"One Crown For A King's Ransom"

Part XIV.

"Hi, Mac!" Francis greeted MacGregor, as he entered the Marshal's Office a few minutes later.
"You seen Jim? How's he doin'? Is he okay?"
"Aye! He rode in on the stage. He's down at the doctor's, getting the back of his thick skull sewn up."
The younger man heaved a huge sigh of relief. "Man! Am I glad you were right about him getting away!

Any new orders?" "He's leaving the two of us in charge. Seems all his honor wants right now
Is a little well-deserved sleep.
Any problem with the prisoners?" "Nope! They were already UNarmed when we found them.
We jes' had ta round 'em up...like sheep.

Jim didn't happen ta bring one a' his kidnappers back here with him, did he?"
MacGregor glanced at the reporter, with a rather puzzled look upon his face.
"It's just that...we found two sets a' tracks
Leading away from the place.

They had him handcuffed to a tree. How does a lone lawman escape from, and disarm
An entire gang of outlaws...when he doesn't even have his gun?!
I tell yah, the man jes' never ceases to amaze me, Mac!
I can't wait to read his official report on this one!

Jim Crown sure makes one hell of a Marshal!"
"Aye! And he's an even better fr-r-riend!"
And...With Mac's little revelation,
Our story/poem has finally reached…THE END

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