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She was breathing heavily and most of her energy had drained from her body. The wind was harsh in the cold night making her hair whip around her face. The cold hard cement of the rooftop she was kneeling on made her knees ache. Gently she reached out and brushed the hair away from the eyes of the unconscious body before her. Then standing up shakily she raised her defiant golden eyes to the dark silhouettes standing a short distance away.

"What will you do know Hinamori Amu?" a voice sneered at her. Amu clenched her fists and directed her gaze to the three tiny figures hovering next to her. Their fearful eyes stared at her and she could see that they were shaking. Amu then looked up at the night sky dotted not with stars but hundreds of dark eggs, she then returned her gaze to the source of the nasty voice which belonged one of the Easter goons.

'What can I do?' she thought to herself. Once again she looked down to the unconscious body at her feet. Amu felt the hatred begin to build up inside of her. Hatred towards the despicable company that was fuelled by greed, and hatred towards herself at being so helpless.

"Your friends can't help you now" the nasty voice reminded her. She didn't need reminding of the bodies sprawled out on the ground behind her. No they weren't dead but they might as well be with the injuries they had sustained. This added to the ball of hate that was welling up inside her.

'There must be something I can do!' Amu thought desperately.

Then she felt it, the dark energy, the x-energy, flowing into her through the Humpty Lock. Amu gasped as she looked at the lock and the dark glow it was emitting. It was dim but she could feel it getting stronger by the second.

"Amu-chan! Look at the x-eggs!" Ran exclaimed. Amu's head shot up and she saw slowly but steadily the dark aura from the x-eggs was slowly draining away.

"They're being cleansed desu!" Su gasped.

"Amu-chan are you…?" Miki trailed off as she also noticed the dark glow being emitted by the Humpty Lock.

"The lock… It's draining all the x-energy out of the eggs…" Amu barely whispered the gasped and grasped her chest as a sharp pain spread through it. "…and it's channeling it into me!"

"Amu-chan!" all her charas cried out in a shocked and worried tone.

Amu had no idea what was going on, she heard the loud shouts from the Easter goons and the cries of warning from her charas. It felt as if her body was being shredded into a thousand pieces. Amu let out a terrifying scream. And then the pain was gone.

Ran was terrified as Amu screamed a deafening scream and then watched as Amu became completely still, her bangs covering her eyes.

"…Amu-chan?" Ran asked tentatively. No response. Ran looked towards where the enemy stood and could hear their confused murmurs. 'They haven't noticed the x-eggs have been cleansed!' Ran realized.

"Your theatrics can't save you either!" the Easter goon snarled at Amu. Once again Amu didn't respond. Infuriated by her lack of response the goon shouted "Get her!" There were about thirty of them that rushed forward to attack Amu.

"Amu-chan watch out desu!" cried Su.

"It's ok, everything will be fine." Amu breathed the words so softly that her charas barely heard her. The goons were almost within an arms reach of Amu now when a sudden blast of blackish-purple energy erupted from Amu knocking them to the ground.

Amu slowly lifted her head and her charas gasped as they saw her eyes. They were still gold but they had a tinge of purple swirling in them but what was most frightening was that they were emotionless.

"Easter" Amu said calmly staring straight at the man who seemed to be in charge. "I have a proposal for you".

"W-what proposal?" The man queried trying to cover up the shock that this small girl had just taken down thirty men without even lifting a finger.

"I will join you, if you can meet my conditions" Amu stated. Amu raised an arm and pointed to the sky above the man. The man followed the direction of where Amu was pointing and gasped as he saw all the pure white heart's eggs floating above him. In the middle was a sparkling egg.

"The Embryo!" he shouted but as soon as he did this, all the eggs flew away into the night to return to their owners and the Embryo disappeared. Amu's voice brought his attention back to the current conversation.

"I can find the Embryo for you" Amu stated emotionlessly.

The man was stunned by the sudden change in this girl's character. It had seemed like she was defeated and about to give up hope but then unleashed some new sort of power. Now she was offering to join Easter. 'She will be an asset to the company' he thought greedily.

"Ah I see you've realized that you were fighting on the wrong side Hinamori-san" he said gleefully. "It seems that you've accepted that Easter is far greater than your precious friends and can offer you much power" he stated.

Amu's face remained blank.

"Amu-chan, you can't do this!" Miki cried, but Amu ignored her.

"What are your conditions?!" the man demanded.

"Firstly, Easter must never harm the guardians again or do anything to jeopardize their safety" stated Amu.

"Done" the man said. 'It looks like they won't be getting in the way anytime soon anyway' he thought assessing the unconscious bodies lying on the ground behind Amu.

"And secondly, you must release this boy," she gestured to the other unconscious form lying at her feet "Tsukiyomi Ikuto, from his contract" her steely gazed remained fixed on the man.

He hesitated then replied "Agreed, the boy is weak anyway, Easter no longer has a use for him, especially now we have you." The tone in his voice made Ran, Miki and Su shiver. "Now Hinamori-san if you would do me the honor of coming to Easter with me, we can arrange your contract" he gave her a fake smile.

Amu only nodded once and followed him into the helicopter, her charas following helplessly behind.

To Be Continued…

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