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It was a beautiful day but as always, Akatsuki base, NOT SO PEACEFUL! Why? Because Pein was missing. Tobi passed out on the floor. Konan just panicked. Hidan just watched everyone panic.

"Who's going to pay me!" Kakuzu cried.

"I'm going outside because I need peacefulness un." Deidara walked outside.

Deidara laid his back against the base and sat down.

"Man its crazy in there un." Deidara mumbled.

Just then he saw a cat, or more like a kitten. It had fallen from a tree it seemed. Lucky for cats that they can land on four paws. Deidara cocked his head.

"A kitten? What is it doing way out here un?" Deidara thought getting up.

The cat was bright orange it seemed. Deidara then saw that the cat was extremely cute. It seemed to be a stray. The Akatsuki needed a pet, plus Tobi needs a friends so that he'll leave Deidara alone.

"I guess a cat is what Akatsuki needs. Plus we need leader back hmm." Deidara started to walk where the kitten was.

When he went over there the kitten froze.

"Wow you're a quiet kitten un." Deidara said. "I'm amazed I'm not scratched up yet hmm."

Deidara patted the kitten on the head but the cat just seemed to still be frozen. Deidara picked up the kitten and his hands luckily didn't open up and lick the kitten. Deidara started to walk back to the base. Deidara was amazed that the cat didn't move or scratch him. Soon he walked in and everyone was still panicking.

"Geez guys what is up with you. I'm sure leader just left on a mission or something un." Deidara pointed out.

Deidara noticed the kitten meowed and Tobi saw the kitten and smiled.

"Deidara-sempai! You have a kitten!" Tobi jumped up and ran over to Dei.

Though for some reason the cat hissed at Tobi. Tobi jumped back.

"Sempai I think you got a mean kitty." Tobi said.

"I guess he doesn't like you hmm." Deidara laughed.

"How do you know it's a boy?" Tobi asked.

"I've been holding him so I know un." Deidara answered.

Konan noticed the kitten and walked over there too.

"You know leader told us no pets." Konan reminded them.

Just then the kitten meowed again.

"How come the kitty cat meows when we say leader?" Tobi questioned.

The cat meowed again. The kitten tried to get out of Deidara's grip and was looking at leader's office.

"Whoa what's with this cat?" Konan looked curious.

"Meow!" the kitten kept trying to get away.

"Deidara I think you should get rid of the kitten." Konan said.

"No because its cute un!" Deidara scowled and walked into his room with the kitten.

Deidara set the kitten on his bed and looked at the orange kitten.

"You look a lot like leader hmm." Deidara pointed out. "I should call you Pain. Its spelled different then the other Pein un."

The kitten just looked at him. Though Deidara kept thinking he was cuter and cuter. Deidara stroked the kitten down it's back.

"You're alright for a kitten hmm." Deidara smiled.

Deidara noticed it was 10:00pm and he yawned.

"Well I'm tired. I'm going to bed Pain, you can sleep on my bed if you want hmm." Deidara jumped into bed and the kitten was at the end.

Soon Deidara was asleep and the kitten stood up.

"Took him long enough." the kitten thought. "How will I show them I'm leader?"

Yep it was leader as a kitten. Weird huh? Pein the kitten jumped to the ground and pawed open the door. Konan was the only one up and she was watching TV.

"Maybe I can get Konan to understand its me." Pein thought walking over to where Konan was.

Pein jumped onto the couch and Konan noticed.

"What do you want stupid cat?" Konan growled.

Pein wished he could talk but he meowed and pointed his paw at his office.

"What is with you and our leader." Konan looked confused.

"Damn how can I get her to know its me?" Pein thought worried.

Pein pawed at Konan and turned his head to his office and meowed again like he wanted her to follow.

"What do you want?" Konan asked with a scowl.

"Meow! Meow!" Pein kept doing the same thing.

"Listen I don't know what you want but shut up!" Konan yelled.

"What do kittens do to calm someone down?" Pein thought. "Let them cuddle you, but that's idiotic!"

Pein decided he should make Konan calm down by going in her lap. That usually works for kittens to get attention. Pein crawled onto Konan lap and went into a ball. Konan couldn't help but to think that was cute. She stroked Pein slowly and Pein felt comfortable. He didn't notice he was purring.

"Am I purring?" Pein thought. "Damn I am!"

Though he couldn't stop purring thanks to his cat instincts. Konan smiled.

"You know what, you are cute." Konan giggled still stroking him.

Pein though was falling asleep. What was funny was that he was falling asleep in Konan's lap as a kitten.

"No I won't fall asleep in this position." Pein thought with his eyes closing.

Konan giggled seeing how cute this kitten was. Not knowing that this was Pein leader of the Akatsuki. And her partner. But in a couple minutes he fell asleep and Konan giggled quietly.

"I'm actually glad Deidara got this kitten." Konan thought.

She stopped stroking Pein and picked him up in a position that way he wouldn't wake up. She got up and walked into her room with Pein and set him on her bed. He was still asleep.

"So cute." Konan thought with a smile.

Konan got into bed and Pein was at her feet asleep. Konan felt safe and comfortable with Pein as a kitten with her.

"I have the feeling Pein is watching over me." Konan started to fall asleep. "After all I am god's angel." Then she fell asleep.

The next morning:

Konan woke up and Pein was still asleep on her bed. Konan smiled then got up. Pein woke up and stretched and saw Konan smiling.

"I can't believe I fell asleep in her lap." Pein thought.

"Morning." Konan petted Pein on the head and his ears went down when she did that.

"You hungry?" Konan asked.

"Meow." Pein nodded his cat head.

Konan picked up Pein and walked into the living room.

"I see you like the kitten now hmm." Deidara said sitting at the kitchen table.

"He is cute! I have to admit." Konan set Pein down.

"Hey I named him Pain. Except its spelled different when it comes to spelling un." Deidara told her.

"Well it does fit him since he does look like Pein." Konan smiled.

"Hey what do cats eat anyway?" Tobi asked.

"Cat food, fish, stuff like that un." Deidara shrugged.

Everyone looked at Kisame.

"Why are you looking at me!?" Kisame sweat dropped.

"Either you are the fish or you go catch some fish." Konan said in a scary voice.

Kisame ran out of the base screaming and went to go get some fish. Konan giggled because of her evilness.

"Tobi be right back." Tobi stood up and went to the living room.

Tobi came back with a cat teaser.

"You want to play with him un?" Deidara questioned.

"Yep! Kittens are so cute!" Tobi smiled under his mask.

Tobi kept swinging the cat teaser around Pein and he just looked at him with a 'are you kidding me' look.

"Kitty won't play with Tobi." he whined.

"Maybe because you're and idiot hmm." Deidara laughed.

"T-Tobi is a good boy though." Tobi almost cried.

Pein rolled his eyes and swatted the cat teaser which made Tobi stop crying.

"Yay!" Tobi kept playing with Pein.

Pein hated it. Soon Tobi was done playing with him until Zetsu came from the ground.

"Guys bad news." Zetsu help up a cloak. "This was leader's cloak…I think he's gone…"

Konan stopped what she was doing and walked over to Zetsu. It was Pein's cloak. Pein noticed that Konan was crying

"No! She thinks I'm dead!" Pein thought.

He ran over to Konan and rubbed against her legs. Konan tried to stop crying but couldn't.

"Oh Pain, you have no idea how I feel." Konan kept crying.

"Yes I do! Its me!" Pein kept meowing franticly.

They didn't understand. Now they thought he was dead. What could he do?!

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