Date Started: October 1st, 2008
Date Finished: February 16, 2009

Summary: It was a day meant to be experienced only by Hope and Light. Instead the Digital Gate remains closed, Hikari has been taken by the Dark God, and Oikawa is stirring. In the meantime the Kaiser's reign is threatened by strange shadows from another world...

World of Twilight

Chapter 3 – Kindness and Radiance

Oikawa's voice broke through the closed doors. He spoke with an echo that carried over his powerful presence. It was a voice that radiated fear and demanded unconditional loyalty and obedience.

"You want to be smarter?" He was saying, "You want to be stronger and faster, don't you?"

"I just want to go home…" another voice whimpered.

Mummymon could almost hear the dark smile that crept up Oikawa's face at that response. The echoing voice came again, "I will grant you the desires that are deep within your rotting heart. You will be a child prodigy: a perfect human amongst the race of these pathetic insects. And you will thank me for it."

Mummymon covered both ears as the scream then came. It lasted oh so long. As long as eternity to his ears, yet it was in reality for a mere few seconds. The screams then faded, and he could feel the large thump. He knew that the child had died and their lifeless body now lay crumpled to the ground.

"I can't bare to listen to this anymore," Archnemon spat, "Even I have my limits, and he's gone too far. He's taking pleasure in this, I'm sure of it."

Mummymon frowned, "Even one child was already too many, and now a second…"

"He'll want you to get rid of it soon."

"We are his children," Mummymon said, "That might be us one day."

The doorway suddenly opened. Oikawa held the poor young girl in a single arm. He dropped her body right by them and walked back into the other room. He shouted through the closed door, "Dispose of it!"

Archnemon remained unfazed by the action. This man was no longer Oikawa. Vamdemon had taken full control. She stated simply, "He won't last long enough to enjoy it."

"What do you mean?"

Archnemon snarled, "We're going to kill him."

"Got any news for us, Koushiro?" Taichi and Yamato had arrived at his home. They came to check in on him and on any progress he might have made in regards to opening the Digital Gate.

The redheaded boy turned around to face them. He sighed deeply, showing the frustration of his constant failure. All the energy spent towards opening the Gate and having nothing to show for it was beginning to take its toll, "Nothing, absolutely nothing – it's as if the Digital World no longer exists. The Digivices… the D3's, they aren't reacting to anything unless it's an evolution."

"Are you able to do something while one of the Chosen is evolving their Digimon?" Yamato wondered.

Koushiro offered him a half-smile, "Wish I could, but an evolution is over within a split second. That's sadly nowhere near the appropriate time span for me to make any real progress."

"Hey – Koushiro," Taichi said. He raised his brow in interest at something on the computer monitor behind Izumi, "When the Gate is closed… it's marked as being red isn't it?"

Koushiro nodded, cocking his head towards Taichi's direction. He confirmed, "That's right."

Taichi pointed behind him, "Then how come it's green right now?"

Koushiro's eyes widened and he twirled around in his seat immediately. His rubbed his eyes with his knuckles, once, twice, and a third time; he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He tried to find his voice, "The Digital Gate… its open."

"How is this possible?" Yamato asked, "We don't even have a D3 with us."

Koushiro wasn't given enough time to provide an answer: out of the computer monitor jumped out various figures in a state of panic. Koushiro yelped as he fell backwards; the many piles of bodies that came out of the Digital World all toppled over him.

Taichi and Yamato tried to make sense of what had just happened. They both narrowed their eyes at the form they instantly recognized as the Digimon Kaiser, but their attention was immediately averted to the prone human that was lying on the ground, "Hikari!"

They rushed towards her; the two boys slowly picking her up and carefully resting her on Koushiro's bed. Her partner had evolved to Salamon by porting to the real world; she looked on at Hikari worriedly.

Koushiro then got to his feet and looked about his room wide-eyed. He rubbed at his head, "What just happened?"

"Ah! Koushiro-han, it's good to see you again! Though I wish it could've been under better circumstances!"

Koushiro blinked, "Tentomon?"

"We all made it through," that was Agumon. He looked around bewildered. His eyes then fell upon his partner near the bedside, "Taichi!"

The boy in question turned to look at his Digimon. He could only faintly nod, and returned his attention back to his unconscious sister. He pulled the bed covers up to her neckline. Yamato looked to the Digimon, "What happened to her?"

"That's a good question," said the Digimon Kaiser.

"I didn't ask you," Yamato spat.

"Yamato," Gabumon frowned, "Ken helped save her."

"Is that so?" the blond challenged.

"He did," Piyomon said, "He really did. He saved Hikari-chan; and the rest of us just now!"

Palmon frowned, "But we left the village of beginnings behind… who knows what Dagomon is doing back there now…"

Gomamon then spoke up, "And was he spouting out Vamdemon's name? I thought we took out that guy."

Yamato and Taichi looked pale at the mention of Vamdemon. Koushiro, however, simply rubbed at his forehead some more. This was too much information to take in at once. He announced, "Alright, alright! Everyone in the living room; that includes you, Ken, I want to hear everything – and from the beginning this time!"

He rushed everyone out of his tiny bedroom, leaving behind only Salamon, Taichi, and Hikari. Taichi half-smiled; he knew Koushiro wanted to leave him with his sister for a short while, and would tell him all that he learned after they had their meeting in the other room.

Salamon crawled over to Taichi's side on all fours. She looked up at the Chosen. They would discuss Vamdemon later; at this time Hikari was more important. "What's wrong with her?" she asked. "She was fine just a moment ago in the Digital World."

"I don't know," Taichi frowned, "She's breathing; but she feels slightly feverish, and she's constantly shivering. It's almost as if she can't calm down."

"It must have been Dagomon," Salamon growled the name.

"What happened to you two?" Taichi turned to look at the Digimon, "And who is this Dagomon?"

Salamon frowned. She didn't know too much about the Dark God, either. "He rules over a world of darkness; his underlings captured Hikari… I wasn't able to protect her from them. It must have been horrifying for her. I can't imagine what Hikari must have gone through before Ken rescued her."

"Ken," Taichi repeated. The Digimon Kaiser had rescued Hikari? Wasn't he supposed to have been the enemy?

"I can't understand why she's like this," a new voice spoke.

Taichi turned towards the doorway, seeing the Digimon Kaiser with Wormmon on his shoulder. Ken explained himself, "They've heard my side of the story; now they're hearing the other Digimon out."

"You certainly have some explaining to do," Taichi frowned.

Ken ignored him. He walked over and knelt down by Hikari. He rustled his brows in confusion, "I really don't get it… she was perfectly fine in…. oh, of course! It's the Digital World!"

