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For the next couple of weeks Miranda and House didn't speak to each other. The medicine helped and it allowed Miranda to go back to class. House however did not want her to take part in any vigorous activity. He wrote her a doctor's note saying that due to her health she was to be benched in gym class. All in all life was slowly going back to its normal pattern.

House became more consumed in his work though and Miranda was always found in her room studying for tests and writing reports. More then once House would check on her just to make sure she was doing what she had claimed. His trust with her had faded considerably and Miranda could tell.

He made sure she took her meds every day at the same exact time before he left work in the morning; he then placed them back on top of the fridge. Although House was no longer in rehab he was considerably better at controlling his Vicodin intake, but his disregard towards his daughter was strong.

Finally one night while working on her science homework she gathered enough strength to ask him a question.

"Daddy?" she asked quietly.

House looked up from the piano and stopped abruptly on an F sharp key.

"What?" he asked rather coldly.

"Can you help me with my homework?"

She heard her father stand from the keys and limp over to her.

"What?" he asked icily.

"I don't understand this one."

She pointed in the book and House looked down to see that it was on Plasma.

"Well is it on the plasma involving blood or the plasma involving matter?" he asked sitting next to her.

She looked at the book.

"Blood." She said looking back at him.

"Blood plasma is the liquid part of your blood; it makes up fifty-five percent of the total blood volume."

She nodded scribbling it down in her notebook.

"It contains the sugar your body needs." He said checking her spelling. "The blood volume Miranda…not the body."

Miranda nodded and quickly erased her work fixing it to what her father said to be correct.

"Okay well if that is all-"

"Dad," Miranda stopped and looked up at her father. She did not want for him to go back to ignoring her, she wanted him to love her again, "I…I love you…and I'm sorry."

House looked at her but did not say anything; he kissed her forehead and then left her to go back to her homework.

That was all Miranda needed, she felt a wave of relief wash over her and make her feel at peace once more. She and her father were finally at peace and Miranda swore to keep it that way for some time.

The days were going smoothly for the both of them. Miranda was back on task with her school work and healthy and House was his old self again, Vicodin and all. Despite the fact that Miranda hated her father being an addict she had to admit that he was not the usually druggy.

He fed her, clothed her, and functioned. He was right; he behaved like any normal human being.

"Hey dad?" she asked sitting next to him at the piano.

"Hmmm?" he asked allowing his fingers to dance of the keys.

"Would it be okay if…ummm…if I had a friend over for a study group tomorrow."

"Yeah, I don't see the problem with that. What time will they be over?"

"Uhh right after school."

House stopped again and looked at her.

"You know I won't be here, Miranda." He said critically.

"Yeah, but dad I promise it is only for studying."

House sighed and looked at Miranda's begging face. Her puppy dog stare was so irresistible when she really tried and focused all the blue on him.

"Fine, but remember that this is my trust on the line for you Miranda. If I come home and you guys are doing anything you regret you will be severely sorry."

Miranda nodded in understanding and quickly shot into her bedroom. She pulled her cell phone out of her book bag and scrolled down her contact list until she reached J.

The phone began to ring and then she heard a familiar voice on the other end of the phone.


"Jacob…hey it's Miranda, I just wanted to let you know that he said yes."

"Your dad actually said yes?"

"Well sort of, he didn't clarify on whether or not the friends had to be female. Soo we can assume that it is okay. Besides he won't even be home, I know my dad and how long he works."

Jacob chuckled.

"You are so sexy when you are devious."

Miranda could feel her cheeks become hot and she laughed quietly into the receiver.

"Well I can't really talk long; otherwise dad might think something of it."

She heard a disappointed sigh on the other end.

"Okay, I guess I'll talk to you tomorrow in math class."

"Yep, bye."


Miranda flopped back on her bed and pushed her pillow over her mouth. She screamed until she felt that her voice would collapse.

When House went to check on Miranda he found that she had fallen asleep with her head phones still on. House shook his head in amusement and pulled the CD player out from under her.

He covered her up with a quilt from her closet and kissed her gently on the forehead. She made a motion with her hand which meant that she was deep in sleep. House chuckled. Still he stroked her head once more before leaving the room.

The next morning Miranda woke to find her father already up and dressed, which wasn't a normal thing. Usually it was her who had to argue with him over who go the shower first.

"Why can't you just get up earlier then me and take your shower!" Miranda spat.

