He enjoyed this. He had forgotten how much he enjoyed this. Laying with a beautiful woman in his arms and not worrying about anything except her hair tickling his nose. They had gotten clean some time ago and afterward he had held her against him with a hum of contentment at the situation. She hadn't complained as they sank deeper into the fragrant water. He twitched and finally gave in, lifting his arm out of the still steaming water; DG hadn't been lying about keeping it hot, and moved her damp hair over her shoulder.

She must have thought he was after more than ridding himself of a slight annoyance because her blue eyes looked up at him from under her long lashes as she spread her thighs and used her nails to scratch down his chest. A groan fell from his lips before he knew what was happening and he saw a smile of satisfaction on her lips as her hand traveled lower, tracing scars and muscles as it went. Then her mouth latched onto one of his nipples and he cursed. Releasing him she lifted her head and kissed his shoulder. "What do you want, Tin Man?" Her voice was seductively sweet. He wondered why she wanted to know. As far as he was concerned he had everything he could want.

Growling at her he moved to kiss her only to have her twist her head away. All he got was a mouth full of apple-scented hair. He felt a sudden sharp nip on his neck. "I asked you a question." His eyebrow twitched up at her bossy tone.

He'd tell her then, although he doubted it would be the answer she was looking for. "I want you to stop running from me."

Her hand, which had been sneaking down since this had started, finally reached its destination and he hissed. He thought she might be avoiding the issue, or simply trying to distract him form it, because she wrapped her hand around him and began to stroke him slowly. He moaned her name and reaching up to cup her breasts in his hands as she rubbed him. She arched with a startled cry and squeezed him harder on her next upstroke. While he easily could have let her rub him into oblivion for the second time that day he thought that would be selfish on his part. Besides, sometimes it was easier to reinforce an idea with a pleasurable outcome. He was sure it was about time his princess got a pleasurable outcome for allowing herself to be vulnerable with someone.

The water helped his hands slide slickly over her pale skin until they reached her hips. Gripping them firmly he used the buoyancy of the water to ease her up and over his straining erection. She let her hand loosen as he lowered her and she guided him inside of her with a sigh of completion. He continued to hold onto her, and his control, as he slid her, agonizingly slowly, down onto his lap. "Promise you won't do it again." His voice was hoarse from the strain, from the feeling of her surrounding him so tightly, so hotly.

He bottomed out in her and she mewled loudly as she gripped at his shoulders. "Wyatt!"

He held her firmly in place so she couldn't move, gritting his teeth against the sensations that were assaulting him. "Promise me, DG."

Lust filled blue eyes flashed to his. "I can't."

He jerked his hips up and she whined trying to rock against him. "Why?" His harsh demand rocked through both of their bodies.


They weren't going to be able to keep this up for very long. He moved one of his thumbs to her inner thigh and flicked her clit once. She was practically withering on top of him. "Wyatt, stop teasing me, please."

"Tell me why."

The princess whimpered pitifully. "I always run. No one tried to stop me before you. I don't know how to not run." At least she knew it was a defense mechanism. He brushed his thumb between her thighs again as a reward for her honesty and a gasping sob fell from her lips. "It's a reflex. I'll break that promise without meaning to. I won't do that to you." He caught her lips as he lifted her up, understanding the statement. As much as he hated to hear it, as much as he wanted her trust, he couldn't make her go against her nature. He wouldn't make her do to him what everyone else had done to her. That wasn't right. She moaned in relief as he finally let her begin to move.

She rode him without restraint, her breath coming in short pants, as he attacked her neck with his mouth. Almost immediately her fingers tangled in his hair holding him there as her tempo increased and her breathing grew more labored. He sucked on her collarbone and thrust up into her as he felt himself spiraling closer to his own release. The moment his lips touched her there a flurry of yes's began to tumble from his princess's lips. He rumbled deep in his chest and she clenched around him with a shuddering cry. He let himself go a few strokes after as the last of the tremors inside of her died away.

Breathing heavily into her chest he thought that could have gone better. He thought it could have gone worse as well. Her fingers loosened their death grip and began to stroke his hair soothingly. Her lips pressed against his scalp as her fingers made a trail to the nape of his neck. When she spoke her voice was husky with what he thought might be exhaustion. "I can promise I'll always come back, I can promise I'll tell you why I'm upset or afraid, and I can promise that I'll always be the farm girl you met on the way to Central City and not some stuck up princess."

He felt his heart warming up at her words. That was the woman he had fallen in love with. The one that worked to hard and didn't know when to give up, the one that kept going until she dropped despite the protests of everyone else. He lifted his head and looked into her worried blue eyes. "Is that enough for you?"

He felt a full out smile bloom on his lips. "That's more than enough for me, DG." He kissed her lips and then the tip of her nose. "I love you. The rest we'll have to work out as we go along." And even though that might take time, he was a patient man, and he knew they could do this together.

A lopsided smile sprang into existence on her pretty face. "That sounds like a very sensible plan."

His eyebrow twitched up. "I thought so." He failed to see the problem and he was sure she was making fun of him.

She shook her head as her lips twitched. "Alright, fine, so your saying we'll worry about our collective emotional issues as they arise, and in the meantime we should get dried off so we can get food?" So she was hungry. That was his DG, as subtle as a thrown brick.

"I think we should get dressed between getting dried off and finding food, but other than that yes."

She stared at him for a second before smacking him lightly. "Honestly I don't know why I love you."

"You can't help it. I'm irresistible."

She stood up dripping water. "That's it. Who could resist the silent glaring and bouts of ill humor?"

"Now that's just cold hearted."

DG grinned as she wrapped a towel around herself. Bending over the tub she gave him a lingering kiss. "Then again you listen to me when I talk about Kansas and open windows to chase away my nightmares. That's pretty sexy."

He gave her a smoky smile. "Everything about you is sexy, Darlin'."

The princess backed up a few feet. "Enough of that. I want some food and we are never going to get out of here if you start that again."

He raised an eyebrow but stood up without further comment as she turned back into her bedroom. As he started to dry off he heard her digging around in her drawers for something to wear. He should have brought something back with him so they didn't have to leave. He'd keep that in mind next time he intended to keep DG trapped naked in one of their rooms for the day.

By the time he redressed and entered the bedroom he found his princess fastening a pair of pants around her slim waist with another one of those small lacy corsets, this one pale rose, around her chest. Stepping behind her he bushed her damp hair over her shoulder and kissed the back of her neck as he wrapped his arms around her bare waist. "Come on, Sweetheart. Let's get you fed so we can get back here. I would love to take you against the wall in this position."

She shuddered at the anticipation in his voice and reluctantly pulled away. "Let's go then. I'd hate to keep either of us waiting."

He felt his eyes twinkle as he caught her hand and followed her out of the suite. He wouldn't mind keeping her waiting for a while once they got back. Sometimes waiting made the end a bit more spectacular. He considered the possibilities as they headed toward the kitchens. Yup, his princess could do with a bit of waiting.

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