"What are you going on about?" Taichi sighed.

"Ken? What do you mean?" It was Wormmon this time.

"You weren't there to see it, but when Hikari awoke back in the Digital World her clothes were rematerializing. I didn't think much of it, but now I see what was going on – it wasn't just about the clothes, the Digital World itself was healing her. It was helping her overcome the trauma she faced in the shadow world."

"I see," Wormmon said.

Ken looked to the computer monitor, "The Gate is still open. We have to go back and defeat Dagomon so Hikari can go to the Digital World and fully recover from this."

He received a confused look from the elder Chosen in the room, "Ken… why exactly are you doing this?"

Ken blinked. He hadn't quite expected such a question – and did he even have an answer? The would-be Kaiser could only shake his head in response, "I should have killed Dagomon when I had the chance. I feel responsible for this…"

He scooped up Wormmon, narrowed his eyes and lifted the D3 towards the computer, "Once Dagomon is defeated I'll come here again and take Hikari back to the Digital World!"

"What – hey – wait a second," Taichi called after him, but the younger boy had already ported into the Digital World. He then looked down to Salamon, who stood by his feet. He asked, referring to Ken "Was that… a crest shining on his chest just now?"

Salamon could only offer a shrug in reply.

"What did you just say?" Takeru demanded. The chill he received from simply hearing Vamdemon's name made him stand on edge.

"I am speaking to the Yagami boy," Archnemon said, "Kindly mind your own matters and stay out of mine."

Daisuke blinked, pointing at himself, "Yagami? You're talking about me?"

Takeru narrowed his eyes, "Are you referring to Taichi?"

Archnemon sighed in annoyance. "I don't know nor do I care what his name is. What I do know is that Vamdemon wants the Yagami boy dead. That would be you - now why would that be?" her glance traveled to Daisuke as she continued to speak, "Just your name being mentioned sends him into a fit of rage."

"Lady, you've got your Chosen mixed up or something 'cause I don't have a clue as to what you're talking about. Takeru, you know something here that I don't?"

Takeru frowned, "She's talking about Taichi. He and WarGreymon dealt the killing blow when we faced Vamdemon all those years ago. I'm guessing he just has you two confused."

Archnemon scoffed, turning to leave, "So all this time it was the wrong child? How pitiful he is."

"Wait a second!" Takeru shouted after her, "Vamdemon is supposed to be dead! What's going on?"

"Oh, he's very much alive," Archnemon spoke, "In fact he's in possession of our current host. He's to blame for the recent deaths of the children. Right now we're just trying to clean up his mess."

Takeru scowled. How was Vamdemon alive? He turned to his partner. Angemon and Fladramon had Mummymon cornered. Neither side was making a move. He called, "Angemon! That's enough, come back here!"

Daisuke blinked at Takeru, but did likewise, "Fladramon, you, too. I get the feeling we're fighting the wrong baddies here."

Angemon abandoned Mummymon, flying upwards and landed beside his partner. He pointed his staff towards Archnemon, "What is she doing here?"

"She's our new source of information," Takeru said, "Apparently Vamdemon is behind all this."

His partner didn't bother to hide any of the tension and shock that revelation revealed. He slowly lowered his staff, and stood by his partner to wait for further words.

"Well, then," Daisuke said, as Fladramon joined the group. Mummymon followed right after and took a stand by Archnemon. "I've got very little idea as to who this Vamdemon guy is, but I'm pretty sure we'll all ears. So start yapping, what's going on and what'd he do with Hikari-chan?"

Archnemon shrugged, "She's probably dead. He had us dump both the children in the water after they'd expired. Don't know which one of those was your Hikari-chan."

Takeru's eyes widened and Angemon looked ready to resume his attack.

"Err," Daisuke began, and immediately came to a halt. He was rather taken by surprise by how casual Archnemon was reacting to all this; "No, not them… Yagami Hikari, another Chosen like us, right? Short brown hair, about my height, has a Tailmon for a partner?"

He made several hand gestures in describing her, but it didn't seem to get any reaction from the two Digimon. Archnemon sighed in irritation, "I've no idea who you're talking about. Can we get back to Vamdemon now?"

"You're saying Vamdemon isn't responsible for Hikari's disappearance?" Takeru asked in surprise. Out of all the Chosen Children, Hikari would have been his prime target. At the mere mention of Vamdemon, Takeru could almost feel every piece of the puzzle coming together. But if even Vamdemon wasn't responsible for Hikari's disappearance, then just what had happened to her?

"Must I repeat myself?" Archnemon replied.

"It would seem then that Vamdemon is as much effected by the Digital Gate shutting down as we are," Angemon spoke, "He might have been lurking in the shadows all this time, going back and forth between the human and digital worlds without our knowledge. Now that the Gateway is closed he's probably stuck here in the human world, and that has forced him to resurface."

"So then we can pretty much assume this Vamdemon guy isn't responsible for either Hikari or the Gate," Daisuke frowned, "Well there goes our conclusion to this mess."

"Alright, alright," Takeru said, facing Archnemon and Mummymon, "You two. I want to know everything. How is Vamdemon alive? Where is he now? And just what is he trying to accomplish through all this?"

Archnemon's lip curled up into a smile, "Ah, at last. A common interest…"

Ichijouji Ken found himself back on File Island. He was near the Village again, but the eggs had gone. He couldn't see Elecmon, or any other Digimon nearby either. The only sounds were those of destruction and the panic from afar. The cries of fear traveled to his ears as many lower formed Digimon tried to escape the wraith of the Dark God. He looked upwards, seeing Dagomon continuing to ride his floating fortress in a merciless path of destruction.

"What will we do now?" Wormmon asked.

Ken stood firm, the glow on his chest ever increasing, "We will defeat him. I will correct my ill by allowing him to live and we will make the Digital World safe again for Hikari to return and recover."

He felt the familiar shriek upon his D3. He held the device in his arms, and the majestic light exploded from it in a rapid beam of energy. It aimed towards his partner and engulfed the surrounding area around him. The familiar form of Stingmon appeared in front of him, but the display of evolutionary radiance did not end there; the pale crimson glow from his chest continued.

And Stingmon shouted the words as the light overwhelmed him, and his body began to morph. The green plating from his adult evolution expanded to cover his now much larger form. Draconic claws and muscular arms extended from his torso, steadily lifted off the ground by powerfully armored legs and a twin pair of sturdy silk wings. "Stingmon evolve! DinoBeemon!"

