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I have decided that I will try a Naruto/Rosario + Vampire crossover first then if this goes well I will rewrite a story I deleted but with a twist. So tell me what you guys think about this story.

Now so that this story make since I want you to pay attention to what I am about to tell you. First Gaara still has the Shukaku inside of him. Second he was not named the Kazekage he was considered but didn't get the nod. Next in my story the Headmaster and Bus Driver are brothers and have lived for a long time. Finally Tsukune's Vampire and Ghoul powers are going to get him in a lot of trouble.

Here is the chapter I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1 The Hokage's old friends

Sixteen year olds Naruto Namikaze and Gaara no Sabaku both sat in a random forest far away from their home villages with shock and disbelief written all over their faces.

"I can't believe it happened like that." Gaara said obviously stunned. Naruto looked over to him then with an empty smirk answered him.

"Believe it."

"But I thought we'd proved ourselves to them. Why would they just banish us like that?" Gaara asked hoping that his best friend had the answer as was the case so many times before.

"I don't know I wish I did but I don't."

Both shot a glance to the other before focusing their eyes toward the ground as they began to wonder what life held for them now that they weren't with a hidden village, neither noticing the figure with glowing white eyes watching them with curiosity.

As Naruto stared at the ground he watched as sand entered his view forming a note, 'There's someone watching us from the trees.' with a sigh Naruto he summoned a small toad then told it to capture the person watching them.

Minutes later the two jinchuuriki watched as a bear sized toad pulled a man with glowing eyes and a strange looking uniform out into the open. The toad bowed to Naruto before dispelling himself leaving the man in front of Naruto and Gaara.

Looking up the man saw the two jinchuuriki glaring at him with hatred in their eyes before he was lifted off the ground then shook violently by Naruto.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Gaara questioned.

"My name is of no importance to you as for what I want well that's simple." The man said as he smiled then slowly pulled out a cigar out of his pocket. "I want to help you both."

Naruto frowned at the man, who didn't seem to be in any pain even though Naruto knew by the way he was holding him he should have at least been grimacing. Naruto looked the man in his glowing eyes before answering him.

"No thanks we don't need help from a weirdo like you." The young jinchuuriki answered as he roughly dropping the man before turning and walking away with Gaara in tow.

"That's a shame because I'm sure Hizuren and even Minato would've at least listened before dismissing me."

Unable to believe what he'd just heard Naruto quickly maneuvered back in front of the man to grab him by the neck tightly before yelling at him, "Who told you know those names?!"

"Well I was a good friend of both of them before they pasted on."

Gaara looked over at Naruto then at the man while deciding to find out what was wrong with his friend.

"Naruto I know Minato was your father's name but who was this Hizuren?"

"That's the first name of the Sandaime Hokage though he told me that only the Shodai and Nidaime Hokages along with his teammates and his summon Enma knew his name besides me." Naruto said as he eyed this strange man.

The man looked at Naruto as he smirked, causing Naruto to growl and lift him up again.

"You would have had to be a very good friend of the Sandaime to know his first name." Naruto said as the man slapped his hands away before answering.

"I was and so was my brother."

"So what do you want?"

"Simple my brother and I started a school for monsters and we would like you to attend."

"We aren't monsters we're humans with tailed beasts sealed inside of us." Gaara answered.

Naruto looked away from the man as he thought back to a conversation he'd had with Sandaime in which he was told that if things became too bad for him in the village and he wasn't around that a friend of his would seek him out.

Naruto looked back at the man who for some reason was laughing at Gaara as he began to wonder if this was the friend before giving his answer, "I'll go with you but you have to let Gaara come as well."

"Fine we'll iron out all the details once you meet my big brother." The man led the two through some trees until they saw a large metal thing which the man began to get on until Gaara spoke up, "What the hell is that thing?"

"It's a bus you know a mode of transportation. Don't tell me you two are afraid of it."

Gaara glanced over to Naruto who shook his head before heading toward the bus with Gaara following close behind both ready to kill the man if the bus as he called it did anything strange.

Once the two were on they saw seats and windows with a door at the back. The man watched as they sat down across from each other then smirked as he started the bus up and taking off like a bat out of hell.

