By Don Darko

Summary: Their timeline is coming to a bitter end. As a last resort, the hybrids of the future gather what is left of their belongings and travel to the last hope they have: the past.

Rating: T

Update 5/23/2015: This story was written ages ago, when I was 16. It was the first multi-chapter story I ever wrote, so try not to take it too seriously (especially since the mental health stuff is horribly inaccurate).

Please enjoy reading it, anyway!

"Do you feel that, bro?" Krillen muttered into the phone. Little Gohan nodded, "Do you think it could be…" he took a quick glance around to ensure his mother wasn't listening in. He knew if she found out what was going on, she wouldn't let him out of the house until he was thirty.

"Freeza?" Krillen finished when his young friend paused. "Yeah, I think so. After getting blown up by a guy, you never forget it."

"What should we do, Krillen? Should we let the others know?" Gohan habitually bit a pudgy pink lip, drawing a small amount of blood.

"If I know them like I think I do, they've already figured it out. Do you think you can get away from your mom, kiddo?"

"Yeah, it shouldn't be too hard. She usually leaves me alone when I'm studying."

"Good. Then escape when you can. By that time, I think everyone else will have found their way to each other." With that, Krillen hung up. Gohan gently put the phone back onto the receiver. He didn't want to smash it like he did the last time he hung up a little too hard. He quietly hiked back up the stairs and planned his escape.

'Man, I can't believe how fast Vegeta is…' Yamucha thought as he and said Saiyan prince raced through the air. Even though Yamucha was sure he was breaking the sound barrier, Vegeta was always a little bit faster. He was always a little bit stronger. He was always a little bit better. This murderer, this monstrosity, this demon was actually allowed to walk the face of the planet he once planned to destroy.

And Bulma- HIS Bulma- actually cared for him. She actually let Vegeta live with them in Capsule Corp. It was bad enough that Bulma pointed out every good-looking man that walked past her line of vision, but nothing she's ever done has angered Yamucha more than this. But at least Vegeta knew where to go.

"This is the place," Vegeta snarled. "This is the place where Freeza will land."

"Are you sure?" Yamucha asked.

"Yes, of course I'm sure!" The alien shouted, taking him by surprise. Having nothing more to say, both men watched the cloudy sky for the beast that was once thought to be dead for good.

That's when they heard the whirr of helicopter wings.

"Yamucha! Vegeta!" a feminine voice called. Bulma and Puar were both hanging their heads out of the side of the helicopter, waving and smiling excitedly.

The helicopter landed, stirring the red dust, but neither man blinked.

"Bulma! Puar! What the hell are you two doing here?! It's dangerous!" Yamucha bellowed. Bulma just flashed him a smirk.

"Oh, don't get your panties in a wad. We wanted to see Freeza. I missed him on Namek and I am not going to let that happen again."

"Are you crazy?! Do you know what he's going to do to you when he finds you here?"

"Sure I do. He's going to blow up the planet. But, I want to see him before he does it," she said matter-of-factly. Yamucha could only stare in shock. Being a genius really must mean you're insane after all.

"It's amazing how every time you open your mouth, you prove you're an idiot," Vegeta smirked and looked away.

Before Bulma could retort, Tien and Chaotzu touched down on the landing site as well. Tien wasn't so happy to see Vegeta there. He was obviously still sore from his last encounter with the prince. Tien stripped himself of his winter coat and scarf as he glared holes into the Saiyan's forehead.

"What's wrong? Isn't it all right for me to be here?" Vegeta asked, putting on an innocent façade.

"As a matter of fact, it's not." Tien growled as he got into a fighting stance. Vegeta merely smirked.

"Hey, don't fight guys. This isn't the time." Yamucha interfered. Tien took in a shaky inhale, trying to sooth his temper. Vegeta simply turned his back. In an attempt to distract himself, Tien tried to make a little conversation, "its Freeza, isn't it? How long 'til he lands?"

"Could be any time. We aren't sure how far he is from landi-"

"Be quiet!" Vegeta snapped. "If you keep running your mouth, Freeza will find us. I'd rather not have him know that we're waiting for him. Besides, all this scary talk is frightening the Namek," Vegeta's pompous smile replaced his anger as he cut his eyes to a familiar turban-wearing, seven-foot green man.

"Wha- Piccolo? How long have you been there?" Piccolo didn't even turn to acknowledge the others. "Long enough to hear all of your senseless bickering…"

"Hey, look Krillen, it looks like everyone's here!" Gohan said excitedly. Krillen chuckled, "Guess it's safe to say we came to the right place."

Krillen and Gohan touched down to the hardened red clay. Gohan's big brown eyes were scanning the faces around him to judge Earth's chance of surviving when one unexpected face caught his attention.

"B-Bulma…?" He asked, his features resembling that of confusion. The blue haired goddess just smiled and waved.