Ken stared upon his partner's new form. He had not used appropriate methods to battle Dagomon before. He had opted to use his slaves instead; he had forced the Chosen's partners to evolve and fight for him simply because he himself could not. He had sacrificed dozens of Tyrannomon, Airdramon, and Seadramon in his invasion against the shadow world. This would change now. Dagomon would fall, and the Digimon Kaiser – no, not the Digimon Kaiser – and Ichijouji Ken would be the one to come out victorious.

It was time for the group to part. Both Mummymon and Archnemon were bound for Oikawa's apartment, lest Vamdemon grow suspicious of their currently longer than usual outing. With two new allies, the focus had now shifted to eliminating the threat of Vamdemon.

"I'll head to the police station and tell them about the girl," Daisuke said, "Then it'll be off to find Taichi-san. He'll need to know that Vamdemon has a hit on his head."

Takeru nodded, "I'll go to see Koushiro then; he'll want to be clued in on what's going on. I'll grab my D-Terminal and let everyone else know about this, too. Vamdemon has not once been an easy fight."

The two boys nodded and parted ways. Takeru looked back as Daisuke and V-mon sprinted off down the road. He then turned to his partner, and took out his D-Terminal. He typed up a quick message for the other Chosen – Emergency meeting at Koushiro's. Vamdemon's back.

"Sounds urgent," Patamon commented about the note.

Takeru nodded, "It is, now c'mon, let's get going."

"Ken said the Digital World would help her recover," Taichi said, "I want to take her back there while the Gate is still open."

"Out of the question," Koushiro responded. He took back his seat at his computer desk and glanced at his monitor, "There are way too many towers up. If this Dagomon is attacking the Digital World, there's no way you'll be able to evolve Agumon over there. It's safer for both us and for Hikari to remain right here, at least until Daisuke-kun or one of the others gets here."

"And what're we going to do about Vamdemon?" Taichi asked, "This Dagomon character is apparently just another pawn."

"Yeah, why is Vamdemon still alive?" Yamato wondered, too.

"Well, we haven't actually seen him," Agumon said.

Tentomon spoke up, too, "That's true, it was merely Dagomon shouting out his name. It could easily be a simple coincidence."

"I wouldn't count on it," Salamon said, "If anyone is able to come back from the dead it would be him."

"I'm thinking the same," Koushiro said, "Regardless, the question of whether Vamdemon is alive or not is unimportant at this time. What we do know is that he has a growing influence, and that's bad enough as far as I'm concerned, especially if a Digimon as powerful as this Dagomon is willing to serve under his name."

"Then we have to bring his reign down all over again," Taichi said, "We'll go into the Digital World and join Ken in defeating this guy. I mean, c'mon, he'll probably turn his towers off if we're facing the same enemy, right?"

Yamato scowled, "This is the same kid that enslaved our Digimon to save Hikari."

Koushiro frowned, his gaze traveling towards his bed where Hikari consistently shivered and twitched while she rested. "Though I can't agree with his methods, he did get the job done."

"And we did consent to it," Gabumon said.

Yamato sighed. It was indeed to save Hikari. The Digimon had acted as if they didn't have a choice. It still didn't mean that he had to just accept it. What if they had been tricked? It had always been an option for the Kaiser to simply change his mind and decide to keep them as his personal pets forever. How would have Takeru and the others managed to stop him then?

"Thank you, everyone," Taichi said to the Digimon, "I know it must have been hard to willingly allow the Kaiser to put spirals on you… but you saved my little sister."

"Taichi," Agumon nudged his partner, "It's alright. Hikari-chan means a lot to all of us, too. Isn't that right?"

The partners all nodded in agreement. Taichi felt the warmth and honesty of their reactions. In all his joyful sadness at finally having his sister back, he couldn't help but simply smile.

"We have to gather everyone," Koushiro interrupted their moment, "Get Daisuke and the others, and then all of us will enter the Digital World. We'll stop Dagomon and find out what the full story behind Vamdemon is."

Taichi folded his arms; his smile had quickly faded. "I'm not leaving her."

Koushiro mused, "Alright then. Yamato and I will round up the troops, and you can stay here with Hikari. Gomamon and Piyomon can come with us, too, and we'll meet up with Jyou and Sora. All agreed?"

Taichi nodded, "That sounds good."

Palmon frowned, "What about Mimi?"

Koushiro and Taichi exchanged glances. The younger boy spoke, "I'll contact Mimi and see if she can also access the Digital Gate. I'll see if I can use it to send Palmon over there or hopefully bring Mimi over here."

Ken figured he should have thought this through. He had leapt into danger with only Stingmon as his offensive. While it was a plus that his partner had evolved a step further than anticipated, he soon realized that he was still severely outgunned. He wouldn't admit it, but without the spiral-enslaved perfects on his side, it was Dagomon that currently had the advantage in their skirmish. Stingmon had been a melee fighter, and DinoBeemon was apparently no different. His partner had to reply on close hand-to-hand combat; all the while Dagomon had fortified himself within his flying fortress, and to top that off there had been no end to the ranged attacks at the Dark God's disposal. For the first time in several days, Ken had to bite his lip in order to keep himself from cursing at his partner's ineptitude.

The fortress now floated almost directly above him. He could see DinoBeemon dodging tentacle arms left and right as he tried to get himself into closer ranged combat. And it was then that the unexpected occurred: a dark tower dropped from the Kaiser's old base and imprinted itself into the ground below. Ken's wide eyed gaze immediately flew towards the D3 in his hands. With a breath of relief he found that the tower wasn't siphoning his partner's powers.

He could hear the roar of Dagomon from above, and the tentacle arms shot outwards towards his partner from all directions. "Tentacle Claw!"

As if DinoBeemon had been expecting such an attack, he prepared his intended counter; his body distorted and blurred, the appendage phasing directly through him. And then his image duplicated, splitting apart into several exact copies. "Hell Masquerade!"

Ken looked on as the replica's charged forward, swirling around and doing their best in avoiding any and all of Dagomon's offenses. With each copy Dagomon would manage to hit, it would simply phase from existence and another two would move in to take its place. Ken allowed himself a confident grin as his partner finally moved in with an attack. DinoBeemon's powerful claws raked against the walls of the fortress, inching ever closer towards Dagomon's core.

"Keep it up!" Ken yelled from below, "The fortress is already half destroyed, finish up the job so we can take him out!"

"And then what?" a voice asked him, "You continue conquering the Digital World and enslaving innocent Digimon?"

Ken turned around to follow the source, only to be met with a fist connecting to his face. He stumbled backwards, his footing left him, and he toppled to the ground. His hand came up to his cheek instinctively to rub away at the soreness. His eyes traveled to his attacker, and met with one of the Chosen Children.

"Cool it, Takeru," the older Yagami sibling frowned at him from behind. He held his sister in his arms. She stirred; eyes still clenched and shut, she didn't appear to be anywhere close to waking. Agumon and Salamon flanked her sides protectively.

