In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Story by Green Garden

Tears of a Slave

Prologue: Separation

"Let's hurry up! Piedmon and his goons are going to be here any time!" One of the male members of the Order of the Light warned.

"You don't think we don't know that?" Gennai asked, in annoyance.

"Lady Zeroguard must know of this." Candeena muttered.

"The Vanguard of Light knows everything." Gennai replied.

"Take the digi-eggs, and the digivices, all of them." Candeena decided, standing up from her seat.

Suddenly, the red siren alarm went off, and Gennai; Candeena, and the rest of the Order of the Light glanced around their hidden base, and at each other. Candeena closed her eyes, and using the only window in the room, she summoned her floating spell, and flew away. Gennai watched her leave, but Piedmon burst into the room and the rest of the Order of the Light stood up to stop him, but Piedmon took his trump swords out and slashed through them.

Gennai jumped into a the helmet of one of the standard Mekanorimon in the room, and grabbing hold of all the digi-eggs and digivices, he flew out of the open window, just as Piedmon finished slaughtering the Order of the Light. Piedmon cursed and chased after him. Knowing Piedmon was behind him, Gennai didn't look back, but continued on towards File Island, where he had to make sure that the digi-eggs would be safe, before sending the digivices out.

He was assured enough that he and the Order of the Light had scattered the crests out into the Digital World a few months back, and he was sure that the second patch of DigiDestined would find them. Flying over the ocean, Gennai glanced down towards the water, and saw a serpent shadow underwater. He quickly looked ahead and cursed under his breathe. Without warning Metal Seadramon burst through the surface of the water.

"River of Power!" Metal Seadramon yelled.

Gennai was close to the coast of Server, and he maneuvered Mekanorimon to the right, right above Server's coastline. He still knew Piedmon was close behind him.

"Trump Sword!" Piedmon yelled.

Gennai gasped, and spun Mekanorimon around, barely avoiding the swords with skill, but as a result, one of the digi-eggs accidentally fell from Mekanorimon's grasp, and Gennai noticed, knowing which one it was. Knowing that he didn't have a chance against Piedmon or Metal Seadramon, and that he was more vulnerable, he headed deeper in Server, going over the forest. He landed in a clearing and swiftly got out, rushing towards the cover of the trees.

He reached the trees panting and he stopped, under the cover of the trees, just as Piedmon stopped over the clearing. The Mekanorimon didn't have a chance, since no one was in it to control it, and so it was deleted. Yet, Gennai had the digi-eggs and the digivices with him.

"I... have... to find... the Vanguard... of Light." Gennai whispered, panting.

He turned around and walked deeper into the forest.

"I just pray that the digi-egg I lost would survive to find her DigiDestined." Gennai whispered, walking through the shadows of the trees.