A/N: Inspired by Scribbler's "As Deep As the Sky". Take a music player, put it on shuffle, and write a one-shot relating to whatever song comes up in the time it takes for the song to play. Not songfics, fics inspired by songs.

If any of you are my regular readers, you know that I'm hopelessly obsessed with polarshipping (Jounouchi/Mai). About half of the fics I write with this method come out polar, and since I didn't want to turn off anyone who wanted general Yugioh fics, all of the polar one-shots are in another fanfiction titled "The Sky Held to My Skin".

Disclaimer: Songs (c) their respective owners, which are listed. (Or in the case of musicals and movie soundtracks, the musical/movie that the song is from) Yuugiou (c) Kazuki Takahashi.

You Can't Stop the Beat - Hairspray

"Hey, what are you losers playing this time?" a scathing voice called. Jounouchi turned his head ever so slighty, and Yugi didn't move at all. They were sitting together at school, engaged in the latest American trading card game that Suguroku had gotten a shipment of the previous day.

In the past, the boys had endured relatively little taunting. It had helped when the majority of the school was caught up in the same gaming fads as they were. The gaming sensation had died away, though, leaving only the most hard core of gamers still playing in the openness of school. Yugi and Jounouchi were most definitely hard core. A new transfer student, Kobayakawa Taki, did not take to the games, and made it his regular business to torment the boys. Yugi was used to it from years of experience, but Jounouchi was not, and he'd had enough.

"You," he growled. Taki smirked.

"The dorks playing with childrens cards again?"

As they always did, Anzu, Honda, Otogi, and Ryou gravitated towards their other two friends. Jounouchi slowly got out of his seat.

"Jounouchi-kun..." Yugi started to protest, but Jounouchi held up a hand.

"No. This has gone on long enough." Jounouchi pointed a finger at Taki, who was now somewhat taken aback by 6--well, 5, not counting Yugi, who couldn't really glare but was going along with it nonetheless--people glaring at him.

"Yes, we play card games. We're the best in the world, so you keep your mouth shut and let us be. If you got a problem with it, we don't want to hear it."

A/N: Guess I was in an Eyeshield mood that day.