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A/N: I blame myself and my Final Fantasy obsession for this one. Reneey's only here because… well, because I'm obsessed. XD And since I go along with all of her random obsessions, I made her go along with one of mine this time. Even though she's never played FF7 and probably never will. (Poor girl, huh? -shakes head-)

You've been forewarned that it's an insert-character-into-the-FF7-world story, so don't go randomly flaming about how it's ruining the whole game. If you don't like it, don't read. It's that simple, folks.

Chapter One -- Saving Pencil Larry

"But I don't wannaaaa," Reneey Umbra complained as her best friend Lyn shoved her down into the huge, comfy chair in Lyn's room and forced a PlayStation controller into her hands.

"Tough!" Lyn snapped, hitting the power button on her ancient original PlayStation and keeping a firm hold on the black eyeliner pen in her left hand. "Larry goes bye-bye if you refuse to play!"

"Don't threaten Larry!" Reneey growled.

"Don't knock it before you've freaking tried it!" Lyn shot back, crossing her arms and watching the Sony emblem show up onscreen.

Reneey whined something incoherent, but Lyn rolled her eyes. Then the opening song came on and Reneey blinked. "Dude, that sounds like Death Note music!"

Lyn blinked, too. "Yeah, it kind of does," she said with a mixture of surprise and amusement in her voice. "Random, but awesome. Anyway, push new game!"

"What button do I click?"

"The one that looks like a red circle."

"But I wanna push the green one!"

"The green one's a triangle, it doesn't do anything on this screen! Push the red circle!"

"But I wanna --"

"Push it now or Larry gets it!" Lyn threatened, holding the eyeliner pen up between three fingers and preparing to snap it in half.

"… You're a horrible person, you know that, Lyn?"

"Shut up and push the freaking button, Reneey."

"Threatening poor, innocent eyeliners… what kind of person are you!?"

"Reneey, push the button!"


"Then I'll break Larry into ten million tiny pieces!"

Lyn's fingers tensed on the eyeliner, and Reneey suddenly yelled "NOOO!" and threw herself over the arm of the chair and at her best friend. The controller went flying against the chair, bounced off onto the floor, and was promptly pounded with the full weight of both Lyn Elumo and Reneey Umbra as the older girl lost both her balance and her grip on the eyeliner pen.

"HA!" Reneey yelled triumphantly as she stood up, her eyeliner smudged and her hair tousled, but Larry the eyeliner pen gripped tightly in her hand.

"Get off my leg before I break yours!" Lyn threatened from the floor.

"I'm not moving! I don't have to do anything! I HAVE LARRY BACK!" Reneey jumped off of Lyn's leg and started bouncing around the room for a moment before finally coming to a stop and staring at the television screen. "… Uh… Lynni? Is it supposed to be doing that?"

Lyn straightened up and brushed her long, dark brown hair back out of her face so that she could see the TV… and froze. The screen was flashing red, green, yellow, and purple, and strange white glowing things kept randomly drifting across it. A low keen not unlike a cross between the sound of a can opener and a low-flying jet was being emitted from the speakers.

"… I'm gonna kill you, Reneey…"

"Your fault!" Reneey objected, then stood up on her tiptoes to look at the television properly. "But lookit! It's preeetttyyy!"

"Get away from it before you break it more!"

"But I wanna touch it!"

"I'll break your fingers off!"

"But I wannaaaaa!"

"Reneey!" Lyn went to smack her friend's hand away from the TV screen, but it was too little, too late. Reneey's metallic green fingernail hit the television screen at the same time Lyn's hand hit Reneey's arm.

"Wheee!" Reneey squealed, then suddenly began giggling madly.

Lyn made a 'why-the-crap-do-I-put-up-with-you?' face and whacked her upside the head. However, Reneey chose that moment to lose her balance and fall backward… and topple off a ledge!? Since when was there a ledge in Lyn's room!?

"Holy crap!" Lyn yelled, reaching out to grab Reneey's hand and keep her from sliding off the edge of the cliff that had spontaneously appeared. Actually, now that she looked around… no, it couldn't be!

Reneey's weight nearly yanked Lyn's arm out of socket, but she managed to hold on. However, her black leather boots were suddenly slipping on the rocky ground as she fought to keep her footing. Dadburn it, why had she picked today to wear these evil inventions called shoes!?

… Well, duh. Because she hadn't known that Reneey messing up her PlayStation would somehow result in the two of them winding up on a rocky mountain ledge and falling to their deaths.

Lyn had half expected for Reneey to yell 'Wheee!' again as they slid off the ledge and tumbled down the side of the mountain, but that was probably a stupid thought. The general gist of what Reneey yelled was 'Ow,' because the trip down was even less fun than the idea of breaking Larry the eyeliner pen.

"If we -- augh -- get out of this -- alive -- I swear -- I'm killing you!" Lyn somehow managed to threaten while tumbling down the incline.

Reneey started to answer, but before she could do so, the fall suddenly ended and she skidded to a halt on her side just inches away from another solid wall of mountain. Lyn wasn't so lucky; she landed flat on her back and proceeded to shred the skin on the rocks before crashing into Reneey and knocking them both into the stone.

"Owww," Reneey complained from where he was smushed against the rock.

"You're telling me," Lyn groaned as she rolled over onto her stomach and pushed herself up. "That… was not fun."

"Not my fault!" Reneey put in quickly.

It was very predictable, what Lyn did next: drew back her hand and whacked Reneey upside the head.

Reneey's reaction, too, could easily have been told beforehand: she cursed and threw eyeliner.

In the ensuing battle of yelling, kicking, whacking, and throwing of random objects, it was no surprise that neither girl heard the footsteps as someone approached. However, Lyn heard the voice as it asked slowly, "Uh… do you two… need help, or something?"

Lyn turned to glare at whoever had interrupted their impromptu argument and promptly stopped dead in her tracks. She found herself staring at a guy who was actually a bit shorter than her, especially with two-and-a-half-or-so-inch the heels on her boots that put her near six feet, but whose blond hair was so spiky that it just about made their heights look equal. His eyes had a strange sort of glow to them, but by the annoyed expression on his face and the look in the brown eyes of the woman behind him, it was pretty obvious that she was the one who really wanted to ask that question and had just talked him into doing it.

"… Holy… freaking… crap," was all that Lyn managed to choke out.

Reneey just blinked, cocked her head to the side as she stared at the guy, and suddenly asked, "Can I poke your hair?"