Special Shell

A horrible attempt at a song-fic it may be, but it's dedicated to my buddy, Kaida-chan. (As it has Shelly in it, and minor hints of commandershipping.)

Anyway, Marge is a manga character in Pokemon. She's in Team Magma. Shelly's in the manga, anime, and game. She's in Team Aqua. The song is a parody of " Special Fred " by Stephen Lynch. If you've never heard the song, I suggest you do, because it's sooo funny.

So...I do not own Pokemon, its characters, or Special Fred (and if you think otherwise, you're a fucking Einstein. XD)

Oh, btw, the song is the italicized lines, so pay attention.

My name is Marge.

There was this girl that I met about a decade ago.

When I was a girl of ten.

She had the poofiest red hair anybody could ever imagine, and I thought her to be one of the most hilarious girls in the fifth grade.

I had a very best friend.

This girl was also an emo one. She'd wear black clothing with a sky-blue bandana on her giant forehead.

Shelly was Goth with emo intent.

But there were problems, and we sort of soon became " not friends ".

But just a little di-ffer-eeeent.

She couldn't read a single book.

Ohhh, Special Shell.

There was this accident when she was four. Apparently, her mom didn't watch her one day (and I think she later got sued...)

She climbed some stairs, and then she fell.

She's a giant idiot, I must admit.

Now she's not so bright, and, well,...

A fucking idiot.

She's just a little bit special. (Just a little bit special...)

Just a little bit speciaaaal...

I gave her injuries. A lot of injuries. I would get in trouble a lot, too.

We'd throw kunai - she'd get hurt.

We also had major differences in what we liked to do for fun.

I'd play Maxie - she'd eat dirt.

We laughed, but I think she only did it because she had an I.Q. of 60.

I liked flames and burning cans.

And then there was that stupid weirdo boyfriend of mine that she'd talk to.

Shelly liked talking to Harlaaaaaan.

I work with him now. He may like Linkin Park, but he can't tell time.

Ohhh, Special Shell.

Both are idiots.

She climbed some stairs, and then she fell.

She's a giant idiot that doesn't know where she's at.

Now she lives inside a well.

A fucking idiot.

'Cause she's a little bit special. (Just a little bit special...)

Just a little bit speciaaal...

Fifth grade was different...for both of us.

I trained wolves, hung out in malls.

And Shelly had problems with aiming her foot in wrong places...

Shelly kicked Harlan in the balls.

I was your average bubble-gum popping fifth grader that worked in Team Magma. (I still don't know how Shelly got in Team Aqua, though. I think Archie was on crack that day...)

I had friends and lots of clothes.

Oh, yeah...Shelly also liked playing with knives...sharp knives.

Shelly had cut four of her tooooes...

She swallowed paper clips.

Ohhh, Special Shell.

She stole my weirdo boyfriend and locked lips with him.

She climbed some stairs, and then she fell.

Everything to her is either a politician, or a pile of dung.

Now she thinks she is in Hell.

And I have no idea why I ever liked her.

'Cause she's a little bit special. (Just a little bit special.)

Just a little bit...

So, one sunny Wednesday afternoon changed my life (and our friendship).

One day talkin' to Special Shell,

It was a horrible, horrible day. I went to the hospital after I talked to her.

She grabbed a brick and made me " fell ".

I got a concussion and suffered severe brain damage.

And as she laughed at me, that's when I knew

I now eat toast for fun. I can't write - at all.

That special Shell just made me special tooooooooo...yeaaah.

I am now a retard.

Now I laugh as I eat bugs.

I have fleas, head lice, and I was killed off in the manga, never to be heard from in the anime.

I like rolling in big rugs.

And yet, Shelly was in two episodes of the anime.

Next to me, Shelly is fine.

(Even though Shelly's a fucking idiot.)

Yeah, she's a fucking Eiiiinsteiiiiin...

But now we're both retarded.

Ohhh, Special Shell, (and me).

I'm paranoid of shadows and eat butter for dinner.

We think that we are in Hell, (ya see.)

I live alone, even though I'm not supposed to.

Now we're not so bright, and, well,...

And Shelly now lives with Harlan.

We're a little bit special.

I'm not happy. That bitch got off lucky.

Just a little bit special.

This is why...

That stupid bitch made me speciaaaaal.

...we're no longer friends.

Just a little bit...

And Shelly, I fucking hate you.

Just a little bit...

(And you still owe me money from last Thursday's poker game...)