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"Demons 'Thinking' and Talking"

"Monsters 'Thinking' and Talking"

"Regular People Talking"

'Regular People Thinking'


The way you separate Pink haired Moka and Vampire Moka

"Moka's true self or vampire self talking"

'Moka's true self or vampire self thinking'

Wow a lot of people want a sequel to this story so that is what you're going to get, plus as a bonus I am going to have a short story that covers Naruto's summer vacation. This story is going to be under Naruto and Hinata but it will still be a crossover as the other characters will have time in it as well.

This story will be about one to three chapters in length as it's just a short story. Another thing I saw was someone said that Marius was more obsessed then in love, well I have never been obsessed with anyone but it is to my understanding that someone who is believes it is love no matter how many times the object tells them it isn't.

Lastly, I am sure you all are wondering why I haven't been updating my stories lately the reason is after I updated this story and the Pokegirl story Madden 2010 came out so I played that for about a week and a half straight then my birthday came up the 22nd after that I started school on the 24th so I haven't really had time to do anything else but don't worry I plan to still get my stories out.

Naruto and Gaara's transformations take a lot of power to do so when they transform it makes them act differently then when are normal.

Chapter 12 Sacrifice and Goodbyes

Marius let out a loud laugh as he looked at the group standing before him then allowed his eyes to travel to the reason for all of this Kurumu Kurono.

"Kurumu I ask you one last time join me and have everything you've ever wanted or I will have to kill you along with your pathetic family friends." Marius roared out.

Kurumu on the other hand who was standing behind Naruto stared at her as she thought about who she would be able to save if she took Marius' offer until the feeling of something furry on her chin caused her to look up.

"Don't you worry about a thing Kurumu nothing is going to happen to anyone?" Naruto said as he let his demonic power flow himself in waves.

"But we don't want to put our friends, family, or especially you at risk." Kurumu replied back as she looked around to find everyone only to notice Moka wasn't there.

"Kurumu you, Moka, Gaara, and the rest are our precious people we won't let anything happen to you that is a promise of a lifetime." Naruto said from behind everyone causing them to whip around to see two Naruto's carrying a tired looking Moka along with an unconscious Mai bridal style.

Staring down at the scene Marius realized that this was the man Kurumu was talking about when she woke up, enraged that his rival for Kurumu's heart was standing in front of him clenched his fist then brought it down on the group throwing them all in different directions.

Keying on where Naruto went Marius moved his gigantic body toward the stun fox demon then grabbed him in his large hands and began to crush him between them.

Kurumu watched as Marius attempted to squeeze the life out of her lover causing her to let her wings out and attack Marius with unrelenting fury.

Marius felt Kurumu's claws scratch at him but with his new power she felt no more powerful than a mosquito to him.

"Such a foolish fox demon did you really think I would let you have her?" Marius asked Naruto who used his demonic power to keep his bones from being crushed.

Back on the ground Gaara asked Yukari and Mizore to help Naruto and Kurumu while he gathered power to stop Marius.

Nodding the two created a pan the size of a small house above Marius' head then dropped it only to have the transformed warlock turn toward her to crush her with the hand he had Naruto in.

Realizing their powers were expanded here Mizore created a ball of ice then launched it at Marius whose hand froze upon impact.

Glaring Marius grabbed Kurumu out of mid air then launched her at Mizore the force of the landing knocked both girls unconscious.

Naruto did everything he could think of to get out of Marius' grip but was unable to use any of his jutsu since he couldn't move his fingers.

"Once I destroy you I'll take Kurumu along with the three vampires then Kurumu won't be so lonely when she's with me." Marius said as he felt a powerful surge in demonic energy.

Turning toward the power he saw wall of sand about one hundred feet with green sparks rotating around it.

Once it died down Marius saw what looked to be a raccoon as large as himself made entirely of sand with yellow eyes and one long tail swaying behind him.

"Impossible the Shukaku, I heard that it along with the other great tailed beasts where gone." Marius said as he threw Naruto away and turned his full attention to the raccoon.

'I have to finish this quick I'm not use to this form yet.' Gaara thought as Marius swiped at him.

