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Pan clutched her chest and curled over slightly. Her eyes widened and beads of sweat dripped down her forehead. What was that? Her heart squeezed again, then a feeling of emptiness took its place.

"Pan!" Hercule patted her back firmly. "Pan? What's wrong?"

Pan shook her head and looked up to the Cliffside. The dust had settled. She took no notice to Gohan screaming or Cell laughing on the other side of the battlefield. She locked eyes with Trunks and the bloody corpse that was lying limply in his arms.

Her heart squeezed again. "No…" she whispered. "No… no!" She stood up abruptly. Hercule grabbed her arm, but he was blown away immediately, as if someone had body slammed him. Pan screamed and pulled at her hair. The silky black strands flipped up underneath her dirtied bandana and bleached themselves a white-gold. Her energy swirled around her, knocking away anything that was nearby. The anklet on her bionic leg glowed and trembled before it shattered and sparkled into the air.

Gohan lurched forward. His eyes widened. Where had all that power come from? He looked over his shoulder. Pan?

"P-Panny…?" When did she get so strong?

Trunks cradled the body closer, shielding it from the oncoming dust and rock. He looked up through the winds and smiled. He looked down at his big brother's body, "Hey, your baby's holding Super Saiyan. She could never hold it before."

"Hey, Pan, you're not going out there, are you?" Hercule asked softly, as if he were afraid the little girl would rip his mouth off. He crawled closer to her, seeing as the bubble of energy that had pushed him away earlier had disappeared. He lifted a hand to her arm, but flinched when his skin brushed hers. It was scorching, as if he'd touched a hot stove. Hercule ground his teeth together, grabbed her arm despite the blistering heat, and held her close by. She whirled around and glared at him.

"What ever happens, don't tell anyone what I told you before, okay?! My family's privacy is everything to them." Hercule's blue eyes widened. He shook his head.

"No, no Pan, I can't let you fight that thing. Cell's a monster."

Pan ripped her arm away and started toward the battlefield. In mid-step, she stopped and turned back to him. With a small smile, she said, "Tell your daughter that… that I said hi." She turned on her heel and raced toward Gohan on the field. Hercule sat back, a bit stunned.

"S-sure," he mumbled to himself.

Gohan watched her approach at the speed of light. He stared wide-eyed at her, mouth slightly agape. Pan nodded at him. The two children looked ahead, where Cell had somehow returned to his perfect form. The creature was laughing condescendingly.

"I love my Saiyan cells!" he exclaimed, "When one comes to near death, they only get stronger! Yes… I was able to return to my perfect form." He patted his bicep victoriously. The smirk never left his face, "However, I'm sorry to say that I am tired of this game. Any last words before I wipe you stinking humans off the face of this planet?"

"Actually, Cell, one word does come to mind," Gohan lowered his voice dangerously. He pulled Pan closer to his left side, leaving his hand on her shoulder. He glared at the monster before him as Pan's pain of losing her father became his own. She looked up at him, though it wasn't accusing like any other time he used his Empathy on her. He nodded at her and moved his right hand in the correct motions, keeping his left on her shoulder. Pan copied him.

"Ka… me… ha… me…" they said simultaneously. Bright blue energy formed in their palms, idling for the last magic word. Cell grinned wickedly and copied their motions.

"Ha!!!" All three competitors shouted at the same time. The energy exploded in a giant tidal wave, pushing at one another like an awesome game of Tug-o-War. Gohan kept Pan close to his side, drinking her pain like fuel.

Trunks and the other Z Fighters watched in awe from the top of the Cliffside. The half-blood prince idly patted Majunior's cold, scarred arm. "Hey, look, big brother, she's doing it. She's doing it." Vegeta looked over at him, ready to shout at his stupid child from the future for talking to a corpse, but clamped his trap shut when he noticed the utter expression of loss and guilt etched across Trunks's face. Instead, Vegeta grunted and placed a gloved hand on Trunks's shoulder.

"Shit, Cell's gaining the upperhand! But… how? It's just him versus two Super Saiyans!" Krillen shouted over the noise. He cradled 18's head so she wasn't lying completely in the red dust. Piccolo growled dangerously at his side.

"He almost died. Whatever doesn't kill a Saiyan, it literally makes him stronger. I don't know about you guys, but I have to help Gohan! I've waited around long enough. We already lost one…" the Namekian glanced over to Trunks's distraught face and the body lying in his arms. Piccolo shook his head. He couldn't let Gohan end up like that. He pushed himself off of the cliff and took off toward Cell.

