-1The Planes-walker Wars.

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Chapter 1: The Birth of a Cursed Hero

Before the birth of The Great Auroa, in a grand estate in the trees, a noble family of elves were waiting for the news from inside a single room. A grand family meeting was their pacing back and fourth listening to the hollers of pain and torment inside the room, the gift of birth. The newest head of the family's wife had become pregnant and was giving birth.

"Olwë, would you stop pacing your driving me insane," stated one of the female elves to the tallest of the gathered elves, "I am sure Celebriän will be fine she is a very strong individual."

Olwë sighed at his cousin, "Ireth, I am sure you are right but I can't help it she sounds in such pain."

Ireth laughed, the light cheerful laugh of an elf, "Of course she is, birth is a painful experience."

Olwë nodded, "Yeah your right, I should sit down and just wait."

Ireth nodded, "Of course I am right, now sit before I have Alatariel knock you on your butt."

Olwë gave a final sigh and collapsed on a nearby chair to continue to wait. This was the hardest thing he had ever had to do, and he just made head of the tribe.

Meanwhile outside a black cloaked figure slunk through the shadow's. He was thirsty, he had been through plane after plane and the elves of Lorwynn were by far his favorite meal, preferably newborns their blood was so innocent and delicious.

He smiled under the hood of his cloak, bright fangs gleamed in the light. The being hissed, curse this place and its eternal sunlight. Suddenly he got a smell floating across the air, he gave another smirk someone was giving birth, perfect.

A puff of black smoke and the being was gone, it was dinner time for him.

Inside the room in the palace the nurse was talking to a young elf on the bed, "One more push, Celebriän give it your all."

The young elf gave a final push and felt the small bundle slip out between her legs, she gave a sigh of great relief. Finally, after so much pain and torture her whole world was born.

"Congratulations ma'am it's a handsome baby boy, did you and the master pick out a name yet?" stated the nurse as she carried the bundle over to his mother.

"Valandil, Valandil Tulcakelumë," stated the elf maiden.

"What a precious name," hissed a dark, sinister voice.

The nurse turned to see but was instantly slammed back against a wall, a giant hole burned through her chest. The dead body slumped to the ground and sprawled out on the ground.

"What a waste of good blood, but I am here for a true treat," hissed the voice again. The dark crimson eyes looked at the elf babe.

"NO! You can't I won't let you!" shouted the young mother.

"You have no choice," hissed the voice again. He moved his hands and chains sprouted from the bed and chained her down. He then through his hand to the door and a wall of bones appeared in front of it, "So I don't have to worry about any other disturbances."

Olwë heard the screams of his wife change, from pain to terror. He rushed to the door and through it open. All he came face to face with was a giant wall of bones.

"Celebriän!!" he shouted as he stood back from the door and started moving his hands in arcane gestures. Suddenly a large blade appeared in his hand. He grasped the hilt and charged the wall trying to bust through the wall. The sword was deflected.

Olwë turned to the rest of his family, "Help me! That is an order from the king and a request from your family member."

The other elves performed similar gestures as weapons of different types appeared in their hands. Then all together the elf family attacked the wall trying to hack it down.

The cloaked figure chuckled as he heard the pathetic beings on the other side of the wall try to hack it down.

"Hack and slash all you want that wall is not coming down till I want it to, and I don't want it to till I have my dinner," he hissed.

The figure stalked over to the elf babe and smiled again his teeth glinting in the sunlight. He picked up the babe who started to cry as he left his mother's breast.

"Shh…it will be over soon," hissed the being then his head went down and his teeth bit into the elf babes neck.

Blood trickled down from the bite as the cloaked figure drank the young elf's blood, savoring every drop of it as a sweet wine.

Slowly the baby went quieter and quieter as the blood loss affected it. The babe had no idea why this person was doing this to him. All he wanted to do was fall asleep.

As the being was drinking he got a truly nasty idea, why not leave this babe with the curse. He separated his mouth from the babe's neck, "Let them scorn you and treat you like trash, teach these high elves that they are nothing in the wide array of anything."

The being cackled, tipping his head back and cackling into the air. It was perfect, as he gloated to himself he did not notice three strands of color: Red, Black, and Blue race from his own body into the babe's body. The colors raced to the very center of the child's soul where a small light was burning. The colors raced into the small light and it burst fourth in a raging flame.

The power rushed out of the babe and slammed into the being sending him flying back. The being slammed into the wall a stunned, confused look on his face.

"No it can't be, a planeswalker," the being got another look of sheer glee on his face, "how perfect, I have been looking for someone who can match me, yes this will be perfect."

Getting up he shook himself off and walked back over to the babe, "You child will be my opposition, you will be my eternal enemy, a challenge for me to play with over and over again." The fiend cackled again, "Yes, Valandil," hissed the voice, "remember my name for it will be your eternal enemy, Boris the Lord of the Great Oceans of Grixis, grow little one grow strong and vengeful always look to destroy me…you will be a great adversary one day."

The fiend cackled again then with a twirl of his cloak he vanished, taking the wall of bones with him. An echoing cackle was the last the elves heard of the being, and it sent chills through their souls.

Olwë rushed to his wife, "Honey are you okay?"

Celebriän shook her head, "My baby where is my baby."

Ireth picked up the babe and looked at it, "I'm sorry ma'am."

Celebriän paled, "He's not dead is he?"

Ireth shook her head, "Worst, he has been corrupted the curse of a vampire is in this ones blood."

Olwë eyes darkened, "No such abomination will exist in my blood line, we will kill him."

Celebriän paled again, "NO!! My lord if you must do something then let us lock him away or something, but I could not bear to kill him."

Olwë looked as his wife, "Very well, we will lock him away deep in the bowels of this tree; he will be fed animals since he can no longer eat what we eat; bring me the blind elf wife Nienna she will tend to him, teach him what she knows about the cursed land he is no part of, when the elf dies her daughter Elbereth will take over the duty, he will not be let out, everyone here will never speak of this to anyone or face death."

Celebriän looked at her baby, so pale and barely breathing, "Very well my Lord, we will try again."

Olwë nodded, "Yes, now everyone hear needs to swear silence."

The elves that were around nodded in agreement, swearing their silence of the event, of the babe, of the corruption.

So the next day the babe was taken deep into the tree, down to it's very roots where it was growing out of a swamp. Their the babe was taken by a blind elf witch who took the babe deep into the underground swamp where he could grow up away from the life he should have had.

In the twilight of the underground swamp he will learn the power he can control and wield.

Author's Notes

Alright this is the first chapter. Yes I know I got like six stories going but oh well, fits right into this place. This is the first main Planes-walkers and some of the important people in his life. The names are based of a generator that turned my actual name, the name of my father, mother, 2nd cousin, and some others into elven names. This is probably the darkest beginning I have ever written so I hope you like it!! R&R if you want to.