Master of Masters

By: jwatson15

I do not own Gold Digger Fred Perry has that honor.


A starry sky stood above two lone figures. The first, a tall man with jet black hair tied into a high ponytail, his face was suprisingly youthful looking with black intelligent eyes, his clothes were those of a traveler and a fighter, well worn but in good condition. A short sleeved green fighting gi with black pants and a red sash and sturdy shoes. Over these he wore a large white cloak with red trim that hid his muscular body. The second was a young man with long copper hair tied into a loose ponytail that reached the middle of his back, his bangs framing his face. His face, though without blemishes had a surprising amount of freckles both natural and from the sun. His eyes were of a sparkling blue. His clothes were the same as the man's but slightly more worn in and the shirt was sleeveless. His forearms were wrapped in bandages from elbow to mid-finger. They both carried packs but the boy's was noticeably larger. All of a sudden the man stopped which caused the boy to halt or collide with him. The man turned to look at the boy.

"Apprentice. Do you know what it is time for?"questioned the man.

"Time for sleep Mugen-sensei?"asked the boy yawning.

"No!"shouted the man known as Mugen, causing the boy to jump."It is time for the next step of your training."

"What!? More training? I thought I was done!"exclaimed the boy.


"Whatcha do that for old man?"asked the boy rubbing his head.

"A martial artist is never done training, because he is never done learning."scolded Mugen."He must always train, no matter what!"

"What about those days after you went out drinking and said 'no training when you're hungover'?"



"Don't change the subject! Now you're next training step is one you'll have to go alone."

"What? Why won't you be there?"asked the boy.

"Well normally I would go along with you but I feel that you can handle it yourself."And mostly because I couldn't afford to buy two teleportation scrools.He thought to himself dryly.

"So I'm strong enough for this but not enough to be labeled a master?"inquired the boy.

"That's right. Now where you will go is someplace that has very powerful, almost unstoppable fighters."

"So there stronger than you?"asked the boy with a smirk.

"Some rival me but none surpass me."

"Modest aren't you? So where on Earth am I going now?"

"No apprentice not on Earth."replied Mugen taking out a scroll and reading off it.

"What do you mean old man?"asked the boy turning to him, but it was to late the spell was cast and the boy started glowing a bright light.

"Here, this should help while your there."Said the man before tossing something into the surprised boy's hands before he dissappeared.

"Now student you must do this yourself and become stronger. You can only do this on Jade. Good luck, Kane."said the man before walking down the road.