"We can't let Piccolo go in alone!" Tien shouted. Yamucha nodded. The two humans lifted off. Krillen made a frustrated grunt.

"No, wait! You guys aren't pulling a Piccolo on me, too, are you?! Aww, man…" He looked down at the robotic beauty in his arms. "Don't worry, 18, I'll be back soon…" Krillen gently laid her head down in the dust. He gulped and took off after the other three.

Piccolo, Tien, and Yamucha were trying to distract Cell by firing energy blasts at them. Krillen formed a Destructo Disk in his hand and tossed it like a Frisbee, only to have Cell bounce it back off his wings. Krillen panicked and ducked. The disk missed him by an inch. Energy blast after energy blast after failed energy blast had Cell laughing hysterically. The monster gathered energy in his black wings before shooting it backward at the four Z Fighters, all while keeping his upperhand at his Tug-o-War game with the half-pint Super Saiyans. The four Z Fighters behind him each landed with a thud on the ground.

Gohan growled and faltered, having to step back to keep from being engulfed in Cell's Kamehameha Wave. "I… I can't!" he whimpered and closed his eyes. A warm hand pushed gently against his back. Someone's breath tickled his ear. He looked to his left at Pan. Nope, wasn't her. He looked to his right, where spiky black locks of hair brushed against his cheek.

"D-Dad?" Gohan whispered.

"Come on, Gohan. You can do this," the person cheered. It sounded like his father, but at the same time… it didn't. Gohan looked back into the light. He could just barely see Cell beyond his hand. "I know you can, Gohan. I believe in you."

Gohan squeezed his eyes shut tightly. Where had he seen this before? He thought back to his dream with the child.

"Steady your hand," the man whispered to him comfortingly. Gohan nodded and straightened his arm. Another hand- a larger one- pressed on the back of his. He could feel the person kneeling behind him, their heartbeat ringing in his head. "Blow me away."

Gohan felt the energy pulsing through his arm and out of his hand. The game of Tug-o-War became even. Pan's pain coursed through him, pulling at his heartstrings and clawing its way to his hand. The person behind him flinched slightly. Gohan could feel him shifting.

Beyond the light, Gohan saw Cell falter. "Save us all," the man whispered. Gohan released every bit of energy he had into the Wave. He could hear Cell screaming. He could see the monster's eyes lock with his own. Gohan glared at him. Finally, the monster was getting a taste of his own medicine. Cell moved his hands in front of his face, as if it would stop the oncoming death. Beyond the light, Gohan could watch Cell die.

Only did the very last cell of Cell's being disintegrate did the last bit of Gohan's energy leave his body. He looked down, seeing that their Tug-o-War game left a little more than a blemish in the earth's face. Gohan looked over to Pan, who met his eyes. She smiled at him tiredly. Her lids closed and she fell, but Gohan caught her before plummeting to Earth himself.

He landed roughly on his back, Pan on top of him. He stared up at the sun and the gorgeous blue sky.

"Hey," the man from before whispered. The man leaned over the little boy, blocking the sun. Gohan squinted, but the man's face was shadowed. "I knew you could do it. I love you. I'm so proud of you." The man lifted his hand off of Gohan's shoulder. The rest of him disappeared from sight immediately. Gohan stared back up at the sky again before closing his eyes. He let the words sink in. Once they did, he laughed.

Piccolo and the other three Z Fighters sat up from their places on the ground. Krillen rubbed his head and looked around, noting the gigantic crater, courtesy of one Gohan Son. "Remind me to never get that kid angry," he joked.

Piccolo shook his head. "Hey, who threw that last energy blast at Cell?" The three humans looked at each other and shrugged. Piccolo looked up at the Cliffside where Vegeta and Trunks were still kneeling. Piccolo knitted his hairless brows together and looked up at the sky. Nothing.

"Oh, well, at least Cell is dead." He got to his feet and looked over to the two children. He lifted off and floated over to them and kneeled down beside his former pupil. Gohan opened his eyes and quieted his laughter. He nudged Pan's sleeping form.

"Strong girl."

"You should be proud, Gohan. Both of you should be. We're all proud of you." Piccolo easily picked Gohan and Pan both off the ground and carried them over to the Cliffside. Gohan held Pan to his chest tightly and looked over to Trunks.