At the Monster Academy

A beautiful pink haired girl was walking around hoping to find her love interest or at the very least one of her friends. She continued to look around until she spotted a long pointy black hat moving through the crowd, seeing this she quickly attempted to get the person's attention.

"Hey Yukari-chan over here it's me!" The girl yelled as she ran toward the hat.

She able to make it half way before she felt someone grab her chest and rub in a circular motion causing her to moan softly from the pleasure she was feeling, "Moka-chan your chest is still as large as ever."

Once Yukari was finished she let Moka up who smiled with a blush on her face at Yukari before telling Moka about her summer vacation.

Yukari eventually asked Moka if she'd seen any of the others but was disappointed when she told her she hadn't. Moka smiled when Yukari grabbed her hand as they went to look for their friends. While the two walked around Moka explained to Yukari about what she did over the break, until they ran into three lizard monsters they faced last year.

"Well if isn't Moka-san and the little witch without that succubus and that guy who can release your vampire powers. I hope you two realize that it's time for payback." One of the monsters said as they began to advance on the two girls.

Thinking quickly Yukari waved her wand causing bedpans to appear above the lizard's heads before dropping on them, stunning the lizards allowing the girls to run. The two attempted to hide but were easily found then thrown roughly to the ground.

"Did you two think we were going to let you get away with humiliating us?"

The lizards raised their hand's to crush the girls all the while enjoying the fear that was on their faces.

Once they felt the ground buckle under the sheer force of their combined power they believed that the girls where dead and they had finally gotten their revenge until the smoke cleared to reveal two logs.

The three looked around for the girls but couldn't find a trace of them, until a voice alerted them to where their prey was.

"Why in the hell are you trying to kill these two?" The voice said from above the three causing them to look up to see a man with blond hair that touched down to his shoulders and completely covered his ears with ocean blue eyes holding a now unconscious Moka bridal style while Yukari sat safely on his shoulders.


Naruto and Gaara had faced things that would scare the average man into a coma but the two of them had never truly been frightened until now as they found themselves in this bus moving faster then either of them could run with a maniac at the controls.

'This crazy old guy is going to kill us." Naruto thought as he held on the seat in front of him.

The Bus Driver smirked as he continued to smoke his cigar, "So how are you boys doing back there?"

"Slow down or I'll kill you."

The Bus Driver hit another sharp turn causing Naruto to fall into the isle while Gaara hit his head against the window, "Sure thing didn't know I was going that fast."

After what seemed like forever the Bus Driver stopped the bus and with a smile announced that they had arrived, as he looked over his shoulder at them both before getting off the bus only to feel sand wrap around him the moment he stepped off the bus.

The Bus Driver looked back to see Gaara holding his hand out which seemed to be controlling the sand.

"I told you to slow down or I'd kill you but you never did so this is the end." Gaara said as he began to close his hand until Naruto laid a hand on his shoulder and explained that even though that nutcase did almost killed them he had been honest with them so far.

Gaara sighed as he nodded then let the man go who thanked Naruto for saving him. Naruto waved it off then told the man to show them where the Headmaster was so they could find out what this was all about. The Bus Driver nodded then told the boys to follow him so his brother could get them situated.

While they walked Naruto noticed a cute pink haired girl talking with a little girl who seemed excited just to be in her presence. Naruto was about to walk away when he saw three large lizards approach them, he watched as they talked then bedpans appeared above their heads before falling right on them stunning the three long enough to allow the girls to run. Naruto frowned as he saw the three get back up and chase after them.

"Hey Naruto what's wrong you look distracted?" Gaara said as he turned to his friend.

"No its nothing but listen I got something I need to do but I'll catch up to you." Naruto said then disappeared before Gaara or the Bus Driver could respond.

Naruto hid in the trees once he found the girls and watched as the pink haired one had been knocked unconscious and the girl with the hat was scared stiff. Naruto saw the three raise their hands to crush the two girls and decided that it was time interfere.

As they brought their hands down to crush the girls Naruto appeared next them and used a substitution to get them out of there in time.

Flashback Over

The three growled at the newcomer for interfering with what they felt to be their rightful revenge.