"He's the Digimon Kaiser!" Takeru responded, "I can't believe you let him come back to the Digital World like this, Taichi-san."

Ken let out a cough; it took him a moment to find his voice. He stood up, eyes meeting with the Chosen in front of him, "You're both fools. Why have you brought her back? Dagomon is still alive."

Any further exchanges were cut short by a dust cloud rising into the air. Ken twirled about immediately, his eyes searching for the source. An impact crater was nearby, and out of the dust appeared DinoBeemon. Ken's eyes searched for wounds upon his partner, but the perfect was showing no fatigue as he rose to his feet again and took to the air once more.

The tentacle appendages shot out in offensive against DinoBeemon once more; his mirror images had faded, leaving him to fend for himself. He easily managed to dodge and the two combatants fell into a stalemate once again.

"Ah," the Dark God finally spoke, "More Chosen have arrived… and you've brought back to me the Child of Light. Magnificent."

"Is that… Dagomon?" Salamon asked, her gaze traveling upwards to the battle.

"I won't let you take her!" The shout had come simultaneously from both Ken and Takeru. The two shared a glare as Dagomon howled in laughter above.

"What makes you think you'll be able to stop me?"

"Taichi," Agumon turned to his partner, "You have to evolve me!"

"Don't bother," Ken grit his teeth, pointing towards the nearby tower. "There won't be any evolution around here."

"Then we'll just destroy it first," Takeru said. He raised his D3 towards Patamon in preparation for an armor evolution. Yet before he could even begin, the ground shook around them and the dust lifted into the air once more. His eyes trailed towards the tower, and widened when he realized that it was the source of the tremor. The dark tower was being lifted, uprooted from the earth.

"What's going on?" Agumon asked towards Ken.

"I have no idea," Ken responded. He too, stared with wide eyes at the floating tower. He hadn't known them to be capable of such movement. And as soon as it was fully lifted into the air, the tower flew away from the island at rapid speed. Ken's eyes followed it towards the horizon where it slowly began fading from his vision.

It was Dagomon that supplied them with the answers. He had caught DinoBeemon with his lengthy arms, holding him wrapped and imprisoned. He let out a hollow laugh, "You've certainly proven yourself to be a more than capable pet for our new master, boy. It is fortunate for me that he has no further need of you now that the dark towers shall allow him to evolve."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Ken shouted up at him in response.

DinoBeemon broke free from the Dark God's grasp, interrupting any of his further talks with the Chosen. He immediately flew into the melee, and resumed his attack with fierce kicks and vicious claws.

"Vamdemon," Taichi cursed down below; he had clenched his fist, his eyes also following the rapidly disappearing tower. He looked towards the others, beckoning Takeru over.

"Taichi-san, what're we going to do?" Takeru spoke, "If Vamdemon evolves again…"

Taichi released his sister, slowly letting her body rest flat against the ground. He then stood, eyeing his fellow Chosen, "You stay here with Ken and take care of Hikari. Agumon and I are going to go after Vamdemon. Yamato and Koushiro should be arriving soon, let them know what's going on as soon as they get here."

Takeru frowned, risking a glance towards the Digimon Kaiser. Ken met him with an equally apathetic look. There was little chance he could convince Taichi to remain behind, and while he wanted to go after Vamdemon as well, he refused to leave Hikari alone with the Kaiser. And taking her along with them towards Vamdemon was certainly unacceptable for either of them to consider. Takeru turned back to face Taichi again, "All right, I'll take care of Hikari while you're gone."

Taichi extended his arm to Takeru's shoulder, holding eye contact with the younger Chosen, "Keep her safe."

"We won't let her come to any harm," Salamon added.

Taichi then turned to his partner. Both he and Agumon shared a nod. He could feel the familiar surge of energy flowing through him. He gripped his Digivice as it shrieked with power; light erupted from it. His old crest of courage likewise illuminated with a bright orange color atop his chest, covering his features in an elegant transcendent aura. With the dark energy of the towers gone, and knowing through Takeru that the powers of their crests were beginning to replenish, Agumon's evolution to WarGreymon had been all too easy. The large ultimate emerged near his Chosen, and not a moment later the two had taken off into the sky in pursuit of the retreating dark tower.

"What should we do?" Patamon asked his Chosen.

Takeru looked to Hikari; her chest heaved up and down in her breathing, he could tell she felt strained, her eyelids constantly twitched. She was fighting to open her eyes again. His gaze then turned towards the Kaiser. Ken's attention had wavered, and he was now focused on the battle with Dagomon once more. He shouted strategies and words of encouragement to his partner, and for a split second it wasn't the Kaiser that Takeru saw; it was merely another Chosen Child fighting for the greater good.

Takeru frowned in thought. He mumbled to himself, "The enemy of my enemy…"

"Takeru?" Patamon interrupted his thoughts.

He looked back to his partner at the sound of his name. He raised his D3, ready to fight against the evil that now threatened Hikari. The light exploded from his palm with fury as it signaled for an evolution.

The doorway to the apartment opened with a loud screech. Mummymon and Archnemon let themselves inside. They had expected Vamdemon's immediate appearance; that he would order them to be gone from his sight or perhaps even send them off for a third child, but the dwelling they entered was oddly silent. Yet even amongst this silence there was still something to hear. The first thing that caught there attention were the footsteps from outside in the hallway. Several humans had left their apartments and walked by their door. When the footsteps faded, the sound that replaced them was the loud humming of Oikawa's laptop computer. The sounds of the wind clashing against the closed windows met their ears as well. And the final, most important thing they heard was the sound of a man's labored breathing.

Mummymon immediately rushed towards the computer room. He shoved the door open, and looked around inside. He saw Oikawa lying on the ground, flat on his back. His chest rose up and down steadily. His eyes remained closed, the strain over his face very obvious. His limbs would twitch randomly. The man had been greatly weakened.

"Oikawa-san!" Mummymon dropped down to him, helping the man into a sitting position against a nearby wall.

Archnemon stepped into the room, surveying first Oikawa and Mummymon, and then the computer. She moved towards it, her eyes fixed on the laptop screen. She sneered in anger, "The Digital Gate opened again; Vamdemon went through."

"What do we do about him?" Mummymon asked, referring to the human he supported with his arms.

Oikawa mumbled in his sleep, "Vamdemon… don't leave… take me with you."

"You stupid fool," Archnemon said, bending her knees and kneeling down to their level, "You made a deal with the devil and now you're paying for it. Perhaps you do deserve to die…"

The human's eyes briefly opened. His voice came out tired and worn, "Archnemon… help me…"

She sighed, rising up to full length. She spoke, "We have to move him. Vamdemon might come back, and he won't survive a battle in this condition. Then again we probably won't either. We've got to get away from here."

