Date Started: October 1st, 2008
Date Finished: October 6th, 2008

Summary: It was a day meant to be experienced only by Hope and Light. Instead the Digital Gate remains closed, Hikari has been taken by the Dark God, and Oikawa is stirring. In the meantime the Kaiser's reign is threatened by strange shadows from another world...

World of Twilight

Chapter 1 – Games and Reality

The sun was beginning to set. Waves angrily clashed against the shore, roaring into the mist of salt-sea air. Standing atop the cliff, feeling lost and dazed, Takeru continued to shout her name. His partner Patamon floated nearby and did likewise.

"Hikari-chan!" He called out to her.

"Hikari!" His partner mimicked.

Crimson spread about the sky. The deities were laughing at him, letting him know that she was gone and spreading her blood above the heavens. They intended to let him fully understand her chosen fate. And to understand that he was helpless to change it.

But he wouldn't give up. She was out there somewhere, Takeru was sure of that, and he would find her one day. And he would definitely save her.

"Hikari-chan!" He desperately tried again.

Patamon was silent this time around.

"Oi! Takeru… she's not here." That wasn't Patamon.

The blond boy turned around, his eyes falling upon Motomiya Daisuke standing a ways behind him. He ignored him, turning back towards the furious waves of the ocean, and screamed for her again.

"She's not here, damn it!" Daisuke cursed at him.

"The beach…"

"Forget the beach," Daisuke said, "The Digital Gate is closed. Miyako called Koushiro-san over; they're trying to work it out right now. Last I heard it was still locked, so if Hikari-chan is in the Digital World we can't reach her right now; whatever took her made damn sure we can't follow."

"She's not in the Digital World," Takeru shot back.

Daisuke's eyes were downcast, "Even so… you're not doing us any good over here, and I think it's time we told Taichi-san about this."

The computer console presented him with a grid – the map of the Digital World. The grids were color-coded black-and-white: black under his control, and white under the control of the Chosen. The Kaiser continued to punch in each new segment of code on his keypad, mellowing on his self-made throne in solitude and silence. As long as there were more black than white on the board he was winning this game of conquest, and as each line of code appeared above the console, it directly affected the grid. One by one the previously white segments were being brought under his control, and each new occupation brought him one step closer towards victory – towards complete and utter control of the Digital World.

He paused briefly, his fingers gliding over the keypad to his side, their tips barely brushing against its metallic surface. It had been three days already, he reflected, and there were still no further attempts at resistance. What had happened to his opponents? Why had the Chosen not made their next move? Where had the challenge gone?

Less than a quarter of the map contained white spaces now, and he was getting impatient. There was nobody to gloat to. It was all shallow to him; what was the point of victory if there was no one to suffer defeat? It was impossible for this world to keep him further entertained without the Chosen around. He frowned bitterly at the realization.

"What's troubling you, Ken?"

The Kaiser turned to face the intrusion, letting his arm dangle away from the keypad and his eyes gaze away from the console screen. He dismissed the insect's concern with a wave of his hand, "I grow bored of this. Without an opponent, conquering the Digital World is too trivial – it is of no difficulty at all."

"I'm sure they will arrive eventually," Wormmon spoke, trying to appease his partner with a prospect to look forward to.

"It's pointless to wait; they've come every day prior to this."

"Perhaps they've been caught up with things in the real world," Wormmon offered an explanation, straining to remember the things Ken constantly muttered about that kept him busy in his home world. "School work, family matters… club activities, for instance."

The Kaiser sighed in irritation, "Keep your worthless ramblings to yourself."

"I'm sorry, Ken."

"Leave me be, insect, you're beginning to annoy me," He rose to his feet, towering over the worm.


"This whole world is, in fact," the Kaiser interrupted him. He walked past the green Digimon and left the main control room towards the television inside his floating fortress that contained access to the Digital Gate. "I'm heading home. I'm going to find out exactly why they decided to abandon this world."

He dusted off the screen; he'd been away from the real world for far too long. He began to reach for his Digivice, pitch black in his hand, and presented it to the television screen. He was prepared to open the Gate and leave this primitive world behind, but everything stopped at the last second. His body had frozen stiff, his eyes went wide in shock; the Kaiser stared at the display before him. The Digital Gate was closed – locked shut.

It came as a swift realization. The Chosen hadn't abandoned the Digital World. They were locked out of it. The rules of their game had somehow changed without his knowledge.

There was a new goal to victory now. And it definitely brought more realism and difficulty to this virtual world of his. But for the Kaiser this wasn't a welcome change, for with this realism came something he had never before experienced in the Digital World. With it, came his awareness of fear.


He had to escape.

Ken slept in a seated position on his control console after giving in to the fatigue that interrupted his analysis of the Digital Gate the previous night. This had become a common occurrence in recent days. Almost a week had passed since he discovered the Digital Gate had closed, jailing him inside the very world he had set out to conquer. He wasn't giving up. Conquest had once been the challenge he came for; now this world was presenting him a new challenge to overcome – and he would overcome it. Of that he was certain.

His eyes flickered open and his tired eyes glazed over to a small blinking light on his monitor. Even in his still drowsy state he recognized that something wasn't right. The blinking light stared back at him from its place on the digitized map of the current world.

It flashed white, and then flickered off to black. Again the process repeated: flash of white, flicker to black.

With the cobwebs finally shaken off, the Kaiser's eyes narrowed towards the screen. It was signaling that a new area had been occupied with one of his dark towers. Normally that would've been good news, but he had been working on re-opening the Gate ever since he found it shut. How had a tower been erected without him? The worm!

"Wormmon! Get in here!"

The green insect scuttled over to the Kaiser almost instantly, "You bellowed?"

Human hands pointed towards the console screen. The black and white lights still flickered. "Is that your doing? Explain yourself!"

Wormmon looked towards the pointed object, the lights immediately catching his attention. He frowned at his human partner, showing disappointment in what he saw. "You've resumed conquering the Digital World?"

The Kaiser growled at him, "Idiot. I have not, which is why I'm asking you how that area had one of my dark towers magically appear overnight. I certainly didn't do it. What's your explanation?"

"Maybe you were sleepwalking?" the Digimon offered.

Ken massaged his forehead, and mumbled, "Pathetic. You're useless."

"I'm sorry, Ken."

The Kaiser ignored him. He thought hard; his eyes gazed once more over the digital map. He spoke, "I want to know how that got there… If I didn't do it, and you didn't... come along worm, we're heading over there to investigate."