"Hey you give them to us right now or you'll be sorry." One of the three said as he attempted to scare the newcomer into to leaving.

"Why don't you tell me what it is that they did then perhaps we could talk it out?"

The three growled then began to move toward the tree until chops to the back of the neck knocked them all out cold.

Naruto smiled knowing that he was far to fast for those three to defend against he then turned to the witch and gave her a foxy smile that caused her to blush.

"Thanks for saving us my name's Yukari Sendou and her name's Moka Akashiya." Yukari said as she offered her hand to the blond stranger who had to adjust Moka so he could shake her hand.

"My name is Naruto Namikaze and by the way I like your hat." Naruto said as he watched the girl light up with a bright smile.

"So why did they try to attack you?"

"Well you see I am a witch and most monsters don't like me to much since I am a hybrid between a monster and a human anyway those three attempted to pick on me last year until me friends came to my rescue."

Yukari explained while Naruto shook his head in approval she then told Naruto what they were doing before they were attacked.

"How about this Yukari I'll help you find your friends and in return you show me where the headmasters' office is deal?"

Yukari smiled back at him then shook his extended hand which sealed the deal before jumping onto his back as he took off in search of her friends.


"Tsukune-kun I missed you so much!" A large breasted blue haired girl yelled as she glomped him pushing his face into her chest.

"I missed you to Kurumu-chan." Tsukune answered as he attempted to take his face off her chest.

Kurumu began to grind herself against him when she was hit in the face by a snowball.

"Hi guys what's up?" A purple haired girl asked as she pushed Kurumu aside and hugged Tsukune.

"Hi Mizore-chan we're fine but have either of you seen Yukari-chan or Moka-san?" Tsukune asked as he watched Mizore shake her head which worried Tsukune a little bit.

Kurumu quickly jumped back to her feet and hugged Tsukune knowing that this was a good a chance as ever to be with Tsukune without Moka or Yukari there to get in the way, plus she knew that once Moka came Tsukune would be completely focused on her even if he didn't mean to be.

'Damn it I wish the pink haired Moka could be more like the silver haired Moka. Kurumu thought as she attempted to keep Tsukune attention and push Mizore away.

Mizore watched as Kurumu rubbed herself against Tsukune and silently laughed in her head knowing that wasn't the way to get him interest in you. Mizore understood that Tsukune cared for Moka more then he did the rest of them and didn't try to get in the middle of that unless her chance to be with him was in real danger.

"Let's go find them and while we look for them you can tell us how your summer was Tsukune." Mizore said as she watched him give her a nod as they started to look until they saw a blond hair man holding something that looked to be quite content with pink hair.

"Moka-san what did you do?!" Tsukune asked as he ran toward the man.

"I didn't do anything I swear." The man answered.

Tsukune, Kurumu, and Mizore didn't believe him until they saw a very familiar witch peek over his shoulder.

"Hey guys I see you've met Naruto he's so cool he saved me and Moka-chan from those lizards monsters from last year." Yukari yelled as she jumped off Naruto and gave Tsukune a hug.

"Hi Yukari-chan how are your parents?"

"They're fine I just wish I got to spend more time with them."

While the group got to know Naruto, Tsukune watched as Moka unconsciously shifted in his hold letting out a content sigh before opening her eyes. Moka rose a little dazed before remembering that she and Yukari were under attack.

"Yukari are you alright?"

"Yep I'm fine Naruto saved us from the lizard monsters." Yukari answered as she watched Moka give her a questioned look then pointed to guy that was holding her.

Moka looked up to see a handsome blond boy staring back at her with a smile that just seemed to belong on his face. Moka quickly realized she was still being held and was about to ask the boy to release her until she felt him set her down on her feet.

"Hey are you alright pinky?" Naruto asked her with a smirk on his face as he watched Yukari laugh along with a chuckling Tsukune.

"I'm fine and my name is Moka not pinky." Moka said with a huff as Naruto laughed before giving her a pat on the head.

Naruto and Yukari explained to the group what happened before Naruto turned away from the group and bent down.

Not knowing what was going on they were all surprised when Yukari jumped on his back.

