"My Queen," I said to her, my body bent low in my curtsy, my head down. I did not look up at her till she recognized my presence before her.

"Ah, Isabella, I have been asking for you. Where have you been?" She pretended to be mad, but i knew it was only an act for the rest of the court.

"I am truly sorry, Your Majesty, but I came as soo as your summons reached my ears." It was true, I had only just heard that she was looking for me. But I was not going to tell her infront of the whole court where I was. To much gossip spread already, not just about me, but everyone in the whole court. I did not need anymore around me.

"Oh well, you are here now." She nodded her head to a lady beside her as she stood up. Anne began to walk forward and the lady ran behind her to fix her train.

"Come," she said to me, "I need your help with my dressing. Henry is expecting me for a dinner in his room. You are invited of course." She smiled to me. I was the closest person to her here in this court. Women hated her for coming so far. Rising from nothing, to a woman of wonder. Many wanted her place, I only wanted her trust and friendship. She truly was a wonderful young woman once you got to know her.

"Of course, I would love to accompany you to the King's presence." My smile was big on my face. Anne knew what made me happy, and she knew that me being there, possibly seeing him, would make me so happy.

We walked in silence to her rooms, men and women bowing low before her as she made her way down the halls. When we reached her dressing chamber she told everyone to leave but me. I began to remove her gown from the day as she looked at her others to see what she would wear to dinner tonight.

"Bella," she said to me, she only used that name with me when we were alone and customs did not have to be practiced, "I noticed you did not answer all my questions earlier. Where were you this afternoon?"

She knew full well where I was. I had never lied to her, and all my secrets were hers as well.

"I was by the stables, checking on my horse." I told her, keeping my eyes down.

"And was the Master of the Horse not there? Hmm, what was his name, oh yes, Edward?" A playful smiled appeared on her lips and a sparkle gleamed in her dark eyes. She knew he was there, and that I was not there just visiting my horse, but to watch him as well.

Edward Cullen. His father had been in high favor with Henry's father when he was alive. Henry and Edward were childhood friends, it was no suprise that he would get a great honor from Henry when he became King. But there was a time, just before Henry's father died, that Edwards father rebelled against the King. He was locked up in the tower to die. Edward had nothing to do with it, but because he was related to the man, harsh tidings were thrown upon him. Henry still had a love for Edward and could not be terribly mean to him, so he made him the Master of the Horse. Most likely the highest he will ever be able to achieve. Edward took it willingly, and has still been one of the right hand men to Henry.

"Yes he was there Anne. Do you mean to tease me? Or shall I just help you dress so you can see your King faster?" A small laugh escaped my lips and a bright smile appeared on Anne's face.

"Oh yes, help me dress. I wish to be there soon." With that said I helped her finish dressing. I could not stop my mind from wandering though. Dinner tonight would be an interesting one indeed.


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