"Hi, Gohan," she practically sang. Yamucha snorted under his breath and crossed his arms in a frustrated fashion. This earned him a bold slap on the head, courtesy of said goddess.

"Any word on Goku?" the exasperated baseball player inquired. Gohan shook his head solemnly. Bulma's excitement quickly faded. It didn't last for long.

"He's here!" Piccolo shouted. All eyes turned to the sky where an enormous spacecraft charged toward the planet Earth. The Z Team stood in anxiety, waiting for the craft to land and the demon from days passed to emerge. It flew over the warrior's heads, casting them all into shadow. It continued it's descend to Earth. When landing, the spacecraft carved a massive crater in the planet's face, forever scarring it with Freeza's return.

"Now there's no room for mistake," Vegeta said, breaking the silence, "We have to keep our energies suppressed so Freeza and his men can't sense us nearby. If he does, we're all screwed."

"There's no way we'll all stand a chance against a force like that!" Tien gaped. "He's stronger than I could have imagined."

"I'd hate to tell you, Tien, but this is only the tip of the iceberg," Gohan muttered. The young hybrid was trembling where he stood, unblinking, barely breathing. A large green hand gently clapped him on the shoulder, reassuring. Gohan swallowed and nodded to his mentor.

"We have to try." Piccolo said in an unusually calm voice, considering the circumstances. Yamucha blanched, "You aren't suggesting we actually attack him?! Like Tien said, we'd all get wiped out!"

Vegeta laughed sadistically, "You really have no choice. It's either die with dignity or die with your tail between your legs. Either way, Freeza's here. There's no going back."

The hatch of the malevolent ship opened with a hiss. Freeza and his father, King Cold, floated into the light of the innocent planet. His men marched behind, all looking a little frightened by their own masters. After all, if they messed up once, they would probably end up as the diabolical duo's lunch. They were disposable.

"Welcome to planet Earth, father," Freeza hissed in his unforgettable unisex voice. King Cold smiled sadistically, "How beautiful."

Freeza scrutinized his surroundings. A mirror of his father's smile played upon his lips and he closed his eyes, "How quaint…" They fluttered open again, but what Freeza saw nearly made his heart stop.

Goku stood in all of his Super Saiyan glory. Even though it had been a year since his fight with Freeza, he was still battered and bruised and his orange gi was still torn. The man turned and smirked at the bionic lizard before fading away.

Freeza's eyes twitched. His heart raced. All of his excitement caused his prosthetic limbs to spark with electricity. It wasn't the first time that Earthling ape has haunted his memories. However, his hallucinations had never been that vivid. Perhaps it was because he was on Kakarott's territory that made his imagination run so wildly.

"I will make him suffer for what he did to me," Freeza said, "I will make this whole planet suffer."

King Cold tilted his head, uninterested, "Please be quick about it. I don't want to have to stay on this mud ball. Not that I don't enjoy being here, I just simply can't understand why we don't just destroy it right now."

"You can be so naughty, Father," Freeza smiled again. "And here I was, wondering where I picked it up. I also picked up the knack for revenge, Father. Here, watch me as I pick the Saiyan's friends off one by one," he cackled.

Our beloved heroes made their way, albeit unsteadily, through the rocks to reach Freeza's ship undetected. Even Vegeta was having trouble keeping his power level in check as he used just enough to scale the face of a cliff.

Yamucha was bringing up the rear with his head hanging low. As he hopped from one jagged boulder to another, he grew more and more troubled. 'I just got wished back,' he thought, 'and now I have to face Freeza.'

"I don't think I can do this…" he mumbled.

"You have to," Gohan reassured. "We need you in the battle against Freeza. Don't give up, Yamucha…"

As the group reached the top of a cliff, they settled to listen in for Freeza's orders.

Freeza turned to his men suddenly. They jumped, but stood at attention instantly.

"I want all of you to comb this mud ball for the friends of Goku! I want every one of them!" Freeza barked.

"Yes sir!" The henchmen shouted in unison. They disappeared into thin air to complete their orders, but before they could even get ten feet into the air, their corpses dropped back to the ground, piece by piece.

"What the fuck?!" Freeza cursed. All spectators turned to the sky where two strangers slowly lowered themselves to the pile of bodies that were once Freeza's men.

Both strangers were men, handsome in their own way. One was shorter than the other by an inch or two. His cyan eyes were narrow but wild with excitement. His nose was narrow as well and tilted down slightly and his face was perfectly stretched across well sculpted cheekbones. His tan skin was contrasted by his feathery purple hair which was thin and light as it flowed in the gentle breeze. He stood with his shoulders back and his chin up in a confident fashion. His innocent appearance was shattered with a somewhat vicious smile and as he wiped his bloodstained sword on one of the bodiless head's hair.