"Hey Yukari-chan where are going?" Tsukune asked as he along with everyone else was puzzled as to why she was running off with this guy.

"Well we made a deal he promised to help me find you guys and in return he needs me to show him where the headmasters' office is."

That was the last thing she said as Naruto took off with Yukari waving at them. Moka turned back to the group and began explain what happened to her over the summer with one thought in mind, 'I have a feeling that Naruto-san is going to be a big factor in what happens this year.'

With Gaara

"So you're the headmaster?" Gaara questioned.

"That's right although you already knew that since you've spoken to my brother."

Gaara looked at this man warily but didn't sense any real danger coming from him or even hatred for what he was though he might not have known since they had only wanted Naruto at first.

"So do you know what I am?" Gaara asked as he watched the man as he answered.

"You mean a jinchuuriki yes I know about that." The Headmaster answered as the beautiful black haired girl that was standing next to him gasped.

"Is there a problem with what I am?"

"Certainly not I just didn't know that any jinchuuriki still existed after we heard about those people in cloaks like the one your wearing were killing them off." The girl answered.

"I understand why you would think that but Naruto and I took care of them and as for why I am wearing this cloak I took it off the toughest one that I had to defeat."

"I understand." Was the responds that Gaara got.

Gaara continued to ask the Headmaster questions that he believed would lead him to learn if the man was lying about the things he had been telling Naruto and himself though he couldn't find anything.

"So can you tell me what it is exactly that you want me and Naruto to do during our time here?"

"Of course I thought you would never ask you see the last few years I have been having some trouble here with the students not following the rules along with other problems so I would like you and Naruto to join my student police force." The Headmaster answered.

Gaara looked at the man then thought about what he said before giving his answer.

"No Naruto and I are tried of being told what to do so we don't want to follow under someone who might think they're better than everyone else."

"Well then how about this. We allow you both to take care of certain problems on your own and you patrol for us every night." The Bus Driver offered

"Patrol what do you mean?" Gaara asked.

"He means walking around make sure that fights aren't happening at night and no threats to the academy are in the making." The Headmaster answered for his brother.

Gaara thought it over before deciding that those terms were agreeable especially for him since he couldn't sleep that long anyway at least until Naruto was done with that seal he'd been designing for him, as Gaara was about to agree they heard a knock on the door.

When the door opened everyone turned to see Naruto standing in the doorway with a smile on his face. Naruto stepped in and shut the door behind him then glanced over the room and saw two unfamiliar faces that he didn't recognize.

One was a guy that resembled the crazy bus driver the second was a hot black haired girl with pigtails that were somewhat on the side of her head.

'Note to self try and hook Gaara up.' Naruto thought with a small perverted giggle as he felt the weight leave his back then rush towards the object of his thoughts.

"Hi Ruby"

"Yukari-chan it's good to see you again and you're with someone who's going to help bring the school's crime down."

Yukari looked at Ruby questionably before letting her and Naruto in on what they were talking about before they arrived.

Once she was finished Naruto and Gaara talked over the offer for a short time before deciding that it would be smart to accept. Naruto then turned his attention to the Headmaster who was eying him as both began to size up one another.

"Well Naruto since you were late I didn't get to tell you about your payment which we'll discuss later though there is a part of it that I will tell you about now which is you may have free ramen from the cafeteria as long as its open if you teach me the sealing arts of a ninja." The Headmaster said as he watched Gaara move away from Naruto who stared at the old man and swore to himself that if he wasn't so creepy he would have jumped across the table and hugged him.

Instead Naruto shook the man's hand eagerly before he, Yukari, and Gaara left the room.

"So brother what did you think of Naruto?" The Bus Driver asked as he turned toward his brother.

"To be quite truthful I didn't believe it was him until I saw the look in his eye when I mentioned ramen that was when I knew we had the right man. I'm glad they are here brother because we are going to need all the help we can get."

With Naruto

Naruto and Gaara were running all over the academy with Yukari riding on Naruto's back pointing out important things to them, while Yukari talked Naruto looked over at Gaara and realized something was wrong.

"Hey Gaara I was wondering did he give you our class schedule?" Naruto asked since he remembered that the classes were the last thing that Yukari had pointed out to them.