Wormmon followed in step as his partner left the control room and moved down the halls towards the nearest exit. An Airdramon waited for them, hovering in the air as the new doorway materialized for them through the walls of the floating fortress. The Kaiser mounted it confidently. Wormmon struggled to secure his footing.

The flight towards the dark tower had been painfully slow. It was placed in a rather remote and strategically useless area in a far out desert. That was one of the key reasons the Kaiser had never bothered to conquer the area in the first place. He strained his eyes, coolly standing atop the Airdramon's skull-framed head, and could faintly make out the tower in question. It was definitely there, meaning it hadn't been a fault with his computer system. But how exactly did the dark tower spring up from out of nowhere? Was Wormmon correct, had he started sleepwalking from the stress of not being able to reopen the Digital Gate? Ken shook his head; he couldn't believe that. It wasn't possible for someone of his caliber.

The Airdramon descended by the tower, and the pair dismounted. Ken marched towards the obelisk in question. He stood in front of it, Wormmon by his legs, and extended an arm towards it, as if to feel for the object – if only to make sure he wasn't hallucinating. His hands touched physical material. The dark tower was really there. But something was off.

He glanced at the tower, then towards his Digivice in the other hand, and then again back at the tower. The readings weren't proper. This tower wasn't enhancing his control, and it wasn't controlling the ringed Digimon in the area. In short, it wasn't working as it was designed. And that could only mean one thing.

"It's a fake," Ken announced.

"A fake?" Wormmon queried.

"Airdramon," the Kaiser commanded, ignoring the worm, "I order you to destroy it."

The dragon howled in response. It flailed its wings against the wind; it's slithery form rising into the air. With a roar it unleashed a beam of energy from its lips that blazed towards the false contraption. The tower exploded in a flash of light, dematerializing into particles of data rather than toppling over as usual. It was most definitely a fake.

It was then that something unexpected occurred. A ray of pink light descended from the sky, covering the exact location the false tower had once stood. The Kaiser growled; someone was toying with him.

Wormmon gasped, staring into the light, "Ken… such power."

That served to catch the human's attention, "Power?"

A shadow figure formed in front of the light, interrupting any further response from the Digimon. "It would be in your best interest to leave at once, false God."

Ken's eyes narrowed, "And what exactly are you to dare give commands to the Digimon Kaiser?"

"The God of the Dark Ocean has deemed you unfit for further rule," the shadow responded, "I am but a servant for the great one… but in his name I request you give up this plane of existence, for our Lord has great interest in conquering it."

The Kaiser laughed, "Give up the Digital World? You're not the first to ask this of me, and I assure you I have no intention of doing so. You want to conquer this world? Be my guest, but you'll find that a fight in my garden will not grant you an easy victory."

"Ken," Wormmon spoke, "We should go…"

"Leave then, coward."

"You would be wise to listen to your partner," the shadow said, "Our God has great plans for you, false one."

The Kaiser stared angrily, "Plans for me, eh?"

He snapped his fingers, out of the ground beneath the shadow figure exploded two ringed Meramon. Under the Kaiser's control, they each grabbed onto what looked to be the arm appendage of the shadow being, keeping it in place for their master.

Ken marched towards it with an arrogant smirk, "Tell me, servant, what does your master have planned?"

He could see the darkness evaporating from the shadow creature from where the twin Meramon held their grasps. So, Ken took notice, they could indeed burn. He felt a presence near his feet; Wormmon looked on cautiously.

"You underestimate us, false one," the shadow said, "Soon our Lord will have an army – an army birthed of darkness and light that will lay sunder to this world. And with our own towers we will open gateways to even further worlds to conquer. You are but a mere stepping stone for our God."

"Pathetic," the Kaiser responded, "Bring me your army. I will destroy and enslave every last one of them."

The idea suddenly struck. Was this thing a Digimon? Could it be ringed? If not, would the dark spiral work instead? Ken certainly intended to find out.

"Soon, false one," the shadow spoke, "The Child of Light will give us our army. Very soon."

Wormmon gasped from his place down by his feet; Ken's eyes widened. The Child of Light? The Chosen Children… had they fallen to these beasts? He needed answers; he tested the shade.

"Speak," Ken commanded, "Who is the Child of Light? How does she fall into all this with your army?"

The shadow creature laughed. It was a coarse laugh that pierced right through Ken's ears. "She belongs to our God now; she will produce our army of darkness and light; for she is our concubine."

So it was indeed the girl. The Kaiser roared in anger, "Where is she?"

"In the world of shadow, with the true God."

Eyes slit, Ken reached behind his cape. No more games, no tests with the dark rings. It would be the spiral for this one. He would find out everything, and this pathetic creature would be the one to tell him. He fingered the spiral in his hand and then threw it towards the creature. To his horror it phased right through the shadowy form, landing atop the soft sand behind it.

"Ken, let's leave," Wormmon said hurriedly.

A shriek appeared from behind them, interrupting whatever else Ken had planned on saying. He twirled around, and saw many more of the shadow creatures. They leaped and pounced upon his enslaved Airdramon, engulfing it with darkness. The creatures appeared to phase into the Digimon, as their shadows sprouted from their humanoid forms and spread about the outsides of the Airdramon's form. In a matter of seconds it was over, and a dark grey Airdramon stared at the Kaiser, surrounded with an aura of shadowy flames. Ken was just about certain that he no longer held control over it.

The Airdramon proved him right as it shot its energy beam directly at him. Wormmon jumped towards his partner, knocking him down and out of the beam's path.

Ken unconsciously turned his head around to look at the direction the beam had gone off. It faded into the horizon, passing the twin Meramon and the shadow figure they held. And then Ken noticed something even more horrifying. The dark gasses that were releasing from the figure's arms, which he had originally thought were being burned away by the Meramon, were instead surrounding the men of fire.

The shadows that had attacked the Airdramon leaped towards the two Meramon this time, and engulfed them with dark flames. Instead of corrupting them, however, the flames burned them from the inside. The two Digimon howled in pain as they exploded into bursts of data.

The Kaiser was now surrounded by shadow figures. They slowly crept closer towards him.

"Ken," Wormmon said again, more urgently this time, "We need to leave."

For once, Ken didn't dare argue with his partner. Instead he slowly backed away, mimicking the slow pursuit of the shadow figures. His rational mind realized they were merely trying to intimidate him. One of the shadows, however, had other intentions. It leaped towards him, fully intent on an attack.

