Shawn was sitting on Juliet's desk regaling her with the story of a case he had closed and Lassiter was filling out paperwork and studiously not rolling his eyes at the pair. He couldn't believe his partner – a smart cookie usually, would swallow the fake psychic's lies. Lassiter was debating saying something until he noticed Buzz heading over with their coffee orders. Good. Coffee always put him in a better mood. To his dismay however, after McNabb handed O'Hara and Lassiter their coffees, he handed one to Shawn. Shawn inclined his head to the officer in thanks and took a sip before setting his cup down and resuming his story. Lassiter scowled at the papers in front of him, taking a swig of his coffee before setting it on his desk and resigning himself to the presence of the younger man. 'Did Spencer ever shut up?'he wondered to himself. Lassiter sighed and closed the folder in front of him, moving it to the Out basket and pulling a new one from the In basket. He reached for his coffee absentmindedly, taking another swig and promptly choking.

Shawn jumped up and moved behind Lassiter, pounding on his back while the detective fought valiantly to swallow the liquid in his mouth despite the protests of his body. In a not so dignified compromise, he managed to get down about half while the other half ended up on his desk. O'Hara stared wide eyed at him and Shawn rubbed his back with one hand, reaching for the cup Lassiter had just drunk out of with the other. "You okay?" the brunette asked, while bringing the coffee up to sniff. "Dude! Lassie, you grabbed my coffee by accident. Didn't you smell the pineapple?"

"Pineapple?" Lassiter rasped out while Juliet disappeared muttering about getting napkins. "You put pineapple in your coffee?"

"Mmmhmm. A shot of pineapple juice. Wasn't it delicious?"

Lassiter tried to save his papers from the coffee mess; ignoring the fact Shawn still had a hand on his back. "It was the second most vile thing I ever put in my mouth."

"Who was the first?" Lassiter's eyes widened and he jerked around to look at the fake psychic.

"What?!" Shawn leaned a little closer to the detective, bending a little to whisper in his ear.

"C'mon Lass-a-love, you don't have to play that game with me, I'm a psychic, remember?" He touched the Irishman's temple lightly, enjoying the way the other man gaped at him.

Thankfully for the detective, O'Hara returned at that moment with paper towel and the two detectives started mopping up the mess. Shawn took a step away and watched, taking in the sight of flustered older man. Lassiter was quite carefully not looking at Shawn and the brunette decided to take pity on the detective and leave for the day. After a parting shot of course.

"You know, Lassie, you are wrong about pineapple. It makes ieverything/i taste better. Sweeter. If you ever want to test that for yourself, you know where to find me." With that the fake psychic picked up his coffee and walked to the door, fully aware of Lassiter staring at him the whole way. He smiled to himself as he lifted his cup and took a sip. i'Mmm…indirect Lassie kiss!'/ihe sighed happily.