"I'm sorry, Trunks," he looked down at his older counterpart's body and felt an icy rush, starting from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. Trunks forced a small smile.

"We can wish him back with the dragonballs, and then I can kill him for pulling such a stupid stunt." The two half-breeds shared a laugh. Gohan looked back up at Piccolo.

"I'm sorry about… the mess…" he whispered. His eyelids drooped and shut, his consciousness plummeting into dreamland. Piccolo smiled at him gently.

"S'okay, kid."

"Hey, we need to get to Dende so he can heal those two up. Then we can wish on the dragonballs," Yamucha stated. The others nodded.

"I'll carry Gohan," Trunks whispered and stood with Majunior's limp body.

"Uh, and I'll get 18!" Krillen offered and turned away quickly, avoiding the incredulous stares of his fellow warriors.

"I'll get Pan," Vegeta growled. He immediately plucked the child from Piccolo's arms. The others stared at him, wide-eyed. "What?! You don't think that it would be safe for the Namekian to juggle two brats, do you?!" Yamucha laughed.

"Vegeta being protective over a kid? Unbelievable."

"Shut up."

The Z Fighters each lifted off and left the bloodstained battlefield.


Dende gasped in horror as the Z Fighters landed on the Lookout. Piccolo and Vegeta gently laid the children on the cold tile for Dende to heal. Trunks faced away from the kids, attempting to act as a shield for their eyes when they would open. They couldn't see Majunior like this.

"Tch… oh, wow! Thanks, Dende!" Gohan smiled and sat up, feeling rejuvenated. Pan sat up as well, a sleepy look on her face.

"Aw, Daddy, I don't wanna go to school…" She blinked and widened her eyes, taking in her surroundings. "Oh, wait…" Gohan laughed and ruffled her hair. She giggled and slapped his hand away. She looked up, catching Trunks in the corner of her eye. Ice filled her body. She knew who was in front of him. She looked down at her torn, dirty purple shoes. "Can we call on the dragon now…?"

Dende nodded and stood up. He motioned over to the center of the lookout where the seven dragonballs were sitting, waiting patiently. The Z Fighters crowded around them, all except for Trunks, of course, for obvious reasons. Dende raised his hands and closed his eyes, chanting the call.

A moment passed; nothing happened.

Dende tried again, furrowing his hairless eyebrows in frustration. Still, nothing.

"Aren't they supposed to be glowing?" Gohan mumbled. Pan was silent and still beside him. He squeezed her hand.

"Well, yeah," Dende opened his eyes. He kneeled down by the balls and plucked them up and inspected each one carefully. He picked up the four star ball and gulped. Beads of sweat formed on the back of his head.

"What is it, Dende?" Piccolo asked.

"Uh…" he held up the ball. A large crack ran down the side, between the stars. "It's broken."

"How did that happen?!" Vegeta growled. Dende shook his head.

"I don't know, it wasn't broken when Mage and Goku found it, and it wasn't broken when I set them up a few hours ago."

"I think I know what happened, but it might sound crazy…" Vegeta rolled his eyes.

"Oh, please, brat. You're eleven and you just disintegrated a super powered cockroach on steroids using waves and waves of energy. What could be crazier?"

"Well, maybe the four star ball cracked when either my dad or Mage died," Gohan mumbled. Dende sighed and looked down at the seven balls hopelessly.

"I'm sorry, guys, but it will take months to make a new set…"

"Wait," Pan cut Dende off. She looked up at Trunks. "I know where to get another four star ball." Trunks looked over his shoulder, but didn't look at her. She continued, "Daddy has one at our house in our timeline. I know where it is. I can get it and bring it back, and then we can wish Daddy and everyone Cell killed back to life."

"Can she do that, Dende? Will it work?" Gohan looked at Dende hopefully. Dende nodded numbly.

"It's worth a shot."

Pan nodded and stood up quietly. She looked over at Trunks. "Where's the Time Machine capsule?" Trunks pointed to the building, where he'd kept his belongings for the time they were training for the Cell Games.

"In Gohan's yellow messenger bag." Pan flew inside the building, retrieved the bag, and brought it back outside.

"Which capsule is it?" she asked, pulling out a small capsule box.