Mummymon rose to his feet, cradling the full grown man in both arms. He looked to Archnemon, and nodded. They prepared to depart.

The second Holy Angemon had joined the battle Takeru was once again upon the former Kaiser. He didn't want to leave Hikari alone with only her partner, but it was a necessity; he wanted answers and he was determined to have the Kaiser give them to him, "Just who is this Dagomon?"

"A Digimon from the dark world," Ken answered. His sight hadn't left the battle overhead. DinoBeemon had been fairing well by himself, but he hadn't managed to land any decent blows to his opponent. He wouldn't admit it, but he was glad to see another perfect joining the fray.

"The dark world," Takeru repeated. He thought about that; about the beach and creatures of shadow that Hikari claimed were calling out to her. Taichi had claimed Ken had been her rescuer. He looked to Ken with hard eyes, "You found her there, didn't you?"

"Yes," Ken said.

"Excalibur!" the sound of Holy Angemon pierced through the air as he moved in with the attack; his blade of holy energy charging upwards from his forearm. Another of Dagomon's appendages burst apart into data as Holy Angemon slashed through them one by one during his charge towards the Dark God. The blade connected with a powerful strike against what remained of the defensive walls of the floating fortress. A dust cloud formed from the erupting explosion, and the fortress at last began to drop towards the island, taking Dagomon down below with it.

Ken noticed it immediately, and sped off to the side. He rammed into Takeru, grabbing him by the arm and began pulling him along as he ran to escape the incoming crash. Takeru was barely able to keep pace; he shouted to Ken, "Why did they take her there? What did they want with her?"

Ken ignored him; the Chosen hadn't yet realized their situation. He shouted for his partner, "DinoBeemon, move Hikari!"

The insect Digimon left the battle, and Ken could only hope his partner had heard his call. Takeru pulled him to a stop; he turned around and looked desperately for Hikari and Salamon. The falling fortress then finally came to a stop as it clashed with the earth below. The force of the impact sent dust into the air and sent both Takeru and Ken falling backwards towards the ground.

Ken heaved himself up into a sitting position first. He glared upwards at Dagomon. The Dark God arose from the wreckage, stepping out of the ruined building and resuming his attack on Holy Angemon. Ken coughed, and then spat, trying to clear the dirt from his throat. He could hear Takeru rising up from his fall, and he spoke to the Chosen at his side whilst he continued to stare down Dagomon without forgiveness, "He used her; he wanted an army, and he wanted her to give it to him. His minions… they were using her for mass breeding."

"What did you just say…?" Takeru was in disbelief.

"You heard me," Ken replied with a cringe, "Don't make me repeat it."

"That monster… I can barely believe this…" Takeru breathed, staring hard at where the fortress had fallen. He was crunched over on his knees, and he angrily slammed a fist against the ground. He looked desperately for any sign of Hikari as the dust around him settled. He found Dagomon battling with Holy Angemon and DinoBeemon to the side, each of the two melee flyers dodging attacks and attempting to counter when they saw fit to do so, but there was no trace of either Hikari or Salamon. If DinoBeemon had failed to save them like Ken had asked…

Had Takeru failed to save her yet again?

"Do you see her anywhere?" Ken asked.

He couldn't reply. His tears were forming, and he was completely lost in his worry, "No… Hikari-chan…"

The wind blazed around Vamdemon's frame. He stood confidently in the air. The Kaiser's old towers continued to arrive and began surrounding him in a rapidly spinning tornado of darkness. He controlled them with but a mere thought. When at last enough of the towers had reached him, they enclosed upon him, one atop the other, one to the side of another, and slowly began blocking all sources of light from reaching him as they formed a cocoon around the vampire lord. He smiled triumphantly as the last traces of light faded from his view and were replaced by complete darkness. It was within this new shell that he would be born again.

"This world… all worlds…" he murmured to himself.

And then the towers began dissipating. They broke apart, at first one at a time, but soon many more began to as well, all their data flowing towards the center… towards Vamdemon. The darkness engulfed him, and he embraced it.

"Taichi," WarGreymon spoke, "This is not looking good."

They had arrived on the scene; had followed the dark tower towards the epicenter, holding behind just enough distance to avoid being devolved by its dark energies. They fully knew that Vamdemon would be there, but what they were now witnessing in the distance was beyond anything they had expected. The towers had surrounded Vamdemon while they still flew towards their destination. Now the sphere of darkness floated high into the air where it remained. It released a glowing pulse of twilight energy with an alarming consistently.

Taichi's brows creased with fury, "Hurry forwards, WarGreymon. We've got to get there in time and stop Vamdemon from completing whatever it is he's planning."

In response the ultimate flew onwards with renewed speed, his partner still on his back, gripping hard against his shield plates. When at last they had neared, he dropped to the ground to let Taichi off. He looked up towards the sphere of dark towers in the air. With a grunt he charged up an attack against it, "Gaia Force!"

WarGreymon released the built up energy; the orange fiery ball traveled towards its target, and just before it made contact… the sphere exploded in a burst of smoke and particles. WarGreymon's attack entered the smoke, and flew out the other end.

Taichi stared upwards. As the air began to clear, it revealed to him a Digimon he had never before seen. The demonic Digimon appeared within the center of the debris, with a body of pale white armor and a powerful tail that whipped against the air. Long arms stretched down his sides and ended with alien claws. Twin cannons with demonic faces of their own were mounted aboard the tips of his shoulder blades. Had Taichi not known who to be expecting, the bat-like wings along with the blood-red mask and the unruly blond hair would have surely told him otherwise.

The creature snarled down at them, flashing them with razor sharp teeth. Before either Taichi or WarGreymon could react to him, the twin cannons opened and shot, "Pandemonium Flare!"

WarGreymon moved to take the full front of the blow; he barely managed to pull out his shield plates as he moved himself towards Taichi in order to protect his Chosen. The blast slammed against him, the force pushing hard against him and sending both Digimon and Chosen flying backwards.

Taichi struggled to regain his footing. He stood up dazed, looking about. WarGreymon lay panting next to him. He could hear his partners pained breathing as he spoke, "Is that… Vamdemon?"

"Yagami," the creature howled at them from above, "I am now much more than you had ever thought possible. It is just as well that you are here, ready for me to destroy you; and with you gone there will be nothing in this world – or any world – that will be able to stop me."

"You're wrong," Taichi shouted to him as WarGreymon rose to his feet, "We will stop you and when we do, we'll make sure you don't get a fourth chance."