"Yeah we're in most of the same classes so at least people won't try and bug me."

"Hey Yukari we better get you back to your friends since I'm sure they're really worried about you." Naruto said to Yukari who agreed but frowned since she liked hanging around with Naruto and his quiet friend.

It didn't take them long to find Yukari's group and drop her off.

"Hey Naruto are we ever going to see each other again?" Yukari asked.

"Of course Yukari were friends now and I've always had time for my friends believe it, plus I want to give you something." Naruto said as he pulled out a weird looking weapon with seal on it.

"If you ever find yourself in danger or need help just throw this at the ground and no matter where I am I will come to help you."

Once he'd finished he ruffled her hat before he and Gaara left to find their rooms, after they left the rest of the group came over to look at whatever it was Naruto gave Yukari.

"So Yukari-chan what happened and what's that?" Moka asked since she was just as curious as everyone else to know what the odd looking knife Yukari was hold was.

"I don't know what it is but he said that if I was ever in trouble that I couldn't get out of to throw this into the ground and no matter were he was he would come to help me."

"Hey should you really trust this guy so easily Yukari I mean he could be trying to use you to get close to Mizore, Moka, or me?" Kurumu said as she thought back to all of the guys in the academy that desired her and Moka.

"But if Naruto wanted Moka he could've had her in the forest or even when we were searching for you guys since I know I couldn't have stopped him and Tsukune wasn't around to take off the rosary."

"She has a point Kurumu-chan I mean Yukari and I didn't stand a chance against those lizards so if Naruto was able to defeat as easily as Yukari says then what was to stop him from taking me while I was unconscious." Moka explained as she knew that it was important to Yukari to have a friend outside of their group, plus she didn't feel any bad intentions coming from Naruto and according to Yukari he was a perfect gentleman while handling her body while she was out.

"Well I'll find out what his real purpose is." Kurumu said.

With Naruto and Gaara

"Well everything looks good now that we've set up our rooms and even better we are right next door to each other." Naruto said as he sat down on his bed then brought out the seal he'd been working on to drive the crazy priest out of Gaara and away from Shukaku.

Gaara had been standing near the window of Naruto's room silently hoping that Naruto would finish the seal soon so he could sleep as long as he wanted ever since Gaara had wrestled control of Shukaku away from the insane priest, though just as the priest could not fully take over neither could Gaara so he needed to rely on his friend to get rid of the priest.

"Alright Gaara I should have the seal done by no later than the end of this week so I hope you can hold out until then."

"I've held out basically since birth one week won't be a problem." Gaara said with a faint smile as he watched Naruto finish the part of the seal he was working on before getting ready for bed.

"I'll talk to you tomorrow Naruto and by the way what time do you want me to wake you up?" Gaara asked.

"School starts at eight so wake me at seven fifteen so we can get to the cafeteria and have some ramen."

"How did I end up with a best friend that's another jinchuuriki and has such an addiction to ramen?"

When Gaara got back to his room he sat down on his bed and attempted to get a feel for it since he would be able to use it freely in about a week, plus Naruto had already told him to get as rest as he wanted once he could sleep.

'I can't wait to be able to sleep freely.'

Next Morning

Yukari awoke with a spring in her step for not only was she reunited with her friends but it was the first day of school which she did so well at. Yukari smiled as through her clothes on and went to the front entrance where she saw Kurumu and Moka standing.

"Hey guys ready for school?" Yukari asked excitedly.

"Not really I wish we could come here but without the school part." Kurumu said while looking around for Tsukune.

"That's because you're dumb."

Kurumu growled as she began chasing after Yukari who was yelling out apologizes, while this went on Tsukune approached Moka.

"Good Morning Moka-san," Tsukune said as he stood next to Moka and watched the two girls with a smile as he remembered why he came back in the first place.

"Good Morning Tsukune-kun you smell so good." Moka said and before Tsukune could even get mount a response Moka was biting the side of his neck.

"Moka-san I would like it if you did not drink my blood this year."

As Tsukune cried for his lost blood Moka looked away from Tsukune upset that she couldn't stop drinking his blood and began to wish she could act like a normal girl when she was around him.