"The green one," Trunks replied softly. Pan plucked it out of the box and opened the capsule. The large, yellow, egg-shaped time machine whirred to life. The battery-shaped scale on the front was missing one block. "We can travel through time three more times, Pan," he mumbled.

"Wait, I thought you guys had two time machines?" Gohan said. Trunks nodded his head, still not turning to look at anyone.

"We did. Pan came here in it, Gohan went back to get Mom in it, Gohan came back with Mom in it, so it only has one block of power left on it. I'm saving it for us, just in case things don't work in our timeline. That way, we can just return here and live in peace."

Piccolo nodded, "Smart."

Pan climbed up the side of the time machine and pushed the button to open the hatch. Gohan grabbed her leg.

"Let me go with you," he said. "The androids still exist in that time. I need to be there with you." Pan nodded slowly. Piccolo stepped forward.

"Careful," he warned. The two children agreed and shut the hatch after climbing in. Pan set the coordinates for the original timeline. The machine began whirring and buzzing and lifted into the air. As the whirring became louder, Pan gazed out of the glass dome top. Trunks looked up from her father's dead body and smiled gently.

"Hope," he mouthed. She smiled.


Pan gasped softly. The blinding light faded, revealing their surroundings. Gohan held her closer. The Lookout was a wreck. The once beautiful building was crumbled into nothing. The plants were dead and gray. The tile was broken and cracked. The children gulped. The hatch opened.

Gohan helped Pan out of the machine and recapsulized it. He handed the capsule to Pan, who thanked him quietly.

"Follow me," she said. He nodded and lifted into the air with her. Together, they blasted off toward Orange Star City.

Gohan's breath hitched in his throat. The once lush, lively forests and lakes that lived happily below the Lookout were now dead and dry. He looked over to Pan, who was holding a very grave expression. He squeezed her hand again. She looked up at him and smiled sadly.

The city was nothing better. Fires, sirens, destroyed buildings, crime, crying, screaming, and rioting galore. Pan sighed and landed, finally, in a small neighborhood. She held Gohan's hand tighter as they walked down the street, eyes set directly ahead, face still grave.

"It actually didn't always look like this," she mumbled motioning to the graying houses and dead grass. "When Daddy and I lived here, it was actually quite nice. I guess we just got out in time."

The street was not very long. Pan's and Majunior's house was just around the corner, but it was blocked off by yellow police tape. Pan's eyes widened. A blonde man in a brown suit was talking to the police force in front of her front door.

"I want the entire town searched!" the man shouted in despair. The officer shook his head.

"Sorry, sir, but it's been two years and we haven't seen hide or hair of Gohan Son or your daughter. I'm sorry, but I have to close the case."

"What?! They could be anywhere! If you don't continue looking, then may some higher being have mercy on…" The blonde man continued to shout at the officer. Pan sighed and lowered her gaze, tightening her grip on Gohan's hand.

"We need to get the ball," Pan whispered. Gohan nodded and continued forward. He and Pan ducked under the police tape and immediately hid behind the bushes on the side of the house. "Come on, there's a crawlspace over here…" she whispered. She lifted the drain grate at the foot of the house and crawled inside, Gohan following close behind. "This is a lot smaller than I remember," she joked weakly.

"Careful where you come out, Pan. There's two officers in the room directly above. One is moving west."

Pan nodded and crawled east. After a few seconds of crawling she turned onto her back and pushed up on the floor above her head. The wood cracked and splintered, giving just enough space for her and Gohan to crawl through. She pushed a rug out of the way and pulled herself through the hole.

"This is the bathroom," she whispered as Gohan pulled himself out of the crawlspace. He awkwardly placed the broken wood back over the hole and pulled the rug back into place. He tapped his foot on it. Although it looked normal, if anyone were to step on it, they'd fall right through the floor.

"Careful, Pan," Gohan whispered and pointed to the rug. Pan nodded.

The bathroom was barely big enough for the both of them. Pan opened the door slowly, flinching when it creaked.

"What was that?" a man's voice questioned from another room. Loud footsteps resounded through the little hallway. Pan flew into the room across the hall and motioned for Gohan to follow, but the officer was already making his way toward the bathroom. If Gohan were to leave the bathroom, he'd be caught. Thinking quickly, he hid behind the opened door.

The police officer stepped into the doorframe and inspected the tiny bathroom. He hummed and gazed around idly. Sighing, he shook his head and turned to walk back to the room with the other police officer. "It's nothin'! Just that squeaky door again."

