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Summary: Five truths about the children of the Major Case Squad.

Author's Note: A bit of character development for some OC's (and maybe CC's -yes Ross-munchkins I'm talking about you) that happen to be the children of the MCS - pure fun and set anytime in the future. This also hasn't been beta'd and I hope you enjoy this. First up is...

Madeline Frances Ann Goren

1. She sometimes wishes she wasn't related to her parents when she's at work. When her fellow co-workers hear she's a 'Goren' they expect her to be a genius, to make unhuman leaps of logic, to sniff corpses and to be trouble. When they hear she's Alex Eames' girl they expect her to be sarcastic, tough, quiet and the straight one. They don't see her as just Maddy (at first anyway).

2. Her parents have always called her Maddy, but as she's grown up that's been shortened to Mad which in some ways sums up her entire being in interrogation, break-ups, basketball games and when her captain takes the last doughnut. According to the shrink in Psych Services she has all the impulse and anger and needs to find a creative (and calminh) outlet for it.

Her brother, Johnny, in response introduced her to photography. She's been snapping shots around New York ever since.

3. Her favourite book and film character in Madeline. When she was four she convinced her dad to teach her French. When she was eight she ran away with the circus and ended up helping with the arrest of a con artist and gave her parents a heart attack in the process. When she was twelve she was inspired by one of her parent's old work friends - Rodgers - who had just dyed her hair, so she went to the store and dyed her dark brown hair to bright red.

She was grounded for a month.

4. When she was sixteen her Mom took her out for her first drive. Alex Goren had been so proud that Maddy had gotten her licence so quickly. After that drive though Alex banned her from ever entering a vehicle again, as well as burning her licence much to her displeasure. When Maddy asked why, her Mom said something about inheriting something from her Dad.

5. It was never her intention to fall in love with Jamie Logan. But something about him calmed her down, made her want to settle though she had never liked to admit it. But the moment he had proposed to her after making an arrest on the court house steps she knew he was the one.

And so did the rest of the world thanks to CNN.