There was a blinding flash, and the next thing Ken saw was a green-armored humanoid warrior standing in front of him. A purple energy blade extended from his forearm, and pierced into the shadow form. The creature appeared shocked at the penetration, and its shadow flames disintegrated into the air as it faded from existence.

The green warrior immediately turned towards the Kaiser, scooping him up in both arms and flew off into the sky. The remaining shadow creatures attempted to reach them in the air, but their jumps were no match for the warriors ascending speed.

"Are you alright, Ken?" the warrior asked.

The boy in his arms shivered. He found his voice enough to ask, "Wormmon, is that you?"

"Yes," the Digimon said, "I evolved to protect you. I'm Stingmon now."

"Stingmon," Ken said, getting a feel for the word upon his tongue, "Yes, Stingmon. Thank you."

Ken sat on his makeshift throne. He stared again at the map of the Digital World. New areas were constantly appearing where a dark tower had been placed. It was the same shadow figures he had encountered earlier in the morning, planting their false towers over his land. He wouldn't admit it, but he was scared to face them. For the second time now since the Chosen had abandoned their game, he felt fear. It was an emotion he wasn't content to keep.

But to combat these creatures, he would need help. Should he continue trying to open the Digital Gate and try to contact the Chosen? No, he shook his head in thought. If the shadows had the Child of Light, then they probably had the others as well. That was then the reason they had stopped coming to the Digital World. They had been captured.

He sighed. The poor fools, he realized. He knew that they weren't fit to enter the Digital World. And this proved it. How could they let themselves be captured by those abominations?

Very well, Ken decided. It didn't matter. The game had simply changed once again. At first it was a game of conquest, then a game of escape, and now it would be a rescue mission. He knew of at least one damsel in distress. He had to save the Child of Light – he had to save Hikari.

He raised his Digivice, holding it with a strong grip, as he stared at its outline. It hadn't always been like this, he recalled. Once it had been a simple, basic design no different then the ones the Middle School Chosen carried. He remembered entering a world of shadow, with a deep black ocean and pale-grey sky. It changed his Digivice. Was this the world the shadow creatures had come from? By process of elimination, it had to be it. They certainly weren't from the real world, and they were planning on invading the Digital World… there was only one possible option left, that he knew of at least.

Regardless, it was a place to start his investigation. It was the only clue he had. If they weren't from that same world with the ocean, then he would revert back to step one and look elsewhere. For now, he at least had somewhere to begin his search.

He dropped the Digivice to his side, his eyes finally leaving it and resting upon Wormmon, who stood a few mere feet away looking up at his master with questioning eyes. He, too, must have been wondering what their next step should be.

"We have to save them," the Kaiser announced.

"The Chosen Children?" Wormmon asked.

"Yes," Ken said, "We can't let that army be created. Those things won't stop with just the Digital World. They'll soon set their minds on the real world as well. Like they said, we're the stepping stone. To get to everything else, they need to get through us first."

"I'll do my best to protect you, Ken."

"I know."

Ken sighed, rising from his seat. Wormmon looked on as he lifted his Digivice and pointed it towards the air. He strained, trying to remember how to open the portal to the shadow world. It wasn't digital – there was no way to code the opening into his computer. It was a mystical realm, a place between the boundaries of the material and digital worlds. The world of shadows.

The black Digivice flared, shrieking in his palm. The light from it exploded about the room, illuminating everything. A dark grey portal began to rip between the fabrics of space in front of him. Wormmon scuttled forwards, staring deep into that twilight world.

"You think they're in there?" Wormmon asked.

"I think it's most likely that they are. If not then we're back to square one."

"Let's go!"

The two entered the portal.

And on the other side were met with the bleak corrupted world.

Ken strained his eyes to adjust to the new contrast. There was very little light, and his senses dulled.

"Ken!" Wormmon whispered harshly, "Over here!"

His eyesight fully returning, he found his partner hiding behind a nearby rock. He joined him there and looked around to take full notice of his surroundings. He appeared to be in a swamp, the soil was moist. There was some form of jungle flora about, but there was a simple notice to the lack of trees. His eyes traced over a cave nearby, and then beyond it towards a fortress-like structure.

He heard footsteps in the mud, and hid back down behind the rock. Wormmon then raised his antennae high and tall, with his eyes barely peaking above his cover. He quickly returned to his partner, and said, "It's the shadow creatures."

Ken nodded. At least he was on the right track. He spoke, "Let's find out what's in that fortress."

The duo sneaked about carefully. Ken carried Wormmon, using slow and careful steps along the muddy terrain to make sure he wasn't heard. And he ducked between boulders and foliage whenever there was risk of being seen. Slowly but surely, they made it to the gates. To the side of the main structure was another, smaller, shorter building. The shadow creatures were massing there. He followed them.

Finding shelter from behind a stone wall, Ken took a peak at the commotion. At first the shadows were too clustered; he didn't have the faintest idea what was going on. Just that there was something of great interest to them in that building. The walls were thin, made of a see-through glass-like substance. He knew something important had gathered them there.

From his distance, he managed to hear a faint cry. It repeated several times. It was a cross between a shout of terror and a cry of pain. He whispered to the nearby Digimon, "Do you hear that Wormmon?"

"I think so," Wormmon replied, "It sounds bad; someone is in pain."

"You think it's one of the Chosen?"

The shadows were beginning to clear, and Ken strained his eyes towards the new view. A few of the creatures remained… they seemed to be in a line, almost as if they were waiting for their turn in something. The cries had ended.

Between the dark figures in the small room, Ken was able to make out a figure on the floor. Upper clothing tattered, lower clothing nonexistent, he saw his damsel in distress. The Child of Light, in plain view, in a room with clear glass, visible to all, and most disturbingly available to all. The last of the shadow creatures left the room. Hikari was unconscious, apparently this state left the shadow beings largely unsatisfied and they saw fit to leave her be until she had awoken again.

The sight was enough to leave even the Digimon Kaiser in a disturbed state. His face went pale, and he grimaced; why had the game suddenly turned so serious? This girl was literally being used to create the army destined to overthrow his rule. It made him sick. He had to rescue her, take her away from this hell and bring her back to the Digital World.

"Ah, false one, you've found your way here," a voice spoke from behind him.

The Kaiser shot to his feet, startled. He had been so careful not to be seen. How had this happened?

Wormmon was already in between his partner and the shadow being.

He quickly noticed that many other shadows were descending towards their location. His fear was rapidly returning. How he hated that feeling, "Wormmon, we have to save her."

"Wormmon! Evolve!"