The other stranger was paler in complexion and his neck and arms were marred with deep scars. He had wide, dark brown eyes and raven hair that was short and uneven, like he'd taken it upon himself to butcher it with a knife. His cheekbones were not as prominent as his companion's, making him look more matured. His jaw and chin were sharper as well. His posture was not nearly as confident as his companion's. His dark head hung ever so slightly as he glared up through his eyelashes. His entire persona emanated a feeling of sadness, but he was very obviously angry.

"You… how could you have done that to my men, and so quickly?!" Freeza stuttered in utmost shock.

The Z Team was still a good mile away from the fight, but their trained eyes could still just see what was going on, and they were just as surprised.

"They have to be suicidal to go for Freeza head-on…" Krillen whispered, but he didn't take his eyes off the two men.

"Jesus Christ, I hope they're on our side!" Tien whispered back.

The longer the silence continued, the more impatient the dark haired stranger seemed to get. Even though it had only been a few milliseconds, he was practically radiating anger. He met eyes with Freeza, and something clicked in the bionic lizard's head.

"You… you're that kid…" he pointed a shaky finger toward the dark haired man. "But that's impossible… you can't be-" The man stepped forward suddenly, as if getting ready to charge, but a cool, tan hand landed on his chest before he could proceed.

"Allow me to take care of him, please, I would very much enjoy the practice," the lilac haired man said. The dark haired one just nodded and stepped back, allowing his companion to take charge.

"You must be Freeza," the lilac haired beauty alleged. "It's a pleasure to meet you. It's a shame we can't get to know each other better over coffee, but I'm afraid you'll have to die before we get the chance."

Freeza blanched at the man's confidence, but regained his footing instantly. "Oh, you think so, do you, punk?" Freeza snickered. "And what makes you think you can beat me, the almighty Freeza?"

"Almighty? Well, that's a laugh. Now, I'm going to destroy you."

"Oooh, we'd better run!" Freeza laughed. "You don't know what you're up against-"

"Oh, I know exactly what I'm up against, and I assure you, I'm not worried."

"You're pretty confident. That won't last long."

"I don't think you heard me… I said you're finished, Freeza!" Said lizard growled before turning to his men.

"You, finish this brat for me. The rest of you, spread out." The soldiers moved to action as soon as their orders were given. They surrounded the two strangers and dropped into fighting stances. The dark haired one leaned most of his weight onto one foot and crossed his arms nonchalantly, but still glared at Freeza.

"I guess I should warn you guys," the tanner stranger said arrogantly. "You have no chance against me." A red skinned warrior scoffed and tilted his head.

"You don't scare us, runt." The soldier ordered to finish the newcomers clicked his scouter button and numbers zoomed across the little green screen. When the numbers came to a stop, he laughed.

"Hey, his power level is only level five!" The other soldiers laughed. "I hope you've said your goodbyes, kid, because it's about time for you to go!" He raised his gun and aimed it at the two warriors, but neither of them flinched. The soldier pulled the trigger and released a powerful ki ball which flew at the two at breakneck speed, but the lilac haired man simply deflected it with his hand. In a slight panic, the soldier fired a few more blasts at the imposing stranger, all which were deflected effortlessly.

"Wh-what the… hell?!" He stuttered, but the moment the last syllable left his mouth, the lilac stranger knocked him into the side of the ship, killing him instantly. Freeza's eyes followed his former henchman's path of death before looking back over his shoulder to the lilac stranger.

"Well, it seems the dog has some bite to go with his bark."

The surrounding men lunged forward all at once, but the lilac warrior took them out just as effortlessly as he had the last. He had, in a flash, unsheathed his sword, sliced them all evenly, and returned to the dark warrior's side as he replaced his sword back into it's scabbard.

The last of Freeza's soldiers simply fell to pieces, literally, before him. Freeza's left eye twitched and he ground his teeth. Electricity sparked around him once more.

"Why you little shit…" He growled, but his anger was soon replaced with an insane smile. "I must admit, you're impressive." The lilac warrior responded with a bored flip of his hair.

The Z Team watched in horror as Freeza's men fell to the ground.

"His power level… oh my God…" Krillen muttered, frozen by his terror.

"Yeah, this guy's power makes Freeza's seem like nothing…" Tien agreed.

'Where could a power like this could have come from? It's baffling…' Vegeta solicited to himself. 'Another power level… and it's even stronger than mine… stronger than Kakarott's… it's so… infuriating!'

"Hey, it's probably just Goku, you guys. He does have a knack for showing up just at the right time," Bulma reasoned and sighed in relief.

"No, he's not Goku, but he certainly isn't to be underestimated…" Yamucha said softly.

"How surprising," King Cold nearly sang in his frighteningly calm voice. "This may be more fun than we thought."