"Insolent child! Behold the wrath of Belial Vamdemon!" he raised both arms upwards, and released a stream of darkness towards the sky above him. It erupted in the air, and the darkness spread about the sky, covering up the starlit night.

WarGreymon charged towards him up into the air. Belial Vamdemon merely smiled. Yagami and his Digimon mattered no longer; the process had already begun.

Kido Jyou was getting annoyed. There were too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Panic, panic, and more panic – he could picture all the other Chosen Children running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Wasn't this supposed to be Taichi's job? It was bad enough that Vamdemon was apparently back, according to the message on his D-Terminal, but it was by far worse that everybody had their own little plan with how to handle this mess. The first mail had arrived when he had first stepped off the bus, and within the next several minutes more had followed with the same news yet completely different plans of action.

The first mail came from Takeru. Vamdemon was back and Takeru was calling an emergency meeting at Koushiro's.

The second message was from Koushiro only a few minutes after. He had requested Jyou get together with Sora and meet with the others at base of the apartment complex where Miyako, Iori, and Takeru lived. This one brought forth the first bout of confusion for Jyou; he couldn't figure out whether the plans had changed or if Takeru and Koushiro had simply not yet made contact with the other and had both made their own approaches to the matter.

The third one that followed came almost immediately after the second. It was from Daisuke; he was sending out yet another global message to the Chosen that Vamdemon was back and was after Taichi. He was calling for everyone to meet up at the Yagami residence.

Jyou stood in silence out in the street while he reread all three messages. He rubbed at his forehead in plain annoyance. Where was Taichi in all this? Hadn't they long ago agreed that he would be the leader and that it would fall upon him to make all the decisions? He began writing back to the others, trying to figure out what was happening. Regardless of their good intentions, if Vamdemon was alive again this was not the proper time to be so disorganized.

"Jyou-sempai!" he heard Sora call out to him.

He turned to face her; she was running up to him. It was then that a fourth message appeared at his D-Terminal. His eyes widened when he read it; he could feel the blood rushing to his face. Sora slowed from her jog and came to a stop beside him. She followed his stare towards his D-Terminal and took a look; she too had gotten the same messages from Koushiro, Takeru, and Daisuke and was trying to piece together the puzzle, but when she looked over the new one, the same shock overwhelmed her as well.

It had come from Hikari.

"Get a hold of yourself, you fool!" Ken scowled at the Chosen Child beside him, "You want to protect Hikari? Then the first thing you've got to do is stop whining and destroy Dagomon."

"Easy for you to say," Takeru snapped, "Taichi… Taichi-san trusted me with her… and who knows where she is, if she's even still alive…"

Ken's fist connected with his face, "Then we can search for her after Dagomon is defeated."

"What do you know about any of this?" Takeru hit him back, "You're just in this for your own selfish reasons; Dagomon's riding your old base and you want revenge."

"That's not it!" Ken tackled the Chosen to the ground, "It's my fault! I decided to play a game I didn't fully understand! I decided I was going to rescue a damsel-in-distress and free myself from it! I decided it would be better to prove my superiority by enslaving Dagomon rather than destroying him outright! I'm doing this for everyone else as much as I'm doing it for myself. I want to fix things! I want to fix everything."

Takeru stared up into Ken's watery eyes from his place flat on the ground. Tears were now streaming down the Kaiser's face. He could hardly believe what he was seeing. His gaze shifted to the battle overhead as Ken rolled off him. He didn't want to continue seeing the other boy cry. He came up to a sitting position, his eyes not leaving Dagomon. Finally, he spoke, "I'm sorry… you're right. Whatever it is you did wrong, I'm sorry for calling you out on it."

The ground shook from the nearby battle. The darkness was spreading fast above in the sky, and the emerging fog was becoming denser and thicker. Ken frowned, "Apology accepted. I'm sorry, too. There are things I should've realized a lot sooner; about this world, about the Chosen, and even about myself."

Takeru nodded. He rose to his feet, gripping hard against his D3. He shouted to his partner, "Holy Angemon! We have to end this! We have to find Hikari-chan and help Taichi-san deal with Vamdemon!"

Holy Angemon cringed as another one of Dagomon's muscular tentacle limbs connected hard against his chest, swatting him away as if he were a mere pest. He came to a stop as he managed to regain his balance high up in the air. DinoBeemon hovered nearby him. The insect Digimon spoke, "I think it's about time we tried to tag-team this guy. Going solo hasn't been working for us so far."

"Got any ideas?" Holy Angemon grunted.

"Yeah," DinoBeemon said, "Incapacitate his arms."

The energy blade materialized upon his forearm once again. Holy Angemon flashed it against the thick air as he grinned triumphantly, "I've got the perfect plan."

WarGreymon roared with anger at Belial Vamdemon as he moved to dodge his claws. When the dark vampire had swung against thin air, he turned again towards him and used his Dramon Killers to strike back. They slashed at Belial Vamdemon's forearm, causing a slight dent against the pale white armor and little else.

"Once I've dealt with you," Belial Vamdemon taunted, throwing his arm backwards and slamming it against WarGreymon, "I'll rip your human apart!"

The ultimate was tossed away into the air by Belial Vamdemon. The cannons upon the vampire's shoulders opened up and he shot his attack against the dazed Digimon. The blast of energy tore through the air as it sped towards WarGreymon, "Pandemonium Flare!"

Taichi shouted to his partner from below, "Look out!"

WarGreymon barely had time to step out of the path of the destructive ray. The blast passed by him, missing by mere inches and faded off into the darkened sky. He immediately turned back to face Belial Vamdemon and attempted his counter. He flew towards the dark ultimate, spinning rapidly into a mobile tornado and drilled into the Vampire Lord's side.

Belial Vamdemon howled in pain, but made no mistake in allowing the draconic Digimon to attack again. His back limb snapped to attention and with a flick of his tail he knocked away WarGreymon. His energy cannons locked on him again, and let loose another energy strike.

WarGreymon brought forth his shield plates and deflected the attack. He then charged up his own. His hands raised in the air, collecting energy into a massive strike. The air around him crackled from the surge of power, and at last he released the attack, "Gaia Force!"

The attack connected. It exploded into a burst of smoke upon impact. He could hear Belial Vamdemon roaring in anger. WarGreymon moved to proceed with his offensive, flying in towards the smoke, his Dramon Killers glinting.

An arm shot out of the grey cloud, crashing hard against WarGreymon's Dramon Killers. The armored gloved claws detached themselves from his forearms due to the force of the contact; the blades broke apart and fell towards the ground. A swipe from behind came, Belial Vamdemon's tail twirling around WarGreymon's neck and then tightening the grip.