The green-armored humanoid warrior replaced Wormmon in an explosion of light. His energy blade slashed towards the nearest shadow. The creature leaped out of the way, and before Stingmon could make another attack, was surrounded by two extra shadow creatures.

Ken looked towards his partner, then back towards Hikari. The girl was still unconscious. If Stingmon could scoop him up here and then fly towards her… pick them both up and then they could escape this world. The thoughts were forming too slowly; he didn't have the time for this rescue. The shadows were reinforcing. Stingmon would be consumed soon. He was facing off against five of them now, barely keeping them at bay with his energy blade.

The Kaiser took notice that the shadows weren't acting out to attack him. They were still mainly trying to intimidate him. He clenched his fist, gripping against his Digivice. This infuriated him. He shouted to his partner, "Stingmon! We're getting out of here!"

Stingmon needed no further instructions. With a lucky swing he managed to cut down one of the shadows, and it burst apart into dark flames. The others staggered at the sight of their fallen ally, and Stingmon took their moment of hesitation to fly towards Ken as his human opened the portal back to the Digital World.

The two entered the rip through space, and the portal vanished along with them leaving the shadow beings behind. The twilight world faded, yet the darkness of the Kaiser's fortress remained to dull his view. For a short moment Ken felt the comparison of his own base and the world of darkness he had just escaped from. The thoughts quickly left him.

"THEY DARE TO INSULT ME!" Ken shouted his frustrations towards the empty room. He would admit it, yes, he felt fear. But that feeling was over. He realized he wasn't acting like the Digimon Kaiser. The Digimon Kaiser wouldn't feel fear. The Digimon Kaiser would analyze the situation and react to it accordingly.

Wormmon said, "I failed you, Ken, I'm sorry."

"No," the Kaiser said, "You are strong. I'm satisfied with your performance. You've killed two of those bastards, and I assure you many more will meet the end of your blade very soon."

"What will we do?" Wormmon asked.

"No Emperor acquired victory without an army at his back," the Kaiser contemplated his next move, "This is why the master of those shadow beasts is creating one of his own. He's dissatisfied with the shadows. They are weak and faulty – that's why he's breeding a new army."

The Kaiser paused. Wormmon listened intently for his next words.

They finally came, "We can't let him attain that army. We'll have to strike before they're ready."

"So we'll be going back there?" Wormmon asked.

"Yes," the Kaiser replied, "But we're going there with more firepower. The next time we walk into that shadow world we walk out the victors. The next time I walk into that shadow world, like all the grand emperors before me, I'll have an army at my back."

"The enslaved Digimon?" Wormmon prompted. He didn't like that suggestion, but if it would save the Chosen Child…

"Not exactly, we saw how poorly the Airdramon and Meramon were able to defend themselves against these beasts," Ken replied, but then he grinned, "Luckily, I know exactly where we can get some exceedingly powerful and willing recruits."

But the worm did have a point. Useless or not, when his slaves had earlier been attacked he was caught unaware and they were easily defeated. He knew his opponents now, and would launch his assault in far greater numbers then with only three mere slaves. The ringed Digimon would prove useful; with them he already had an army waiting at his call.

And he would rouse such an army to invade the twilight world. Now he just had to perfect it.

The Dark Towers began sprouting up again today. They were different however, Agumon knew. These new towers dissipated into data upon destruction. And they didn't power the enslaving rings. Many Digimon had simply snapped out of their enslavement. The ring would still be on them, but it would be unpowered; the dark tower remaining un-destroyed. It seemed as though someone was replacing the real towers with these fakes. The slaves that remained enslaved were slowly becoming different as well. They emitted a dark grey aura, engulfed in dark flames and shadows. The rings didn't seem to be controlling them. It was something else.

Agumon had to wonder, was the Kaiser really behind all this? He could no longer destroy the rings to escape danger, and it was forcing him into hiding. The Chosen Children hadn't been heard from for far too long. What exactly had happened to them? He was sure Tentomon would have reported their capture had the Kaiser managed to defeat them. Had they decided to abandon this world? Had Taichi abandoned him?

Agumon shook his head. He knew something bad was happening. He just had to figure out what.

"Aha, found you."

Agumon froze mid-step. He had been on his way to meet with the other Chosen partners. They were to regroup and discuss their findings on what was happening to the Digital World and the Chosen Children. He hadn't counted on being found by the Kaiser during his travel.

"We need to talk," the Kaiser told the Digimon. He rode an enslaved Airdramon – enslaved via ring rather than engulfed in darkness. Wormmon was at his heels.

"Talk?" Agumon slowly turned around. He expected an immediate dark spiral thrown on him. Talking was a much better alternative. Perhaps the Kaiser was seeking answers as well.

"It's about the Chosen," the Kaiser said, "Tell me what you know and I'll fill you in on what you don't."

Agumon carefully considered the question; was he simply using him in an attempt to attain information before enslaving him? But the oddly enslaved Digimon and the fake dark towers led Agumon to believe otherwise. It seemed the Kaiser was just as clueless as he was. He spoke, "The towers are fakes, there are Digimon that are enslaved… but not the way you do it, it's not the rings… it's inside them almost. I haven't seen the Chosen in quite some time."

"Yes," the Kaiser said, "I'd expect that you haven't. Is that all?"

Agumon nodded.

"The Digital Gate is closed," the Kaiser said, "That's why your partner isn't coming. Nobody can come in, and I can't get out."

Agumon grimaced at the news. He remembered the last time the gate had closed. The others wouldn't take this well at all.

"The new spires and enslaved Digimon," the Kaiser continued, "They're the work of strange creatures. They aren't Digimon. They come from a world of darkness. They have every intention of overthrowing me and conquering the Digital World. From here, they plan to conquer the real world and any other dimension they're capable of entering."

"How do you know all this?" Agumon thought to ask. It was all too detailed. Was it just a ruse?

"I've interrogated one of the shadow creatures," the Kaiser said, "I've also gone to that world. I've seen what they're doing with my own eyes; they're breeding an army for conquest."

The human seemed to shiver at that last part. His facial expression turned into a troubled scowl.

"Then we have to find a way to open the gate and contact the Chosen," Agumon said.

"I've found them," the Kaiser said, "Well, one of them at least. I think you know her pretty well, considering she's your human's sister."

"Hikari!" Agumon shouted, "Where is she?"

The Kaiser looked downcast, "That's… the problem that caused me to seek you out."

"Where is she?" Agumon prompted.