"And now, its time for you two to go down." The lilac warrior muttered.

"Hmm, I'll tell you what, kid. Let me give you a piece of advice. He who acquires his skill quickly is he who is the first to perish."

"Thanks for the tip," the lilac warrior said. Freeza blanched.

"Why you-"

"Listen up! Now I've got one for you, Freeza. Know your enemy. You've already made some pretty big assumptions about me, and that's something that's going to cost you dearly."

"Why you insolent little piece of sh-"

"Oh come on, son…" King Cold complained, "Just destroy him already. We don't have all day."

"He's right, you don't have all day. More like, five minutes." The lilac warrior smiled.

"Oh, and here I've made dinner plans…"

"I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to cancel your date with Goku." Freeza's eyes widened.

"Well, I'll do a favor for you; I'll make your end quick and painless. Here we go." Freeza said arrogantly before preparing to lunge.

The lilac haired stranger disappeared from the dark one's side and reappeared in front of Freeza. In one fluid movement, he unsheathed his sword with one hand and swiped the lizard, sawing him in two, and then blasting him into oblivion with his other hand.

"Wh.. What.. How… but… what…" King Cold stood there, shocked, as he watched the ashes of his son float to the earthy ground and float away in the breeze." The lilac haired warrior relaxed his stance and looked over to King Cold.

"Whoa… That guy just vaporized Freeza… and he didn't even break a sweat!" Yamucha said. Vegeta's eyes were bugging out of his head, "But who is he?"

"I can't miss this." Tien said, "I'm going in closer to get a better look." And with that, he blasted off into the air with the others following close behind.

"Well, you beat Freeza…" King Cold said with a smile. "Encountering a fighter of your caliber is quite a rare occasion indeed. But it presents quite an opportunity… I could use a right-hand man with powers such as yours. What do you say, will you join me?"

The lilac haired warrior scoffed. "Join you? That's a comedy. Besides, I already have a partner." He motioned to the dark warrior who hadn't even flinched throughout the whole event. If anything, he looked bored.

King Cold didn't miss a beat. "Well then, before you destroy me… would you do me the honor of allowing me to see your sword…?"

The lilac warrior merely smiled. "You want to see my sword, huh?" He unsheathed it slowly. As the blade scraped against its holding, it made a sickening slicing sound. The lilac haired warrior tossed the blade by the hilt to the evil king, "Here, catch."

King Cold caught it by the hilt and examined the blade. "Yes, such a fine weapon as this just begs to be admired… and I have a hunch that you would not have defeated my son had it not been for this sword." He tilted the blade so he could better see the lilac warrior before him. "…What do you say?"

"Believe what you want to," the lilac warrior sang with a confident smile.

"Hah, alright! I will! I say without this sword, you are nothing!" King Cold held it with both hands and got in a rather awkward fighting stance. He swung the sword with a battle cry and with all his might, but only to be stopped by the palm of a hand. His eyes followed the opposing arm to the shoulder and finally to the face of the dark warrior.

And he did not look too happy.

King Cold growled in defiance and pushed harder against the man's palm, but not a single drop of blood was shed.

The Z Team landed a good fifty yards from the fight taking place. Yamucha put Bulma down a little too roughly.

"Hey, look. The other guy is in the fight now," Krillen pointed out. The others watched intensely.

"Do you think he's stronger than that purple haired guy?" Tien asked.

"I don-" But the answer was interrupted with a strong gust of wind as the dark warrior erupted with a flash of golden light.

"A.. a.. you're a super… super… super…" King Cold stepped back in fear.

"A Super Saiyan," the dark one replied coldly. "So much for your theory. You should know that the weapon doesn't make the man." He pushed back on the blade, making King Cold stumble backwards, but the dark warrior never released his grip. Instead, he ripped the sword out of King Cold's hands and tossed it into the air. The beastlike lizard stood there, stunned, as the Super Saiyan delivered a swift ki blast through his heart. King Cold stumbled backwards, trying to regain his composure despite the fact that a hole had been burned through his torso. He hacked and spat up a familiar red liquid as he met eyes with the dark warrior.

"Ka… ka… rott…" he mumbled before the dark warrior blasted him to oblivion as well.

As the sword fell back to Earth due to her gravity, the lilac warrior simply tilted his torso and the blade slid right in to its holding. The dark warrior twisted around then and blasted the ship of the late Freeza and King Cold, making it explode from the inside out.

The Super Saiyan dropped out of his transformed state and met eyes with the shorter warrior. Said warrior glared at him, frustrated, "I said I would take care of them."

The dark one offered an apologetic smile, "I'm sorry, I got a little… impatient." The lilac one just scoffed and rolled his eyes, but returned the dark one's smile. He cut his eyes over to the cliff the Z Team was behind, just catching them as they ducked behind the wall again.