Gaara blocked the swipe then realized swung his tail hitting Marius in the face sending the warlock flying back and landing hard on the remains of his castle.

Marius glared as he vanished and reappeared behind Gaara before wrapping his arms around Gaara in a bear hug then murmured a few words which caused his body to become a large torch.

Gaara yelled out as he felt the fire heat up his back which he now would soon turn to glass if he didn't do something.

Gaara used commanded the sand that was heating up to spread causing his body to swallow Marius entirely though he was unable to kill him since the sand that was coming in contact with Marius was turning to glass.

Thinking, quickly Gaara used his control over wind to somewhat cool the flames that Marius' large body was letting off, the only draw back was that Gaara had to expend even more chakra which was weakening him since this was the first time he had ever used the Shukaku form.

Marius knew that even though Gaara's body had swallowed him the sand wasn't making any moves toward him since his body was so heated and silently thanked his father for those long boring listens about the elements.

Seeing that Marius used a spell which caused body to explode forcing Gaara to change back to his regular form since his demonic power was now completely dried up.

As Marius' body slowly reformed Yukari did her best to wake Kurumu and Mizore while the succubi including Kurumu's mom tried to help Naruto to his feet.

The succubi gasped as the last pieces of Marius' body made their way back to his now reformed body then with a smirk Marius opens his mouth allowing the group to see fire gathering into a ball at the back of his mouth.

Naruto created seven shadow clones then had them grab Mai, Moka, Gaara, Kurumu, and Mizore along with Yukari and Kokoa even though they weren't hurt Naruto knew they couldn't keep up with him.

Directing traffic Naruto guided the succubi into the forest while he and his shadow clones followed causing Marius to growl before giving chase.

Five minutes of running Naruto felt they were far enough from Marius that he could heal some of the injured since his own demonic power had done its job and healed him back to his full strength.

Naruto's clones put their passengers down then dispelled themselves as the real Naruto used his new found knowledge to make two blood clones then sent them to Mai and Moka while ignoring Kokoa's whining about not getting any of his blood.

While the clones did as they were ordered the real Naruto woke Kurumu who tried to hug him and Mizore who quietly berated Gaara for transforming before kissing the life out of him.

Once the two vampire sisters were done with their meals Naruto confronted the eldest sister who glared back at him.

"I would ask you who you are but after feeling a small amount of your power I have a pretty good idea." Mai said scowling.

"Then you know what we can do." Naruto said causing Mai too clench her fist since she knew he was right.

"What are you doing with my sisters?"

"That's none of your concern you should just be happy we gave you some of our blood to heal yourself."

Mai quickly calmed herself in over a century no one except her father and mother had ever spoken to her like that.

Kokoa quickly ran in between her sensei and sister hoping to play some kind of peace maker.

"Come on sensei, big sister this isn't the time to be fighting." Kokoa said causing the two to back down at the same time.

"She's right we need to end this now and we think we know how but we are going to need everyone's help." Naruto said as everyone moved closer to him.

"So what's your idea?" Moka asked.

"Simple we need to get him to turn back to his normal form then overload him with power Youkai to be exact." Naruto said.

"How are we going to do this?" Mai asked.

Naruto smiled as he turned to Kurumu, "Simple by giving him what he wants most."

A few minutes later Marius made his way into the clearing where the group had been to find Kurumu standing there waiting for him.

"Well what have we here?" Marius said with a smile.

"Even though I won't like it you can have me if you promise to leave my friends alone." Kurumu said as Marius made his way to her.

"Of course my dear now come." Marius said as he offered his large hand to her causing her to step back.

"Can you at least change back so this can be somewhat normal?" Kurumu asked in a sad voice.

Seeing what she meant Marius focused on his normal form causing him to glow green as he took on his original self.

Marius quickly closed the distance between himself and Kurumu before lifting her chin with his finger as he tried to comfort her.

"I promise Kurumu I'll give you everything you could ever want I'm just glad you made the right decision." Marius said as he gently grabbed both sides of her face and began to pull her into a kiss.