Once the officer was out of sight, Gohan joined Pan in the adjoining room. "That was close," he breathed. She nodded.

"This is Daddy's room," she whispered sadly. Gohan nodded and looked around. It wasn't very big, much like his own room. Full sized bed, a dresser, a bookshelf, and a closet. As Gohan inspected the room, Pan opened the closet door and breathed in the familiar smell of her father's clothes. She smiled softly and quietly dropped to her knees.

Gohan watched as she hooked her fingers around a loose floorboard and pulled up on it. Inside the floor, a palm-sized stone ball waited patiently. She plucked the ball out of the hole and gently placed the floorboard back down.

"Here it is," she whispered and turned to Gohan. He smiled and nodded, then looked back at the pictures framed on his older counterpart's dresser. Pan's eyes widened and she looked behind Gohan.

"G-G-Gohan," she squeaked. He looked up at her again and blinked. He bit his lip and closed his eyes.

"They're behind me, huh?" Pan nodded.

"Who are you?!" The blonde man demanded. Gohan whirled around and met his eyes. The blonde man gasped softly. "You look like…" he looked up at Pan.

"Run!" she shouted. She grabbed Gohan's arm and ran around the other side of the bed. The two police officers followed them around. Pan pulled her mini-sized father on top of the bed and she picked up a pillow. Unbeknownst to Pan, a small photo fell out of the pillowcase. As Pan tossed the pillow at the two officers hard enough to knock them back into the wall, Gohan picked the picture up and stuffed it in his waistband. He picked the little girl up and flew out the door, back into the bathroom. He jumped over the rug and shattered the bathroom window. He kneeled in the window sill and looked behind him. The two officers ran after them, but as soon as their weight landed on the rug, they fell into the hole.

Gohan turned and jumped out of the window and hovered just over the bushes.

"Ready to go?" he asked the little girl in his arms. She hesitated, but nodded.

"Wait!" the blonde man called. He stood underneath the two hovering children and gazed up at them pleadingly. "Please, listen to me." Gohan stopped and waited for him to continue. The blonde man sighed and looked up at the sky, "If you're going to see Gohan Son any time soon… just tell him that… tell him I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Gohan nodded and shifted Pan in his arms before blasting off. The blonde man dropped his gaze to the dead grass.

"I'm the reason he left… he was my best friend, and I knew that he loved Videl… I loved her, too, but that was no excuse… to force them to be apart and force her to be with me, especially when he was the one who made her so happy… Now they're both gone. I just wish that I could speak to him once more… and tell him that he is better for Pan… for his and Videl's child than I am. I'm just so sorry…" he dropped to his knees and held his head in agony.


The two children arrived back at the wrecked Lookout. Pan decapsulated the Time Machine quickly and they jumped in. She set the coordinates and the machine whirred and buzzed, and then lifted into the air and zapped them back to the past.


The blinding light faded after a few moments and the relieved faces of their friends came into view. Trunks looked over his shoulder and sighed with relief. They were back and safe. He looked down at Majunior's deathly pale skin. "You'll be alright in no time," he promised.

Pan pushed the stone ball into Dende's green hands. He held the ball firmly and looked up at her. "Are you sure you want to do this? Once I reprogram this ball, you can never use it in your timeline again." Pan nodded urgently.

"Yes, yes, use it. It's not like it would work in our timeline, anyway." Dende nodded and concentrated on the ball. The stone seemed to melt away and be replaced by the shiny orange, matching the other balls. He opened his eyes again and placed it in the old four star ball's place. The seven balls began to glow eerily.

"Here we go, then," Dende lifted his hands and closed his eyes. He chanted the call once more and, this time, the sky turned dark in response. The balls glowed brighter than before. Yellow lightening burst from the seven little balls and it twisted and turned in the sky. The light solidified into an awesome green dragon. Dende opened his eyes and smiled.

"Shenron!" Dende shouted. Shenron's red eyes shone with magic.

"You have called upon me. What is your first wish?" he asked slowly in a booming voice. Gohan gulped and nodded at Dende. Dende nodded back.

"We wish that everyone that Cell killed back to life!" Dende shouted. Shenron's eyes glowed bright crimson.

"It has been done," he boomed.

"Gah… I feel like I was hit by a train…" Majunior sat up from Trunks's arms and rubbed his head. Pan twisted around and her eyes widened. Tears pooled in them and fell down her cheeks.