"Oh, crap…" Yamucha mumbled, "Did they see us?"

Krillen took another daring peek over the edge of the cliff, only to meet striking blue eyes that were mere inches away from his own brown ones. Krillen made a strangled sound and fell backwards. He tripped along his words as he nervously scooted backwards, only to have his back touch the legs of a very familiar green man. These spooked the monk even more and he jumped up to join Bulma and little Gohan a few feet away.

"Who are you?" Piccolo demanded just as the dark warrior pulled himself over the cliff's edge to join his smaller companion. Piccolo drilled holes into the dark haired one, but the man simply refused to make eye contact. However, the shorter warrior had no trouble with speaking up, even though it wasn't to answer Piccolo's question.

"We're going to meet Goku. If you'd like to come along, then you're welcome to join us," he sang and turned on his heel, blasting off in the direction of Goku's supposed arrival. The dark haired man lifted his eyes slowly and met the ones of the intimidating ex-monster. He drew his lips into a thin line, concentrating on the little staring contest. He bit his lip warily, but it was so fast that Piccolo nearly missed it.

Then it clicked. He knew this man. He knew that habit. But, before he could say anything, the dark one shot off in the same direction as his cohort.

"Come on, Piccolo, let's go. That guy says Dad's going to be here soon. What do we have to lose?" Gohan said excitedly as he floated around his mentor's head. Piccolo nodded slowly before lifting off and following the others at a slower pace. Gohan flew next to him, studying his expression.

"Hey, Piccolo," Gohan began. Piccolo made an acknowledging grunt, encouraging Gohan to continue, "Did you know that guy?"

Piccolo's hairless forehead wrinkled in concentration, "To be honest, Gohan, he did look familiar. He almost looked like…" Piccolo glanced at his young pupil, who was urging him to continue, but the man just shook his head, "I thought I knew him from somewhere. Maybe he was on that thing you humans watch."

"Uh, TV?" Gohan raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, that."

"But, Piccolo… you live in the woods."


Upon arriving to the spot the two mysterious men decided to land, the Z Team nervously landed. These two beings were very obviously stronger than all of them combined. Neither of them had even broken a sweat when taking down the same reptile tyrant that they themselves had struggled to hard with. The two could change their minds at any time and take back any kind gesture that they'd offered so far in the blink of an eye.

The dark haired Saiyan reached into his pocket and pulled out a small capsule. The Z Team tensed, all eyes on him. He just raised an eyebrow and clicked the capsule and tossed it in the air. The capsule burst into a puff of smoke and a circular robot hovered above the gravel. It had four limbs hanging off of it like arms and legs and a big, red eye.

"Giru-giru" the little robot mumbled in a robotic voice. The lilac haired warrior groaned, "Aww, why'd ya bring Giru?!" He complained. The dark haired one smiled, "Because I thought he'd be useful." The little robot purred happily in his mechanical voice.

"How is that greedy little plaything useful other than keeping your daughter company?" The lilac warrior pouted.

"Giru," the dark one sang, "approximately how much more time until Goku arrives on Earth?"

"Gzz… Giru… approximately one hour, fifty-eight minutes, and twenty-two seconds to go." The dark haired one smirked triumphantly. The lilac haired one just scoffed and reached into his own pocket, pulling out a capsule as well. The Z Team, more curious than nervous by now, watched to see what interesting contraption he would pull out.

With another burst of smoke, a miniature refrigerator appeared on the ground. The lilac one popped open the door and smiled over to the on looking audience, "Help yourselves. We're going to be here for a while," he shot a look to the dark haired man, who just smiled, then continued, "so there's plenty of drinks here for everyone. Er… what's wrong…?"

Every member of the Z Team had eyes the size of dinner plates. Krillen was the first to speak up, "Well… you kill Freeza's men. You kill Freeza. And you kill that guy-" "King Cold," the lilac one interrupted. Krillen shook his head and continued, "Right, King Cold, and now you're offering us drinks as we wait for Goku? I don't understand."

The lilac one tilted his head curiously, "What's not to get?"

"Well… why didn't you come after us, too?" Tien asked. The dark haired one bit his lip.

"We have nothing against you. And besides, we're all here waiting for the same guy, right? So we're all on the same side," he reasoned.

Bulma smiled warmly at him and stepped forward, taking a drink from the little refrigerator, "Well, I guess you have a point. What are your names, anyway?" Her sapphire eyes met his brown ones. The eye contact didn't last long, for he tilted his head back down to stare at his shoes. This made Bulma smile more.

"Shy type, huh?" It was more of a statement than a question.

The lilac one spoke up, "Call me Mirai." Bulma nodded her head at him, "Hello, Mirai."

