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RoloxLuLu (in that order)


Lelouch stood by the lamp post by the pizzeria just as instructed by the email he received. The E-mail contained information that would be vital to the black knights. With this info he would be able to get into the Tokyo settlement military base undetected. He glanced at he watch , It read 10:00. The contact said 10:05 he would be there at any moment. Looking around he noticed this wasn't a very busy place in town. It was very gloomy and full of shadows. Speaking of shadows. A shadow appeared around the corner hands tucked in his pockets.

"Hello Zero"

"Don't use so many formalities around here. I'm Lelouch. What information you have on the Tokyo settlement?"

The shadow approached at a fast pace towards him. Lelouch knew something was up. He stood back and prepared to take his contact out to activate his geass.

"Not so fast Lelouch" The shadow grabbed lelouch by his hair and slammed him into a wall causing him to fall to the ground unconscious. As Lelouch slid down the wall, the shadow looked down at him with a smirk on his face. His green eyes looked at him with lust.

"Don't you remember Lelouch, you already used it on me"

"Today in the news the black knight were captured by none other than the Knight of Rounds Suzaku Kururugi. After penetrating their headquarters with more than half of the Britannia army, all was captured and scheduled for execution more than 24 hours ago. Zero is rumored to be dead. Knight of Rounds Suzaku was promoted to knight of Three. Third in line as the most important knights to the crown. More about this most historic capture tonight at 10."

Lelouch groaned as he put his hand to his head. It slightly ached and he opened his eyes as his vision turned from blurry to normal. He looked around the room and noticed he was in a very expensively furnished room. The furniture looked new. The bed was king sized and contained satin and silk sheets. A large flat screen monitor was in the middle of the room playing the news. The curtains held fluffily white curtains with large windows. A large walk in closet could be seen from where he sat on the bed along with a large bathroom. This room was fit for a king. Lelouch looked down at his attire. He had nothing on but a large dress shirt. He went to cover himself but decided to find a way out but fell when something cold and metal went around his ankle pulled him to the floor. He screamed in pain when his head hit the floor. He held his head in slowly got up noticing a chain was around his ankle. He saw that it was welded to the floor.

"Where am I?"

"Did the contact do this to me?"

A sound of a key turning the lock on the door could be herd. He turned to see Rolo coming through the door.

"Nii-san are you ok?" he ran over to where lelouch laid on the floor.

"Rolo whats going on?

"Come on lets get you back on the bed. Suzaku wouldn't wont you on the floor." Rolo put his hand around his waist and picked him up and placed him on the bed.

"When did Rolo become stronger than me?"

"Suzaku, where is he?"

"He's out getting some award from the governor for catching the black knights"


"Oh Nii-san its better this way. Just you me and Suzaku. You don't have to be Zero or Lelouch anymore, you could be our little lulu." Rolo spoke as he stroked his cheek.

"What are you talking about Rolo?"

"Nii-san see Suzaku and me decide-" The door opened and Suzaku walked in with his formal white suit attire on. His messy brown hair covering his eyes. His dark green eyes full of lust. He walked over to the bed and took off his green jacket and placed it on the bed.

"Rolo leave me and Lelouch alone for a while."

"But Suzaku I - "

"Now Rolo!" Rolo got off the bed and moved toward the door walking out slowly. Suzku turned toward lelouch and bent over.

"Suzaku what's going on -" His mouth crushed into Suzaku's as he pushed Lelouch down on the bed. He put all his weight on him pressing him into the bed sheets. He put his hand under Lelouch's shirt caressing his milky thighs before pulling away looking in Lelouch's confused violet eyes.

"Suzaku what are doing! Have you gone mad!" Lelouch screamed at him as he stood up from the bed.

"Sit down Lelouch, you do not talk to me that way."

"Who do you think you are! Some god! How dare you touch me that wa-" Lelouch was knocked to the floor by Suzaku's hand. He felt blood swell up in his mouth.

"I SAID SIT DOWN!" Suzaku loomed over him breathing lowly.

"You will listen to ME! I OWN you know Lelouch. Whatever I say goes. And I said sit down!" Lelouch looked at Suzaku with big eyes. Tears started to swell. How could Suzaku do this to him. What was he thinking? Suzaku bent over quick and pushed Lelouch down spreading his legs.

"I didn't want to take you on the floor but if you insist on acting this way ill treat you like a slut."

"Suzaku Stop!"

"No lelouch, don't you get it? Your property and ill treat you the way I want. Don't worry though once you learn, I'll grant you more freedom and allow you to move around and go out."

"What are you talking about!" Suzaku slapped him once more causing his head to turn to one side. He lift Lelouch's hips off the floor and tore his pants open releasing him self.

"Suzaku don't please!" tears slid town his face.

"Shuu LuLu you'll enjoy it" With that said he thrust himself inside Leluche. Lelouch screamed as pain tore through his body.

"Soo tight. Who knew a man who committed so many murders would be trembling the way you are now." Lelouch started to beg. Suzaku grew tired of his screams and covered his mouth he moved in and out of Lelouch and with each moment could feel his orgasm grow near. Lelouch was his everything. He needed him. And the thought of him raping Lelouch turned him harder. Looking down at Lelouch he noticed by the look of his member he was nearing his peak also. Suzaku closed his eyes and moaned as he released his seed deep within him. He shuddered as he looked at Lelouch's eyes. They were full of pain and anger. He was glad Lelouch would not be broken so easily.

"Oh lelouch" he inhaled the soft smell of Lelouch's hair when he bent over him zipping his suit back up. He noticed the stain on the carpet and the cum dripping down Lelouch's legs.

"I'll send Rolo in to clean up this mess" Lelouch just laid there as Suzaku moved toward the door closing it and locking it. Had he just been raped by Suzaku? And telling by the white liquid dripping down his stomach he also had an orgasm. Once again he heard the door open to the room. Telling by the soft footsteps he could tell it was Rolo. His guess was confirmed when Rolo came into his view as he looked over him.

"Oh Nii-san"

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