Could you remind me of a time when we were so alive?

Do you remember that? Do you remember that?-Paramore, Franklin

Jacob and Leah are patrolling together, nothing special.

"Jacob?" Leah thinks suddenly. It is the first time she has addressed Jacob tonight.

"Yes, Leah?" Jacob responds without breaking his stride.

"Could you…could you share some good memories with me?"

Jacob stops suddenly when he hears Leah's request. "Sure, Leah," he thinks after a minute.

He closes his eyes and begins to think about times before werewolves, before vampires, before imprinting. The first memory is a bonfire on the beach. The image is so real; they can almost feel the warmth. Then Jacob switches to a rare sunny day in La Push.

"Thanks Jacob," Leah thinks after a few more memories. She begins to think of good memories of her own, but they all end up with Sam. Leah and Sam on the beach. Her and Sam walking in the woods, pausing to carve their initials into a tree. Leah shies away from these memories, and Jacob understands. He's been there. They both have. Then Jacob gets an idea. He transforms into a human and waits for Leah. Startled, Leah looks at Jacob for a minute before transforming also.

"It's not too late to make some new memories," Jacob says, wrapping Leah in his arms.

"No," Leah mumbles. "No, it's not."

(A/N: That was short, but I'm too impatient to give explanations. This is before Breaking Dawn, of course. And another random note: I don't know if any of you have read The Giver, but the first part of this sort of reminded me of that book.)