"In the world of darkness," the Kaiser attempted a stoic reply, but his voice began to crack, "She's the one being used to breed that army. Those shadow creatures are…"

His voice trailed off, not able to finish the sentence. Agumon's eyes widened. "And the others?"

"Don't know," the Kaiser said, offering an impassive shrug, "They're either captured in the shadow world as well, or like me they're trapped without a working gate. Only difference would be that I'm stuck in the Digital World and they're trapped in the real world."

"So what's your plan?" Agumon asked skeptically.

In response, the Kaiser presented him with a dark spiral. Agumon recoiled at the sight.

"I knew it! This was all just to enslave me again!" Agumon shouted, and then took a fighting stance with raised claws, "Well, I won't go down without a fight!"

The Kaiser shook his head, "Pathetic, don't you think I'd have done it by now if that were my intention?"

He dropped the spiral by Agumon. He presented him again with another, and again with another. He repeated the process several more times until six spirals lay by the orange Digimon's feet.

"What is your intention then?" Agumon felt himself relax.

"One is for you, the rest of them are for the other Chosen partners. I tried going in there with Wormmon; he evolved to adult but it wasn't enough to save her. I know you want to save her even more than I do, and we both definitely don't want her giving birth to an army that will lay waste to all worlds in existence."

Agumon stared, "You can't be serious."

"I need your perfection levels; you can't evolve without your partners and I don't have the firepower to rescue the damsel. We'll both lose if you don't let me evolve you with those spirals. Take them with you, think it over, and put them on when you're ready. I'll know when you do. Don't take too long, though, that Chosen girl is in pain every second you hesitate. I'll release you all once we've rescued her; she'll probably need to see some familiar faces after her entire trauma is finally over."

Agumon picked up a spiral. He seemed to be strongly considering it.

"Remember, it's for Hikari," the Kaiser said, at last using her name. With that, he snapped his fingers, and the Airdramon he stood mounted on flew off into the air.

"Guys, what do you think about this?" Agumon asked. The group had gathered as originally intended. Before anyone could speak, Agumon dumped six dark spirals in the center of the group. There was an immediate cry of outrage, Piyomon immediately wanted to destroy them all, berating Agumon for the horrors he was carrying. After finally managing to calm them down, Agumon began his explanations as to what the Kaiser had said.

Gabumon spoke up, "It's true that the new method of enslavement is nothing like the Kaiser's rings. And indeed there are still Digimon with rings on them so it's not as though he has changed his methods. The new towers themselves would serve him no purpose if they didn't extend his control, yet they're still being placed… even replacing the Kaiser's own in certain areas. It can't be his doing."

"This is insane," Piyomon ridiculed them, "Are you two really considering willingly offering yourselves up to be the Kaiser's slaves?"

"The Chosen have been gone too long," Agumon frowned, "I can't ignore that Hikari might be in danger."

"Are you sure this will help her?" Tentomon asked, holding up one of the spirals in his clawed hands.

"What choice do we have? If Hikari is really in danger…"

"Hikari wouldn't want us enslaving ourselves for her," Piyomon countered.

"I'm certain Koushiro-han would try to find another way…" Tentomon said.

"Would Yamato and the others even consent to this?" Gabumon thought to ask.

"Mimi certainly wouldn't approve…" Palmon frowned.

There was a short silence. All six Digimon reflected; it was true that none of their partners would approve of their willing enslavement. And once again the Digital Gate had been shut. Whether they liked it or not, they were alone in the Digital World without their partners once again.

"I'm with Agumon on this," Gomamon said, "I'll put on a spiral if it means being Zudomon again and rescuing Hikari. Even if Jyou wouldn't agree with me, I'd know it's the right thing to do."

"We can't make this decision based on what our partners might think," Agumon added, "I'm certain Taichi wouldn't want me to go through being viral again, even if it would only be to save Hikari. But she needs us. We have to make this decision ourselves; our partners aren't here to make it for us. And we need to do it fast before it's too late to make any difference."

"I think you're right," Palmon said, "Even if I knew for certain Mimi would say no, if it would save Hikari-chan I'd probably do it anyways."

"Then are we in agreement?" Agumon asked, glancing towards the other Digimon. He carefully eyed Piyomon, but she backed down at his gaze.

"We're in agreement," Gabumon confirmed it for him.

Piyomon sighed, "Alright, let's rescue Hikari. You guys better be right about this…"

The black Digivice in his hand flashed to life; signaling not one, but six new additions to his enslaved army. The partner Digimon had put on the spirals, just as he knew they would. Ken smirked. His first goal was complete. With six perfection level Digimon at his command, there was no stopping him. He would bring down the master of the shadow world, and finally free himself from this cursed game forever.

He whistled for his Airdramon mount, and flew off towards the direction of his new slaves. It was time for him to take his revenge against this Dark God and rescue his damsel in distress. It was time for him to end this game and go home.

Ken stood in front of the portal that would lead him to the shadow world. This time, however, he was going in prepared. This time it wouldn't be just him and Stingmon – now he had an army at his command.

He surveyed the landscape behind him along the vast desert where his fortress now lay. His army of the enslaved awaited his orders. He smiled in triumph. Those abominations of darkness wouldn't stand a chance. The viral Garudamon, AlturKabuterimon, and Lillymon were to lead his many ringed Airdramon – he had always been rather fond of those creatures – for the aerial assault. MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon were to attain land control with his army of ringed Tyrannomon. And Zudomon would be coming in from the sea, several Seadramon falling under his unit. All the meanwhile he and Stingmon would sneak into the fortress again, and rescue Hikari. It was the perfect setup.

His enslaved Digimon were sent in first, and he followed immediately after. The first priority was the rescue mission. As his eyes adjusted once more, the first thing the Kaiser took notice of was the utter chaotic state of the shadow world. His army had thus far been pleasingly successful. He gave himself a moment to bask in the ensuing victory, and then the smile on his face disappeared and he set off amongst the chaos towards the fortress of the Dark God. Stingmon followed suit.

The Kaiser could see his attack had been unexpected. The shadows were disorganized in their attempted defense. Certainly there were casualties on his side as well. The muddy ground was slowing down his Tyrannomon, and the shadow creatures took advantage of that fact. Engulfing the red dinosaurs with their shadowy flames, several of his enslaved minions fell. Some dissipated into data, others forced into the shadows slavery. Regardless, as long as he had his six viral perfections, this battle was as good as won. He smirked as WereGarurumon slashed one of the shadow-slaved Tyrannomon with his claws and deleted it. It would soon be over.