"And call him…" Mirai trailed off, staring at his counterpart. The dark warrior concentrated for a split second, rattling off the first name that came to mind, "Majunior." At this, Piccolo's eyes widened. The dark one- Majunior- glanced up at him and flinched, seemingly yelling at himself in his mind.

"Mirai and Majunior, huh? Those are interesting names. Where are you from?" She conversed idly. Mirai shot a worried look at Majunior.

"We're… not from around here," Majunior mumbled, still not making eye contact. Bulma decided to pop the question on everyone's minds, "Are you Saiyans?"

They were quiet. Mirai struggled for words, but found none, and ended up begging his partner for help with his eyes.

"Yes of course they're not Saiyans, woman!" Vegeta shouted. Mirai fixed his eyes on the full-blooded prince. His throat became tight.

"Oh shut up, Vegeta! I was just asking a question! Besides, Majunior transformed into a Super Saiyan, which, as I recall, you can't even do yourself! So that proves that at least he's a Saiyan and that you're not always right! You and Goku aren't the only two Saiyans left!" Bulma fumed. The two newcomers behind her exchanged gazes before returning to the steaming goddess before them. Mirai smiled.

Gohan shuffled up to the trio. He stopped in front of Majunior and gazed up at him, "Hi."

"Hi," Majunior said. He couldn't avert his stare to anything else, seeing as the young boy blocked his view of his feet, Bulma was in front of him, Mirai was to his left and the rest of the team was to his right. There was no where for Majunior to run, unless he wanted to seem even more suspicious.

Gohan grinned childishly, "Do you guys have orange juice?" A small smile tugged at Majunior's lips, earning Gohan an even bigger grin. With a lazy gesture, he offered the little boy an orange drink.

"Wow! This is my favorite kind! How'd you know?" Gohan asked playfully after opening the can and gulping down half of it in one swoop. Majunior's smile broadened, "It's my favorite, too."

Eventually everyone took a can of their favorite drink which- completely by coincidence, Mirai assured a suspicious Yamucha- they all enjoyed. After finishing the refreshing beverages, each retired to their own perch to wait for their friendly neighborhood alien.

The minutes seemed to drag on for a million hours. Each warrior busied themselves with something to make the time go by faster. Mirai concentrated on staring at Vegeta and glancing away when said prince turned to meet his eyes. Once or twice Vegeta would catch him, but the young purple haired warrior had nothing to say to the prince's shouting.

Majunior passed the time by adjusting his little robot's circuits. He tried to explain to Gohan what he was doing, but only half of the technological gunk got through to the son of Goku's brain. The older warrior didn't seem to mind, even though he knew his words were going through one ear and out the other.

Bulma took a short stroll over to Mirai's rock and sat next to him. He tried to seem like he didn't notice her, but it proved to be rather difficult when her shoulder brushed against his jacketed bicep.

"Hey, that's the Capsule Corp logo," she pointed out. Mirai jumped at the sudden sound of her voice, especially since the whole team had gone about an hour without a word being said.

"Uh, y-yes it is," he muttered, all previous confidence now in hushed respect. She smiled and leaned forward to make eye contact with the mysterious warrior. "Do you work there?"

"No… I'm just a big fan," he mumbled in reply. Bulma nodded. From about fifteen yards away, Majunior made the slightest nod in Mirai's direction. The purple haired warrior looked over to Vegeta again, but the prince was already glaring at him, as if waiting for Mirai to look again.

"What the hell are you staring at?!" Vegeta shouted. Mirai looked away quickly, "Uh, nothing… I just like your… shirt."

"You would." Vegeta replied.

Bulma strolled over to where Krillen was sitting on the ground, playing with his grape soda can. She joined him.

"Hey," she whispered, "don't you think those two look alike?"

Krillen tilted his head and looked over to Mirai, then back to Vegeta, "I guess so. I mean, in looks. The Mirai guy seems pretty nice, but Vegeta has the personality of a stump."

"Yeah," Bulma agreed, "but he's a prince. Princes are supposed to act bored, like the world's not good enough for them."

"Yeah, but Vegeta acts more agitated than bored, like he's got a bad case of hemorrhoids or something…"

Mirai glanced back to the prince again, but Vegeta was still waiting, "Why do you keep looking over here?! If you like the shirt, you can have it."

"N-no, no thank you…" Mirai mumbled.

"Then knock it off, kid," Vegeta growled. Mirai just smiled as he looked back down.

"Okay, it's been two hours. Where the hell is Goku?!" Yamucha demanded impatiently. Giru buzzed to life from Majunior's side.

"Approximately thirty seconds until Goku enters Earth atmosphere." Bulma jumped up, "You heard the robot. Thirty seconds. Can you hold it for that long?"

