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Chapter 1: A Playful Tutor Leads To Dangerous Games

The laughter had long since died as the sun was slowly devoured by the horizon, leaving the glow of dusk in its wake. It was so quiet and peaceful at the moment that a certain teen momentarily forgot where he was or who he was with as he entertained himself with the idea of what it would be like to be watching the sun set with his crush instead. As he lost himself to his thoughts he watched the scenes of his imagination painted before him like a movie.

He and Kyoko had just left Yamamoto's sushi restaurant together after an energetic meal with some friends, saying 'good bye' to those they went separate ways with. Haru had set off home with Reborn, luckily for him, as Gokudera bade a happy farewell to him before heading home too. That left him to walk Kyoko home, alone, as he had hoped. As they walked he silently fawned over how cute she looked against the sunset. Of course, Kyoko always looked cute, but for some reason even more so today. He felt his cheeks go pink as she looked at him with her kind smile. He felt his heart start to thump against his ribcage as she opened her mouth to say something...

"Silly Tsuna, pay attention."

His pleasant fantasy faded as the harsh bite of reality hit him full force by way of an infant Mafioso kicking his already tender cheek, from the day's earlier abuse of being bitten by Hibari for crowding with Longchamp, Yamamoto, and Gokudera-kun. The force of the blow sent him flying face first into a nearby electrical pole, pain shooting up his nose and stinging his eyes as he fell back onto his butt and muttered a low 'guwah'.

Pulling his hand away from where it had instinctively went to his nose, he checked for blood. Satisfied at the sight of none, he turned his watery eyes to the devil responsible. "W-What was that for?"

"Like I said, pay attention. You just passed your house." Was his tutor's simple reply.

"I—" The teen broke off as he looked down the street and noticed that so he had! Fighting back his embarrassment he got gingerly to his feet. "Couldn't you just… call my name or something?"

Nothing with Reborn was ever that simple, but he could dare to dream, right?

"I tried, but you were being dumb again." Was now Reborn's simple explanation.

Tsuna frowned as he brought a hand to his face, feeling his now tender nose. "Did you have to kick me into a pole?"

"The pole was unfortunate." The infant replied mysteriously.

Tsuna arched a brow. Well, that was new. "Is that so?"

"Maybe." Reborn once again replied simply.

"Don't you… ever feel guilty?" The teen dared to ask, though figuring he already knew the answer.

"I don't do guilt." Reborn said without shame as he turned on one foot and headed for the house.

Tsuna watched the young hitman, unamused, before following him. Figures.

"I'm home!" Tsuna called out as he entered the house behind his tutor, taking his shoes off as his mother entered the entry with I-Pin and Bianchi.

"Tsu-kun! Welcome home." His mother said brightly as she smiled happily like usual. "The girls and I were just heading out to do some last minute shopping for dinner tomorrow—ah! Reborn-san, a package came for you today. It's on the table."

"Thank you, maman." Reborn replied with a sincere smile before going to see what he had received.

"We'll be back." Nana said to Tsuna as they left. He waved before dragging his aching body to his room to start on his homework. He knew Reborn would be there soon to make sure he was doing this tedious task. He didn't need to give the kid a reason to give him more injuries.


Even though he was surprised, it didn't show at all on his face. Reborn finished reading the letter, one line standing out. 'I trust you to take exceptional care of these items.' As he looked at the small box that carried the said items, a small smirk started to play about his tiny lips. Oh yes, of course. Exceptional care. Tucking the letter and box away, he went to check on his student, feeling a sudden playful mood come over him.


Chewing on your pencil never proved to be useful, it never helped you solve that annoying math problem, figure out the historical date a war was won, or finish that last bit of your essay but it did help release some frustration. So Tsuna continued to chew on his pencil as he stared, clueless, at his homework. He sighed. Maybe he should have invited Gokudera over. He knew the smarter teen would be more than happy to help…


The teen jumped like his name had been shouted at him as he let out an unmanly shriek. Seeing Reborn standing on his low-set table, he willed his now rapidly beating heart to calm down as he exhaled deeply. "You scared me!"

Reborn just stared at him. "That was obvious. Tsuna, listen."

Tsuna's round eyes fell on his tutor with rapt attention, apprehensive yet curious as to what the tiny hitman might have to say now.

"You've been doing well enough lately...that I think you should be allowed a small break." He said as if delivering the weather for tonight.

Tsuna's whole body seemed to react in pleasure at this announcement. He was doubly happy from the small praise he had gotten as well. "Really? Thank you! For how long?"

Reborn watched the teen in his excited state before answering his last question with a smug smile. "For as long as you keep me amused."

Tsuna's smile turned into a frown. He didn't know what to think of that, usually such comments never boded well for him. Reborn had such an odd sense of humor—scratch that. Not odd—it could be considered somewhat sadistic.

Pleased at Tsuna's sudden alert and apprehensive air, he gave the teen a small smile. "Don't worry. It will be fun."

Fun for who? Tsuna sighed warily. Maybe this 'break' wouldn't be a good idea after all.

"Be grateful. And make sure to get a good night's sleep. The fun will take a lot of energy." Reborn said before hopping off the table to go get some snacks.

As Tsuna watched him go, he let himself be comforted by one thought: Reborn had said it would last as long as he was amused. If he didn't like whatever the hitman had planned… then all he had to do was make it unendurable to the other as well, right?


The moon was high, making the mischievous smirk seem to glow as a glint from a gun barrel flashed minutely. Taking aim, a shot was fired silently, the last bullet from the box he had received hitting his target. All seven bullets were now in effect and he couldn't wait to see what the next day would bring. One target had been hit by mistake, but he wasn't too bothered since it would still work out just fine. Yes, this was a well deserved break and he was sure Tsuna would have fun with it, if not there was still his amusement. After all, that's all that really mattered for the moment.

Early the next morning seven people awoke with a slight headache that was followed by a change they could feel but not quite distinguish. Pushing it aside they all continued with their day as normal, not knowing that soon each soul was about to be overcome by Superbia, Ira, Invidia, Acedia, Gula, Luxuria, or Avaritia.

-Chapter 1 End-

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