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[uh-void] –verb (used with object)

1.to keep away from; keep clear of; shun: to avoid a person; to avoid taxes; to avoid danger.

2.to prevent from happening: to avoid falling.

3.Law. to make void or of no effect; invalidate.

4.Obsolete. to empty; eject or expel

Luffy bolted from his hammock; sweat dripping down the side of his face as he gasp deeply. Another dream about home. Another memory. Luffy moaned lightly to himself before rubbing his temples in exhaustion. He winced as phantom pain ran across his scar, he rubbed at it tenderly; dreams of the past always seemed to remind him of the pain, even if the wound was made so long ago. He was the last one up, Luffy absent-mindedly noted. The sun was shining through the window and the smell of the sea hit was strong as the waves gently rocked the Thousand Sunny. Luffy sighed. Today was just beginning and he could already tell it wasn't going to be any fun, if the migraine building behind his eyes told him anything at least. Another sigh, and Luffy hoisted himself out of his hammock and onto the floor, groaning as he missed a step and crash-landed face first onto the unforgiving wooden floor.

After several stubbed toes, face plants, and mumbled curses later, Luffy was making his was up towards the kitchen, food always seemed to help on days like this, though the building migraine was screaming at him to forget the food and just crawl into his hammock and sleep until the next of forever. But Luffy, if nothing else, was a stubborn glutton (whether it was for food or for punishment remains undecided) so he opened the door and stumbled into the kitchen. His migraine-induced heightened senses assaulted by the loud noise and bright lighting. He winced and made his way over to the table, grabbing a seat before folding his arms on the table and setting his forehead upon them.

It took a minute for anyone to really take notice of Luffy; normally he was so loud and obnoxious that it was impossible not to notice him. But today he was tired, cranky, and suffering from a migraine, so, obviously, he was not in the mood for loud and obnoxious. His crewmates stared at him befuddled for a minute, before exploding with questions.

"AHH! Is Luffy Okay!? Someone call a doctor!"

"I've seen this before! When the Great Captain Usopp fought the evil aliens who pretended to be someone else, Captain Usopp could tell that they weren't really who they said they were and showed them who was boss!"

"Yohohoho! Will you ladies show me your panties?"

"What's wrong captain?"

"Are you hungry captain?"





"Oh will you all just SHUT UP!?" Luffy growled up, interrupting several of them at once. His head was pounding, his scars were aching, his stomach was grumbling and he was not in the mood to deal with so much activity in the morning. His crew mates stared at him, obviously shocked beyond belief. Luffy hadn't yelled at them like that since, well, ever! Luffy sighed and banged his head against the cool table and closing his eyes.

"…Captain?" A noticeably cowed Nami asked.

Luffy let out an exasperated, "Yes?"

"Are you okay?" Nami asked, her voice thankfully soft.

"I'm sorry, I just have a really bad migraine right now." Luffy replied, wincing as light hit his eyes again before placing his head back onto the cool table.

"I didn't think you could get migraines captain." Sanji said this time, having closed some blinds and dimmed the lights so their captain wouldn't suffer any more than he had too.

Luffy groaned in response, "Not often, but it does happen."

Chopper mumbled a quick 'excuse me' before leaving for the medical bay to find some pain reliever for Luffy.

"Is that all that's bothering you, Luffy?" Zoro asked from behind Luffy, leaning up against the wall with his arms crossed as he stared holes into the back of his captain's head.

Luffy sighed, it seemed nothing could get past Zoro, "It's nothing, just some phantom pains and memories of home." He rubbed gently over his heart, where the scar seemed to be bothering him the most. Of course, both the actions and the words caught the attention of his crew.

"What kind of memories, Captain-san?" Robin asked with her usual mysterious smile. Luffy paused for a moment, wincing as another stab of pain pulsed within his temples.

"Well my mother for one." Luffy replied, anything to get them to stop talking and for the pain behind his eye quiet down. But it seems that this only got them more curious and more questions were asked.

"Your mother? Who was she? What did she look like?" Nami asked, she along with the rest of the crew, were curious, Luffy had never mentioned his mother before.

"My mother's name was Azumi, she had green eyes and long black hair." Luffy replied with a certain amount of fondness in his voice. The same vague fondness, the crew recognized, that was often used when Luffy talked to them.

Robin however noticed something else, something that her captain said that made her stare at him with a sort of sad understanding, "Was?" she gently questioned. Her simple question caused the rest of the crew to silence as they stared at their captain curiously.

Chopper chose that moment to come back into the room and he handed Luffy a vial, "Drink this Luffy!" he commanded sternly, "It will help you!"

"Thanks Chopper!" Luffy exclaimed, suddenly all smiles and brightness, grateful for the useful distraction that the young doctor had unwittingly provided.

Breakfast continued on as usual, with Luffy stealing food and laughing and joking. But now the crew learned something new about their captain, they realized something else, that they really didn't know anything about him at all.

East Blue-Fuischa Village

"Oi! Makino-chan! Another round here?" A burly man called out from the bar. Makino smiled politely, before making her way over to the various bottles and pulling out a fresh one, uncorking it and pouring it into the man's empty mug. He gave her a wide, drunken grin in thanks.

Makino sighed and made her way over to where she was previous, just sitting behind the bar. Soon a young woman walked into the bar, she was tall and has soft blond hair and brown eyes. "Makino?" she called.