The group waited until Mizore showed up then headed inside to get ready for school but stopped when they saw a crowd outside the cafeteria. Once they were able to get in they saw a red haired boy attempting to ignore the blond boy who was sitting next to him devouring ramen.

"Hey look its Naruto and his mean looking friend." Yukari said as she watched random girls surround the two causing her to frown slightly.

"Are you done yet Naruto?" Gaara asked as he was tried of all these girls asking him questions and just wanted to go to his first class.

Seeing his friend was uncomfortable Naruto reluctantly nodded and the two left for class though only after Naruto had went back to the chief to tell her to be ready for lunch.

"So who do we have first?" Naruto asked Gaara as he ruffled Yukari's hat as he walked by her.

"Some woman named Shizuka Nekonome."

'Why did the Headmaster put us with the second years?' Naruto wondered as he and Gaara arrived at the classroom a little earlier than their other classmates so the two decided to say hello to their new teacher.

"Excuse me Nekonome-san." Naruto said while knocking on the door hoping to get the woman's attention.

"Oh yes I don't recognize either of you so you must be Naruto-san and Gaara-san am I correct?" Nekonome asked as Naruto nodded his head then looked at her questionably.

"You know us?"

"Oh yes the Headmaster told me all about you two and why you're here and I think it's great. Though I was wondering if you could do me a favor you see I plan on taking all the second year students out for some special training and I was wondering if one or preferably both of you would come along to make sure everything goes smoothly."

Naruto looked over at Gaara knowing he was no good with people except for himself and his siblings so he decided his friend should get some practice in.

"Well to be honest Nekonome-san we are both technically second year students but I am afraid one of us must be at the school at all times to help protect it." Naruto said with a sad smile on his face but perked up at what he was about to do.

"So Gaara would be happy to escort you."

"Great thank you so much Gaara for agreeing to do this." Nekonome said as she hugged Gaara who attempted to trap Naruto in his sand coffin.

While Naruto ran from the sand Gaara attempted to tell Nekonome that he wasn't right for this but the bell interrupted him.

Gaara saw that he was now stuck in this mess thanks to his best friend and would have to spend the day with people that would try and get to know him which annoyed him greatly.

'Naruto when I get back from this you are so dead.' Gaara thought as he began to picture a chibi Naruto being crushed by sand as a chibi Gaara watched while eating Naruto's ramen.

Once the class settled Nekonome made the announcement that the special training would happen at third period and take the rest of the school day for all second year students except for Naruto who would get to do whatever he wanted during that time.

Third Period

"Yahoo I can't believe we get to leave the school for the rest of the day this is a dream come true!" Kurumu yelled glad to be out of the classroom.

After explaining to the students what was going on everyone was loaded onto the bus where the smirking Bus Driver was waiting. As Gaara got onto the bus he said something to the Bus Driver which made him freeze for a second before lighting up another cigar and taking off to the destination.

Gaara sighed as he took a seat in the back and looked out the window to see a laughing Naruto waving behind them. Gaara smirked at the shrinking figure as he began to think about all the ways he was going make Naruto pay when he returned.

As Gaara continued to brood he never noticed the girl that entered the office yesterday with Naruto approach him.

"Hi do you remember me?" Yukari asked with a smile that seemed to brighten everything around her except for Gaara himself.

"You're the little witch from yesterday Yukari I believe your name was."

Yukari shook her head indicating he was correct then watched as Gaara turned his attention away from her for a moment but brought it back the moment he realized she hadn't left.

"Is their something else I could help you with?" Gaara asked in his normal language that sent a shiver up Yukari's spine.

"Well I wanted to know a little about Naruto's knife."

Yukari pulled out the weapon and showed it to Gaara who chuckled when he realized that he didn't notice Naruto give that to her.

"Its not a knife it's a kunai and that one is special because Naruto's father used it before leaving it for Naruto to use as well." Gaara explained as he watched Yukari's eyes widen in surprise.

"But if it was his dad's why did he give it to me?"

Gaara was about to explain when the bus came to a halt and they were all told to get off.

Once everyone was off the bus they saw Nekonome standing in front of what looked like fruit she then explained what they were doing there.