Finally, he was about to live his dream of kissing Kurumu if not for the sharp pain that shot out from his midsection causing him to collapse to the ground.

"Sorry I didn't tell you but I'm not that kind of girl." Kurumu said with a smirk as she transformed into Naruto.

Realizing he'd been tricked Marius began to gather his power to transform back only to feel pain emanating from both sides of his neck.

Glancing down Marius saw the two older vampires biting down on each side of his neck but strangely it didn't seem as though they were taking blood.

Deciding he couldn't wait around to find out what they were planning he struggled to get them off of him only to see the real Kurumu and the other succubi heading toward him with their claws drawn before striking him painfully while they avoided the two vampires.

Marius forced his paralyzed arms to wrap around the waist of the vampires that were on then painfully extracted them from his neck only to be hit in the chest by a glowing ball of red ice.

Surprised he wasn't hurt by the attack Marius transformed back into his monster form.

"Fools you dare to cross me I'll kill you all." Marius roared as he once again became a giant torch.

"Alright we've given him our power now what do you want us to do?" Mai asked.

"Everyone stand in front of us." Naruto said gather some of his power.

"What are you doing?" Moka asked.

"Sending you all back to the academy."

"What no way we aren't…" Kurumu started only to be knocked unconscious by a clone of Naruto while Moka received the same fate.

Once he gathered enough power Naruto launched a good deal of his demonic power at the group sending them all back to the academy.

Seeing what had happened Marius laughed as he looked down at Naruto, "Fool sending your help away you must have a death wish."

Naruto smirked as he was enveloped in red charka which rose every second until it dissipated at the same height as stood Marius before dying down to reveal a giant red fox with nine flaming tails.

Realizing what he was now up against Marius backed away in shock and horror for he realized he'd been fighting the demon lord but that was impossible the great demon lord was suppose to be sealed inside a human along with the other great lords.

Now trembling in fear Marius managed to still speak, "You're supposed to be dead."

Naruto's response was to strike Marius with one of his tails causing him to fly backwards over two hundred feet before hitting the ground painfully.

Not allowing Marius any time to recover Naruto dashed after him sinking his teeth into Marius flaming shoulder which had no affect on Naruto since the Kyuubi had and always would be the lord of fire.

Marius yelled out in agony as Naruto ripped through taking Marius' entire arm with him.

Seeing that now was the best time to end this Naruto leapt into the air then came down with his full body weight on Marius' shoulders causing him to drop as the pressure broke his legs.

Once he was done yelling Marius smelled as glowing yellow fluid poured from his mouth, "Is this all we both no that you still can't kill me especially with your idiotic friends giving me their demonic power."

"Fool all that power is going to come back to haunt you now." Naruto said as Marius' body began to expand.

Marius attempted to keep his power under control but the mixing of other races power was causing the control he had over his own to falter.

Seeing there was no way that he would be able to control this power Marius decided to use a fall safe his dad had set up in this world, mumbling a quick spell which caused the ground to shake.

Marius began to laugh as he fought off the blood that was coming up his throat, "You're the fool Kyuubi when my father created this world he put a failsafe that allows us to destroy if need be and though I am going to parish I'm going to make sure that I take you with me."

Surprised Naruto tried to use his teleportation ability to leave the world only to find he was blocked.

"Fool did you think my dad wouldn't but a barrier around the world once the failsafe is active." Marius said as Naruto went back to his normal demon form since Marius was defeated he didn't have to worry.

Hoping he would be able to leave the world now that he wasn't a giant fox Naruto tried again only to have the same result happen, thinking quickly Naruto six hand signs only to feel heat rising from the ground.

At the Academy

In this world thirteen days had pasted and the other students had already went back to their homes while the Headmaster bent the rules for Naruto and the group that left so that their grades would be whatever they had before they left since they wouldn't be there to take the finals.

Moka and Tsukune sat on top of the boy's dorm talking about random things until the two felt a large amount of weight on top them.

"What the hell happened?" Tsukune asked as he pushed two bodies off himself then gasped for air when he finally reached the top of the body pile.

