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It was late afternoon when Yako found something that greatly disturbed her. It was laying all innocent-like on the couch.

Where it shouldn't have been. She should have just ignored it, she thought, left it alone. What Neuro does or what happens to him in his spare time does not concern her, and she should not care.

But it was so….out of place.

Yako then did what any curious teenage girl would do:

She picked it up.

After getting the brilliant idea to check the couch cushions for more, she looked at the pile in her hands.

Yako looked at the objects in her hands.

And looked.

And looked.

Aaaannndddd looked.

Then she glanced at Neuro.

Then at the things in her hand.

And again at Neuro.

Then did a double take before finally asking the big question.



"Are you molting?"



A.N: For those of you that forgot, Neuro is really a giant purple bird. My sister read this and didn't get it because she forgot he was a bird...-.-;;;;