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Chapter 12

"I don't see why I have to go and stir up trouble." A low, gravel-like voice issued from a bulky Reptilian figure as they stomped ever so slowly and bulkily beside a tall and exaggerated solid figure. The Reptilian ran a clawed hand through orange hair; one claw was missing from the index finger. "I Already cut off one of my pride and joy to stir up trouble. Send Wario."

"Please, that stubby oaf couldn't cause trouble even if I gave him a guide on how to do it." The male used a glove hand to stroke his facial hair covered chin. "Suppose we could call upon old DeDeDe to go and explore…"

"I hardly think he's any better than my pick." The Reptile rolled his eyes in annoyance. "There is always…him."

"Bowser my fine fellow, that's brilliant!" The man's mouth formed an evil grin. "We send him in for the frontal assault, and we, being the royalty we are, bring up the rear to pick up the pieces. On the condition the Princesses are kept alive and preferably in one piece."

"Ganondorf, you know there's no promises there." The reptile Bowser stated. "Unless that Mario and his crew lock them up in a safe place like they always do."

"Pitiful heroes if you ask me. Then again, makes our job much easier…" Ganondorf looked at a flashing button on the large computer beside them, and pressed it eagerly. "Why hello, one of your drones has sent us footage."

The screen opened up to show recent activity of the smashers on the island. A few faces seemed to spark his interest, as he zoomed in to have a close look at them.

"This man looks promising…want to pay him a visit?" Ganondorf's smirk grew wider as he pointed to a man sitting in his room, tinkering with an unusual looking device. He seemed to look up, a cigarette hanging from his mouth as he furrowed his brow at the camera in confusion.

"Solid Snake…Your cameo is to happen very shortly."


Link, Marth and Pit decided to take a walk early one morning. It was one of those days where Peach got a bee in her bonnet and kicked everyone out to do mass housework. Naturally the girls were forced to help out, and the guys were to make themselves scarce til late at night for their lack of helpfulness.

"I don't see why you get out of it, you deem girly enough." Link stated at Marth, who was narrowing his eyes at him.

Pit giggled. "You'd look good in a pink apron…"

"Shut up! I would NOT look good in pink!"

Link placed hands behind his head. "Whatever you say Princess."

Marth fumed in frustration, his fist curled into balls. Pit skipped alongside, not really paying attention to anything. He was soon however thrown out of his happy place as he tripped over something large.

"Oof!" He exclaimed as he hit the floor belly first. He looked over his shoulder to see a weird looking mushroom waddling around dizzily. "What's with the fungus with the face?"

Link bent down to its level, and flicked it in the head. "Beats me, it just keeps coming back for more." As it bounced back and forth like a punching bag toy.

"Guy's cut it out, it might bite you and give you…on second thoughts, keep smacking it around." Marth said with a smirk.

Pit however, picked it up and squeezed it tightly. "I think it's kinda cute. Plus it's cuddly!"

"Hmmm…." Link eyed it warily, stroking his chin and glancing at from all angles. Its large beady eyes followed the Hylian's face in a worried manner. Link stood straight back up and folded his arms. "I say we take it to Peach; it looks like something that would come from her world."

Pit and Marth both looked at each other, and shrugged in reply. There wasn't much else to anyway. They followed the Hylian across the small patch of grass, and flung the doors open…

"GET OUT!" Their welcome was followed by a hand broom being flung in their general direction. Both Link and Pit ducked, meaning the Prince caught the brush with the bridge of his nose. He cried out as he fell backwards, holding his nose tightly to prevent bleeding.

Peach retracted her hand angrily, and patted down her very short dress before stomping back to claim her brush back. Zelda placed a hand to her mouth to stifle laughter, before looking down and trying to pull her own short dress down to cover her indecent exposure. Samus merely turned around with an unamused face, her two-pieced suit covered in a frilly pink apron.

"I think Marth wants his apron back." Link said with a smirk, eyeing the females as much as he could before they'd go back to covering.

"You know it'd probably suit him better too." Samus shot back, jumping down off her stool and placing hands on her hips. "What do you want, besides the obvious."