Tsukune stood up then looked at all of the people and saw Kurumu's mom, a woman that looked like Moka and Kokoa, and a bunch of people he didn't recognize the only person he didn't see was Naruto.

Tsukune started to ask where Naruto was until he saw Yukari kneading Moka's breasts causing him to have a nosebleed as the pink haired girl gasped.

Once Yukari was pulled off Moka by Mizore, Tsukune asked what happened while they were gone.

"That fool Naruto sent us back here and with the bulk of my power gone I was in no position to stop him." Gaara said.

"Don't worry I'm sure sensei will be fine don't forget he is one of the strongest beings around." Kokoa said only to be corrected by her sister.

"Don't be so sure little sister Marius' family controls that world he could destroy it in an instant." Mai said.

"Who are you?" Tsukune asked as Moka got to her feet.

"Big sister it's good to see you again." Moka said causing Mai to look back at the unconscious Moka.

"How are you here when your true self is right there?" Mai asked.

"Its complicated sister but back to what you were saying about sensei." Kokoa said causing Mai to glance at her.

"Sensei is it I'm sure father would love to here this." Mai said smirking at Kokoa who begged her not to tell their father.

While the two siblings argued Moka and Kurumu were woken up by Ageha only to find themselves back at the academy.

Moka stood up as cursed Naruto name for not only stopping her from fighting but sending her away as though she was some type of burden.

Kurumu on the other hand had a thin line of tears rolling down her cheeks since Naruto sent her away to protect her.

Mai reached into the pocket of the pants she was wearing and pulled out some type of crystal which was glowing red.

"Well it looks like your friend is toast baby sister." Mai said as the crystal became brighter and brighter.

"Why what's that?" Yukari asked innocently while eyeing the curvy vampire.

"This crystal was given to me by Marius so that if I was anywhere in the world without him and he had to use this failsafe I would know to get out though if the crystal was glowing at this point in wouldn't matter even for someone as powerful as your friend since he and anyone else would be stuck there until it exploded."

The entire group gasped except for the succubi who didn't really know Naruto and Tsukune who even though he was grateful to Naruto some small part of him hoped that Moka would now be more willing to join outer Moka so he could have them both.

"Mai are you sure?" Moka asked as a small part of her was frightened her mate was gone.

Seeing the look on Moka's face made it obvious to the eldest vampire sister what was going on her little sister had chosen a mate a powerful one at that.

"Have I ever lied to you?" Mai asked even though it was more like a statement.

Ten minutes later the Headmaster, Ruby and the Bus Driver had made their way to the roof of the boy's dorm.

"Well it seems you all got home safely and with guests." Ruby said happy to see them all.

"What's wrong missing your friend are you?" The Bus Driver said.

"Well I have good news for all of you Naruto just fine well actually he is alive and will be back for the next school year." The Headmaster said causing Kurumu gasp while Moka let out a small and quick sigh.

"How do you know he's alive?" Tsukune asked.

"Simple apparently he summoned a toad then had it summon him to their world just as Marius' dimension blew up destroying the body of the previously deceased Marius or so Naruto told the toads." The Headmaster explained.

"Well everyone tomorrow I'll be taking everyone home so have your things packed and waiting at the bus stop at 9:00 am." The Bus Driver said a he and his brother walked away while leaving the group to sleep in the now vacant boy's dorm.

Next Mourning

Kurumu said goodbye to her friends while getting one last tease in one Yukari about her small breast size causing Yukari to retaliate by grabbing Kurumu's breasts and lifting them before hugging the blue haired succubus while Kurumu's family waited on the bus with one last wave Kurumu boarded the bus with Tsukune and Boota who was on her shoulder.

After this took place both Moka's and Kokoa said their goodbyes before Mai used her powers to take them all back home.

Yukari waved to Gaara and Mizore as she left with her parents who had personally come to get her leaving the two lovers alone.

"So I guess I'll see you next year." Mizore said as she kissed Gaara.

"Actually I don't really have anywhere to go I might just stay here or go find Naruto." Gaara said.

"Or you could stay with me for the summer." Mizore suggested causing Gaara to smirk.

