AN: OK, here's a little companion piece to my other drabble, Embracing the Darkness, which was done from Botan's POV. This one's done in Hiei's POV, so I hope you like it.

Thanks a million to my beta reader ekp95m.




He'd always lived in darkness, shunning the light for its revealing nature. He did his best work at night and in shadows, so for him to be in light was almost impossible to even begin to imagine. Light revealed. It showed a person's face, their abilities; it pierced through the shadows without a care for what might be hidden, for what should remain hidden for all time.

Then again, for some time now he'd been engulfed in light and it hadn't really hurt him. The light now had an image. An ever cheerful grin, bright pink eyes, and a determined yet caring nature. He'd never enjoyed being around others, due to their prying questions and judging gazes, but she'd never done that. If he didn't wish to speak, she'd simply talk about her own day, and she never judged him on anything he did or said.

At first he'd shunned her for her naïve nature, just like he'd shunned light. But…

He no longer shunned the light. Instead, it was like he went out of his way to be in the light, to be near her.

He was learning to enjoy the light, and maybe he'd eventually learn to love it.

And maybe, just maybe he'd do the same with her.


AN: ok, and there you have it. As a side note, for those of you who've read my Savin Me story and its sequel, I'm pleased to announce that I am currently planning on a bit of a series for it. With any luck, I should have the first chapter written within the month for your viewing pleasure.