"Daddy!!" Pan shouted and tackled her father. Majunior laughed and hugged her tightly.

"Hey," he pulled Pan's face up by her chin, "Mom says hi." More tears filled Pan's eyes and she sobbed into her father's chest. Majunior held her there and looked up at Trunks, who was trying to hold back tears. "Miss me?" he asked. Trunks laughed and hugged him and the little girl tightly.

"There is a problem with your first wish," Shenron growled from a thousand feet in the air. "The one called Goku Son cannot be wished back to life, for he has already been wished back once before." Dende cursed softly under his breath. Majunior knitted his eyebrows together and looked over to Gohan. The young boy's head hung slightly.

"…Hey, what if we go to Namek and wish Goku back with the Namekian dragonballs? You can be wished back more than once with those, right?" Krillen offered. Dende nodded promptly.

"Yeah! We can just wish ourselves to New Namek, gather those dragonballs, wish my dad back, then just wish ourselves back to Earth!" Gohan's eyes lit up.

"And that still leaves us one free wish," Yamucha noted. The Z Fighters smiled at each other.

"Hey! Don't I get a say in this?!" Goku's voice resounded throughout the Lookout. Shenron sighed impatiently. "I don't want to come back to life, guys."

"D-Dad?" Gohan's eyes widened. "Why not?"

"Well, every time I'm there, something bad happens. Just look. Radditz came to Earth because I was there. Freeza came to Earth because he wanted revenge on me. The androids were created because Dr. Gero wanted revenge on me. See? I think that if I just stay away, then Earth can live in peace."

"But… that doesn't mean I don't need you!" Gohan shouted angrily, frustrated tears filling his eyes. Majunior pulled Pan off of him gently and walked over to the little boy. "I mean, things are great when you're here! What about Mom? She needs you, too! You can't just decide to stay dead!"

"Son, I was supposed to have died a long time ago when you were four. If I had stayed dead then, you wouldn't even know me now." Tears fell down Gohan's cheeks. "So, I'll see you guys soo- oh, heheh! I mean, I'll see you guys later!" Goku's voice faded into the distance.

"I still need you, Daddy…" Gohan looked back down at the ground. Majunior kneeled beside him and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. Gohan looked up into his older counterpart's eyes. Gohan trembled and fell into his arms, letting the man hug him as tightly as he could, as if he could squeeze all of the hurt out of him.

Shenron sighed again, louder this time. "What is your second wish?" Dende looked at the surrounding solemn warriors.

"Anyone have any ideas?" Dende asked softly. Krillen gulped and stepped forward.

"I want to wish 18 to be human again," he nodded firmly. So what if they all thought he was crazy?

"It cannot be done. That is out of my power," Shenron boomed. Krillen furrowed his eyebrows.

"Then I wish the bomb inside of her was removed. That way… at least she could be a little human." Shenron's eyes glowed bright crimson again.

"It has been done. Until next time, farewell." Shenron disappeared into a ribbon of light and was sucked back into the balls. The seven dragonballs floated into the air and scattered about the Earth again. The sky lightened, but the Lookout was left with a dark mood.

"I guess I should tell Mom," Gohan mumbled and stepped away from Majunior. The older hybrid nodded and ruffled his hair, shooting him a weak smile.

"Come on, I'll go with you."


The funeral was the next day. More people came than Gohan knew, but his mother seemed to know most of them. Gohan stood alone most of the time, feeling too numb to feel the comfort or stares that others tried to give him. Gohan could hear the old friends of Goku whispering things like, "Oh, that's Goku's son?" and, "He's a fine young man, he is," and, "He looks so much like his father at that age." Gohan just wanted to vomit.

It wasn't any better when his father's friends carried his empty casket down the aisle. Gohan stood across from Majunior, Pan, and his mother, not wanting to be near any of them. As the casket passed, Gohan felt a warm hand press against his shoulder. He looked over, but it was gone as soon as it came. He looked around behind him, but found nothing. When he turned back to the aisle, Majunior was staring off behind him. The older man looked back down and met Gohan's matching brown eyes. He smiled. Gohan couldn't help but smile back.


"Thanks for everything, guys," Trunks smiled as he decapsulated the time machine. The last green block left on the scale glowed brightly. Gohan hugged Pan tightly.

"You'll come back, right?" he pleaded. Pan smiled softly.