"Oh! We found this mushroomy thingo and thought Peach might know what it is." Pit stated with a large grin, holding his hostage in front of his face. Peach went white, before smacking it to the floor and giving a good boot. It hit the door frame however, and bounced off walls and other obstacles. Zelda ducked her head as it zoomed past, and hit Marth in the face just as he sat back up.

"Oh dear…" Zelda stated. "I'm sorry!"

"It's ok, he'll get back up…eventually."

"Link!" Samus finished, storming over and helping the bluenette up. He placed a hand to his head, and opened his eyes slowly. His eyes flickered, and a small pink blush crawled across his face.

Peach squealed as the mushroom got up and staggered around. "That's one of Bowser's Goombas! He must be spying on us!"

It shook its head a few times, looked around before crying out and running out the door.

"Don't let it get away!" Pit stated, taking a sprint and jumping up into the sky. Zelda spun around, transforming into Sheik, and took off as fast as she could go. She veered slightly to the right, whereas Samus dropped Marth and sprinted off to the left. Marth took the centre, and ran directly for the little mushroom. Link and Peach just stood there, both being too slow to do much.

"Oh this isn't gonna end…" Link and Peach winced as the Goomba leapt over Sheik's head and both women collided in a head on. "…Well."

"Oh no!" Peach squealed as she jiggled on the spot. "We'd better help them!"

The mushroom princess grabbed the Hylian's collar impatiently and dragged him over to help out with the other two women, who seemed to be a tangled mess of arms and legs and both looking like they may be suffer a mild concussion if they collapsed. Marth skidded to a halt and turned back around, before throwing himself at the tiny beast. It leapt just in time, watching the Prince land ungracefully upon his stomach and winding himself. It chuckled, only to feel its body compressing slightly as two small arms wrapped around its body.

"I got it!" Pit cried happily, doing a loop-de-loop before landing beside Marth. "Hey what's wrong?"

"W-winded…" He coughed as he got up uncomfortably.

"I guess tactical plans don't work if you don't road test them first." Sheik stated as she sat up with a dizzy look on her face. Samus followed suit, her eyes now cross-eyed.

Marth and Pit made their way over to the others, seeing Peach and Link were really of no help to them whatsoever. The Prince bent down, and pulled the Sheikah up gently to her feet. She staggered, and fell back into his arms. Link gave a mild look of protectiveness.

"Hey, help your own girlfriend." He stated with a slight growl as he grabbed Sheik and held her close. She didn't even notice she was being handed around.

Marth frowned as he bent down to check the Chozo raised woman. "She's not my girlfriend." He noticed her face seemed to have a hurt expression…no; she was just wincing in pain and held her head slightly.

Link cocked an eyebrow. "That's not what Fox told me."

"Well, Fox doesn't know what really went on." He glared as he gently pulled Samus to her feet. His arms however were kept firmly around her body. "She was thanking me for last night, that's all."

"Ah, so that's what they call it these days." Link retorted sarcastically, not noticing everyone looking from him to the aggravated Prince like a verbal tennis match. "So how many times have you guys thanked each other? Three, maybe four times now?"

"Link, please don't cause a fight." Pit said with a grim expression. "Even if it is for fun it's still childish."

Link closed his mouth, clearly about to state he was only playing. He shook his head, and mouthed what clearly was 'Denial, complete denial', before shutting his mouth once more and gave a sorry look to the Prince. Marth sighed and looked at his love interest. She seemed to be stable enough to walk again, as she gently pushed him away and stood herself.

"Look, let's just go inside and um, have some tea?" Peach suggested quietly, before beaming after everyone agreed to her idea.

Sheik turned back into Zelda once she was out of Link's arms, and to his dismay had her long gown on. Samus hastily took the apron off, and flung it over her shoulder before following the Hylians and Peach to the mansion. Marth and Pit; who was still holding the Goomba, stayed planted in their positions.

"Marth…" Pit began to say, before the Prince cut him off with an abrupt hand signal.

"Look, I just want it dropped, ok?" he said, looking down on the innocently saddened angel. "I'm fine, really." He added hastily, hoping Pit would cheer up. "Come on, let's go inside and see what to do with this thing."

Marth petted the angel on the head softly, before making his way to the door. Pit shifted his weight to one foot and cocked his head slightly.

"Huh, Link was once for right." He said to himself quietly. "Complete denial."