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Author's Note: This will be last from this. It is now done - sorry for anyone who wanted to see the Rosslings developed but I've decided that I'm done. Anyway for the last time I thank everyone who has read these little insights into the children of the Major Case Squad - it means alot. And now I present you Dan Wheeler-Ride's cat...

Ross the Cat

1. He can remember loud noises, darkness, being shoved against his family and a box. He was hungry, very hungry - but scared. He wasn't sure what was happening, wasn't sure where he was and what was going to happen in the future. He only knew darkness, quivering besides his brothers and sisters, and his stomach constantly craving...it was a blur, a nightmarish blur...and then sunlight blinded him as the lid opened and he was taken away from the nightmare.

2. That smell: he can still remember smelling that smell – that fishy smell. It was like heaven. No, it was heaven. That smell was fish, that smell filled up his belly and that smell was plentiful in his human's home. Ross worships that smell.

3. The canine called Deakins is a fool: big, clumsy and that awful long tongue - eww, not mention he has completely uncatlike behaviour. Those were Ross' immediate thoughts after he first met the loud mouth animal.. And yet at the same time the loudmouth was very warm to have a little nap against...and he is awfully nice...and sorta smart...

Not that he'd ever admit it that was...

4. They are small, furry with long tails. Sorta like a tiny and much more disgusting Deakins except these things steal his human's food and poop all over the place. They are dirty, filthy – VERMIN! And Ross knows that it is his noble duty to defend his human's home against them. He shall defeat these things one swipe with his claws at a time.

5. The tall human, Dan, is his. He goes away during the day but when he comes home it is just him and Ross which is just the way Ross likes it. He sits on couch, stretches out as his human scratches him behind the ears. It's always just been the two of them and he never wants that to change.



Author's Note: Any thoughts are appreciated - I'm not a cat person so this was a challenge to write. I really hope you enjoyed this as I enjoyed writing this. Thank you everyone who has read, reviewed, alerted and fave'd. I love you all.