"Well this is special training let's begin the spring fruit hunt." Nekonome said as Gaara looked around and saw that the only person that was confused besides him was some brown haired kid so Gaara decided to let him make a fool of himself by asking since all the monsters seemed to know what she was talking about.

"Please wait a moment, Nekonome-sensei. What's this all about a fruit hunt?" Tsukune asked.

"Oh that's because it's in season."

Gaara tuned her out once he got a look at the thing she was talking trying to capture and eat. Gaara frowned as he watched every single student drool at the site of it except for the kid that asked the question, so he turned away as everyone began to pair off into groups until a tap on his shoulder disrupted his thinking, when he looked down to see Yukari smiling back at him.


"Would you like to pair with Moka and me?" Yukari asked.

"No thanks."

With that said Gaara disappeared in a swirl of sand stunning everyone who was watching.

"Wow I wish I could do that!"

Gaara appeared next to a lake and decided that it would be best to practice his powers especially if he was going to use them to punish Naruto for his bad sense of humor. Gaara took the genjutsu off his clothes that he'd placed over his normal clothes then tossed the Akatsuki cloak to the ground to reveal the same out he wore when he saved Lee.

"Well what do we have here?" A voice asked from behind Gaara.

When Gaara turned around he saw Nekonome and the Bus Driver standing in front of him.

Gaara turned away from them so that he could began his training when a hand fell on his shoulder glancing back he saw Nekonome holding his shoulder with a smile on her face.

"Gaara we were about to go fishing would you care to join us?" Nekonome asked as Gaara sighed since he realized she probably wouldn't leave him alone until he agreed.

"So Gaara I was wondering how life was for you and Naruto?" The Bus Driver asked as he looked for his fishing rod.

Gaara glanced at the man before explaining Naruto's life then his own all the while his sand was crushing a random tree behind him.

Nekonome was about to say something to him when they heard a scream in background.

"What was that?" Gaara asked as he took the spare fish rod from the Bus Driver.

"Looks like someone found their into the Demon's fruit trap. Should we send in a rescue team Nekonome-sensei?"

"Nope it's called special training for a reason if we help them now we'll spoil them."

"So you're just going to let your students die?" Gaara asked slightly annoyed with these two and their antics.

"Second year studies are complex the program. It's fascinating this harsh era we live in, it's so many experiences and good practices to adapt oneself to it, but the danger lies in the details which follow along. Reality is every year someone dies this time, though everyone seems safe." The Bus Driver said as he and Gaara watched as Nekonome took a bite out of the fish she'd caught.

"That's disgusting why would she take a bite out of a raw fish like that?" Gaara asked as the Bus Driver place his hand on Gaara shoulder and laughed.

"Well we should head back." Nekonome said as Gaara was about to use his sand to crush the Bus Drivers hand for touching him.

As the three walked back they heard yelling which caused Nekonome and the Bus Driver to quickly take off toward the clearing.

When they arrived they saw Kurumu, Tsukune, Mizore, Yukari, and a transformed Moka trying to battle the Dorian while the other students stood off to the side.

The group jumped away from the monster totally drained of energy. The five took breathes then readied themselves to give their all to defeat this monster, but as they were about to attack again when they felt something around their ankles looking down they saw sand keeping them in place.

"What the hell is this?!" Kurumu asked as the sand wrapped around their bodies then took them next to the teachers.

"I don't remember the Dorian having this kind of power." Yukari said as the sand unwrap them then began to borrow into the earth.

"That's because it's not that thing's power." A voice said deep from within the forest.

Everyone watched as Gaara stepped out of the forest with sand coming out of a gourd he had on his back.

"Hey what do you think your doing interfering in our fight?!" Kurumu asked Gaara but quickly averted her eyes as his gaze fell on her.

"Are telling me that I don't get a shot at this thing?" Gaara asked as he turned his full attention toward Kurumu.

"No" She answered in a low voice.

Gaara didn't even acknowledge Kurumu's fear instead he turned his attention back to his previous target.

"I'm glad you see I didn't get a chance to train since I was interrupted by Nekonome-san and the Bus Driver but now that I get a small opportunity to train I won't let it pass me up. You see even though I don't like to train in front of others the one I am training to defeat is not here so I'm not worried."

