He never knew their names.

They were picked at random, really. The only qualification was that he couldn't know them. He didn't want to have to see them later, and think, I fed off you for dinner the other night, you tasted pretty good. It was just uncomfortable.

Not that the victim was any the wiser. Two barely perceptible marks on the puncture location was the only sign he had ever been there. Their health, life, and yes, humanity, were just as intact as before he had sucked their blood. If they killed their prey, as humans believed, they would have no prey left.

Besides, humans were fun. Killing them all would be a total waste.

Axel scratched disinterestedly at a spot on his jeans, and adjusted the earphone that connected to his iPod. Really, he should have been listening to the lesson, but lectures were, frankly, boring as hell, and if he could get away with listening to techno/screamo/whatever rather than the teacher droning, he would.

A flurry of movement made Axel look up. The teacher was opening the door, and seemed to be ushering someone inside.

He now had Axel's full attention, not to mention everyone in class, because the person who entered the class was gorgeous. Gorgeous in the way only models or movie stars can be. That sort of beauty that looked like it was created rather than born, and that made you feel every imperfection in your own looks.

Luckily, Axel had a curse of arrogance, so he was safe from that painful envy. He wasn't exempt form the desire, however.

"Class, we have a new student, whose name is," the teacher squinted at a note card he was holding, "Roxas. Everyone, please welcome him, and help him to adjust. Now as you see Roxas, we have a few empty chairs, pick wherever you like….."

It was Axel's good fortune that left an empty seat right in front of him. He silently willed Roxas to choose that desk. The blonde made his way slowly down the aisles, everyone watching to see where he would choose. When he walked passed Axel, their eyes met for as brief second. Roxas' eyes widened, and a vague look of shock appeared on his face.

Roxas then moved to an empty desk in the back row, on the other side of the room from Axel.

What was that about, Axel mused. It was almost like he was scared...maybe he is severely attracted to me. With this smug thought, Axel tuned out the rest of the lesson.

Roxas, however, was not so carefree.

He is in this class?! Roxas couldn't believe it. In his centuries of being alive, he had never had to re-encounter his prey, at least not when they were still recognizable. He recalled a time when he smelled a familiar scent, and was startled to find it had belonged to a very old woman, who had looked at him with such wide, frightened eyes……

Normally, it wouldn't have been that big of a deal. This one had already been passed out in a drunken stupor by the time Roxas had fed, so there was no chance of being recognized by him.

But. It was a problem. Roxas had been attracted to this one. Attraction was something Roxas hadn't felt in a long while. When you had been alive for as long as he had, the ephemeral pleasures of the flesh stopped doing what it was supposed to.

And, Roxas supposed, he was picky.

He had hoped the feeling would go away, but in the few days since feeding off the red head, Roxas had been having the most inconvenient dreams, and feelings. It was awkward, and Roxas felt too old for stuff like that.

However, he was re-entering high school, so maybe the sudden reappearance of hormones would help the charade along.

As Roxas glanced over at the boy, who was doodling on a piece of paper, he suddenly felt a heavy feeling.

This will be difficult.

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