Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz returned as children and started calling Rufus "daddy". That's when the Turks knew it was the end of the world, or maybe just the end of their peace and quiet.


Incident 01: Jenova Bloom

Rufus didn't know who sent him the flower, but to say the least it was odd. "It looks like natural materia inside a flower," Tseng commented about the anonymous gift that had been investigated, cleared of suspicion and set upon Rufus' desk. But as it would be soon discovered, the investigation was not good enough.

"Strange..." What surprised Rufus the most was not the odd plant, but the fact that anyone would send him flowers. Though Shinra had reformed, he wasn't exactly the most well liked man around.

"We were not able to trace who gave you this unusual present, but it doesn't contain any explosives or toxic chemicals," Tseng reported.

One thing was for sure, Rufus needed to learn not to stick his nose where it doesn't belong, quite literally... Curiously, the young president lifted the small vase containing the strange flower with the unusual center, which did in fact resembled natural materia. He brought it to his face, taking a deep breath without perceiving any scent. He tried again, putting his nose into the bizarre flower, then he felt a bite and screamed in a very nasal tone, "it bit me!"

Tseng sprung into action trying to pull the flower off Rufus's face. But pulling it resulted painful for the young president, so the Turk's hand was slapped away.

"Get it off! Get it off!" Rufus ran around in circles, jumped and flailed in an all out panic.

"That's what I'm trying to do, stay still!" Once again Tseng tried to pull the odd flower off Rufus' nose but his hands were slapped away once more.

"Don't pull it, get it off!" Rufus yelled in anger and agony.

Then, unexpectedly, the flower released Rufus, who was left with a very red nose. "It's not moving..." Tseng grabbed a pen from Rufus' desk and cautiously poked the flower on the floor, but there was no reaction.

"My nose!" Rufus, who was known to be a vain pretty boy, held his abused nose and continued freaking out. "Is it even still there?!"

Taken aback by the sheer insanity of the situation, Tseng could do nothing more than nod and reply, "of course your nose is still there." Observing Rufus' nose the Turk leader realized that there were in fact, tiny bite marks visible. Once again Tseng poked the flower with the pen, this time poking the materia-like part on the center of the flower. Being poked with the pen, the seemingly crystallized part, revealed that it was actually quite flexible, changing into a ball of spikes to protect itself. "It was a self defense reaction because you brought your nose too close to the center of the flower."

"I don't care what it was; I want you to find whoever sent that thing and send them to the life stream!" Rufus yelled. Thus the investigation began.

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Meanwhile, far up north in the Forgotten City, three children sat at the edge of a pond in front of a large sea shell shaped structure. "Brother, do you think mother was able to find a husband?" Little Loz asked.

"Of course she did!" Kadaj assured him.

"How do you know?" Yazoo inquired.

"I just know! Besides, we did everything mother asked so it must have worked. She said to send the flower to a man with authority and Rufus is the president of Shinra so that should be enough." Little Kadaj nodded to himself, now it was a matter of time before their mother returned to them, and they would have a new father too.

End of Incident 01

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