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Mac's POV

Darkness... Nothing but darkness with the sound of water droplets slowly falling onto something I couldn't see. My eyes which would normally open without problem were now heavy and felt like lead weights over my eyes.

I sucked in a breath, using the strength that was slowly gathering inside me to force my eyes open; the first thing that alerted me to trouble was the room itself.

The darkness I saw with my eyes closed was still there; my sense of smell quickly forcing me to recoil as the awful stench of the room hit me like a ton of bricks.

'Oh, what is that!' I thought quickly, I could feel my face scrunch up in disgust as I tried to pull away from the wall I sat against.

"What?" My voice was cracked and quiet, meaning I must have been here for some time unconscious as I tried to pull my left wrist away from the wall. Only to hear the sound of clanking metal as I reached out the grabbed it, tugging with everything I had to find it wouldn't give.

The darkness of the empty room quickly vanished as a small TV across from me turned on, the screen filled with static until finally focusing in on a white puppet.

I stared for a moment, not knowing what to do as the puppet's face turned in my direction slowly. It's cheeks painted with red spirals and it's eyes were pure black with red circles to indicate the pupil of the ventriloquist puppet's eyes.

I felt my whole body freeze as I thought back to some previous cases that I'd heard about, the newspaper clippings that I'd seen flashed in my head as I muttered, "Jigsaw."

The name printed in bold, black text in my head as I shifted my eyes to see the TV; ignoring the sting I felt as the puppet began to speak.

" Hello Detective Taylor, I want to play a game. Your job is to find killers and bring them to justice, however in doing so, your social life outside of work has taken a backseat. You surround yourself with work to try and distance yourself from the problems that lie in your personal life, forcing the people who care about you, your friends and family, to watch you slowly deteriorate as you over work yourself.

You are chained by your left wrist to the wall, the chain is hooked to the timer in front of you. Once you free yourself from the wall's chain, you will have one hour to locate Detective Bonasera.

If you do not reach Detective Bonasera in time, then her neck will be crushed, leaving you to rot away in this place.

So I ask you Detective, do you have what it takes to save your best friend and co-worker? Let her live or let her die, the choice is yours."

The television's screen disappeared as quickly as it had appeared, leaving me in the dark again to breathe deeply as I thought over what he'd said to me.

"No, Stella..."

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