Well, this time around I wanted try out a little bit longer and angstier story with actual connections to real life. Hmm, my inspiration was my dearest friend, who is my everything. I hope you do enjoy this one and feel that crushing feeling too so that in the end you can be set free. FEEL THIS. Hopefully you will share your thoughts about this one with me. I sound so depressing…haha.

Please do not flame (I do not find a reason for it so you better not either). I apologize for the possible misspellings and other errors.


Pairing: Sasuke x Naruto

Summary: Pain, painkillers, loneliness and then that someone sat next to you. You did not want him there, but needed him to support you even if it hurt. Naruto, are you able trust Sasuke - trust that he will carry you no matter what? SasuNaru, M for SEX

Disclaimer: I have no rights over the characters or whatsoever (do not sue me Mr. Kishimoto), I am just loaning them and returning to the rightful owner (Mr. Kishimoto).

I giggle slightly and let him warm me with his body heat. In your words, stay, he practically orders. Maybe just a little bit longer, I reply and he takes me by the hand. So, what are we now? I ask him. What are we supposed to be, he asks me back. So, you just prevented me from leaving for…for what actually? I ask him. Well, I was kind of hoping you would come to my place and I could fuck you senseless, he grins and tightens his hold on my hand. Yeah, right…I mumble back and he laughs hard. I did not have any plan, I just did not want you to leave, he says to me. You are not being coherent, I sigh and he smiles again. How about the first step, he asks me with a slight playfulness in his voice. The first what…and he presses his lips against mine.

They taste like lip balm and are so warm. My toes curl up in my shoes and I almost melt into that kiss. Relax, he breathes into my mouth and I let the stiffness float out of my body. Come, he smiles and I let him lead me all the way to his house. You really stopped the medication, huh, he asks again without asking and I merely nod. What does that mean, he continues while pouring us tea. Hard time for you, I grin and he pouts. Is this a date, I ask curiously. Maybe, he says facing the shelves and not me. So, are we like dating then, I continue my row of questions. Maybe, he says again and I am not wiser than I was before. Say it, I order. Say what, he asks while looking at me dubiously. You might read thoughts, but hell, I cannot do that, I then say.

The hell with it, Sasuke sighs and kneels before me. My sweet honey bunny Naruto Uzumaki, please go out with me and let me have my way with you, he pleads half jokingly. You know, praying will not help, I sigh in turn and he crawls to me. Get up, I say, but he just asks if he can rest his head on my lap. Sure, I smile and brush his hair with my fingers. Want to stay over, he whispers from my lap and I smile. Good, he answers although I did not give any direct answer yet again. I think I might love you, yeah, definitely, he smiles and buries his head into my lap. He pulls me into an embrace and I slide along the chair to the ground. You smell good, he keeps whispering and I sink into his tender hold. Sasuke gives little butterfly kisses to my neck and breathes warm air so that it sends shivers down my spine. You taste good too, he mumbles, but I am already a puddle of mud and goo dripping from between his fingers.

Is it okay if you stay with me tonight, he asks almost pleadingly. I bury myself deeper into him as if I am giving myself to him and he squeezes so tight that my veins are about to pop out - not that I would mind…not at all. Sasuke stands up and lifts me up to his arms carrying me softly and lovingly into the bedroom. I can feel his body move against mine as he walks. Sasuke lays me down on the mattress and pushes the blanket further so that I am lying there comfortably. He moves next to me and pulls the blanket over us. His now warm hands roam around under the blanket feeling me up, stroking my skin and his lips seek mine. In the total darkness I push my lips against his and it feels like the whole room is lighted with magic.

We move closer to one another so that there is no empty space between us, just a little bit clothes and sweat. We do not have to do anything, he whispers again, but I shut his lips roughly with mine. Slowly but surely we start to remove our clothes and they drop with different kinds of sounds on to the floor. Not so long after we are both completely naked and we both feel shy; underneath the blanket it is hot and almost steamy. It feels as if we are both doing this for the first time and we are too shy to see and be seen under the other's eyes. Sasuke smiles and strokes the loose hair from his face. They have grown again, he laughs and I keep silently watching him.