Gaara nodded as he pulled Mizore into his arms but to take them to Mizore's world until Satsuki stopped him.

"Sorry Mizore I promised Satsuki I would help her over the summer." Gaara said as he released Mizore who saw her summer of Gaara meeting her mom as her boyfriend and more importantly a summers worth of sex going down the toilet so she decided to make a desperate move.

"She can come with us if she wants."

"Really," Gaara said surprised that Mizore would allow Satsuki to come to her home.

Giving the okay again Gaara allowed Mizore to take them to her world by connecting his power with her as the three disappeared in a brown light, three months would pass before anyone would see them again.


Jiraiya sighed as he floated toward the academy his student now attended, upset that Naruto had been kicked out of the leaf village by the civilian council who had no idea what being a ninja was about.

Jiraiya learned at that time that he could affect the living since he killed a council member by lifting a cup of the man's counter when he was home alone scaring the man to death, he then took it to another level by finally fulfilling his dream by rubbing a sleeping Tsunade's breasts.

Jiraiya checked the buildings of the academy by passing from room to room and though he didn't find Naruto he did witness a thirteen year old brown haired girl molesting seventeen pink haired girl and a seventeen year blue hair girl all of which made him start to write down in his notepad only to remember he didn't have one anymore.

Figuring he may have had the wrong place he had back to the entrance passing through and by people as he went until the site of a tall black young man peeking in a window caught his interest, so Jiraiya walked up behind the boy and looked in the window to see hot fifteen to eighteen year old girls undressing causing him to giggle perversely unfortunately for the boy the girls heard the old man causing them to run out the locker room to beat him up.

Once the girls were satiated Jiraiya walked over to the boy and shook his head before turning around to leave only to have the boy voice stop him.

"Hey old man what did you do that?" The boy asked causing Jiraiya to look back at him stunned.

"You can see me?" Jiraiya asked.

"Of course do you think I'm blind?"

Jiraiya put his chin on his hand before deciding he liked the boy so he asked him to follow him into the woods.

Deciding to the go against his better judgment the boy followed the man who offered him a seat before sitting himself.

"So boy you peep on girls huh well I have to say from what I saw you are pathetic." Jiraiya said causing the boy to growl.

"I was doing just fine until you showed up." The boy said causing Jiraiya to snort.

"Of course you were since you were spying on girls that weren't a challenge to you, so I'll tell you a secret on how to spy on the prettiest girl in this academy no matter how powerful they are if you tell me you name."

Deciding to chance it the boy told the old pervert his name, "Gin my name is Gin."

"Well Gin you ever heard of Icha Icha Paradise?" Jiraiya asked causing Gin to nod.

"Well follow me and I will show you how to spy on girls without being seen." Jiraiya said as they walked back to the girl's locker room.

Gin smirked as he followed the old man back to the room then peeked into the window like he told him after he left to walk in the room as he waited Gin was torn between hoping the man got beat and hoping he was right so he could use what ever technique the man was talking about was.

Once Gin peeked in he saw the man standing in between girls while looking them up and down causing Gin's jaw to drop when the girls didn't do anything.

One hour later the man came out and Gin dropped to his knees then kissed the man's feet while asking him to teach him how to do that.

"It is simple kid just show me the girls you want to see and I'll show you." Jiraiya said as Gin led him to a room where Kurumu, Moka, Yukari, Ruby and Mizore where all taking a bath.

"So how do I get to look at them up close?" Gin asked as Jiraiya turned his back to him.

"Its simple before you walk into the room simply admit that you are a super pervert and if you are then you will be fine." Jiraiya said as Gin ran into the building.

Two minutes later Jiraiya heard a scream and the sound of bones crushing along with pleas for help causing Jiraiya to laugh before making his way out of the academy only to see a blond figure sitting on top a building.

Deciding he had nothing but time Jiraiya went up to the top of the building to see Naruto with a smile he put his hand on Naruto's head just like he use to do when Naruto was younger.

Naruto smiled as he watched the sun go down only to feel what he thought was a weight on his head but when he turned around nothing was there though the young blond had a feeling of what it was.

"See you later you old pervert."

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