Summary: This is a collection of short POVs written in 1st person style. Each chapter will contain one character's POV on another character. For example, this chapter has Hanabusa Aido's POV on Kaname Kuran. The relationships between the characters can be either yaoi, friendship, acquaintance or even -gasp!- hate, if I can actually bring myself to write that! LOL… It won't be action-oriented though hence the 'T' rating.

Author Notes: We all know what Hanabusa Aido thinks about his idol, Kaname Kuran. But what goes through his mind at the mention of the pureblood? The hints on Kaname's past in this chapter are inspired by some awesome VK stories from Blackened Wing, Sagakure and IncaGold27.

Appreciation: This came about courtesy of some very cute plot bunnies packed into my suitcase last week when I wasn't looking and an idea for a one shot took only two minutes to morph into a possibility of multiple chapters (following the predictable YenGirl principle, LOL!). The bunnies were stealthily packed by Blackened Wing and the doubtful wisdom of starting a new story without first finishing my current ones was roundly encouraged by AgateLinks. So thank you, ladies… I think! :D

Rating: 'T' rated.

Disclaimer: I don't own Vampire Knight. I couldn't because the deep plots have left me speechless with wonder, the beautiful art has left me in a drooling frenzy and I can only thank Matsuri-sensei again and again for creating something that has become my current obsession.

-- Chapter Start --

Kaname Kuran. Powerful. Compelling. Dynamic.

The sheer strength of the power he wields, the birthright of his pure blood holds you in awe. His very aura bespeaks of the higher being he is and his compelling personality insists that you cede to him, to obey his every wish, to uphold his every principle, to be whatever it is he wants you to be. Yes, the very fact that he is a pureblood demands from me absolute obedience and unwavering loyalty. Yet there is no reluctance at all from me at having to do so, I do it willingly. He is a pureblood with both ability and right to bend others to his will, and there are very few left in our world who can oppose him. Yet I would not be one of those, even if I could. It is my choice to remain forever loyal to him.

Kaname Kuran. Demanding. Honest. Fair.

He is a leader like no other. He inspires others to follow him not because they have to, but because they want to. Despite the hardships and tribulations of his childhood, he is caring, good hearted, kind, fair, wise and just. But incur his wrath and… I know, I have tasted his anger and can still hear the chilling words he directed at me, feel the blows he dealt me, all forever remain fresh in my mind. But what hurt me more than the actual physical contact, what made me want to curl up and die of shame was the look on his face at those times – displeasure written in the fiery coals of his eyes, in those tightened lips, normally full and relaxed, in the bite of the slaps from those graceful, beautiful hands. I had disappointed him and many were the tears of remorse I shed in private. Not of resentment, never. I deserved each and every one of my punishments and I will never hate him - I can't. I can only follow him and love him.

Kaname Kuran. Strong. Brave. Enduring.

His very personality – quiet but steely, calls to mind iron will and supple steel… a blade that has been tested time and again, been through the fire of trials that would break a lesser, less finely wrought sword. And yet he survived, a gleaming weapon made even stronger, more graceful, more brilliant, by that which tried to break it. A power to be reckoned with, but housed in a frame almost too delicate, almost too slender to hold it all. A god that is physically perfect to the eye and all other senses. No, I do not just respect and love Kaname Kuran, I revere him and idolise him like no other.

And yet…

He is not invincible, not really. When I first met him, I thought he was. But over time, brief glimpses of past tortures were unintentionally revealed to me in the form of mental scars he still carries with him, buried deep inside his soul and carved upon his heart. Of the times in his past when he was not in control but the one controlled, when he was under the threat of those who opposed him, threatened him and tried to break that noble, proud spirit… because he was a pureblood, because they wanted his power, because they craved the indescribably pure and heady elixir flowing in his veins. I myself have smelled that pure blood and I know its siren power upon my weaker senses. But God help me, I would not take it even if I could. And as for the hazy details of his past, I understand that its details can never be made known to me. It is something that must forever be concealed, for a pureblood must always be seen as invincible. I understand that.

But knowing that he suffered, and grievously too, makes my blood boil like nothing on earth can. The mere whisper of the pain and humiliation he has had to endure fill me with blinding rage unlike any I have ever known. The urge within my heart to hit back at those who tormented him, to kill them, rip them apart is so strong I fear I would lose my dignity and disgrace myself by showing the extent of my emotions in front of him.

And yet… would it be so wrong if I did show him how I feel? There is nothing I want to hide from him after all. Because he is not just any pureblood, he is Kaname Kuran, the pureblood I revere, the one I worship. He inspires in me the deepest loyalty and devotion, and he knows it. He knows how I feel about him, he knows of the things I would do for him, the lengths I would go to please him, and all of them regardless of the cost to my pride. Knowing that he is fully aware of my devotion to him should embarrass me, should instill in me the caution to not show my feelings for him so transparently. Yes, I should do that… and yet I can't hide how I feel. Or perhaps more accurately, I won't. Because I want him to know how I feel about him. It may be difficult to understand the workings of his mind and his heart, the causes he hold dear to his heart, like his wish for everlasting peace between humans and vampires. But because this is his wish, I respect it and obey it as best I can.

I know that he does not trust me with everything. There are others who know him in ways I never will. There are others he trusts with his secrets, his hopes and his dreams. Some were a part of his past, others will share in his future. I will not be one of them, privileged to know him intimately and be in the rightful position to offer him love, comfort and warmth. To hold him and be a safe haven for him.

But that is all right to me. Because I stand firmly within his inner circle. I am one of the few he trusts with his life, and the lives of those he would give his own life for. And just like how I would give my life for Kaname Kuran in an instant, so I would do the same for those he would die for.

It is okay. I may not be the place where he can lay down his burdens, I may not have the comforting shoulder he leans on, I may not own the warm pair of arms that offer him unconditional love and support but I can and I will make safe those very persons who are those things to Kaname Kuran... I swear it upon my life.

Because he is Kaname Kuran - my pureblood leader, my idol.

-- Chapter End --