Sasuke moves closer to me and places his hands over my chest. Then those hands start to glide over my skin and his lips seek my neck licking it, making it tingle. His hands pull me tightly against his body and I can feel every nook and curve on it. I feel his member rising and lowering alongside his breathing. Suddenly my breathing gets heavy too, as his hands seek their way downwards. Sasuke's palm rests on my manhood and begins to move with carefulness creating indescribable friction. My breathing becomes more ragged and my hands seek his crotch and mimic his movements. The air is full of moisture and the sensation climbs the latter to heaven and I am afraid I may break the roof too soon.

Sasuke's hands retort and he dives inside the blanket. Suddenly I feel a wet tongue ravish the skin down there until the hot mouth of his engulfs my organ completely. My throat lets out a weird groan and my muscles cramp for nothing has ever felt so good. I shiver without consent from my brain but I cannot help it. I let the heat eat me up in little pieces and Sasuke's hands tickle my inner thighs. Before I reach the end of the magnificent road he stops and appears before me from beneath the blanket. He holds himself up with his hands and lies on top of me without suffocating me with his weight. His smile lights up the whole room and his mouth and the corners of it are wet from saliva and my precum. I raise my hand to cup his cheek, but he turns his head and kisses it while keeping his eyes closed.

I move my hands on to his back and pull him against me, his groin grinding against mine. He keeps moving against me and it gives birth to flames in different corners of my body. Sasuke huffs and I watch him with content heart, my breathing as ragged as his. I spread my legs wide enough keeping my eyes on his. Sasuke settles into the best position and moves his member before my entrance. His manhood feels warm and pulsating against the sensitive skin around my hole. Slowly but surely he begins to push inside me, inch by inch. First it feels as if I am not in my own body but looking from up above. Then his organ hits the first tight spot and my legs start to tremble because it feels I might break apart. Sasuke shushes and pulls out a little so that my legs can relax again.

After awhile Sasuke continues and with a little faster move pushes himself almost completely inside me and my whole nerve system explodes because of the tormenting pain. The tears roll down my cheeks, but I am too exhausted to open my mouth to scream. Sasuke strokes me and kisses me easing the pain with tenderness and love that travels on my skin. The pain begins to fade away and we do not move, just breathe and stay like that. Then he starts to move slowly and it does not feel that bad anymore. I even begin to respond to his movements with my own. Sasuke throws the blanket off of the bed and I can clearly see his beautiful figure and muscles that tense and loosen in turns. His hair is damp and sticking to his face making me smile. Every time he pushes in and pulls out I get almost a feeling of climax.

Sasuke moves faster and faster and the friction between us just grows more enormous. He pushes deeper hitting my prostate and I squirm under him. He keeps pounding that same spot over and over again until I cannot take it anymore. My twitching member bursts a white sticky liquid all over my stomach and the pillow. My head falls back and soon Sasuke comes too with a hoarse groan that echoes in the room. He huffs hard and rides the last waves of his orgasm in me. The liquid courses through my body heating it up even more. Sasuke pulls out and rolls over next to me still holding me and I feel so utterly safe. His semen drips from me making my thighs sticky, but I do not mind.

Sasuke lays his head on my shoulder and plants a kiss to my neck. We curl up in a ball that is just us and his skin feels so soft against mine. Can I take it that you are mine now, he whispers from underneath his bangs. Yeah, I whisper softly back and I know he is smiling although I do not see it. You can fall…I will catch you every time, he mumbles and just as hazily I answer something back. I love you, I whisper and he squeezes me in a thanking manner. I love you too, but you already knew that, he whispers gently back. The moon shines brightly and we let it lullaby us to sleep. It is so much easier to keep on going with someone whom you can trust, whom you love and cherish…my best friend, Sasuke, my life is yours. So, can I keep your life all to myself too? Always, he answers sleepily and I know again I did not ask anything out loud.

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