mused, his heart quickening with anticipation. "Easy, Rodeo..." Jack chuckled out loud, shaking his head at himself, unable to believe that he felt such excitement. He stretched his long legs out in front of him, leaned against a fallen tree which served as a makeshift bench or a place to lean against, and tilted his hat over his eyes, forcing himself to remain calm and easy going; he knew how easily Ennis spooked.

'Ennis...' Jack could see the deep brown eyes and the furrowed brow in his minds eye, and he longed to reach out, stroke away the frown as he had done before. He did not know how long he dozed there for, but as soon as he heard a noise, Jack Twist was awake and on his feet, looking about nervously until Ennis appeared in view, on his favourite mare.

"Jack?" Ennis frowned, dismounting and walking slowly, uncertainly, towards the other man. "What...?"

"Evenin' Cowboy," Jack smiled. "Been waitin' a while fer you to show up..."

"But... how...?" Ennis stumbled, his almost ever present frown, deepening.

Jack hesitantly reached out and put a hand on Ennis' shoulder. "You had a massive heart attack," he replied, gently.

Ennis took a step back, his face registering confusion and fear. "What?" he demanded. "What? You mean...?"

"Yeah, my friend, you're home. Home and free."


I had not intended this as a follow on to my other Brokeback story, The End of Days, but it kinda panned out that way!