Last Train (Atarashi Asa) - Knotlamp

A/N: Second (and best) 5Ds opening theme song. 5Ds characters. Not sure if I want Aki/Yusei or Aki/Crow, but even Jack says "when it comes to Yusei, [Aki] you're so...".

"What are you doing!?" She screamed at him when he relaxed his hand. Yusei looked up at her, her grip on his arm the only thing keeping him from falling. He didn't listen, and let himself start to slip from her grasp.

"Aki, you're going to fall, too! Just let me go!" Yusei begged. It wasn't the first time he'd dangled precariously off of a ledge. Kiryu had barely been able to hold him, let alone Aki. His arm slid father, till she was holding onto his wrist.

"Yusei, please! Take my hand!" When he failed to comply, she added fiercely. "DAMMIT, TAKE MY HAND, NOW!" A year of life with the Signers had smoothed Aki's rough edges, but she was the same Black Rose Witch. Yusei grabbed her hand without another moment's hesitation.

"That's more like it!" Aki yelled, wrapping her arm around what was left of the fence post. She would not let him fall.