With air support, MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon easily made progress in their path towards the fortress. There was a battle on the other side, and he could see the dark outline of Zudomon rising from the oceans and flanked by several Seadramon in his attack.

Ken urged himself forward; this was no time to admire his strategy in action. He had the advantage of surprise, and he wasn't about to waste it. He reached the gates of the fortress, and rushed inside to where he knew Hikari was being held - that same small building with the see-through walls.

"Stingmon, blast that door open!" he commanded as he ran towards the structure.

The green Digimon nodded, and flew on ahead, blazing in speed towards the glass doors and unsheathed his energy blade. He crashed into the glass; it shattered upon impact, allowing Ken inside.

"Good work," Ken said, slowing down to a walk as he came towards Hikari's prone form. He knelt down beside her, nudging her slightly.

Her eyes opened slightly, and he helped her to a sitting position. Her eyes locked with his, and she opened her mouth in an attempt to speak. Instead her voice left her, and she broke into a cough. Ken spoke, "Easy, I won't hurt you. I'll take you away from this nightmare, I promise."

"Ken," Stingmon warned, his gaze drifting to the main tower of the Dark God's fortress. It was rumbling.

"It seems we've awoken the wraith of their God," Ken smirked, "Let him come. I'll destroy him and put an end to this."

"Tailmon… Ken, she…" Hikari managed to voice weakly. Her clothes were still tattered, and Ken took the moment to cover her with his cloak.

"Stingmon, take her," Ken then ordered, "I'm going to meet this dark lord."

The top of the tower finally collapsed from the pressure and the Dark God rose from its remains. The human girl that rested in his arms fainted at the sight, and Stingmon gasped as he saw the creature that appeared. "That's no god! That's a Digimon!"

Ken's brows raised in surprise, "A Digimon? Is that so? That certainly makes things interesting."

"Foolish human," the behemoth bellowed, "You think yourself brave and strong enough to attack me in my own domain? I, Dagomon, will not fall so easily! Tentacle Claw!"

The large Digimon shot a large tentacle appendage down towards the Kaiser. Ken froze at the attack, desperately urging his legs to move. Stingmon managed to grab hold of him at the last moment, and flew off to the sky with both humans in his arms.

His spiral-enslaved Digimon appeared to his rescue. The Airdramon, Tyrannomon, and Seadramon were still battling the shades off in the distance.

Zudomon rose from the sea. The large giant stood on shallow water and took aim. He sent his hammer flying straight for Dagomon. It spun in the air like a boomerang towards its target. The hit from behind finally connected, and the dark lord howled in pain.

MetalGreymon joined in the assault, his chest plate flying opening and sending off a large twin pair of missiles; both of them exploded upon impact. The Kaiser allowed himself a brief smile. This was a battle Dagomon couldn't win.

"You're pathetic," Ken shouted to him from his place in the air where Stingmon held him, "You're not worthy of being called a god, not even by the miserable cretins native to this world."

"Silence!" Dagomon demanded, shooting another tentacle appendage towards where Stingmon floated. The Digimon easily dodged it.

"Where are the other Chosen?" Ken demanded.

Dagomon let out a hoarse laugh, "I only ever needed the Child of Light. It is a shame my army wasn't ready yet. Perhaps you are worthy of ruling the Digital World after all…"

"Flattery will get you nowhere," the Kaiser grimaced. His thoughts were once again plagued by what Hikari had gone through in this world, "You don't deserve to live."

Dagomon shouted, "Fool! Do you really believe that you can defeat a God?"

He let loose another string of tentacles towards the surrounding Digimon. This time they all retaliated. Lillymon dodged the one aimed for her, and then from the flower head she held in her clasped palms she fired her energy cannon at the one incoming towards the Kaiser. WereGarurumon slashed at the one incoming towards him with his claws; his abilities allowed him to be more than capable of defending himself against such an attack. Both tentacles exploded in data and Dagomon shrieked in pain at the loss. Garudamon landed in front of him, having escaped the attack aimed for her, and prepared her own offensive as her body began to erupt with burning red flames.

"Very well," Dagomon seemed to say, "I shall… accept deletion."

"Stop," Ken suddenly announced. Garudamon immediately stopped charging her attack.

Deletion was too good for such a monster that so very much deserved death. But the Kaiser had other plans on how to make him suffer. It was unexpected that the Dark God would turn out to simply be another Digimon, but Ken would make use of this new found knowledge. He withdrew one of his dark spirals, fingering it within his palm.

The Kaiser was flanked to his sides by six exceedingly strong perfect Digimon. There was no attack Dagomon could do that would save him at this point, and Ken took the moment to bask in the knowledge that Dagomon, too, knew nothing could be done for him.

"No!" Dagomon desperately called out as the spiral flew towards him. And soon he knew no more.

Agumon's eyes fluttered open to freedom once again. He looked around at his surroundings. He saw the Digimon Kaiser taking off the spiral that was on Gabumon's arm. He looked elsewhere, and saw that Piyomon, Palmon, Gomamon and Tentomon had already been freed. Wormmon was with them, too.

"What's going on?" He thought to ask, "Where are we?"

"You're in my floating fortress," the Kaiser stated, "I've kept my end of the bargain. We rescued the girl. It's all thanks to you six."

Looks of relief found themselves on the Digimon. However, Piyomon looked less than amused, "Where is she?"

"Down the hall," the Kaiser said, "She's lying in my bed, asleep."

"What do we do now, Ken?" Wormmon asked.

The Kaiser thought for a moment, and then tossed his black Digivice to Agumon, "Here, take this and go outside, all seven of you. Go in a group and try to find a working Digital Gate."

Agumon's claws grabbed at the Digivice, catching it with minimal effort. He then narrowed his eyes at the human, "Why should we take orders from you?"

The Kaiser growled, "Because if you don't I'll put another spiral on you and force you to do it anyways. Hikari can't stay here in her condition… not after what she's been through. Now get out there and find us a way home."

The Digimon immediately scattered. Piyomon remained behind, her wings folded over her chest in defiance. She demanded, "I want to see Hikari."

Ken shrugged, "Very well."

He motioned for her to follow, leading her down the hallway towards his sleeping residence. It wasn't that big of a waste of time, and as he recalled himself saying, Hikari would need to see a familiar face once she had awoken. "Hikari," He found himself asking as he opened the door; the name still felt strange coming from his lips, "Are you awake?"

There was no response. The lone girl lay in the middle of the bed underneath the covers. Piyomon instantly flew to her side. "Hikari-chan," she whispered, her eyes nearing tears.