Makino snapped out, "Ah! Chelsa! Good to see you!" she said with a smile.

Chelsa smiled and asked, "What were you thinking about?"

Makino's smile faded and she sighed heavily, "I'm just thinking about Luffy again."

"Luffy?" Chelsa inquired, "You mentioned him before, who is he?" She was curious, maybe this Luffy was a secret boy friend?

"Just a boy who live here a long time ago, he lived with his brother Ace and his mother Azumi. A lot of the villagers didn't like him, because he ate a devil fruit. When Ace left for his journey, things got a lot worse…he left the poor kid alone." Makino sighed, her eyes far away as she spoke about a laughing little boy and his family.

Chelsa on the other hand was still curious, "What do you mean alone? What about his parents?"

Chelsa's question caused Makino to snap out of her trance, she looked a bit nervous as if unsure if she should say anything more, "His father disappeared a long time ago and his mother…"

"What about her?" Chelsa asked, her curiosity peaked

"Well would you look at that! A customer just walked in! Gotta go!" Makino scurried off into the back room and Chelsa looked around, there was no one in the tavern beside Makino, herself, and some drunken guy.

With a sigh, Chelsa stared at door that Makino had scurried into; the vague sounds of someone sobbing could be heard if one ignored drunken ramblings. "She needs to work on her lying."

Grand Line-Somewhere on the ocean

Luffy sat upon Sunny's head, trying to find a comfortable position, though it had been months since Franky had made the Sunny, Luffy has yet to find a suitable position on the Flower's head (Luffy insisted it was a flower, Franky insisted it was a lion). Though the Sunny was still really cool, Luffy missed Merry very much and he knew that the others did too at times. Like when Sanji had to go around calling for them because the ship was to big just to yell from the kitchen, or when Nami and Robin came on deck from there work, with vague excuses about the lack of noise. Like when Zolo was late to a meal because he got lost or when Chopper spent most of his time on the deck because the medical bay felt lonely. And Usopp missing the Merry was just a given, the Merry was a gift from that sick girl, and Luffy knew Usopp was good friends with her.

"Oi Captain!" Luffy smiled and spun around in a heartbeat, his Zolo was here! He smiled widely at his first mate.

"Hey Zolo!" Luffy called happily, his smile growing at the sight of his first mate. Zolo smirked in return; no one could truly resist the pull of Luffy's smile. He leaned casually against the railing behind the Sunny's head, taking in the sight of his lanky captain.

Soon the pair fell into a comfortable silence, with Luffy string out into the sea and Zolo staring at his captain back. Such small, thin shoulders, Zolo mused to himself, so thin yet strong enough carry the weight of everyone's dreams across the sea. Their captain was so strong, able to smile in the face of danger, no matter the foe. The thought had Zolo frowning, his mind wandering to that morning. For those few moments, Luffy's shoulder seemed to slump in defeat, as if saying that he just gives up. But why would talking about his mother cause such a reaction? Zolo's frown deepened. Luffy had seemed so weak and so vulnerable for those few precious moments. Zolo needed to find out who it was, what it was, that was causing such pain in his captain so he could find it and cut it so it could never hurt his captain again.

"Hey captain?" Zolo called out to Luffy.

"Ehh? What is it Zolo?" Luffy responded, having turned around to face Zolo once more.

"What was your mother like?" Zolo asked, he knew that whatever it was that was causing his captain pain, it was connected to Luffy's mother, though he had no idea why.

Luffy, on the other hand, froze for a moment; he wanted to tell Zolo everything. Most days he can't even think about his mother, much less talk about her, do to the pain it caused him. And here he was feeling the strangest urge to just tell Zolo everything, how strange.

"Why do you want to know?" Luffy shot back, confused and trying to avoid the question.

Zolo raised an eyebrow, now he knew something was wrong. Luffy was a strait-forward person, he was the type who would charge first and ask questions, never. And yet here he was avoiding a question about his mother. Something about Luffy's mother was causing him pain, and Zolo needed to know what it was. "Call me curious," He responded dryly.

"My mother…"Luffy began hesitantly, "I loved her more than anything, she was my world. But at the same time I hate her more than I ever thought possible."

There it was again, Zolo realized. He was using past tense to describe her but at the same time he still hated her. "Why did ya hate her?" Zolo asked. Luffy was never the type to hate anyone, not unless they hurt someone Luffy cared about first. For a moment Zolo felt his insides froze as a sudden thought crossed his mind.

He remembered a long time ago, when Kuina was still alive, a young boy had come into the dojo, crying and covered in bruises. At the time Zolo had scowled at the boys tears, believing firmly that boys should never cry no matter what. But sensei had bee kind and smiled and asked what was wrong. TO this day Zolo can still remember the words the boy had said between sobs.

"My father! He-he keeps hurting me and mum!"

At the time Zolo had been baffled, parents weren't supposed to hurt their kids! It was just wrong! It went against the parent code or something! He doesn't remember what happened to the boy, he doesn't even know the boys name anymore. But for some reason those words stuck with him, coming back to him at odd times. Like right now, with Luffy avoiding his eyes and trying his best not to talk about a mother who he both loved and hated, and he wondered if Luffy's mother had hurt him as well. Anger seemed to simmer as he waited for Luffy to respond, to deny, to confirm, to do something!

"Because she died trying to kill me"

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