"Maybe some day." Pan let her father help her into the machine, where Trunks was waiting. Majunior ruffled Gohan's hair playfully.

"Be good," Majunior ordered. Gohan nodded.

"Yes, sir." They shared a laugh. Majunior climbed up onto the ladder and into the machine. The glass dome hatch closed with a click. Trunks set the coordinates and the machine started to whirr and buzz.

"Ready to go back to our trainwreck of a timeline?" Majunior asked, a happy smile on his face. Trunks laughed and looked around to the faces of the lives they'd changed.

"You know, I learned something," he mumbled. Majunior bounced Pan playfully in his lap.

"What's that?"

"Life is like a maze. When you hit an impasse, just retrace your steps. There is always a path to the end."

"Oh, that's deep," Majunior laughed. Trunks punched him playfully in the arm.

Outside the time machine, Gohan watched as it lifted off the green grass. Majunior looked out of the glass and grinned at him. Gohan gasped.

"Oh, no! I forgot!" He pulled the photo from Majunior's pillowcase out of his pocket. He held it up for Majunior to see. The man placed his hand on the glass dome and stood up slightly, but stopped himself, smiled again, and waved.

"You keep it," he mouthed. Gohan looked over to Piccolo.

"I forgot to tell him… that some guy in his timeline wanted to tell him that he was sorry." Piccolo laid a large, green hand on Gohan's head.

"I think he'll figure it out." Gohan nodded and looked down at the photo. It was of a younger Majunior- an older Gohan- and a woman kissing each other tenderly. The couple practically radiated happiness. Gohan flipped the photo over.

"I love you, Gohan. Love, Videl," Gohan read. He blushed and looked back into the sky. The sky was empty, but Gohan felt so full.

The End.


YES!!! I'm DONE! Wahoo!!

And, here's a special treat for all of you: a sneak peak for Chapter One of Impasse's sequal!

Here you go, a sneak peak into Finesse!


Gohan rolled his eyes. Erasa laughed and brushed her arm against his. "Yeah, Gohan, I'm serious! You and I should totally go to the movies or something…"

"Erasa, you're way too hot to beg," Sharpner ran a hand through his long blonde hair.

"Mmm, but I think I'll have to make an exception for him," she purred and poked Gohan's chest. The hybrid laughed nervously.

"In other news," Videl slapped Erasa's hand away. She poked her fat, glossy pink lips out in a pout. Videl couldn't help but smirk. "In other news, I hear there's a new teacher and a new student."

"Oh, yeah? What's the teacher teach?" Gohan asked idly.

"Math- our next class, actually," she answered. Sharpner shoved Gohan playfully.

"Only you would be interested in what the new teacher teaches, Booknerd! Who's the new kid?"

"I don't know. Some girl with a really weird name. I can't even remember it. Piper, or something," Videl answered.

"Ooh, a girl! Is she hot?!" Sharpner leaned in. Videl glared at him and elbowed him in the ribs. "Aw, come on, on a scale of One-to-Videl, how hot is she?" The teenage crime fighter elbowed him again. When the four reached the door, the bell rang.

"Oh, man, we're going to be late!" Gohan bit his lip habitually.

"Gohan, don't do that! You'll ruin your lips! Want some lip balm? You can use some of mine- oh, darn! I left the stick in my locker! Here, just kiss me and-"

"No, Erasa!" Videl separated the two. Gohan thanked her quietly. "Jesus Christ, you're like a cat in heat." Videl glared at the other girl. Erasa only giggled.

Gohan pushed the door open and stopped dead in his tracks. He stared wide-eyed at the new teacher, who only smirked at him in return.

"Oooh, the new teacher is hot!" Erasa whispered to Videl. The three humans pushed past Gohan's frozen form.

"Have a seat, Mr. Son," the new teacher ordered coolly. Gohan began to tremble. The new teacher walked up to him slowly and waved a hand in front of his eyes, snapping the hybrid out of his trance. "Are you alright?" Gohan nodded slowly. The new teacher smirked again. "Good. Now, then. Take your seat."

"Y-Yes, t-teach-cher…" Gohan stuttered. He walked numbly to his seat near his friends, who eyed him strangely. The teacher walked back to the front of the classroom and stuffed his hands into his black jacket. He smiled at his young students.

"Good. Hello, class, I'm your new Algebra II teacher, Majunior Son. It's nice to meet you all."


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