"She'll wake up," Ken said, "I'm sure of it."

"I didn't believe you," Piyomon told him, "Not one word. I thought you were lying just so you could make us your slaves."

If Ken looked hurt, he didn't bother to show it, "It was in both of our best interests that we rescue her."

Piyomon frowned, "I see. Was it also in your best interest to free us of the spirals once we rescued her?"

"It was," Ken confirmed, "What would be the point of my being a rescuer if my damsel in distress wouldn't agree to my method of rescue?"

Piyomon blinked. Before she could respond, she felt Hikari stir. The girls eyes opened faintly, she turned her head towards the bedside ever so slowly, and spoke, "Piyomon, is that you?"

"Hikari," the bird managed, "You're alright."

Before any more words could be said, Hikari raised herself off the bed, wrapping both arms around the bird in an emotional hug. Ken stared from the doorway as Hikari let loose a series of tears. He momentarily froze in shock as her tattered clothing began to suddenly rematerialize upon her waking. Her ripped shirt began to piece together the fabric. He could only imagine her lower wear was also similarly being replaced by the Digital World.

"Is Sora with you?" Hikari finally asked between her sobs.

Piyomon shook her head sadly, "No… but he is."

Hikari turned away from the Digimon, wiping a tear with her now free hand. She blinked, "Ken… it wasn't a dream, you really did save me."

"Yes," the boy nodded, "Were the others with you? I couldn't find anyone else."

"No, none of the others," Hikari shook her head, her tears swelling up once more, "But Tailmon… Tailmon was with me, she tried to save me… she… she's gone now."

The Kaiser blinked. Her partner was gone? Deleted? But didn't that mean… game over? Why was this girl still in the Digital World then? Did she have to be deleted instead to be sent back? He was being overwhelmed by this confusion.

"We'll go to the village of firsts," Piyomon tried to soothe the girl, "Her egg might have landed already, she might already be reborn."

Hikari's sobs turned to quiet sniffles, "Yes… yes, please, Ken. Take me to the village of firsts."

Ken frowned, "What is that, exactly?"

Piyomon sighed angrily. She didn't want to share any information with the Kaiser that could potentially strengthen his rule. And she definitely didn't want him enslaving a village full of babies. But in this case she had little choice; the village had already been mentioned. He would find out about it eventually. Piyomon spoke, "It's the place where Digimon are reborn."

Ken nodded. That somewhat solved his dilemma. The cat would be reborn, that's why Hikari's game hadn't ended. He unconsciously asked, "How many more lives does she have?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Piyomon rustled her feathers at the question, and then she turned to Hikari, "Is that some sort of joke?"

Hikari's tears had lessened, and she replied, "I think so… there's this saying in our world, about cats having nine lives."

Ken growled. Were they mocking him? "That's not what I mean, you nitwits. I mean how many more times can she be reborn until it's game over?"

Hikari tried to blink away the tears that were once again returning. She turned her head away from Ken, not wanting to meet his gaze with her response, "I don't want to think about that. Hopefully there's no answer."

Ken folded his arms, "The game has to end sometime. You can't live in it here all your life."

"The game," Hikari repeated his words as she turned to look at him again. Piyomon did the same. "What do you mean by that?"

"The game," Ken explained as if speaking to a child, "The Digital World game – I rescued you, the game should end. I'm victorious. Damn, I hope I don't have to return to that dull game of conquest. It became unentertaining exceptionally fast when the Digital Gate closed and I lost my opponents. I hardly think you'd be much of a challenge for me by yourself at this point."

The Digimon group had returned from their exploration outside the Kaiser's base. Agumon shuffled into the doorway, Wormmon following right behind him.

"The Digital Gates are still closed," the dinosaur said. He held the Digivice in his claws, considering for a moment, and then threw it back towards the Kaiser. Ken caught it expertly, and turned back towards Hikari. She was staring back at him with a gasp.

"You think… you thought this was all a game?" Hikari asked.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see that Agumon and Wormmon were both giving him similar looks of surprise.

"Well, yeah," Ken said, directing his words to the Chosen, "You must have realized everything here is simply data. I mean, there's a reason we call this place the Digital World and our home the real world."

"You've never taken Wormmon back home?" Hikari thought to ask.

"Back home?" Ken raised his brow, immediately followed by a soft laugh, "How would that even be possible? He's just data. He can't exist in the real world."

"We've been in the real world," Agumon said, motioning to himself and Piyomon.

Hikari nodded, "Tailmon has been, too."

Ken scoffed, "Don't be ridiculous. There's no way Digimon could exist in the real world. They are simple data banks. They aren't really here. None of this is really here."

Hikari shook her head, "Where do you think the partners of the other Chosen are: V-mon, Patamon, Hawkmon, and Armadimon? They're all in the real world with their partners. They aren't here. Trust me, Ken, they do exist."

"Wormmon," Ken spoke with uncertainty in his voice, "Is this… true?"

Wormmon nodded, "I'm as real as you are Ken. I had no idea you thought this way about me before…"

"Wormmon… I…" he was at a loss for words. These creatures he was surrounded by here every single day… they weren't just running computer programs. The reason he had begun to be so accepting of Wormmon recently was because he had finally managed to prove himself useful. But now… they were all indeed real? He somehow couldn't comprehend it.

"Ken," Hikari interrupted his thoughts. She had stepped out of her bed; her strength seemed to be fully returned.

The Kaiser dropped to the floor, his knees giving away. He stared at his hands in shock, and asked once again, "Digimon are really more than just data?"

Hikari frowned at him. She had troubling believing he was taking this so hard. She began again, "Ken – would you please take me to the village of firsts?"

He looked up at her, her eyes pleading with him. He'd have to muse over this revelation more later on. Right now he had to take care of Hikari and the other partner Digimon. He managed to get to his feet. He took hold of the glasses the Kaiser wore, and tossed them aside. He nodded to her, "Right. Let's get going."

They were met with the other Digimon just outside the room; they idled in his control room, taking interest in the various gadgets here and there.

"I can't wait to show this to Koushiro-han," Tentomon was saying before seeing the new arrivals, and immediately all action ceased.

"We're going to the village of firsts," Ken announced, and proceeded towards the nearest doorway to summon an Airdramon to give them a lift.

Hikari and Wormmon stayed near him, but he could hear the muffled whispers behind him from the other Digimon. Apparently Piyomon and Agumon were letting the others in on their newfound discovery about his interpretations of the Digital World. He scowled at the thought of them speaking about him behind his back.

