This is the epilogue. Don't worry I will start the sequel but first I need to finish the story.

Chapter 26

(Kisara pov)

(Hospital parking lot)

I walked out of the sliding doors, a cold breeze brushing against my face. It felt so good since the hospital room was hot and stuffy. Even the doctors breathed slightly harder and they were healthy. Well from what I could guess.

I heard my emergency surgery went well and they got the bullet out. Ends up the bullet missed my heat by a centimeter and torn up tissue and muscles but nothing intense therapy can fix.

After 2 months of intensive care, I could actually feel my arm and move it without a wave of pain rushing down my body, my muscles screaming in hurt. I didn't have to worry about my face turn into a painful frown. Seto then would squeeze my hand and ask if I was okay.

So here, I am now outside of the enclosing white walls and luminating white-yellowish lights. Seto wrapped his arm around my too slim waist and walked to his car with those special smiles only meant for me.

(Living Room)

I sat in his lap exchanging sweet kisses. Warmth ran down my body, my heart soared to the sky, deciding not to come down, every kiss I wanted to know him more and more. I ran my hand through his hair playing with his silky smooth brown tresses. The kisses got more passionate as I straddled him and we both trailed our hands under each other's short. He traced my spine exploring the bones. I was tracing patterns across his toned chest. Then the doorbell rang, killing whatever passionate mood.

Seto grunted in annoyance, while I got out of his lap and sat down back on the coach. Viv and Seto were so worried about me they won't let me even go to the door. So Seto carries me to upstairs but ends up he is so tired that we go to his room watch him sleep till my eyelids felt heavy and I also slipped into the peaceful oblivion.

Once Seto was brushed off and wrinkled free, he made his way to the door with his same emotionless face. He opened the door, holding it with one hand so the doorknob was inches away from the wall. I could not see who it was but I had a pulsing feeling that it had to do something with my father.

Seto walked back to the coach and grabbed my hand in a tight squeeze. Thats when I saws him. He wore a black suit with a white under shirt and a black tie. He had the pitch black square with round edges glasses covering his eyes.

"Agent S, long time no seen." He nodded his head.

"This is about your father." He stated.

"I figured as much."

"Well we caught him 2 miles away from the crime scene. We checked the evidence and we could charge attempt of murder, only if you're willing testify."

"I've been willing since I was 7; nothing is going to stop me now." He just nodded his head, but let his face have a small smile.

Seto was different. He squeezed my hand when I said this. I knew he wouldn't be happy with this idea but it's what I had to do. Seto kept his cold fa├žade but after a few minutes after Agent left, he broke the silence.

"Are you sure about this? I mean I know what he did to you and your mom but he's still his father? Can you testify against him?"

I smiled at his questions, and then I straddled his lap and held his hand over my heart. He just automatically stroked my check, making electric shock yet warm up every cell in my body.

"He is not my father. I tried to say he was but a man who shots his own daughter is not a father to me. I been prepared to testify against him for years and to tell you the truth, I want to see him go behind bars. It's a nice feeling knowing that he won't be able to hurt someone like me and my mother."

"What about the company?" I knew that question would pop up and it was a good thing that I came prepared for this easy question.

"It's going to you. You know I can barely keep up with Viv's shopping what makes you think that I'm qualified for a company. He chuckled.

"I love you tenshi." I gave him a peck on the pale pink lips.

"I love you too." Then we kissed again, the suns last rays barley covering us with its glittering light. I knew there was going to be bumps in the road but somehow I knew we would make it through.


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Tenshi means angel.