Amber Pegasus:I decide to start an idea for a trailer that's about me (I made a few changes)!

Luke: I'm totally impress, but I'm in this too cousin.


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Female voice: They say Destiny comes in all shapes, sizes, and inspiring heroes. But as for me I'm all that. My name is Amber Pegasus and this is my story.

Six years ago, my father went off with his men on a mission leaving me in charge of my home land; Carapan.

After, the mission one of my father's men told my mother that my father is captured by the evil Darka and the Order of the Darkness. One month later, my mother died of a broken heart.

When I was sixteen, my grandfather felt gravely ill and was about to die. He said I was chosen to be the leader of the Aura Ninja clan. He gave me his Aura and the Headband of Leaders. He slowly passed away.

A few years later, after, my grandfather's death. There was a summon to the members of the Order of Purity that my grandfather was in once and I must heed its call and find my father. Along with my talking wolf Luna, who can shape shift into many animals as she want and my cousin Luke who has the ability to heal. Now it's my duty to stop Darka from turning the whole word into an era of darkness.


Amber Pegasus

Orion Pegasus

Kanto Pegasus

Luke Treyheart

Master Darka


Characters of Avatar the Last Airbender

Characters of Gankutsuou : The Count of Monte Cristo

Characters of Naruto

Characters of Storm Hawks

Characters of Danny Phantom

And the characters of Xiaolin Showdown,

Camera zooms from a castle tower that shines like a star. Title comes in:

Amber Pegasus: Warrior's Destiny

Darka: Hello Amber, did you miss your love one from the past?

Amber: You're no love of mine.

Coming soon: Jan. 2009

Rated: T

Hurt/ Confourt/ Adventure

Luke: That was great Amber. I can't wait to check it out!

Darka: It won't be in it until January.

Amber: Read and review.