The vampire lord smirked as he held the ultimate in his grasp. WarGreymon's arms had risen towards his neckline, trying desperately to pull against the tail that held him. He began to choke from the hold. Belial Vamdemon moved his hand towards the dragonic Digimon's torso, scraping up and down against it with his claws in amusement. Just as he moved his arm back again to acquire more momentum for the killing blow, he felt his arm lock in place… and it began to burn.

He roared in frustration, looking backwards in desperation for the cause of the pain. An orange light had encased his arm like a rope. It held it in place in much the same way he currently held WarGreymon. He trailed the torturous thread down to the ground below.

Taichi held his Digivice upwards, towards the sky, towards the battle. His brows creased with fury and determination once again. He released the power dormant in him from three years past, locking onto the dark ultimate and holding him in place.

"WarGreymon," Taichi called to his partner, "Are you alright?"

His partner didn't reply. He lay limp against Belial Vamdemon's hold, his hands fallen to his sides. Taichi frowned. He held Belial Vamdemon locked down for now, but he wouldn't be able to keep this up much longer. He needed Yamato and the others. As much as Taichi wanted to believe he could've finished this himself, he realized that his defeat was currently inevitable. The orange color that had engulfed his Digivice was already beginning to fade.

"Holy Arrow!" the voice announced from behind him.

The projectile connected with Belial Vamdemon's tail, forcing the hold he held on WarGreymon with it to waver and releasing the draconic Digimon. With nothing holding him in the air, WarGreymon fell to the ground, his body limp. A soft glow surrounded him, and the power of his evolution faded from him.

Taichi gasped. He let his Digivice drop, the orange hold vaporizing, and dashed towards his partner as he fell from the sky. He caught Koromon in his arms, and looked back to his savior. Angewomon appeared out of the fog, her bow sprung and another arrow ready to fire.

"Oniichan!" his sister called from below her partner, and he ran up to her.

"Hikari!" he berated her, "Why are you here?"

"We came to help you," she frowned at him.

Laughter echoed from above them. Belial Vamdemon grinned widely, "And so the Child of Light returns… how magnificent it is that you've saved me the trouble of hunting you down. I shall greatly appreciate this…"

Inoue Miyako tapped her foot against the ground impatiently. She looked to her wristwatch yet again, and mumbled to her companions, "Just where are they already? Koushiro says meet here, and none of them show up."

"Calm down, Miyako-san," Iori frowned, "I'm sure they will arrive soon."

"Perhaps we should head over to Izumi-san?" Hawkmon said.

"No," Miyako spoke briskly, "Koushiro-kun told us to meet here; I e-mailed Takeru about his message and he hasn't responded, so we're staying here."

"Oi! Miyako!" she turned to the sound and saw Daisuke and V-mon rushing up to her. She would have waved them over, but her arm froze when she noticed that they seemed to be disappearing from her view. The two came to a stop, almost as if the same blur had dampened their own vision as well. The thickness of the fog spread, and soon was completely preventing Miyako from seeing either of them. She turned to Iori; he too was barely visible. The younger boy had frozen stiff. He inched towards her carefully, aware of what might be lurking in the shadows. Their D3's flashed to life, illuminating a protective aura over them.

"Daisuke!" she shouted into the fog, "Can you hear me?"

"Miyako-san," Iori whispered to her harshly, "Don't make any sounds; we don't want to bring any attention to our location."

"A wise plan," Hawkmon said.

Armadimon pointed off into the fog, "True, but it don't look like he's following it."

"Are you guys alright?" Daisuke's voice came. His outline broke through the mist, mounted on Lighdramon. Lighdramon's horn flashed bright blue with electric sparks in an attempt to signal through the fog, "I don't think Koushiro will be able to find us in this, are the D-Terminal's working?"

Miyako flipped hers open, and stared at the blank screen. The electronic device was as good as dead. She frowned then, staring off into the dampening air, "Just what is going on?"

Dagomon roared against the rising darkness, "Vamdemon succeeds where others have failed! You are fools to continue to fight! You mortals dare believe to yourselves capable of defeating a God?"

Holy Angemon taunted from his place in the air, "Mortal? Speak for yourself. I'm an angel; no mortal here."

The Dark God snarled. He charged towards his opponent, letting fly his tentacle arms through the air for the attack.

Holy Angemon remained where he was. When at last the tentacle appendages neared, he pressed his energy blade forward, slashing up and around in a full circle. A rip opened in the air, and pulled Dagomon's arms inwards, adding more pressure towards their current forward momentum.

Dagomon hissed loudly as the Holy Gate began pulling him inwards. He struggled against it, his strong and sturdy legs planting themselves firmly against the ground and he began pulling away in a tug-of-war with the Gateway.

"Hell Masquerade!" DinoBeemon announced from behind him. He charged forth, splitting into two, then into four, and then into eight copies of himself. Each one slammed roughly against Dagomon's back, lifting him off the ground and into the air. With no support and a hard shove forwards, his strength left him and the Gate continued to pull him inwards.

"No!" the Dark God shouted uselessly as the Holy Gate closed down upon him and swallowed him whole.

The air was thick; it blurred her vision immensely. Taichi stood nearby, grasping her tightly with one arm while he held Koromon with the other. Despite her brother being so close, not even he was clearly visible. Angewomon was nearby; she floated overhead protectively. Hikari had no doubt her partner's vision was as impaired as her own. She shuddered nervously; she wouldn't have been able to even see her partner were it not for the soft pink glow that Angewomon radiated, which only meant they would have little idea as to where Belial Vamdemon had vanished until he sprung from the shadows.

Belial Vamdemon was creating yet another world of darkness much like the one she had been kept captive in. The thought of the Digital World remaining like this forever scared her. She inched herself closer to her brother.

Angewomon frowned overhead. Her six bright white wings spread about, holding her up in the air. She could feel Belial Vamdemon lurking nearby. She could feel his movements… there! She let loose the arrow she'd been holding. It erupted nearby with a burst of holy energy, having found its target.

Despite the direct contact, it did little to defer the dark ultimate. Belial Vamdemon leaped out from the shadows, colliding with Angewomon and knocking her out of the sky. She landed hard against the ground, Belial Vamdemon's claws digging deep into her flesh, and she screamed.

Hikari felt Taichi's grip tighten against her at the sound. She cried out to her partner, desperately wanting to run up to her, "Angewomon!"

Belial Vamdemon scoffed at the Digimon in his grasp, "The prophecies dare to claim that you would be the one to defeat me?"

"You will… die by my hands," Angewomon's words came through her teeth from the pain. A soft pink aura surrounded her body, the force building up and blinding Belial Vamdemon. The glow then burst into an escalation of holy powers.

