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"Your chaperone will be here soon."

"No she isn't."

"Perhaps you're right."

The couple resumed their kissing.

The woman looked out of place in the blacksmith's forge where she and her beloved were kissing. She was petite and blond. Her imported, silk dress trimmed with lace and her soft manicured hands said, "I'm in the upper class!"

The man looked completely at home in the forge. His muscles were well developed from hours of pounding metal and his hands were heavily calloused. He was unaware of the fact that his dark, slightly curly hair, well proportioned face and his warm brown eyes made him the best looking man in Port Royal.

The man broke off from the kissing.

"Will!" protested the lady.

"I'm sorry, Elizabeth," said Will. He really was sorry. Anything that pleased his beloved should be stopped. "Estrella will be here soon and I have to get back to work."

Elizabeth pouted.

"Hey, don't be like that," said Will, gently tucking curl of hair behind her ear. "We're lucky to have such a lenient chaperone."

The corner of Elizabeth's mouth twitched. Half of the town knew that Will's master, John Brown, was a drunkard and it was Will who ran the smithy. Those who didn't know this fact, guessed. Except for Elizabeth's father, Governor Swann; he had no idea that Mr. Brown drank and that Will and Elizabeth were unsupervised during their weekly hour together that wasn't devoted to planning their wedding. Since Governor Swann was already unhappy with their engagement, his ignorance was Will and Elizabeth's bliss.

"Can I come back tomorrow?" asked Elizabeth, playfully.

"I won't get anything done," Will teased back.

"That's not a no."

"Excuse me, Miss Elizabeth, but if we don't get back home soon, it's my job and your wedding."

The couple looked up. Elizabeth's maid, Estrella had sneaked in. Her half-amused, half-exasperated face indicated she saw them kissing.

"Um, yes, you're right," said Elizabeth, standing up, her cheeks slightly flushed. "Thank you for having me, Will."

"Thank you for coming, Miss Elizabeth," said Will.

"We will be back next week," said Estrella, before Elizabeth could promise to come back tomorrow.

"Very well," replied Will. "Goodbye ladies."

Elizabeth and Estrella said their goodbyes before leaving.

They walked out of the smithy. Elizabeth kept looking back for a couple final glances at Will. The carriage was waiting for them, the door held open by the driver.

"Are you and Will, um, you know…?" asked Estrella.She and Elizabeth walked into the carriage and sat down. "I'm sorry, but I need my consciences to be clear when I leave you two."

"I understand," said Elizabeth. "And no we are not doing it. You know Will; he wants to save it for marriage."

"Of course," grinned Estrella. "You found a fine man."

"I did, didn't I," said Elizabeth, looking back at the smithy as the carriage lurched forward.

"If it's not to bold to say, I'm glad you chose him over Commodore Norrington."

Elizabeth bit her lip. She still regretted breaking Norrington's heart. He was a good man who deserved better; but her heart didn't flutter when she saw him, unlike when she saw Will. The air felt stiff and passionless when she and Norrington had moments to themselves. She could spend hours with Will whether they were kissing or just talking.

The rest of the ride to the Governor's mansion was spent in silence. They arrived at the mansion and the night progressed normally up until Elizabeth was pulling on her nightclothes.

"Much more romantic if she ran off with Sparrow," said a voice from the outside of her bedroom door.

Elizabeth narrowed her eyebrows and walked out the door. Two maids were walking by, their arms full of dirty laundry. Elizabeth tip-toed after them in order to listen in. "Did Jack and Ana break up?"

"Why is she going to marry Turner?" asked one of the maids.

"Turner, what the…? Oh shit, they're talking about me!" thought Elizabeth

"Dunno," said the other one. "If you want my opinion, she's carryin' his baby. He's good looking, but why marry a blacksmith when you can have a pirate who you can sail into the horizon with. Unless you're having' the blacksmith's kid that is."

"Because you love the blacksmith," said Elizabeth. The maids turned around, gasped and nearly dropped the laundry.

"S-s-sorry, ma'am," stuttered the first maid. "We didn't know you were there."

"That's obvious," said Elizabeth, dryly.

"Rumor has it that Jack Sparrow fancies you," said the second and bolder maid.

"Captain Jack Sparrow fancies a lot of woman," explained Elizabeth. "Oh, and can you tell everyone that I'm not pregnant? Thank you."

With that, she turned around and stalked back to her room. Why did people seem to think that she had something with Sparrow? Yes, he was handsome, charming and he did save her life, but he was also rude, smelly, dishonest, obsessed with his ship and a migraine waiting to happen.

Elizabeth sighed, sat on her bed and closed the hangings. She lay down and closed her eyes. Instantly an image of Will's face came to her mind. She smiled and let her fantasies take her to sleep.


It seemed quiet on the Black Pearl. Yet the silence was eerie. The moon hung over the man 'o war like a grinning skull. The stars were numerous and bright; each grouping forming a picture of some sort. Only two people were standing on the deck. One was a dark-skinned woman called Ana Maria. She was dressed in a loose white shirt, black breeches, boots and a wide brimmed hat sat atop her long black hair.

Her companion was certain person called Captain Jack Sparrow. His eccentric nature was reflected in his clothes. His black dreadlocks were beaded with various trinkets, held back with a red bandana and topped with a worn tri-cornered hat. Various scarves and do-dads hung around his belt. When he spoke his gold teeth glinted in the moonlight.

"Whaddya want Captain Sparrow?" Ana asked Jack grumpily. She had been very happy sleeping in her hammock after a long day of working. Captain Sparrow, however, had insisted on waking her up and dragging her on deck so he could talk to her "privately."

"Ana, someone of the female persuasion has caught my attention," started Captain Sparrow.

Ana narrowed her eyebrows. It wasn't like the captain to tell her this kind of thing. A glimmer of hope fluttered through her. But she kept up her tough demeanor. "You're keeping me away from my sleep just because some whore has got your eye?"

"She ain't a whore," said Jack. "She is a perfectly respectable lass despite her rather passionate temper and tendency towards piracy."

"He's talkin' about me," thought Ana, inwardly smirking. "Why are you telling me this?" Ana asked Jack.

"You are of the female persuasion."

Ana rolled her eyes. "You of all people should know that I am a woman. You better not have forgotten."

"Of course not, luv," said Jack, franticly, waving his hands around and praying she wouldn't slap him.


"Nevertheless," continued Jack. "She may not be open to me wooing her. I need your assistance in this venture."

Most of Ana was utterly convinced that Jack was talking about her; however the side of her that was wary of men and normally dominated her was saying "He wouldn't need your assistance if he was talking about you." Ana ignored the wisdom of this statement.

"Who is this girl?" asked Ana. It's me, it has to be.

"Miss Elizabeth Swann.

Anger roared up inside Ana. She pulled her hand back and slapped Jack's face as hard as she could.

"You idiot," she yelled. "She's engaged to the man who saved your life remember?"

"Yeah," said Jack, turning his head back around to face her. "So wot?"

"So what?" repeated Ana. "You just can't go to Port Royal and try to woo Elizabeth Swann. Her fiancée or her father would kill you, unless the navy caught you first."

"I'll think of a way to avoid those buggers killin' me."

"Ugh!" groaned Ana. "You're impossible!"

With that she stomped off to the crew's quarters. If she woke anyone up she didn't know or care. She flopped down on her hammock. Why was she so worked up about this? Yeah, she and Jack had spent quite a few nights together. Then, things had returned to normal the next morning. Isn't that what Jack wanted, a girl who wouldn't hold him back or make a fuss about their relationship?

The mysteries of Jack Sparrow prevented Ana from getting sleep that night

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