Yamucha fired back, "That little trashcan is just splitting hairs now. There's no way in Hell that thing could possibly know the approximate time for Goku's arri-" a glass-shattering sonic boom resounded over the team's heads as a Saiyan space pod flew overhead and crash-landed onto the face of the Earth.

"No way…" Tien mumbled.

"Goku," Majunior stood up and strode to the deep crater. The others followed close behind. Together, they peered down into the crater. The hatch door opened and lifted with a hiss as condensed air was released. A large shadow stepped out of the pod. When it hit the light, it glanced up.

And laughed.

"Hey, guys! What are you doing here?" Said the ever happy Goku. He was barely able to finish his sentence before a little blur tackled him and clung to his chest. Goku looked down and hugged his little son back, "Hey there, Gohan! Did'ja miss me?" Gohan looked up with rivers of tears running down his pudgy little cheeks. Goku smiled, "I missed you too!" With his son in his arms, Goku clambered up the side of the crater and greeted his friends, receiving piles of hugs and tears.

Majunior turned his head, seemingly unable to watch the strong display of emotion between Goku and his friends. Mirai clapped him reassuringly on the back before glancing back over to Vegeta. Goku's eyes traveled across the faces of his friends, smiling at each one of them, until his gaze met with the two strangers. His smile didn't falter, however. What is a stranger after you've met them, after all?

"Hey, who are you guys?" Goku asked innocently. Bulma hugged her longtime friend's arm and answered for them, "They're mystery men! They defeated Freeza like it was nothing, and they say they know you, Goku."

"But, that can't be right. I've never seen them before in my life," Goku scratched his head.

"Wh-what? But they know so much about you! They even knew when you'd be here, right down to the last second!" Goku just tilted his head and stared curiously.

Majunior finally spoke up, "Goku, can I please talk to you?" Mirai shifted his gaze up to his friend. Majunior's posture was more confident. His eyes were more daring, but they were shiny, like he was an inch away from just bursting into tears.

"Please, privately…" he glanced at the faces of Goku's friends. Goku smiled and nodded, "Sure." With that, the two Saiyans lifted off and floated to the other side of the enormous crater caused by Goku's pod.

Yamucha turned to Mirai, "What does he want with Goku?" The purple haired warrior smiled reassuringly, "Don't worry. He just wants to talk."

"Is this far enough?" Goku inquired. Majunior responded by landing, Goku following his action soon after. The two stood face-to-face to each other. Majunior was barely an inch shorter than Goku.

"I know you, don't I?" Goku said. It was more of a statement than a question. Majunior nodded, "How…?"

"Just from looking at your eyes. When I do, I feel like I know you so well," Goku grinned, but it didn't have the same effect on Majunior as he'd intended, for the man began to tremble slightly.

"Hey, calm down. Now tell me, you obviously have something very important, or else you wouldn't have gone through this much trouble to find me." Majunior's eyes began to water.

"Well, this may sound strange, but you have to trust me. My friend and I, we're from the future. We traveled here in a time machine because something terrible is going to happen, and it will destroy the world as you know it.

"In two years, two androids will appear nine miles Southwest of South City at ten o'clock A.M. These androids are monsters, Goku, they are machines built solely on destruction. Their power is even greater than mine and my friend's. In my timeline, they've wiped out everyone you know and love: Yamucha, Tien, Chaotzu, Krillen, Piccolo, and even Vegeta. They took them all."

Goku listened in silent wonder, but then something clicked, "Wait, you said they all are killed by the androids. Do I get killed by them, too?" Majunior shook his head.

"No, you're killed a few months before Gohan's eleventh birthday. It's ironic in a sick, twisted sort of way. The fact that you're a magnificent warrior, and your death is caused by a radical virus that attacks the heart. Something you can't beat up. You'll start hearing about it soon. There's no cure for it now, but in my time, there is.

"Take this," he said and pulled a small capsule out of his pocket. "There are seven bottles of pills in there that you need to take twice a day when the chest pains begin. Once before breakfast and once after dinner. Take it, for your health."

"A few months before Gohan's eleventh birthday, huh?" Goku tossed the capsule in the air before dropping it carefully in a pouch hanging on his belt. Goku looked up to meet the eyes of the warrior before him. "You're from the future," he smiled. "If that's true, then I know who you are. You've grown into a wonderful young man, Gohan."

That was the last straw. The flood gates opened in the grown Gohan's eyes. Try as he might to close them, the tears just wouldn't stop pouring down. Goku opened his arms and Gohan flew into them, but Goku didn't even stumble back. He hugged his grown son to his chest and let him cry.

"What the… What's he doing?" Yamucha mumbled to no one in particular.

"Er, it looks like he's crying, Yamucha," Krillen pointed out. Yamucha glared at the monk, "I know that, Krillen, thank you. But I want to know why he's crying." Yamucha shifted his aggravated gaze to Mirai.