"Well why can't you?!" House yelled with his towel wrapped firmly around his waste.

"Because you take longer then I do in the shower, you're worse then a female."

House huffed but still stormed into the bathroom. When Miranda heard the shower turn on and her father get in she smiled deviously.

Fine, if daddy dearest wanted to act like a big baby, then she would make it worth her wild.

Miranda snuck into the bathroom and walked over to the toilet very careful not to make a sound. She quickly pulled on the handle and raced out of the room, hearing her father's loud cursing behind her.

Miranda laughed and popped two chocolate chip waffles into the toaster, House had been so mad that he took her cell phone away. It didn't really do much good seeing as that was when she hardly ever used the stinking thing.

"Hey babe."

House approached her kissed her cheek and then continued to pour himself a cup of coffee.

"Why are you already dressed?"

"Well Cuddy wants to have me in earlier seeing as I missed clinic duty the past couple of days."

"But you were in rehab." Miranda spat.

"Yeah but she's mad that I quit…oh, well." He still smiled flawlessly at her. "I'll see you tonight when I get home."

Miranda nodded, accepted one more kiss from her father and watched him leave the apartment. Miranda rode the bus to school it was something Cuddy had suggested so that way if House needed and excuse to get out of clinic duty he couldn't use his daughter.

The day went far too slow for Miranda and she was so eager to see Jacob after school. They rode the bus together talking and of course flirting back and fourth shamelessly.

"So, do you want to be a doctor like your dad when you are older?" he asked taking her books for her.

Miranda smiled and followed him to her front door.

"I don't know…I can't really handle the sight of blood. I wouldn't mind being a child doctor."

Jacob followed her inside and placed their bags on the couch. He looked around, he never pictured House for the musical type.

"Do you play?" he asked stroking the baby grand.

Miranda smiled and went to sit on the bench.

"My dad wrote this." She said allowing her fingers to dance over the ivory.

Jacob sat next to her watching her fingers dance and play. He adored the sight, she had long delicate hands and her nails were painted in a light pink shade.

Miranda stopped suddenly and faced him; his eyes were right on her. She could feel her face become hot. Was she supposed to kiss him now or continue this staring match?

"We-we should probably get started on the homework." He stuttered standing.

Miranda nodded and led the way to her bedroom. They sat their books on her bed and began talking about their assignment. She sighed; this was not the idea she had for having a study date with one of the cutest boys in her math class. Miranda pictured it being a little more romantic.


She looked and smiled as he called her name.


"What did you get for number ten?"

She looked down and picked up her notebook.


Just as she was about to say Jacob kissed her lips.

She looked up surprised and red.

"I-I'm sorry!" he said shocked himself.

Miranda didn't answer him; instead she threw herself over her books and began kissing him back. She did not know how long they were like that but knew that the mood quickly ended when she heard the front door close and a set of key's jingle once they hit the coffee table.

Quickly Miranda pulled away and found her father leaning against the door frame. The face he wore was unmistakable, her father was livid.

"Whoever you are boy you have five minutes to get the hell out of my house before I take this cane and-"

Before he could finish Jacob shot out of the bedroom and out of the apartment.

House looked at his watch and quickly said, "He made it with four minutes to spare."

Normally Miranda would have been laughing at such a comment but when House's face went back to its angry composure she put such an idea to the back of her mind.

"You," he said pointing his cane in her face, "out in the living room!"

He needn't say twice because before he could fully blink Miranda was gone and on the sofa. He decided to take a few minutes and let her wait, the punishment was always more effective when you had to think about it and wait to receive. House sat on her bed and began pondering over the possibilities.

Five minutes went by and House still had not left her bedroom. Her stomach rolled and suddenly she felt like she did the first night House had taken her to the hospital. She stood about to go to the bathroom when House came out of her room.

"Sit." He said curtly.

Miranda did so without thinking.

"You betrayed my trust and had a boy over-"


He held up his hand to silence her.

"You know how I feel about you being alone with your friends who happen to be girls why in the nine hells would you bring a boy over?!" he yelled.

Miranda didn't answer him.


"Dad," she stared, "I think I'm going to be sick."

House rolled his eyes deeply annoyed.

"Yeah try and play the sick card so you can get out of punishment, because you know that it works so well with your trusting-"

He was cut off by the sound of Miranda retching and the sound of sick land on the floor in a splash.

"Great…here we go again." He whispered rushing to her side.

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