Gaara watched as the Dorian launched on of its tentacles at him only to have it stopped by sand. Gaara then launched his sand at the Dorian only for it to evade it the first time but not the second or third.

"Man he can control sand and bend it to his will now that's cool." A random student said.

"Yeah but he must only be able to control that sand that's in that gourd otherwise we go all the trouble of hauling it around?" Another student asked.

Meanwhile, Moka sat and watched as this boy in two moves was able to place more damage on the Dorian than she and the entire group could with just two attacks.

'How is he able to control that sand to such a degree and who is this person he wants to use it to defeat?" Moka asked herself as she made a mental note to keep an eye on Gaara and Naruto.

Gaara continued to do battle with the Dorian until he realized he had enough sand now to perform an attack he had been saving for Naruto and had only used once. Gaara quickly looked at of the bystanders to make sure they were behind him then flashed through hand signs.

"Ryuusa Bakuryuu."

Gaara smirked as a giant tidal wave of sand arose in front of Gaara then attacked the Dorian leaving everyone that was watching stunned.

"Impossible he's actually so powerful that he can change a terrain by himself." The Bus Driver said completely stunned that a jinchuuriki was this powerful.

Mizore stood and watched the boy with an openly surprised look on her face as she thought she had control over her power but knew she couldn't change a terrain as he had just done.

"Does anyone know where all that sand came from?" Mizore asked hoping someone could provide her with an answer.

"I think I know when he first released you all from his sand I saw it retreat into the earth. My guess is that he uses the sand in that gourd to grind the rocks and minerals to make the sand we see know." Nekonome said as she decided to take the time to turn this great display of power into a teaching lesson.

Gaara listened as the sand explained to him that the Dorian was near death and one more powerful blow would do it. Gaara quickly got down on one knee then slammed his hands onto the edge of the sand he created.

"Sabaku Taisou."

Gaara watched as multiple shockwaves were sent through the sand which led to the whole area shaking causing everyone except Moka and Mizore to fall down, once it was done Gaara had the sand drag the now dead Dorian over to the others.

Everyone stood wide eyed as the Dorian was thrown down in front of them then watched as every bit of sand that was on it retreated back into Gaara's gourd. Gaara watched as everyone stared at him and frowned as it reminded him of his former home.

"What are you all staring at?" Gaara asked as many people turned their heads away from him quickly once they realized they were staring.

Gaara sighed while thinking it wasn't such a good idea to show his power until he saw Nekonome wearing his Akatsuki cloak on.

"That was amazing Gaara!" Yukari yelled as she thought about all the cool things he could do with his sand.

Gaara smiled slightly then thanked the girl since it wasn't everyday that someone saw power and didn't call him a freak.

"Yes it was nice and all but exactly how did you do it?" Moka asked with a frown on her beautiful face. Gaara glanced at her then began to ignore her with infuriated the vampire.

Nekonome called all the students over then sliced the Dorian up and gave everyone a piece which led to Gaara getting the biggest piece since he did kill.

"Keep it."

"But Gaara you were able to defeat the Dorian you deserve this."

Gaara looked away from her hoping she would take it away because he felt like he was going to throw up at the smell of it.

"You keep it or give to someone else but I don't want it." Gaara said as Nekonome sighed then walked away not understanding why Gaara didn't want the delicious fruit but didn't complain since he said she could have it.

After everyone was finished eating they got back onto the bus which was an adventure for everyone since the Bus Driver wanted to get back to tell his brother about what he'd seen from Gaara.

When they arrived back at the academy they saw Naruto laying in a open field wearing a long blue trench coat along with an open red shirt and a plain white shirt under all of it with blue jeans on.

Naruto noticed Gaara getting off the bus without the genjutsu over his clothes.

"Hey Gaara what happened?" Naruto asked as he didn't realize Gaara's sand was coming out of the gourd.

"Naruto you are dead."

This was Gaara's response as his sand grabbed Naruto by the foot and tossed him farther out into the field.

"I think I could like it here." Gaara thought as he watched his sand chase Naruto.

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