"You know what's happening. What is it?" Yamucha demanded. Mirai didn't take his eyes off the reunited father and son, "If they wanted you to know so soon, they wouldn't have gone to talk in private…" With that, Mirai glanced over to Vegeta who met his gaze unhappily.


Mirai smiled.

"Shhh, Gohan," Goku soothed. As his son leaned against his chest, he took the chance to examine Gohan's condition. The scars that littered his milky skin were from ancient and recent battles. One cut, which was not yet a scar, looked so new it could be said that it was given to him just this morning. The cut was deep and still glared an angry red. However, there were a few scars that caught his attention. These were not battle scars; they were far too neat to be. They lined up, one on top of the other, on the underside of his forearm. They looked self-inflicted. Despite their obvious age, the scars were still painful reminders of a little boy's haunted mind.

"You've been gone for sixteen years," the hybrid whimpered. "Our lives have been in total chaos since you left. Mom committed suicide and Grandpa died of grief. Piccolo is dead so the dragonballs are useless. My timeline is a living nightmare." Gohan pulled away and wiped his eyes. Goku smiled emotively, "Tell me; were there any other survivors?" He asked to try and take Gohan's mind off of the pain. Gohan recomposed himself, but his eyes were still watery and bloodshot.

"Yes. The only other survivors were Bulma and my friend, who was a baby at the time." Goku's eyebrows raised, "A baby?"

"Yes. My friend is Bulma's son."

"Wow! Really? Bulma's son, huh? Well he does look a lot like Dr. Briefs now that I look at him. Who's his father? Do I know him? Is it Yamucha?"

"No, it's not Yamucha, but yes, you do know him. It's… Vegeta."

Goku faltered, "V-VEGETA?!" Gohan bit his lip and raised his hands to motion for Goku to bring his voice down. From the other side of the crater, Piccolo nearly lost his balance.

"Wow. Vegeta! He really does look a lot like Vegeta," Goku whispered as he compared Mirai's and Vegeta's faces.

"His name is Trunks. He was born not long after I turned ten. But, please don't say anything. If they catch on to what is supposed to happen, it might not happen, so it's very important that they don't know. I know it seems impossible, but trust me, they'll find their way to each other eventually."

Goku nodded, "I understand." Gohan breathed a sigh of relief.

"So… what happens now?" Goku asked. Gohan shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

"Well, I was hoping I could tell the others about what happened. I think they'll believe you if you believe me about my insane story." Goku laughed gaily. This made Gohan smile with confidence.

Goku nodded and the two lifted off to return to their very curious friends.

"Hey guys, we're back!" Goku announced, though it was unnecessary. Mirai Gohan landed softly next to Trunks and the two exchanged smiles. He then glanced over to Piccolo. The green man met his stern gaze, but it softened instantly.

"Don't tell," Mirai Gohan said. Piccolo shook his head.

"I won't say anything that might endanger your friend, but I do believe you need to tell the others what is going on. They deserve to know."

"Hey, how do you know what we were talking about?" Goku asked. Piccolo's voice didn't change, "I have very sensitive hearing, and I heard every word," his gaze returned to Mirai Gohan. "You have to tell them."

Mirai Gohan nodded, "I was planning on it."

"Well tell us already," Bulma insisted.

"It's a long story…"

"Well, then we can go back to CC. It's a lot more homey than this desert wasteland…" Bulma said and crossed her arms. Goku grinned, "Let's go!"

The team arrived at CC in no time. Bunny was out in the garden in which they landed, watering the plants.

"Oh well look who it is!" She said in her strong Yankee accent, "Goku! You're just as handsome as ever!" Goku blushed and laughed, showing off the famous Son Scratch.

"And who are these handsome young gentlemen?" She asked, pointing the water hose in their direction. Trunks had to dodge the spray of water. Bunny giggled and covered her mouth, "Oh, I'm sorry hunny! Say, you look awful familiar…" she said and walked up to them after turning off the hose. "In fact, you look just like my hus-"

"Let's go inside!" Goku interrupted and skipped towards the door. Everyone followed, confused as to why the man was acting so pushy. Bunny just smiled and returned to her gardening.

"...So, that's everything. Goku is in danger, but I gave him medicine that should stop the virus in it's tracks. There's extra medicine in that capsule for anyone else that may catch it, in case it's contagious."

Mirai Gohan's audience was quiet. They were trying to absorb the information they were just given. Krillen was the first to speak up, "Hey, how do you know so much about all of us?" He mumbled. Everyone raised their heads. This was the question Mirai Gohan had been waiting for, and as their stares bore into him, his heart began pounding faster.

"Not everyone died," he began. "There were two sole survivors, and they're in this room right now. They're…" He paused shortly, "Bulma and Gohan.

"…I'm Gohan."


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