Gomamon had then shouted, his voice full of surprise, "He thought WHAT?"

He could then hear five other sets of voices hissing for the seal to be quiet.

The doorway materialized in front of him. He looked outside and felt the breeze of the wind. He had never quite realized how realistic the weather here felt, let alone the skin tissues of the various Digimon or the cold hard feeling of his dark towers.

He frowned suddenly. The Airdramon coming to pick them up would be ringed. The Airdramon was alive, its freedom taken away. Should he release it, then? But then he would be without a ride.

"I'll release it once we've reached the village," the Kaiser told her. He then snapped his fingers and the Airdramon flew to the doorway, waiting to be mounted.

Hikari shook her head, "Release it now and find out if it will willingly take us there."

"Are you crazy?" Ken shouted at her, "The Airdramon will attack me the second that ring is off."

Hikari folded her arms in defiance. The six Digimon at her feet did likewise. Wormmon was the only one not to bother, yet even he had always shown discomfort riding on enslaved Digimon. Ken sighed, realizing he was outvoted.

He released the Airdramon, who promptly refused to grant them any travel and flew off to the sky.

"Satisfied?" Ken growled. He knew this was a bad idea.

"At least he didn't attack you," Wormmon offered.

"Start releasing your fliers one by one," Hikari said, "I'm sure we'll eventually find someone nice enough to take us there."

Ken's eyes narrowed, "I could just leave you here."

"You said you'd take me," Hikari countered.

"I could just as easily change my mind."

"Would you truly deprive me of seeing Tailmon again right now? Knowing what you know?" Hikari frowned at him.

Ken sighed, realizing just at that moment that he wouldn't like the idea of never seeing Wormmon again. He wouldn't bestow that feeling on anyone else. There was a soft pink glow under his chest for a few short seconds, yet it went unnoticed as he turned away from the group, "Fine! We'll do it your way."

One by one he called down his enslaved Airdramon, and one by one he released them, and one by one they flat out refused to help. He was already down twenty Airdramon when he scowled at the Chosen Child, "I'm running out of slaves."

She smiled innocently, "Isn't that a good thing?"

He threw his arms up in frustration as Airdramon number twenty-one landed. He promptly released it and it promptly flew away in anger. It was the twenty-sixth Airdramon that finally relented, and offered to take the Child of Light and her digital companions to the village of beginnings. Ken, however, was forced to ride with Stingmon. He gladly accepted such a compromise.

Ken looked around the village of firsts as the group landed. It was a small haven on an island illuminated by moonlight far off the coast of the inland continent he had always gone to. Hikari seemed to be reminiscing on old memories as she walked about the many Digimon nests. It was then that a dark red Digimon appeared in front of him.

His voice was covered with severe disapproval, "What are you doing here? You're disturbing the babies."

"Elecmon," Hikari smiled down at him, "It's good to see you again."

The other Digimon nodded and waved to him as one would an old friend. The red Digimon relaxed upon their sight, and moved to join in with the more familiar group. The Kaiser remained behind, spectator to the reunion, with Wormmon at his shoulder.

"Hikari-chan," he frowned at her, "I've been regretfully expecting you. If only we could've met again upon better circumstances. Tailmon's Digitama landed a little under a week ago."

"It hasn't hatched, I take it," Hikari said.

"I'm afraid not," Elecmon replied gravely, "I'll take you to her, perhaps you'll have better luck. It normally shouldn't take this long."

Hikari nodded, and followed the caretaker. The Chosen's partners stepped in line with her, and Ken strayed behind.

"Dare I ask," Elecmon began during his walk, "Why is the cruel young monarch with you?"

"He's helping," Hikari answered, "He's just a confused boy. He could use a friend right about now almost as much as I could."

They reached the nest, and Hikari familiarized herself with the egg. She had been thankful prior to this to have never needed to see Tailmon's Digitama state. Now she truly knew how Takeru felt. She reached for the egg, if only to imagine being able to hold Tailmon in her arms once again, and then the egg flashed brightly upon her touch. The light materialized in her hand and there she saw her once lost pink D3.

She gawked at it. And the egg in front of her cracked slightly. Her eyes shifted down to the hatching Digitama, and out came the familiar form of Nyaromon. With tears threatening to stream down her face again, she knelt down and picked up the Digimon in her arms, whimpering.

"Hikari… you're safe," Nyaromon smiled, "I'm so happy to see you again."

"Me, too," Hikari cried, "Tailmon… Nyaromon, you'll be Tailmon again soon. I know you will."

Nyaromon nuzzled against her partner's cheek affectionately, and then let her eyes trace against their audience. "Elecmon, Agumon… everyone…" her smile suddenly faded as she saw Ken leaning against a nearby tree, "What's he doing here?"

"He rescued me from Dagomon," Hikari said, wiping away her tears.

With all eyes turning towards Ken, Agumon seemed to notice something behind the would-be Kaiser. He voiced it out immediately, "Hey – Ken – behind you."

Ken immediately turned around, seeing nothing there. He could hear Agumon running up to him; he was yelling out loud again, "The TV by your feet! The TV! The Digital Gate is open again! It's open!"

Ken noticed it, too, his eyes wide. The television was lit green, meaning it was truly open. He would finally be able to go home.

The celebration was cut short as an explosion rocked the island. Both Ken and Hikari were toppled off their feet. The Digimon managed to secure their footing. Ken turned towards the sound of the explosion, and in the far out distance he could make out his floating fortress hovering over the ocean and inching ever so slowly towards the island. There was another rumbling, and the next thing he saw was his once-captive Dagomon burst from the top of his fortress, his tentacle arms spreading wide into the air as debris from the surrounding walls fell away into the waters below.

The Dark God bellowed into the air, loud enough for all present on File Island to hear, "The world shall be covered in Darkness! None shall survive! FOR VAMDEMON-SAMA!"

Chapter Notes:
- This story breaks off during "Call of Dagomon." It takes off on the basis that only Tailmon made it to the Dark Ocean to try and help Hikari, and as a result wasn't successful without Takeru's help. Hikari ended up being taken by the shadows and Tailmon was deleted.
- Ken is known to be able to open portals to the world of the Dark Ocean by will; this was shown when the Chosen sealed Daemon.
- In "Call of Dagomon," Takeru and Hikari rode the pink light that appeared after the dark tower was destroyed back to what appears to be the Digital World. In much the same way, Dagomon's minion's arrived from the pink beam that appeared when Ken had the fake tower destroyed.