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AN-SEQUEL TIME! Alright, here's the SEQUEL to BabyBella. This one I really don't know how long it'll be, but most likely not longer than 15 chapters. I will almost surely not right a triquel. Cus well, that's just pushing it. Alright, hope you guys likey.

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"NO, DON-" Edward started, but suddenly stopped, staring at Garrett who was staring in Edward's eyes. Then Edward's arms went limp and he fell to the ground, unconscious.

"EDWARD!" I screamed, bending down next to him.

"Goodbye, now!" Garrett said, happily, before running out the door, and into the night.

Alice was next to me and so was Rosalie. I smoothed his hair, and ran my fingers down his cheek. It was getting warmer….

I was about to say this but Alice interrupted. "I can't see anything…" She muttered. I grabbed Edward's hand in mine, and it felt even warmer than his cheek had.

I leaned forward, slowly. I laid my ear over his heart and it was…beating. I gasped, loudly, before pulling back, quickly falling back onto my butt. "What is- Holy shit." Jasper said with his eyes wide.

"His heart is beating…" I whispered. I looked up at Carlisle . He bent down and picked Edward up off the floor. "Where are you taking him?" I asked, frantic.

"His room, he's going to ch-" Carlisle said, but was interrupted by a loud groan coming from Alice . He looked at her a second before running upstairs with an unconscious turning-more-human-every-minute Edward. "I'll tell you when you can come up, Bella."

"I still can't see anything! Dammit!" She growled. I cowered away from her, slightly. Emmett laughed and wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

"Are you scared of little Alice here?" He cooed, grinning mockingly. Alice jumped on him and I got up and ran to Jasper, who was laughing. I hid behind him, gripping his shirt between my knuckles, tightly.

He looked down at me from where I was peeking around his arm. He grinned at me, and wrapped an arm around my shoulder pulling me in front of him and holding me tightly, as Alice attacked Emmett. I looked up at Jasper and he was looking down at me, like he was…comparing something in his head. I raised an eyebrow, my eyes shooting to the stairs and back.

"You want to know what I called you, when you were a-" he was interrupted by a loud 'OW!' from Emmett before you continued, calmly. "-baby?" I nodded. "I called you cutie. Because, you are very beautiful Bella, and I'm lucky to have such a cute, kind, sweet 'baby' sister." I grinned, blushing lightly and hugged him as tightly as I could (which wasn't very tight…) and he hugged me back, bending down a little to press his cheek to the top of my head.

"Love you, Jaz." I whispered.

"Me too."

"Dammit! Get off me! You evil little-" grunt "-pixie!" Emmett yelled. I turned to see Emmett trying furiously to push tiny Alice off from where she latched herself to his arm.

I laughed and let go of Jasper and sat on the floor. I played with a lock of my hair as I tried to imagine myself as a baby. From the stories I've heard I was quiet a crazy baby. I mean I called Emmett a poopy. Twice.

"You called Jasper a poopy, too." I looked up startled and saw Rosalie sitting next to me with a smile on her face, as she seemingly read my thoughts. "You also caused him to get bitched slapped by Edward during a game of Monopoly." She said, laughing, as she looked at me with warm eyes. I never expected to see suck a loving look from Rosalie. I mean, I got a surprise when I saw it in Jasper's but now Rosalie's too? Wow, I really am lucky.

"What other trouble did I cause?" I asked, slightly apprehensive. I turned and saw Jasper holding back Alice from attacking Emmett again. When he caught me looking at him, he winked and smiled, before turning back to Alice who started jumping to get to Emmett who was mocking her. I giggled.

"They are very funny." Rosalie said, softly, fondly. I looked back at her and she smiled. "We're lucky to have such a family, though sometimes they're lunatics." I laughed and she continued answering my question from before. "Let's see, once when we had gone hunting we had to leave you and Edward here. When we got back Edward was in the kitchen with you on his hip; covered in applesauce. And when Esme walked in you threw some at her chest." She said, trying to hold back her giggles. She looked at me and started laughing full out. I felt my mouth and eyes opened wide, my face red. How embarrassing!

Alice came and sat next to us. "Ooh, I have one! You made Edward have a spasm, when you were getting your teeth, which now that I think of it, doesn't really make sense that you went through that again…" She trailed off as me and Rosalie stared at her. Jasper came and sat next to me and Alice.

I snapped back to attention and asked, "What do you mean I gave him a spasm? What kind? What did he do?"

Jasper was the one who answered. "He started screaming and wailing that he didn't know what to do and such. When I came back from hunting with Esme he practically attacked me and begged me to tell him what you were feeling. I'll admit it was pretty hilarious." He chuckled.

Emmett came and sat down next to Rose, cringing away from a glaring Alice . I was about to ask what else happened when someone screamed from upstairs…

"Ella! Ella! No, no, Ella!"

I turned to look at them, "What-"

"BELLA! Come here, please!? Quickly!" Carlisle yelled over the wails being heard. Wait, who was wailing…?

No way.

I scrambled to my feet and ran to the stairs as fast as I could. I ran in the direction of the cries and pushed open Edward's door to find Esme and Carlisle bending over Edward's bed and the wailing coming from in between them. Carlisle turned around and grabbed my wrist, lightly; he pulled me to the bed.

I looked down at the tiny baby boy on the bed, wailing, red face d, and squirming from Esme's touch. I looked at Carlisle and he waved his hand, as in saying go on, pick him up.

I turned back to the little baby and did as I was told. He tried to move away from my hands but calmed a little when I hugged him to my chest, his head on my shoulder. I rocked him back and forth, as he stopped crying and wiggling, relaxing into my arms and gripping my sweater.

I patted his back, softly, and looked at Carlisle and Esme who were looking at him. "He's falling asleep, Bella. I suggest you don't let him go, though." Esme suggested with a tiny glint in her eye.

I eyed her, confused as I sat on the edge of the bed, bouncing him a little to help him sleep. "Why not?"

"Let's just say I speak from experience." Carlisle said, as he grabbed her hand and walked to the door. "Come down, when he's awake and your ready." Before I could say anything else the door was closed and I was left alone with a tiny sleeping baby boy in my arms.

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