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Edward groaned and buried his face in my neck as they all came closer to form a circle around me. It couldn't be that bad right? I mean, he was a baby. True, he was a baby with the brain of a hundred year old vampire but a baby nonetheless! Right?

"I want to go first!" Alice exclaimed, as she bounced in place sitting on her spot beside my feet. After, we all consented she was allowed to share her story she grinned and sat on her knees. "Okay-"

"Before you begin." Edward interrupted. He gave her a glare before she pouted and he turned to me. "Please, keep in mind that when I said everything, I used that term loosely. I remember most things, whereas you remembered nothing. There are some things that I simply don't recall, okay?" He asked, looking at me with pleading, tawny eyes.

I nodded with a smile and lightly kissed his lips before turning back to Alice. Her grin was mischievous and her smile was evil as she looked over my shoulder at Edward. "Oh, Eddie. But you do remember those showers with Bella, don't you?"

I turned to look at Edward with wide eyes and burning cheeks. His eyes were wide and panicked as he stared at me, his mouth slightly agape. "Shit." He murmured.

"Do you remember that?!" I asked, as I stood and looked at him fully.

His head was down and his shoulders were hunched. "Yes." He whispered.

I crossed my arms and huffed. "Well, that's not fair."

"What?" His head snapped up and he looked at me with those wide eyes.

"I don't remember when I showered with you!" I said, as I smiled at him, trying to soothe him, as I went to sit back on his lap.

However, I never got there because Jasper pulled me down and I landed on his lap, on the floor before he moved me to sit on the ground beside him and Emmett. "My turn!" He said, smiling angelically at Edward.

"Ugh, not that one!" Edward moaned, as he collapsed back onto the couch, with his hands over his face.

"Yes, this one!" Jasper said, as he turned my face to look at him, his eyes held a glint of pleasure as he said, "Bella, do you remember that time that you woke up because Edward was having a nightmare?" When I nodded, confused, his smile grew and he continued. "Its because he had woken up earlier and after putting some milk on you, got off the bed and went into the bathroom where he found a bottle of-"

"OKAY! That's enough!" Edward exclaimed, as he went to grab me. However, four hands grabbed me first and four other ones held him back and sat with him on the couch. Alice was now sitting on his leg and Emmett was half laying on him, while Jasper held me now in his arms and Rosalie was sitting in front of me though facing to the side, so she could see us and Edward. "Continue, my love." Alice said, as she pushed down on Edward's leg as he tried to knock her off.

"As I was saying, he found a bottle of Viagra. He-" Jasper said, but I put my hand over his mouth.

"There's no need to continue. I get it." I said, with a smile as I removed my hand from his mouth and patted his cheek. I turned to everyone else. "Who's next?"

"ME!" Emmett exclaimed, as he moved and lay down, fully on Edward, who grunted and, once again, tried to get him off.

I nodded, smiling.

"Okay! Remember, that time you went outside after the screaming math between Alice and Edward?" When I nodded, he continued. "Well, when you were outside, Edward took off his diaper and showed us all his-"

"OKAY! Enough," Edward growled and pushed Emmett off him. "We all get it." He sounded mad, but his eyes were embarrassed.

"Oh, Edward don't be such a-"

"Kids! I'm home-Edward!" Esme exclaimed as she came through the front door, her hands full of shopping bags. Which she dropped as she ran to Edward; then, she was in his arms.

"Do you have any embarrassing stories about Edward, as a baby, Esme?" Rosalie asked, as she moved her arm over my shoulders.

I looked at Edward, as he smiled at Rosalie's arm, then at me, before he turned to her and scowled. "No more!" He complained.

Esme laughed as she hugged him, once again. "How about you take Bella to your room and just….snuggle? I know you want to, dear." She said, with a big very warm smile.

I blushed as she looked over at me and then I was on Edward's bed in his room, with his arms around me.

"Edward," I whispered, as I turned to face him and pulled myself closer to his chest.

"Bella, my love. I missed you." He murmured, with his arms holding me tightly.

"I missed you, too, ever if you're always with me." I moved my face close to his. "But I didn't get to do this…." I spoke so softly, almost mouthing the words, as I neared his parted mouth.

He pressed his lips to mine, tightly, breathing through his nose, as we kissed. His hands moved to my hair, as he angled my face to pressed his lips harder to mine.

After a few minutes of kisses, he pulled his lips from mine and rolled us over to pull himself over my body, holding his weight so I felt none of it. He continued to spread light kisses all over my face as he whispered sweet words.

"I love you, I love you." He whispered, again and again, as he continued.

I draped my leg over his, as I grabbed his face in my hands and pulled his mouth back to mine. One of his hands held himself up, slightly, and the other went to my waist as he pulled me as close as possible. "Oh, Bella," He murmured.

"I love you, Edward," I whispered, as we pulled away, our foreheads together.

"I do, too, Bella." He closed his eyes and nuzzled his nose, lightly, with mine. "But I wish we could have a baby of our own."

He spoke so slowly, so softly, so sadly. But he acts so nonchalant. How I wished I was able to have his child. We would be the happiest parents in the world. We have so much love between us and it would be the most loved, spoiled child ever…

"Wait." I said, as I pulled away. He looked confused, as I remembered something that was said earlier. "Why in the world was or is there Viagra in this house, anyway?"

The END,

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