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Ikuto rushed towards the presence of the x-eggs. He arrived at the scene only to be stunned by the sight. There was the girl he had been searching for, surrounded by x-eggs.

"Amu...?" he called but she didn't respond. 'Why hasn't she done a character transformation yet?!' he thought. Suddenly the x-eggs rushed forward to attack Amu. Before Ikuto could do anything Amu quickly side-stepped and avoided the eggs.

"Amu!" this time Ikuto yelled as the eggs tried to attack her again and launched himself in their way only to be knocked down by a blast of energy. But the blast hadn't come from the eggs in front of him, it had come from his right. Ikuto looked up to see Amu standing beside him looking down at him. It was then that he noticed her face. It was devoid of emotion. Ikuto was shocked, usually Amu's face was like an open book but now she was completely 's cold eyes stared down at him.

"Stay out of my way" she said in a low quiet voice and Ikuto saw a flash of swirling purple in her eyes. Then Amu walked calmly towards the x-eggs raising her arms in front of her. Ikuto watched in a horrified awe as one by one the x-energy from the eggs was transferred to Amu. As the eggs flew off to their rightful owners Ikuto noticed Amu's eyes closing and before she could hit the ground Ikuto caught the unconscious girl.

"Amu-chan!" three small voices called out. Ikuto looked up to see Amu's guardian characters floating over to them.

"Is she okay?" Ran asked Ikuto.

"She fainted..." Ikuto replied.

"We should get her to the apartment desu!" cried Su.

"Apartment...?" Ikuto questioned.

Ran, Miki and Su exchanged a glance.

"It's where Amu lives now..." Miki hesitated.

"Can you show me the way?" Ikuto asked.

"Sure" the charas agreed.

Ikuto placed Amu down carefully on her massive king-sized bed. His head was full of questions but right now his main concern was Amu. He noticed the Humpty Lock hanging from her neck and reached out to touch it.

"OW SH-" Ikuto yanked his hand away which was now throbbing in pain, the damned lock had shocked him.

"Ikuto..." Ikuto's head shot up to examine Amu but her eyes were still closed. 'She must be talking in her sleep... At least she's not in a coma...' Amu had a pained expression on her face and was starting to toss a bit.

Ikuto pulled a chair up beside the bed and took one of Amu's hands in his.

"Shhh Amu it's ok, rest" he murmured in her ear and he watched her expression relaxed and smiled slighty as her soft snores filled his ears.

To Be Continued...

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