"Strong words, Tailmon," he hissed in reply, injured but still upon her. His armor stung from the explosion, slightly burned; he forced himself to ignore the pain, "But it won't be enough to save you."

Any response she might have had was interrupted by Belial Vamdemon; he lifted her up with one arm, clutching her by the throat, and then squeezed. She felt her body spasm upon his grasp, and curiously he then stopped, as if in thought. He mused to himself, "Hum, I do wonder, where is your little girl? I would so like for her to see you die."

"You won't get your wish, Vamdemon," Hikari's voice broke through. She stepped out of the darkened fog along with her brother; a bright white light illuminated from her. She held Taichi's hand in one arm, her D3 in the other. She then spoke again, "Release my partner, and perhaps your death will be merciful."

Belial Vamdemon let out a hoarse laugh, "A rather amusing child you are."

She took another step forward. The darkness began to dissipate around her. The fog was clearing, the mist evaporating, the dark clouds in the sky fading. She looked up into the starlit night sky… and finally saw home once again.

Takeru snapped to attention. The darkness on File Island was receding. He recognized the emanating power that was pushing it back, "She's alive…"

"What is it, Takeru?" Patamon asked as he flew down to his partner.

Takeru didn't reply; he merely raised his D3 high up into the air towards the familiarity of the source, and a beam of light shot out towards it.

"C'mon, Ken," he encouraged the other.

Ken blinked in confusion beside him, but did as requested. He, too, raised his D3 and released the energy from it.

"It's Hikari-san," Koushiro said, pointing up. He could see both her and Taichi confronting another Digimon. The Digimon was unrecognizable to him, but he had a gut feeling he knew exactly who it was.

Yamato frowned beside him. The two had met up with Jyou and Sora, and all four Digimon partners were present as well, but what did it matter if they were unable to get to a Digital Gate in time? They were in the middle of the city, and the Digital World had opened up once again atop the midnight sky. He did the only thing he could think of: he raised his Digivice into the air, and its energy exploded as it traveled vertically towards the heavens.

The three other Chosen beside him needed no further words to accomplish the same.

From New York, towards the morning sky, Mimi held her own Digivice up high, the majestic energies flowing through and from it.

Palmon stood proudly by her side.

"Hikari-chan…" Daisuke breathed out in disbelief. He stared upwards into the sky, where the Digital World appeared and replaced the dense mists that had prior been surrounding the city.

"Daisuke, what's going on?" Lighdramon asked of his Chosen.

"It's just like three years ago…" Iori said.

"That must be Vamdemon," Daisuke said. He then turned to face the others, "We have to go help! I can see Taichi-san over there, too!"

Miyako nodded, raising her fist in determination, "Right!"

Iori interrupted them, "Look!"

A short distance away, four beams of light shot out from the ground and flew upwards towards the Digital World in the sky. Iori recognized the various colors from the elder Chosen's evolutions, "Its Jyou-san and the others."

"What're they doing?" Armadimon wondered.

Iori took out his D3. He looked it over thoughtfully. Without a second opinion, he raised it up towards the sky and released energy of his own.

"Whoa, that's pretty cool," Daisuke said as he and Miyako repeated the action.

"I won't let the darkness corrupt yet another world," Hikari spoke, "The darkness must be destroyed. I will not allow for anyone else to suffer what I have suffered; and for that, you must cease to exist."

"Foolish child," Belial Vamdemon said, "And how do you plan on defeating me?"

Hikari answered, "Despite the attempts of Dagomon's minions to further siphon the power of my crest from me, it has by now been fully replenished; as have the crests of the other Chosen. The better question, Vamdemon, is how do you plan on defeating us?"

The bright aura erupted from Hikari; her entire protective shield of holy energies flew off into the sky and met with the light of the other Chosen Children. She immediately went limp and collapsed into her brothers arms. Taichi held her. He looked upwards, recognizing the colors of the other Chosen, and similarly raised his own Digivice, letting lose his own orange stream of light to join the combined powers of the others.

"What trickery is this?" Belial Vamdemon howled in pain. In self defensive instinct, he raised his arm which held Angewomon in an attempt to use her to block out the oncoming light. The energies of the Chosen Children danced about in the sky, inching ever closer towards Belial Vamdemon and his captive. They burned against the dark ultimate, and soothingly refreshed the angel he held in his arms.

At last the energies came to a halt, and Angewomon sprung back to life. Her wings spread about aggressively, and she turned within Belial Vamdemon's grasp and ruthlessly kicked herself free. She jumped willingly into the sphere of Chosen energy above her… and felt the power overwhelm her.

She announced her new strength, "Angewomon… evolve!"

Out of the light Angewomon emerged as a serpentine creature of elegant rose color. Two grand horns connected backwards from her forehead, and with ten angelic wings she began to descend. She landed on the ground near her Chosen on four sturdy strong legs, leaving her lengthy tail extending far back behind her.

"You will indeed die by my hands," the new form of Holydramon repeated to the stunned vampire ultimate.

Belial Vamdemon cowered upon the sight, stepping backwards and continuing to cover his eyes against the now fading light of evolution. The darkness proceeded to withdraw against him, flowing slowly and steadily back into his form. He shivered with anger, unable to contain himself. He shouted, and charged forward, "No! I won't let it end like this!"

"It's already over, Vamdemon," Taichi spoke; he was knelt down, allowing his sister to rest into his arms.

Holydramon flew to the air as Belial Vamdemon charged at her. His eager claws swung back and forth and his tail rippled excitedly during his sprint. When he neared he took to the air as well, the cannons on his shoulders opening once more, and he let loose his final attack, "Pandemonium Flare!"

The majestic dragon twirled in the air, avoiding the blast as it passed by her. Her jaw parted, and from it flew out her own attack in the form of a fire blazing tornado, "Holy Flame!"

The holy fires engulfed the vampire lord, leaving only his piercing cry of pain in their wake. When the flames had finally cleared, all that remained were dark particles of data that floated off into the sky.

"Oniichan," Hikari frowned up at her brother from where she lay, "I'm ready to go home now."

Chapter Notes:
- The Digital Gate opened the moment Hikari got back her D3. Likewise in the show, when Hikari loses her D3 after being taken by the Dark Ocean the Gate somehow locks; the cause for this is unknown.
- Tokyo's time zone is 14 hours ahead of New York; the current chapter is occurring late in the evening, therefore assuming it is around 9:00 p.m. or so, Mimi would just be waking up at around 7:00 a.m. when Koushiro would contact her.
- "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is the phrase Takeru is referring to. It is a mutual alliance on the grounds of uniting against a common foe.