He never thought he could truly fall, let alone trust another. But as he gazed at all that was she, he came to conclusion it was that simple. She was beautiful, and every second he was falling for her more.

Hey guys, finally back with some fanfiction. Gee its been a while.

Taking a break from KH and decided to do some Brawl stories for a while. Please enjoy. I know the first chapter isn't the best, but please bear with me on this one, I'm a little rusty ;


Chapter One

Another day in the mansion, yet the same events.

A gloved hand lightly brushed blue hair from its owner's face, knowing all too well it would soon fall back into place. One of the signs the smashers had picked up as Marth's boredom. Whenever an uneventful day took place, his hair seemed to get the royal flicking every few minutes. Some people; who had not yet picked his habit up, often asked why he bothered trying. He'd merely sigh and mumble how silly he was, then go straight back to his routine.

He sat on the couch in the Smash Mansion, his ankle leaning up upon his other knee; a book in one hand, and his other arm spread out upon the top of the couch. His ankle rotated in circular motions, catching the eye of his biggest rival and closest friend Link. The Hylian male watched as the Prince's foot went around several times, until the blonde snapped.

"Why are you getting so worked up?" He asked, stating Marth's other habit. Foot circulating meant he was anxious or worried about something. The Hylian then back tracked his question. "More to the point, what has gotten you this worked up? Next match? Letter from home?"

"Nothing." Marth lied through his teeth. In fact Link was right he was anxious; or more, he was worried about facing her.

"Your foot is moving around, there is something wrong isn't there?"

The book was abruptly shut, and Link blinked at the harshness. Marth's gaze moved up from his lap, and icy sapphire eyes gazed into marine coloured ones.

"I am now directly looking into your eyes, and I am telling you without blinking or looking away from you; there is nothing wrong with me." He stuck to his words. "I guess I must just be too used to doing it nowadays."

Link blinked a few times, slowly being intimidated by his friend's icy glare. He gave in and waved his hands around "Alright fine, I believe you. Just stop, looking at me like that."

"Glad we agree on the subject." Marth shifted his position, and placed the book onto a nearby coffee table. "Now, how about we change to a subject of yours for once. I've noticed you've become…. timid towards your dear Princess."

Link gaped like a fish. "I…I have not!"

Marth gave one of those rare tuts and folded his arms. "You proved my point right there. The mere mention and you turn into a gaping beetroot."

The blonde Hylian pouted angrily, and threw his arms around like a child. "Fine, you win Marth!"

"I knew it."

"J….I…ju…shut up!" The Hylian's face grew redder and redder, and the Altean's mouth formed a slight smirk.

"So why have you left it til now?"


"Well" Marth closed his eyes thoughtfully for a moment. "How many years have you been living in that kingdom, waiting for her to call upon you? Seven years?"


"So…why have you never told her how you feel yet if you spend so much time by her side?"

Link looked at his friend for a few moments. He did have a very good point. Why hadn't he said anything until now?

"Well, maybe it's just because you've been too busy to notice her until now." Marth leant back on his arms. "I mean, being here doesn't use that much brains, right? You have more time to figure these kinds of things out."

Link, not having really taken in what his friend had stated, he merely nodded and stood up. "You're right. I gotta go…and work out how I'm gonna tell her!"

With that, the blonde Hylian trotted off to his dorm, and Marth kicked back in his seat.

"Man, I'm good." He smiled to himself. "Maybe even better than Pit."


"So, I said to Yoshi that…"

All she does is talk! Doesn't she have an off button? Samus rolled her eyes within her helmet. Peach had talked her way through breakfast, and the girls morning stroll, and now talking her merry way to lunch break.

Zelda had her eyes closed in a royally fashion, her hands crossed in front of her. Samus sometimes wondered how she could put up with constant gossip spilling from her friend's mouth. Samus also wondered how they both convinced her to keep close to them, she was losing it!

"….So that's why Ike and Pit are so close. Because they have something more than just friends." Peach finished with a pearly white smile.

"And you know this how exactly?" Samus questioned, not really wanting to know how she knew, but also didn't want to hurt the Princess' feelings by showing she didn't care.

"Oh…lets just say they don't hide their activities from public view." She kept that same smile, but Samus noticed a tiny glint in her jewel shaped eyes.

"Alright Peach, I think we've heard enough about other Smashers and their personal lives." Zelda stated ever so calmly as they reached the mansion doors. "It is nice to know, but I think they do deserve some privacy."

"Oh, of course!" Peach giggled, the words obviously going right over her head. She quietly pushed one of the doors, letting herself inside.

Marth's head slowly rolled down from his light nap. His ears perked to the sound of giggling females, and he woke up with a start. He rubbed his eye with his palm, and as his eye's fell upon the group of female brawlers, his heart skipped a beat.

She stood at the doorway, leaning on it slightly. She didn't join in with the others, but instead just listened to what they had to say. Her head shifted so she stared into his sapphire eyes, causing him to gulp suddenly. He immediately swept his feet off the table, and coughed in his fist before standing up to adjust himself.

"Afternoon ladies." He said with a courteous bow. Peach and Zelda giggled slightly and smiled. Samus merely rolled her eyes sarcastically.

"Afternoon you." Peach replied, closing the large wooden door behind her. "Did we interrupt your nap?"

"Oh, not at all, I was just…resting my eyes." He mentally cursed, knowing his lines were making him look like a fool before her.

"Well, if you're awake, we can prepare some lunch!" Peach piped, whisking the two other females and the prince to the kitchen.