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Chapter 3

"Leave me alone! I didn't do anything to you!"Shouted a six year old Kane.

They were in a back alleyway and Kane was standing in front of large three thugs intent beating him into the dirt.

"You're on our turf brat."snapped the leader of the group. The other two looked like a doorknob could outsmart them."Besides what can you do about it, shrimp?"

"I'll kick your asses!"shouted Kane.

"Oh! the kid's got a mouth on him!"stated the thug on the right.

"Maybe we should rip his lips off."suggested the other while pulling out a switchblade.

"Nah, Nothing as extreme as that."said the leader slipping on some brass knuckles."Tell you what kid, I'll be nice and only beat you within an inch of your life!"

And with that the thug leader threw a punch aiming for Kane's Face. Kane closed his eyes and braced for the hit, but the hit never came. He slowly opened his eyes and saw the lead thug gasping like a fish. Kane looked to the right and saw a man in a white cape had his fist buried in the thug's gut. The thug stumbled back and dropped into the mud unconscious. The two other thugs charged and the man sidestepped around them. The one with the switchblade turned and started slashing for his face. The man grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back and threw him into the wall. The last thug picked up a garbage can intent on smashing it over the man's head but he twisted his body around and delivered a roundhouse kick to his head. Kane could only watch in awe as the last thug went down like a ton of bricks.

'Who Is this guy?'he thought.

He stiffened as the man turned and locked eyes with him.

'Oh shit!'

Kane awoke with a start."Wha-? Where am I?"he said looking around.

He was in a dirty room with stone walls and a small bared window close to the ceiling. Judging by what he could see through the window he was probably under ground. He tried to move but felt his hands were shackled behind his back with heavy chains which were beginning to chafe even through his bandages.

'Well this is lovely.' he thought dryly.

Looking around the room he saw a heavy wooden door that was mostly likely locked. He also noticed soemthing else of interest...he wasn't alone. The three women from the inn were there also, similarly chained up. At this moment he got a good at them. One had flowing red hair and slightly tanned skin. Another had pale violet hair that was pulled into loose bun with a single bang covering half her face. The last had blonde hair that was pulled into a high ponytail. They were all out cold.

"Huh, must have given them bigger doses."he observed."Allright time to get out of here."

And with that he got to work on his shackles.

-One Hour Later-

The changing of the guard for the captives was usually a boring job but this time the bandits had managed to capture some amazons! The new guard figured he would have some fun with them. How could they stop him? They were chained up, and the only other guy in there was a scrawny kid.

As he walked in the cell the man barely spared a glance at the kid who was apperently still knocked out and let his eyes roam over the amazon's bodies. Oh yes he would have some fun despite the glares they were giving him.

"Well, well, what are lovely ladies like you doing in a place like this?"he mockingly asked.

"Silence you filthy bandit! Release us now and maybe we'll let you live!"threatened the red head.

"Oh no can do sweetie. You see I want a little bit of fun before my shifts over. And the bad news is you can't do anything about it. Those shackles can hold a giant and I've got the only key."he taunted.

"Yeah? Well, I have some bad news for you."came a male voice.

The bandit looked over and saw the kid rising to his feet.

"Oh yeah? What?"he said walking over to the kid about to knock him back out.


The kid's punch had sent him back...-THWAK!-...right into the wall, cracking it.

The last thing the bandit heard before he passed out was the kid saying...

"I got out of those chains a long time ago."